My Halloween Decorating Ideas

October 6, 2019

Let’s scare up some Halloween decorations. [ music ] Come on in. Welcome to my home. It’s Halloween time it’s time to scare up some Halloween decorations but it’s also time for you to remember something. I have seen some really really cool
Halloween decorations and I mean super cool. The only problem is a lot of people
forget that they live in their house. Yeah, yeah you might have a lot of ghosts
and goblins running around your house but if you forget that you actually have
to live there, that could be a problem last year I saw one house which was
decorated it was amazing. However To get to the bathroom you had to scoot your
way behind a ghost and try not to make the Frankenstein monster go off while
you’re trying to get to the bathroom it really wasn’t worth it. So one of the things I’m going to tell you is as you are doing your Halloween decorations
like I said remember you still have to live there and if you have company
coming over that’s a whole nother thing now this time for my Halloween
decorations I’m going back to my roots you’re saying well what are your roots
well my roots came from theater I did set decorating for our local theater
I was actually in a few shows but I really love to do set decorating and I really like
to tell a story. So this time I did my whole idea behind we are living in a witch’s cottage and this witch’s / wizard kind of cottage isn’t over-the-top because like I said I still have to live here. [ music ] I pulled everything together in a really
simple way. Using just stuff that I had but not stuff that screamed, HALLOWEEN because you know every day I don’t want to have HALLOWEEN screamed at me every time I get up. so I did simple decorations just using what I had now I will admit some of the things that I have I had bought specifically for HALLOWEN but it wasn’t that over-the-top because I could put them in
spots that was effective and yet really get that, you know vibe across I have lots of stuff to make potions I have crystals I have a broom I have some
tarot cards out there big things that you can see big things because it gives
you more of a cluttered feel and that’s what I’ve noticed about the whole
Halloween decorating is the fact that most of the witches and wizards pictures
that have looked at it was always function over form function was the big
thing see what you’re gonna use it for and then go and see if you can find
something pretty for it so I have my potion bottles I have my herbs already
out there but it’s all pulled together with this theme now do you have to do
something like that no no you don’t have to go over the top like that but I do
want to stress having an idea or having some sort of theme behind it does make
it easier I took away all the brightness from my normal fall decorations and put
in more dark colors but I didn’t take away everything because well I can’t
take away everything simply because well it’s still you know my house and
everything but the colors are darker because that’s what we want we want a
darker moodier feeling and I think I really got that this time. and I didn’t do the whole traditional pumpkins and all that stuff now I did do
that in the kitchen simply because the kitchen will switch out for the videos
so yeah yeah I did do more the cutesy kind of thing for the kitchen but for
everything else it stuck with that whole witches and wizards kind of theme to it
and I really really like that I really like the subtlety of it I like the fact
that you can feel like it’s closing in on you because there is lots and lots of
tchotchkes and stuff and things are coming in and it’s darker colors and it
gives you that sort of well something’s just not a hundred percent right here
and plus when you get some nice Halloween songs going well then you
really get that whole Halloween feel now you’re gonna get to see me actually go
through this and set this up in shortly well a little while and it did take way
longer to do than what I thought it would do what I thought it would but it
is really nice to be able to pull these things together without doing a whole
lot of extra work because guess what most of the fall stuff comes back for
Thanksgiving yeah yeah it comes back but I saw I did take I took all that false
stuff down I washed what had dog hair on it yeah the dog’s hair goes everywhere I
washed that stuff the other stuff I just fold it put away and then put in the
darker colors the moodier colors and these are just simple things that you
probably have laying around your house already the cool thing was the jars of
herbs that really was neat and then things which I didn’t have I put salt in
jars I put dog hair in jars and it just looks like the jars are all set up for
spells and that sort of thing I used a wooden muddler and it it
looks like it’s almost a wand this just gives me this really cool Halloween-y
kind of vibe and as you can tell behind me. Yeah, yeah I still have some Halloween
things dark colors moody sort of feeling like cramped and claustrophobic that
gives you a nice Halloween feel without making it feel like you
know Halloween has taken over your life well let me know what you think about
these pictures and everything and like I said you’re going to get to see the
transformation in the longer decorate with me video so that is coming up
I think it’s next week but that should be really enjoyable let me know what you
think about it don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and also subscribe if
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videos that I picked out just for you. [ music ]

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