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MOZA AIR2 with CANON EOS M50! Is this the best gimbal?

August 31, 2019

Ahoj! This is Zdenka Darula. I have here brand new product from Moza.
Moza Air 2 gimbal which I will be pairing with Canon EOS M50 and the kit lens 15-45mm. I am not sponsored by Moza, however they did
provide the product for review. I am super excited about this one because
this can do whole lot of things. We will look at it today in today’s video. Is this possibly the best gimbal? And for the new faces, my name is Zdenka Darula. I work as a photographer for many, many, many
years. I am a former model and few other things. If you enjoy tech reviews, tutorials and creative
camera challenges, you might want to hit the subscribe button. First and foremost let’s open the box together. Once you look at Moza Air 2 you realize very
quickly that it is very sturdy product. Gimbal weighs 1.6kg itself and maximum payload
is 4.2kg which I am excited about because I can finally add those big lenses with speedbooster
on my M50. The battery life is up to 16 hours and it
has spark power supply system which can power the camera and other accessories. Once paired with your phone you can do creative
timelapses. Track, motion timelapse, zoom timelapse and
much more… and it has even more features which I will closely examine throughout the
video.. Once I pulled it out of the box I really liked
the feeling of it my hands. It’s very sturdy and the surface is kind of
rubbery so it’s not going to slip out of the hands. Batteries are inserted at the bottom. There is 1/4 inch screw where you can mount
tripod, slider, job, crane, anything you like. First I tried to mount the M50 with kit lens
15 – 45mm on single plate and tried to balance it on Moza Air 2. Then I realized though that the camera is
short so I grabbed additional plate which is included. This raised the camera which worked perfect. Mounting on was simple because of this quick
release plate and also motor lock which will make the gimbal stay in place. So itis not swinging in all directions as
you are attaching your camera. This motor lock is also great when you need
to move the gimbal from place to place. Balancing was very fast and very easy. There is also an option in menu where the
gimbal will check the balance for you and it will guide you to balance it correctly. I got to say though I didn’t need it at all,
it was seriously that easy to balance. There is a little cable provided which connects
the camera with the gimbal. Once I connected it together, tuned it on,
the gimbal found the camera right away and I was able to operate the camera directly
from the gimbal which I will show you shortly. Once you looked at the camera you realize
very quickly that the arm with the motor is lowered so it is not in a way and you can
see very nicely the screen, you don’t have to flip it out. What is really nice about it, is that you
don’t have to guess anymore what mode you are in because of this nice display. You can see exactly what you are doing, everything
is displayed nicely and you can also customize all buttons to your liking. I didn’t change anything. Well, let’s turn it on and let’s look first
how you can operate Canon EOS M50 directly from the gimbal. Can you change ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed. Record button is here. Press to start recording and to stop recording. So how smooth is this gimbal? Let’s put this thing to the test. First of all, here is just a walking shot. And now let’s try full speed run… So how did I feel? Well, I’ve seen other youtubers talking
about how heavy this gimbal feels, how all tired they were. But keep in mind that they were pairing it
with full frame DSLR cameras, which are very heavy on their own. Since I had this tiny mirrorless camera which
is super light on it, it was the perfect match. I was filming for over 2 hours. I was walking all around dowtown and I didn’t
feel tired at all. I am a girl, I am not very strong so it was
very manageable. 2.5 hours later I was actually impressed. I thought I am going to be drained. My arms will be totally done, but no… it
was good… it was OK. And just like any other gimbal, you can surely
operate Moza Air 2 in standing position, vertical mode as you will mostly hold it this way anyways. And then you can surely film in the low position
as well. Next, you can film in flashlight position,
just like this. Here you can use very cool inception mode. Press Function button 2x and if you rotate
the little wheel, you can select speed in which the whole world will spin. And you can do it in both directions. Let’s talk about this trigger little bit
more. When you are walking and you are filming,
once you press the trigger and hold it, it will lock the camera in a position. Once you release it it will go back to normal. Pull the trigger 3x and the gimbal will rotate
the camera 180 degrees which is awesome feature for vlogging. It is time to look at the display and see
how we can operate all motors. Tilt motor, Roll motor and Pan motor. 48 means the speed in which the motor is reacting. By turning the wheel, you can increase the
speed or decrease it. F means Follow, L means Lock. If you press joystick 1x you will lock or
unlock Pan motor. If you press joystick 2x you will lock or
unlock Roll motor. If you press joystick 3x you will lock or
unlock Tilt motor. So let’s run through them… First mode is All Lock. Second one is Pan Follow. Third mode is Roll Follow. Number 4 is Pan-Roll Follow. Number 5 is here, Tilt Follow. 6th one is Pan-Tilt Follow. 7th is Roll-Tilt Follow and the last one is
All Follow. When you look at the display, you will see
on the top left corner different focus modes. When you press the M button you can switch
until you select R which is roll. Turn the big wheel, and you will be moving
roll motor. On the side when you press Function button
1x, Q will be displayed under Pan motor which will enable sport gear mode. Now when you are moving, the gimbal respons
fast which is great when you are recording subject which moves fast. Those would be all modes you can do with this
very complex tool. Now it’s time to check out the Moza App. Once you download it to your phone, pair via
Bluetooth, the app will open up and here you will find Settings, Remote Control, Camera
settings and Re-center. Sleep which will turn off the motors so you
don’t have to turn off the whole gimbal until you are ready to film again. You can also do that without the app by simply
just holding the menu button. The motors will turn off. To turn it back on just hold the Menu button
again. Back to app, you can do Creative video. You can actually do whole bunch of different
Timelapses here. Motionlapse where you can nicely program the
path, Variable speed timelapse and Fixed point delay… Another great feature I have to mention here
is also Tripod Mode. When you are filming something stationary
such as Timelapse just turn it on in this app and it will get rid off the static drift
which can only happen when the gimbal is on the tripod. So what do you guys think? Let me know in the comment section below. I got to say, I am… I am really thrilled. I am super excited about this one. I am seriously thrilled. One think I wanted to try out is to mount
bigger lenses on M50 and see how it’s gonna balance. So let’s do that. Obviously the bigger lens you gonna put on
the M50 the more weight you will have to hold which is normal. With those big lenses I would not be really
shooting for long periods of time. Normally I can see myself filming with the
15 – 45mm kit lens anyways. Final thoughts? What is the price? I linked the product in a video description
below so please check it out. Depending where you live, what kind of currency
you are using. You will be able to see the price. Personally I think you get whole lot for the
price. It does lot of things. It is very serious gimbal for serious filmmakers. One thing to mention. You can also add other tools such as Ifocus
and many other accessories. Well, hit the thumbs up button if you liked
today’s video. Subscribe to all future videos. Let me know what you think about this gimbal
in the video comment section below or say hello. Or if you have any questions or comments,
please write them below. I always read it and always respond and I
will see you in the next one. Cau… Ahoj…


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