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My First yarn haul from a seller on Etsy | Yarn Unboxing | Bag O Day Crochet Subtitles Available

February 12, 2020

hi everybody it’s crystal so today I
have an unboxing for you so I had some people say that they can’t hear me very
well anymore on my unboxings or when I’m facing the camera like this livestreams
or whatever so I’m gonna try to speak louder and i do have a mic hooked up I
don’t know if it’s gonna work or not but if it sounds like I’m
yelling it’s because I’m trying to speak louder so that everybody can hear me I
don’t know what the cause of that would be I really didn’t do anything different
other than then take yarn off my shelves maybe it insulated my voice and made it
louder I don’t know but I’m gonna try to talk louder so everybody can hear me so
this unboxing is from a place I never never bought from before it’s actually
from an Etsy seller who is in Russia so um I cannot pronounce her name so I’m
going to put it on the screen right now that’s the name of her Etsy shop
she sells lots of yarn and other things also okay so I have never purchased from
her before this is the very first time I can only tell you about my experience
this one time and then we’ll go over the yarns so she has lots of yarn all of
it seems relatively pretty cheap but I’ll look at it and we’ll see the
quality of it right now lots of the brands I’ve really never heard of maybe
a couple a lot of i’ve never heard of the brands and shipping is free over $70
and that’s from Russia so that’s pretty good if you spend over $70 it’s free I
think she ships to a lots of lots of places and let’s see now shipping time
it said it can take three to six weeks mine took about five days I don’t know
why but it did so I don’t know if that’s gonna be the same for everybody but
that’s about how long mine took five or six days to get here I was really really
surprised but if you do decide to order from her yours might take the three to
six weeks I have no idea how that works out so but anyways that’s just my
experience with it she did contact me through etsy and she told me she was out of one of the
colors I said just replace it with a different color she seemed very kind
very nice she thanked me for my order so that’s all I can say so let’s go
ahead and open this up I’m pretty excited to see what this yarn looks like
I’m not affiliated with her or anything I don’t even know anything
about her I was just looking on Etsy for different yarns and her shop came up and
I’m like oh she’s got lots of yarns I’m gonna check it out and she had tons of
yarns a lot of them seemed really cheap and so I got some and we’re gonna go
over them right now I’m pretty excited to see what it is I’ll put a link to her
Etsy shop below in the description box remember I’m not
affiliated I have no affiliate links I don’t get money if you buy the yarn I
don’t care I just have to tell you about it so here it was shipped UPS
in this big box here so it’s got custom forms and stuff on it
I think the shipping went through Russia then Germany and then hit the United
States I think that’s what the tracking was I’m pretty excited to see it I don’t know how big these skeins are
gonna be I tried to determine how big they were by the weight and by the yardage
but I don’t really know I’m gonna see if I can find what its called you know
what I mean what is it invoice what’s the copy on it
oh right here think this is it mm-hmm okay so it’s written in Russian currency
so I can’t read it I don’t know what that would be I apologize okay it’s all
written in Russian okay so I’m gonna look on the internet I’m on her Etsy
shop as I go along I’m so super excited to see what this
stuff is so we’ll start out um there’s a lot of yarn here mm-hmm
a lot of it I’m probably not gonna be able to pronounce okay and I apologize
I’ll probably just hold it up and let you pronounce it
cuz if you follow along with me I’m so excited you know I can’t pronounce
anything that’s my weakness there’s so much here I don’t even know where to
start okay I’ll just start right here I guess so this is– i cant pronounce it okay you guys don’t have to tell me how to pronounce it in the comments just you can just read over it
if you want to write it down jot it down or if you already know how to pronounce
it that’s what that is and let’s see what it consists of real
quick alright so on my invoice it says it’s Porhorka if I didn’t say that right
competitive wool and acrylic yarn soft wool Russian high-quality knitting yarn
okay and it was $2.93 for this one skein and it is 50 wool 50 acrylic and there’s 273 yards hand wash lay flat and it does
not say where it’s made I apologize because it’s all written in
a language that I don’t understand so I’m gonna do my best to try to
tell you what it is here I can’t see where it’s made it doesn’t
really say The color though they have different colors okay the color of this one
is called Light Marcella I think that’s what it is and I
don’t know what weight that they classify it as but I would say it is a light four
weight yarn like it’s a four-weight but it appears to be either a thick three or a
light four anyways so you feel it smells like wool so it’s 50 wool 50 acrylic
it’s very soft and squishy and it feels it’s not itchy I like it I think it’s a
nice wool blend yarn I do so what’d I say this was $2.93 a skein for 273 yards a
50 wool 50 acrylic I don’t think that’s a bad price I like that one so remember that’s
the Porhorka Competitive Wool she has a lot of yarn on her site so it’s
gonna be hard for you to go through it if you want to pick it
okay see what we got next okay this seems to be Porhorka as well it’s Magnificent
just written in a different language I guess I think that’s a corker I don’t
even know if I’m saying that’s right that’s what it says on her site but this
is the Magnificent and it is a lightweight 3 hand wash lay flat 328 yards 30% angora 70% high-volume
acrylic it’s nice and soft it does have the hairs in it you can see
because it has angora I like it I wonder what I paid for that let me
check it out okay I paid 300 no I paid $3 and 28 cents for this lightweight 3
angora and high-volume acrylic blend 328 yards a very good price I’m telling you
that’s a good price it’s very nice you can see it’s very
squishy not itchy at all I like it now I haven’t crocheted with it yet but
again I said it’s a lightweight 3 it would be a thick 3 or a thin 4 I like it
so the color is just we’ll just say this purple because she only has so many
colors on her site and again I cannot tell where it’s made
maybe if I looked it up anyways MAGNIFICENT anogra high volume acrylic blend nice I
like it good price I think I got very good prices on that stuff I do some other look like they might be small skeins I can’t tell really but they’re all wrapped nice she took good care of the
wrapping now this brand I’ve heard of this brand before and I probably won’t
say it right Alize Alize? It’s okay but that’s what it is and many of you might have heard of that brand too so this is a lightweight 3 I
can tell and it is 51 acrylic and 49 wool
so it’s an acrylic wool blend and there’s 426 yards in this
skein this one says it’s made in Turkey so it does feel like an acrylic wool
blend again similar to the other acrylic wool blend and it’s not itchy I’d wear a scarf
out of it and you can tell there’s wool in it you can smell
there’s wool in it nice I’m gonna check out the price on this one so it’s the Lena
Goldfine is what it’s called acrylic wool blend Turkish high-quality yarn
the color is orchard and I paid three dollars and 70 cents for half acrylic
half full 426 yards of a lightweight three now this lightweight three is a
very lightweight three similar to mandala yarn good deal again in my
opinion that’s a lot of yardage for an acrylic wool blend I like it so far I
like it let’s move on to see what we got next I got some more of that same brand that I
can’t pronounce but many of you might’ve heard of that brand i mean I’ve heard of it but i’ve never bought it before i thought these were really pretty by the picture you know pictures can be deceiving I have learned over my time of buying yarn you can’t always go
by what the picture says so this is very pretty
this is a little stiffer but it’s uh not stiff it’s not stiff enough that you
couldn’t I would still wear a scarf out of it I would probably be more likely to
wear a hat or make a sweater out of it that you would wear a shirt underneath
of it so this is the same brand and lets read about it
49 wool 51 acrylic oh it’s really pretty really pretty 262 yards of this made in
Turkey machine or hand wash lay flat a lot of these might be that because I
think a lot of them did have wool in it you know wools my favorite
that’s really pretty yarn um there’s no denying it but like I said it’s a wool
smelling it is a bit stiffer than the other ones the weight of it is a four
weight you can tell it’s about spot-on with a thicker four but it would work
great for a sweater something look she’s got a sweater on on the picture that’s
pretty that’s some pretty yarn I wish I woulda got more that let’s see how much
I paid for that okay so this was $3.90 a skein it’s Delana gold vatic acrylic
wool blend Turkish high-quality yarns the color I have is blue very pretty so
$3.90 for 262 yards of a very pretty wool acrylic blend even though it’s a
little stiffer than the others it’s a great thicker four weight I
think I like this one the best so far that’s very pretty some of these skeins
are little and some of them are bigger so this is that same yarn I just got but
guess what it’s in my favorite color ever I got to
get some more of this from her this is gorgeous
look at this this is her Brown oh that’s so pretty
that’s pretty I’m making a hat and a scarf out of this that one feels softer than the
blue actually keeping this one this is mine it’s so
pretty it’s so pretty I love it so that’s the same as a blue that I just
opened let’s move on oh this is that same brand wool and bamboo baby baby
wool by that brand right there okay very soft that’s soft that’s squishy it’s not
a silky soft just squishy soft very nice that’s so pretty let’s read about it um
Turkey made in Turkey 40 wool 40 bamboos 192 yards per ball
192 per ball and the price is 2 dollars and 80 cents per ball so I don’t think
that’s a bad price considering the wool content and the bamboo the fiber content
is nice $2.80 I like it that’s pretty that’s supersoft
oh it’s about a very lightweight three possibly a thick 2 weight 192 yards I
think it’s pretty it’s soft nice so I got that man this is a super exciting
order because I’ve never held any of these yarns before in my life
never even seen most of them new yarns that I’ve never tred that makes me super
excited okay okay so this was actually the first one I put my cart this is what
drew me to her site I seen it this is that Porhorka this is the rustic it’s
100% wool Russian high-quality yarns so I don’t know if this is made in Russia I
can’t tell where it’s made because it doesn’t say it’s a possibility so this
is 100% wool hand wash lay flat 273 yards for $2.97 of 100% wool yarn it’s
definitely worth the price I would say it’s a lightweight 3 it’s got a twist on
it as you can see now this is 100% wool so it’s gonna be a bit stiffer it does
have the wool hairs in it oh is that ever pretty you like wool what’s my
favorite I’m probably freaking out going crazy over all this yarn cuz I’ve
never had it before this is so pretty I like this I got this
in a few different colors if I remember right but it’s pretty I like it
good price 100% wool 273 yards $2.97 but I just want you to remember
though if you are new to wool some wool can feel stiff to you that’s
kind of how wool is and some doesn’t feel stiff this is on the– I mean it doesn’t
feel stiff but this would be another one that I would probably make a sweater out
of that I could put over or a hat I put on my head but this brown stuff that I
said originally that I would just make a hat I’m gonna make a hat and a scarf out
of that that stuff’s gorgeous okay let’s move on some of this is just other colors that i got here’s one OH that color is beautiful
smells straight up like wool so this the Porhorka I’m probably not saying that right but this is sock yarn but it’s thick it’s
like a four weight yarn okay and it is 50 wool 50 acrylic 218 yards hand wash lay
flat a lot of them are hand wash and lay flat I can’t tell where it’s made
because it’s written in another language it’s written in Russian and I can’t I’m
sorry I can’t speak Russian but I can barely even pronounce the words in
English you all know that but anyways this is $2.19 a skein $2.19 for an acrylic wool blend and it’s kind of tweety if you look at it very pretty
color and yeah I think it’s worth that says for socks 218 yards I like it man I do that’s so
pretty it’s so pretty I can’t read the color
but if you go on her site I’m sure you’ll see that color this is the
sock when you go to her site it says Porhorka and then it’ll say like sock yarn yeah this is the wool
acrylic sock yarn I have sock yarn made out of other stuff too it just surprised
me that it’s four weight most sock yarn is like sand isn’t it but anyways I’m
just talking too much guys tell me to just shut up Crystal I’m just excited
some of these are smaller skeins so let’s see what we got here okay here’s
some more of the rustic that I already showed you in the beginning and more
rustic isn’t that a beautiful color definitely wool I like it okay here’s
some small skeins I don’t know what this stuff is this would be for people that
like light weight yarns ooh its hemp this is Porhorka cotton it’s Porhorka 30% hemp 30%
cotton and it feels like hemp and cotton you know it’s a sock yarn
summer series so I guess it’s like for summer socks it’s a lightweight it’s very
fine like a number one weight I guess that’s probably what you would generally
make socks out of so this cost $2 wait two dollars and 20 cents for this sock
yarn and there’s 306 yards of a very lightweight and its hemp and cotton I
don’t know much about sock yarn so I really can’t tell you
I got it in some other colors but if you go on her site on her site if
you’re interested in this Porhorka Hemp yarn cotton soft wool yarn maybe it’s
not sock yarn I don’t know yeah I just can’t read the language it’s hard for
me okay here’s another one this is Porhorka Gentle okay so this is $1.41 and it is 50 cotton 50 acrylic it looks like about a two weight yarn
and it’s called Porhorka Gentle well on there it says acrylic wool I’m
confused because i just don’t know whats going on with the- uh okay yeah so $1.41 for that the yardage
is 180 yards about a light weight 2 $1.42 not bad not bad if you like
light weight yarn so I got some more colors of them okay now this one is
called Porhorka Nettle 100% soft wool russian high
quality yarn for summer so it’s like a lightweight one very lightweight 274
yards for $3.11 so I guess it would be like for the
lightweight socks or something I don’t know really maybe make a Shawl out
of it something that’s a little bit pricey I guess wait a hundred percent
nettle is what it says I don’t know what that is it’s not wool I don’t even know
what it is okay we’re gonna pass on that
one I don’t know much about it cuz I can’t understand the language that’s
okay I’m still excited I’m gonna move on you guys probably think I’m crazy
why’d you get that yarn if you can’t read the language as long as I know what
it’s made out of and the yardage I’m good okay let’s here we got here this is
gotta have wool in it too this is Porhorka I’m probably pronouncing that right New
Kids and it is machine oh you can wash this
but lay flat to dry and it’s nice and squishy 218 yards 100% acrylic and it’s
about a lightweight 3 and this was a $1.07 it’s 100
percent lightweight 3 acrylic and it’s a nice acrylic I thought it had
wool in it it kind of felt like it but it doesn’t it’s okay acrylic you know
there’s nothing wrong with it for a dollar seven shoot 218 yards I’d buy
that all day that is the New Kids it’s probably similar to RedHeart with
Love as far as the way it feels okay let’s move on I don’t think I’ve tried to
this open this one yet Porhorka and I just feel bad cause I know I’m probably not saying
that right because it probably has an accent to it a Russian accent and I can’t
say it Angora Warm is what this one is oh very pretty color very nice and soft
let’s read about it lets read about it hand wash lay flat out of course of
course 525 yards 40 percent wool 60 percent
acrylic it is a very lightweight 3 like mandala yarn and this one is $2.81
man I think that these are very cheap in my opinion I don’t know about these
smaller skeins that are like for socks and stuff because I don’t buy a lot of
yarn like that you guys so I can’t really base a value I do know sock
yarn is kind of expensive sometimes but some of them are hemp some of them are wool
so I don’t know about those but these bigger skeins that I’ve gotten so
far this one’s nice and squishy and for $2.81the color is turquoise uh 40 wool 60 acrylic – its Angora Warm I guess it
doesn’t have any Angora in it but it does have wool in it it’s nice 525 yards
like very very lightweight 3 $2.81 I think it’s worth
that I’m probably gonna buy from her shop again actually I got some more here
see what we got oh this is some more of the rustic which
I told you about in the beginning just another color like teal color um heres
a new one it’s a light weight yarn okay this is
the Brazilian Crossbred it is 50% merino wool 50 percent
acrylic it appears to be about a number 2 very lightweight hand wash lay flat 546 yards of this this is $3.63 merino wool acrylic
russian high quality yarn so it is very soft and squishy like you could tell
there’s merino wool in it It feels like you can tell it is very lightweight but
there is 547 yards for $3.63 put two of these together and you can
make it a nice sized shawl I mean because those hobby cakes that you get
that are like a 2 weight or like a thousand yards and they make a really
pretty shawl and those are like 20 bucks two of these would be seven dollars and
you can make a nice size shawl I like this too I think it’s a good
price I think it’s a good price see what else we got here okay I’ve already got
that one I see some sparkle I’m grabbing it I’m grabbing the sparkle she has so
many yarns I didn’t get too she had hundred percent cashmere everything I
just I had to control myself so this is this brand again and Angora Gold I can’t
pronounce that stuff but anyways let’s read it
let’s read isn’t it pretty look at the sparkles in that lets read it so there
are five hundred and forty seven yards and it appears to be about a two weight
yarn seventy-five acrylic twenty percent wool 5% metallic hand wash lay flat made in Turkey very very pretty it’s pretty two
of these together gorgeous shawl let’s see what it cost
$3.24 two of these together gorgeous Shawl for a
$3.24 so for like $6.50 you could get make a really pretty Shawl even with
one you can make a nice sized cowl or a small wrap it’s
beautiful I like it I like it I do it’s so pretty pretty colors too
I think that’s worth that got it in another color it’s like a purplish gray okay I got some baby yarns I think you
guys are probably like you went overboard the bag a day likes to try to
show everybody the good deals I gotta show everybody the good deals okay these
are the same yarn so these are child’s caprice that same brand and it’s very
soft and squishy it’s nice you can tell there’s merino in it it’s fifty merino fifty fibre 246 yards you’re gonna want
to lay flat hand wash lay flat and this was $1.80 for one of
these For having 50% roll merino and only being $1.80 246
yards that’s a good deal the weight of it is probably a very light 3 or a
heavy 2 probably more like a light 3 it’s pretty you can tell there’s
merino in it but it’s soft enough I would make Evelyn
a top out of it it would not bother me I feel like I robbed her with some
of these I just feel like I robbed her these are the same kids Caprice oh there’s a childs Caprice and a kids
Caprice I don’t know what the difference is but we’re gonna check it out right
now maybe it just got labeled differently okay so this
is the kids it is the exact same so kids Caprice child Caprice same thing $1.80 who could beat that okay here’s some more smaller skeins of that soft yarn
that’s made out of hemp and cotton and stuff like that I told you about
earlier like I said I don’t know a lot about that I probably want I mean I like
it it’s pretty but I don’t know if I’ll buy it again because I don’t really like
those lightweight yarns but they’re so pretty you know putting them together would
probably make something like a pretty shawl maybe I don’t know anyways I’m
getting down to the end of the of the box some of these
are just mostly colors that I bought did I show you the angora warm already I
think I did I can’t remember so i guess i’ll show you again just in case I didn’t I
can’t remember angora warm so hand wash lay flat 525 yards yeah
it’s I’ve already showed you this one it’s called angora warm but it was wool
and acrylic blend 525 yards I think it’s three something so I might be
getting done oh that is soft this is the show ain’t
that pretty I’m keeping this one too I that is soft
it’s probably the top one so far it is anti peeling acrylic 186 yards made
in Turkey 100% anti peeling acrylic hand wash lay flat and let me find
it here I just saw it on the sheet $3.18 a skein I think that it’s very pretty and
it is a very very soft $3.18 I don’t thinks bad for 186 yards it
is a four weight it’s it’s not a great price I guess but I would still buy it
again because it’s so soft and gorgeous its way softer than red heart with love
it’s way softer than hobby lobby’s I love this cotton it’s very very soft
acrylic yarn very soft and those colors are gorgeous look at that
aren’t those colors pretty but I love Brown so I’ll probably keep this one too
because the soft factor is magnificence and
here’s another color of it pretty and I’ll probably definitely buy this
one from her again that is so soft I can’t really know of any
acrylics to compare it to as far as basic acrylics go this is very
softer than those that I told you so far I think anyways this brown one may be a
little softer than this pink one but pink ones still very very soft and then
I got one more color of it it’s pretty soft I don’t know why that brown one
feels softer than the others but these still feel really soft mmm pretty stuff
I will definitely buy out again I’m gonna purchase from her again not
immediately but I will okay here’s some angora that color on that is gorgeous
this is sorry I gotta keep looking up the prices but I just don’t know okay
this was I think the most expensive one that I bought so this is just called
angora 2 t’s on the side it’s called Medara angora 2 mohair wool and
acrylic soft ooh Italian high-quality knitting yarn so this is from Italy
that’s probably why it has a higher price I noticed sometimes yarns from
Italy are a bit pricey but they’re nice so let’s read it I can’t it’s in another
language there’s 750 meters so yards probably close to 800 yards I would say
50 mohair 30 acrylic and 20 virgin wool made in Italy I like it it’s very pretty
you can wash but you have to lay flat to dry it’s a lightweight yarn
probably like a 1 now this was a bit expensive $7.70 a lot of yardage one would make a probably medium-sized shawl even
though it’s a lightweight 1 it would still make a medium-sized shawl it’s nice
it’s very pretty I just not a big fan of light weight yarn so I got this really
pretty burgundy plum and a burgundy color and then this like dark plum
color and its nice man I wish I I could use a small hook and
make things with this it would be great for knitting and stuff or people that like
to crochet with steel hooks I just can’t crochet with anything anymore past a 5
millimeter I don’t know why I just in my old age it’s just too hard for me what
can you do what I crochet with it’s usually a j-hook even
with lightweight yarn i’ll use a j-hook just gives it a lazier stitch so this is
that one brand again New Kids did I already show you this one oh I did I
think well ill look it up just in case okay it’s $1.07 a skein I’m assuming that
these the ones that don’t say made in Italy or made in Turkey are probably
made in Russia because I’m not 100% certain but it does say on the site a
hundred percent acrylic new kids yarn soft wool Russian a high quality yarn so
I could be wrong but I don’t know so this appears to be about a 3
weight yarn you can wash but you have to lay flat 218 yards 100% acrylic it’s a
nice it’s acrylic like red heart with love but it is light weight $1.07 for
207 yards cheap stuff cheap stuff but remember it is 100% acrylic that’s
definitely not as soft as this one that I showed you but it’s
soft enough that maybe a kid or baby
could wear something out of it if you like working with DK like a lightweight
3 make a sweater or something out of it be fruity like you know whatever you
guys are probably like when are you gonna be done I can’t help it I went
crazy on her shop and I didn’t even get all of it here’s this brand again this is called
cotton gold so let’s read about this one this is 361 yards made in Turkey and it
is 55% cotton a 45 percent acrylic so it’s a cotton acrylic blend and it
feels like most cotton acrylic blends I would say it feels like Caron cotton
cakes if you are familiar with them it’s not the softest cotton acrylic blend
that I’ve ever came across but it’s not stiff you could definitely wear a scarf
out of it you can make a baby blanket out of it it’s not you know it’s
soft enough for that hand wash lay flat did I say the yardage on it? I did
361 yards and it appears to be about a lightweight number 3 $3.61 for that of a light way 3 cotton acrylic blend 361 yards think it’s a
good price myself I do this is some more of the new kids yarn which is what i say? $1.06 or something you know I haven’t created with it this is bright
its blinding me neon pink but like I said I don’t think it would hurt to make
a scarf or anything out of it it’s definitely it’s too bright I can’t look
at it anymore but though there’s nothing wrong with it
for a dollar six I think I’d buy that all day okay um there’s some more of that cotton
okay I got one more here to show you I already showed you this this is a wool
bamboo blend I showed you that in the beginning that was worth the price and
then this is more of the kids caprice yarn that I already showed you so that’s
it that’s everything I showed it all to you sorry it took me so long but I think
a lot of I think a lot of it was well worth the price I paid but as I
mentioned these little yarns for socks and stuff or whatever you make out of
them I’m not sure on them they’re like hemp and cotton and stuff cuz I don’t
know what prices for sock yarn is but everything else I think was a killer
deal a lot of it was pretty nice yarn I like a lot of it so that’s it I hope
you enjoyed my unboxing sorry I don’t know Russian I couldn’t really read the
labels that well but yeah I’m only fluent barely in English but you
can go on like I said I’m not affiliated with her but I will leave a link below
and you can go on there and you know she has a lot more yarn than this and maybe
you can read a little bit more about the yarns that I showed you if you’re
interested and like I said $70 ships
free it said three to six weeks sometimes depending on where you live I
don’t know why mine got here so fast it got here in what I say five maybe six
days I don’t know if it determines on how much you spend I don’t know you just
have to ask her but anyways that’s my experience with this company or this
Etsy seller its not even a yarn company it’s an Etsy seller I would definitely buy a lot
of these yarns again probably not these little ones because I’m not a fan of
that fine stuff but I’ll buy a lot of them again I think they’re really
decently priced so thanks everybody for watching I hope you had a good time I
sure did thanks hey don’t forget hit that subscribe button don’t forget to hit that thumbs up
button and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button I had a lot of caffeine
today bye everybody


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