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myEcon Back Office Overview || Getting Started With myEcon

October 10, 2019

Hi everybody and in this video, I am gonna show you a brief overview Tutorial or Walkthrough whatever II want to call it for myEcon So thanks for coming to my channel Thanks for watching this video. Be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe So that you can get updates you get notifications on my newest content as it is available So let’s go ahead and get started So once you signed up for my econ you will have access to the BMC which is the business management center So as you can see Here are some of the functions getting started the income shifting membership With the income and income shifting membership, this is where you’re gonna learn to restore your credit So you can go to the my credit system And as you can see under this tab, there also are a couple other things, but I will go through those in another video Put on it to load Okay, and here you will find that system So you have access to the credit repair plan Credit monitoring and what is called income shifting? So income shifting is basically learning how to eliminate debt increase cash flow boost your credit tax information and investment information We go back Like a future slog very slow today you can see the document Center which is important documents such as rules and Regulations and stuff like that that you want to look through to make sure that you are not violating You don’t want to get your account suspended and one of the first things you want to do is to correct your w-4 and this is going to show you in like 20 minutes what you can do if you are still a 9 to 5 and 4 year or whatever your shift is long as you are w-4 employee you’ll have access to let you know with that people on the team have Put 200 to 800 dollars Back into their paycheck without eggs from their bosses for a raise But if you want to do that just go to the correct your w-4 Then there’s compensation there self-explanatory that’s going to show you How you get paid in the different ways you get paid with my econ because there is more than one way first of all, there is the 100% Commission and Then there’s also a 60% submission once people stay active So that’s actually a one hundred and sixty percent commission And then there’s the dream-team residuals and That’s when people stay active on your team. You get paid every single month in Addition to other bonus, but you can check out their tab later And then there is a video training that my econ has itself, but if you join with me, you’re actually gonna get an even further in-depth training which shows you how to Market on social media how to do organic traffic pay traffic all of those kinds of things and then there’s tax record-keeping you’re really gonna want to look at this because once you sign up in my econ you are actually able to Be a business owner if you’re not able you actually are a business owner if you decide to recruit people to the business I’m have those referrals in their supports Which is your team sales your personal sales? Your base drive sales and you’ll learn a lot more about those in other videos But I just want to keep this vague at the general walkthrough Keen and us the store because my econ not only has success tools They have other tools to save you money as well like I was saying earlier, there’s that elimination which is going to show you how to eliminate that One bit at a time and actually get you debt free faster And then of course there are meetings and events because this is a real legitimate business Who wants to meet with people and educate those? associates ok Then there’s the favor says those are the type that you go to often So it it kind of saved there for you, and then there’s the my credit system That’s just another way you’ve already seen that in the income shifting membership. It’s just another way to get to that Then there’s more tools mobile apps because a lot of us are always on our phones and Check this out. They also have documents in Spanish so for those Spanish speakers, this is still for you And as you can see we have event coming up that’s what’s in the gold But this is your general Buy Etan back-office tour So if you found this valuable like and subscribe Get ready for the next video because I will be going through the different tabs so that you know exactly what you are getting When you sign up, so thanks for watching my video and remember a little bit of change Makes for a lot of cash. Have a great day

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