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My Secret Weapon For Making Aluminum Look Amazing!

October 12, 2019

hey guys lately I’ve been doing a lot of
sanding and grinding on aluminum as you can tell but this time around I came
across a secret weapon that I’m gonna bust out and this should make a world of
difference so what I’m referring to is a rubber sanding drum that goes on a bench
grinder I’ve had this around the shop for a few years but never really have
the right sandpaper nor a reason to use it
I’ve got a few aluminum parts here that I’m gonna try out with that sanding drum
a lot of this stuff has casting marks on it such as this triple clamp I’ve got a
casting line and all the casting texture see what I can do with that the linkage
has casting line on as well I think they’ll look pretty cool if that was
smoothed out and then I’ve got the smooth arm this one is gonna be a ton of
fun to stand out all right the drum just slips onto the shaft like so so kind of
how this works is the sandpaper belt the slips onto here and you can see it’s
kind of a loose fit but as soon as the wheel is spinning the rubber expands and
holds that sandpaper into place I didn’t mention this in the previous sanding
videos but it should be pretty obvious you’ll definitely want to use a good
respirator and goggles whenever you’re sanding any type of metal especially
aluminum all right let’s get to work one last thing before I get started with
sanding I’m gonna try using this grease thick on the belt and I’m hoping that
helps with the cutting action and also prevents the material from building up
on the sandpaper what the fuck is up so far the sanding
drum is working amazing on these more open areas but in the tighter spots
can’t really get in there so I’m gonna swap out the drum for the coarse
scotch-brite wheel so I was able to get the rest of the casting line out with a
scotch-brite wheel now I’ve got the drum back on and I’m gonna finish her off all
right so I’ve got most of the linkage sanded
down so far and it is looking super smooth really impressed with how well
that sanding drum is working but it’s easy to go over the top and remove too
much material as you can see right here I kind of made some gouges but I’m gonna
clean that up with a cartridge roll and then getting these tighter areas as well we don’t gotta be on the road maybe
that’s super super happy with the finish I ended up with here on the outside
looks incredible now for the inside I’m gonna touch that up with a little wire
wheel on a drill man this piece turned out prime and I
should be able to get the connecting arm looking just as good that’s what we’ll
be working on next all I can say is holy crap
looks like these parts just rolled off of a CNC machine absolutely stunning
now my hope is to get the swingarm looking just as good that is going to be
a one thing to keep in mind if you’re
gonna be standing the sides of a swinging arm
they are anodized and sanding that anodizing off could be really dangerous
if you’re not wearing a respirator so the reason I’m standing down on the
sides and the top is to remove the anodizing
and also just to get it to a clean smooth finish again as you can see on
this side I haven’t touched it yet and there’s some scratches here and all that
will come out with sanding so basically what I’m gonna do here is knock down
what I can with the sanding drum and then attack the rest of the swingarm
with the coarse scotch brite wheel at this stage I’ve done everything I can
do with the sanding drum and now with the cartridge rolls I’m gonna knock down
some of these other markings and then finish it off with the scotch brite
wheel this thing is starting to take shape
let’s see what the coarse scotch brite wheel can do now all right here is what she’s looking
like right now scotch-brite wheel definitely did some work on the bottom
side here wasn’t too picky about it but got looking pretty good so now I’ve just
got the inside right here and back here as well so I’m gonna knock down these
casting lines with a sandpaper roll since I can’t get into the inside of the
swingarm with the buffing machine I’ve got a scotch-brite wheel on a drill see
what kind of damage I can do with this I’ve got the swing I’m looking pretty
good but it still got that rough finish to it
so far most of the work has been done with a rough scotch-brite wheel and now
I’m gonna put the finishing touches on the swing arm with a finer grade
scotch-brite wheel both of these wheels are available over on my website by the
way and they are absolutely necessary if you’re going to be doing any type of
finishing work on aluminum I’ll put the links down in the description so she is looking sweet after that last
buff but as you can see the finish is somewhat inconsistent and that’s usually
how it is buffing such a large part on a machine I’m gonna finish it off by hand
with the scotch brite pad and that should give it a lot more consistent
look the key here is gonna be the buff in the same direction the whole time
on this part I’ll be buffing in the length of the swingarm so I’ll be moving
in this direction here and that’ll give it a really consistent feel if I go
across the grain like that it’ll have crosshatch marks and that won’t turn out
very good well guys here is the finished product I
am pretty stoked with the outcome but I have way too much time into this thing
though so my favorite thing about this type of
finish especially on a swing arm is when it gets dirty stained scuffed up all
only to do is grab the scotch brite pad give a little buff and she’ll be looking
as good as ever with the swing arm finished up let’s take a little halftime
break and pick the winner from the giveaway a few videos back once again
I’ll be using a random comment picker so this is gonna pick a complete random
comment from a few videos back as soon as I click start here it is gonna pick
the random comment who will it be all right we’ve got hunter green up and he
says prime so hunter green up shoot me a message here on YouTube and this prime
MX hat will be yours for the rest of you you could pick up your own prime of X
hat at prime and XCOM and now for the rest of the parts pretty much gonna be
the same exact process starting with a sanding drum and then moving on to the
two different grades of scotch-brite wheels these top triple clamps are always a ton
of fun to sand since they look super cool all smoothed out so I’m done with
the sanding drum I’m gonna move on to the scotch brite wheel and that will
take care of all these tighter areas alright guys these parts are now finally
done what a fun project this was I learned a ton throughout the process of
refinishing this stuff well that is it for today if you guys
enjoyed the video give it a big thumbs up and don’t forget to go grab yourself
a scotch-brite wheel over on prime MX comm if you’re going to be doing any
sort of metal refinishing these come in super handy and as far as the sanding
drum goes if you’re gonna buy one of those use the link down in the
description alright guys I will see you around
take care


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