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Neewer Kohlefaser Stativ – preiswertes Carbon Kamera Stativ mit 360Grad Kugelkopf und 12kg Tragkraft

February 11, 2020

hello everyone and welcome to this
video today it’s about a trip tripod of the company only you see here and
not about any x tripod but a tripod made of carbon fibers
but hear nothing then I expect of course that I have a light weight
have and also a high resilience because that’s what the use of
carbon fiber also thought what you guys now expect when you get that
want like the functionality and the processing is what I plan to do
I’ve looked at it before when you get the tripod delivered
then there is also a transport and storage bag you have handles
you can adjust it maybe hanging around your shoulder
I think it’s quite good I do mine tripods always in the original pockets
but not so for example in the back I put a fire in my car
I always have a lot of equipment with and then it can happen that they
sometimes quickly scratch or also is one time it is because of that
a transport bag actually always very bad
the tripod view is coming assembled and you can already see it there
also has a fairly small pack size which I think is good if mine
district I didn’t want anything of course not in huge park volumes
but I want it nice have compact the whole thing to build it up
you have to lower your legs once click
you can see the ring here and there and then you see and then is
our tripod is not finished much to consider you can of course
also transport like this I sometimes have mine with them
legs down and the ball head down upstairs in my backpack if you have one
want to have a small pack size roll over as it was when delivered
and then you have little Packed size then look at that now
carbon fiber then I can already see that here our tubes we have them
tripod legs are almost out carbon fiber
that doesn’t just look pretty chic but of course saves
weight of the whole tripod included ball head has 1.5 kilos is good that I
I have comparable tripods around the line I already have the two kilos
500 grams saved doesn’t sound like much at first but 500
grams when you are on the road for a long time can be quite difficult because of this
here by the carbon fiber so good compared to other tripods 500 grams
saved the tripod itself has on top
ball head, namely a 360 ° ball head and now we had to look up
then we have one at the top quick release plate on it is in
other fields swiss compatible the advantage that if I have other modules
for example if I mean mine then take sigma 70 200
a tripod sheet below arca swiss compatible that is
can use it right here do not screw the plate around the
quick release plate and can also other modules my camera for example
I have furniture wood here too I have to fit in well
do not rebuild the quick release plate has a nice one
gimmick below and we have here these mounting screws on everyone
but it’s also got plates I have a metal ring here
the ring is half of the quasi is attached to the screw again
that makes screwing it up easier for me For example on my camera when I am
has no other record and me need not become one
screwdriver or anything so I can pull it tight
tried and then nothing suitable he will notice that only
often not enough and then can i get here with this one in here
downstairs the whole thing is really nice Handy tightening is a good thing
is just one is a little gimmick but of course that makes it easier
tighten the whole thing on the camera then up here of course with the
set screw as usual you also have one up here
spirit level that’s not a good thing because if I mean
tripod already aligns then needs not in addition to anything
clip on there is the addition for example the water truck
lightning can be et cetera that is here integrated plate up in the city
and you can make your tripod beautiful align straight
then we have a 360 ° up here ball head the ball head itself i
put it relatively times we dissolve here with this fastening screws and
then I can go up here as I please move my tripod plate
I also think it’s good that we’re here at the side you have such a bulge here
who makes it possible for me not the whole solve that I have my camera
also position at a 90 degree angle can
that means I can use it from change landscape to portrait
I like a cool thing very much I don’t have to have all ball heads
then we can continue to say if we use our camera for example
placed on top and the whole the head aligned these
ball head up here again around 360 turn horizontally
we also have one here side fixing screws like
we can solve and then we can our head up here again
you see that here is the whole thing also not very easy but it has
a nice noticeable like so it didn’t say that above either
shakes the whole thing but I can nice set yourself and determine where
I turn the whole thing over here we also have a 360 °
stay down here I think then you can see very well how
many degrees now the head up the ball head has twisted the whole is for
example important if your panorama takes pictures that means you judge
your camera up here horizontally and then depending on which one you can
objective you have a 360 degrees take pictures in individual pictures
it is important, for example, that the recordings always at the same angle
be adjusted I’ll tell her 30 60 90 degrees
afterwards stretching is easier you don’t have too much or
too little overlap in the photo and her gets the best result
the carbon fiber legs themselves can be in three different positions
and I think it’s very good for that we have a spring bearing here
lever we can push in and then when we push down here
he moves up and out we can do that in the next position
whole snap back up again lock
the good thing is that this mistake not mechanism up here the whole
always clicks into place now sounds sounds banal for example when
you make it back down next position next position and then is
that always sounds solid banal but I really have one
other tripod that I show you here times and we have such a gel here
stored mechanism that means I have to this pen this pen plate here
pull out the top then I can mine government wants and has to do it again
it didn’t seem to snap off alone one
and if you’re unlucky and you look at yourself pays attention to it and stays outside
it really is me with this tripod the whole city already happens to me
fell because it didn’t snapped in that I didn’t think about it
I got that back again must press and then the mine lay
tripod with camera just on the floor and that is of course sub-optimal
that should not be that’s why I find it here at the company
I find law in this city very good that that’s really not just very
is smooth but also really noticeably clicks into place and there is no danger
is that my tripod from accidentally overturned because i am wrong because i
somehow forgot that again let in or something like that for me
we have very good in the middle again of course you do that too
we have one adjustable above locking screw the solution and then
I can do the whole thing according to mine adjust height needs again high
or down I actually need it not so often and you can do it there
of course, the lock rotating mechanism and also
lock in the height in the now needs the legs to let themselves go
Extend easily too how does the whole thing you have here
three segments are the top and 2 inserted again the whole
works with a twist lock and I have three of them here
are also very handy with great grip you really have a wide one
Working surface for me works like this that it can grasp with one hand
I can turn it all on and then I can easily extend it
of course I can do that continuously depending on how I want to do it
I screw tight from the height that’s very clear to me, too
is like that when they are together then I push that with one hand
can turn whole again and they too really see
I also have another tripod there the problem that one
to say wrong construction then here must I really one after the other
so screw it to the other one tripod I really have to fix it individually
look bright with it otherwise it slips me works great here too
I can pull a handle out of it turn both lower parts again
then the whole thing is solid when we are now take a look below at the feet
then this has tripod for me here hours very nice gimmick and
the feet of customers themselves are made like this a hard google now there are tripods
they have a kind of rubber feet and it there are tripods with spikes on the bottom
so that you still on uneven terrain has a little better hold on
the tripod you have both you can put these rubber feet on the back
turn it on by simply turning it on screw up a thread further
and then the spikes come down here apparently that would be a cool thing
because depending on the surface you can really good use sometimes
and they are integrated here second advantage if you unscrew it and
for example, your cattle with my finger somewhere then it can be me
already happens that for example on inch
or at the control problems with these spikes on your ob
you get around on their tripods here
because you just screw it down then the spikes are gone
I’ve already tried it is not a problem you will come through the controls as soon as possible
we come to one of the most important points building stability and above all
load capacity the whole thing is pretty quickly built up by the
twist locks then you can her legs like I do now
here fully extend and sown that’s pretty quick and
when are they stable then when I am put the whole thing upset now
that you can see a first position I already got her through that
span that the legs result from this triangle in extremely safe standing
so even if I throw myself too then I notice already wobbles and
nothing rattles and it is the leg family not even I have for example
everything tripod trip that has me maximum resilience of four kilos if I
me a little bit up there then I already notice that the legs
bend through and make it natural the advantage of carbon fiber is not
overbuilt is noticeable because it is of course it is torsionally rigid
gives more stability therefore the manufacturer can also provide a
maximum weight of twelve boys the case state how he says this tripod can
leave her with twelve kilos and that I think well and gladly here
you can definitely do more encumber
but twelve kilos of manufacturer information that is ever a house number as a comparison
when i see that for example take my canon eos rp with me sigma 70
In 200 I would have assembled both then I have a total weight of 2.1
2.2 kilos that means I could at least four
these cameras and who the 70 200 already once had a hand from sigma the white
that’s clever when you’re there in your hand that’s weight
that means I could do both roughly pack four times up here and
would still have a great start then the tripod come up here again
the arca swiss compatible city plate I’ll show you again here I have
here for example on the sigma this field swiss foot on it
I can do all of this very easily set up all teams is firm
super simple I don’t have to be here necessarily the supplied plate
take if he has other elements because already fit fit great here too
I have my belt of wood on the camera the plate that I actually always have here
bandage and I do not have to swap but also sat here completely
just all animals and all of it is fixed is a super thing this aqua
spa k swiss compatible plates should you pay attention usually have that
but actually almost all travel tripods have meanwhile
well enforced here I can show you again
if we can loosen the ball head then I really miss the camera in you
align all directions and here too I will show you the notch again
we can use the camera at a 90 degree angle align and I can stand up
also take good pictures for them You can also do panoramic photography
when I take pictures upright I have more photos upstairs
on my panorama in the fall when i now for example make panorama here
I would like the functionality times the 360 ​​° head for the good and me
can then the whole in the turn the appropriate steps
lock my photo re the whole all teams and can do great here
read how many degrees I do that I always find a whole shot
good thing just because of Panorama photography offers this
every case we come to the stand height you can see
I myself am 186 tall and we have here a stand height of 1 meter 40 das
is a very very, for me, for example very very good working height because can
both above through the optical viewfinder watch my display here as well
use to hear who at work that’s maybe not enough for two
it is meters tall again option that I have this one
mediocre this is again here can pull out by 25 cm and then
another 25 centimeters more height for example if we don’t have any somewhere
hunch over a fence in hinds of et cetera when i used a parking garage
long exposure was made there if the parapet was very high I would have
in any case that is what i need normally it is enough if you do that
mediocre retracted load and then you can be super with super comfortable here
with photography is working height here really with a meter forty
great now of course there is also situations in which you, for example
Drop point very close to the floor I have to have this photo here
I made it on br and there I have it camera also grasped just above the floor
positioned the whole thing works very well here
simple and you can from the medium mast down here one
take out the locking screw that is here is a fuse plate
he simply unscrews and takes it out and then you can solve the whole thing
could take out the midpower and you can turn your camera around when he does
whole again from down here insert lock for safety
above again this locking screw then it can be natural
don’t slip if always forget that all reasonably tight
pull you have the security that your camera
not greased and then you can camera depending on need in height above
he positions the floor with the both further down nice for example
over the surface on the floor to the example where you wanted to take pictures
offers itself, for example, as a bolt photography when he put the ball on the
then he would have floor with the camera pretty far down when he’s there
a little longer exposed volt offers this function in any case
so you can see not only within of the tripod but could take
turn around and then you can go to example beautifully flat above the floor too
times I’m building the whole thing again now
and then I’ll show you another one function because we also have it here
possibility of a monopod out of it make the whole thing is pretty too
simple we will solve that again
locking screw live all the time then get out for you on the ball
are always the same there is no witchcraft that sounds pretty
quickly agitate and build them again
to make a monopod from it now we have to do it a little bit
disassemble but that goes pretty well we solve it quickly and easily
up here I always use the camera
we have solved for this under the You can unscrew the ball
the whole thing goes pretty quickly quite easy
then here is another old one I like a plastic bag
there is a version for that hexagon screw the hexagon nut
that is co-founder up here that is I don’t have to do anything extra here
fumble around it almost replaces it wrench I turn the whole thing
then out of here is out it’s in profits up here
needed all over again to assemble it is included
but also gain a replacement included we could put pocket
then you can actually do that up here left inside I’ll take it now
get out and then I’ll show you how to to build the whole thing is pretty
just up here is another one marking and then you screw
just labeled at this ballack sets this screw here
a who has turned out and in addition your ball head the whole
screwed tight and there you have one tripod I put the whole thing here
my camera on top of the tripod straight stays the same and can even one
hand photograph sometimes you only need one
one-hand tripod of the weeks no tripod where I say okay I am
I don’t want to travel a lot now forever but I just got one
a little longer shutter speed and that I just want a little bit
soothe and that’s how it works
monopod shaman and here too you see super working height I can do that
now no longer extend but for me to photograph said 186 am
I tall it is a super height if you could be smaller it
is of course smaller and clear if i can find both here in the viewfinder
work with my display as well great working height like I said 140
me well and also very stable nothing moves in or out automatically
better put it that’s it I have to say really well made
For my part, I can summarize say the company has only with this
tripod really did a great job the tripod currently costs around 80
euro and you really get a lot for that tripod you have a good pack size with
the tripod you have through the carbon fiber lightweight tripod and most of all it is
very resilient with a load of twelve kilos you really have a super resilient
and reliable tripod little things like for example
retractable spike them at the bottom feet actually show up for me
that somebody has ever seen it has set out what need
photographer and what do we get in such a tripod on useful things so everything
brought down maybe you already have it yourself
tripod of the company maybe you have this carbon fiber tripod too
we leave in the comments but gladly your experiences with it
would really interest me otherwise if he is looking for something new
tripod or think in one general tripods neat travel
add tripod then I can only recommend you look
you guys a little closer to that is definitely for the price
performance is super interesting here you get a lot for your money i have to
say otherwise liked about new video
maybe you found is informative and helped you a little bit further
maybe in a future then let me make a purchase decision
thumbs up there and when we look forward in one of my new videos again
would like to see then subscribed my channel in this sense until then


  • Reply Riko Best February 7, 2020 at 6:07 pm

    Habt Ihr auch gute Erfahrungen mit einem Stativ von Neewer gemacht? Welche Stative verwendet Ihr?

  • Reply Claude B. February 7, 2020 at 9:06 pm

    Ich hab, als blutiger Anfänger, noch gar kein Stativ. Dementsprechend ist die Vorstellung des Stativs für mich schon sehr interessant.
    Preis/Leistung scheint zu stimmen. Ist ne Überlegung wert, sich dafür zu entscheiden. 🙂

  • Reply Thorsten N. February 7, 2020 at 10:02 pm

    Ich hab das Stativ, an sich ist es ok. Aber ich hab mir dann doch ein Sirui ET-2004 gekauft. Das steht einfach sicherer und die Bedienung geht viel schneller…

  • Reply Inc Jo. Ma. February 8, 2020 at 7:40 am

    Eigentlich bau,- und funktionsgleich meiner Rollei CS5 Stativ… nur aus Kohlefaser 😁

  • Reply Felix Studios February 9, 2020 at 5:05 pm

    Ich habe 2 Stative von Neewer gekauft. Davon war eins für mich und dann später das andere für meinen Vater.
    Das Stativ für meinen Vater ist auch das hier im Video vorgestellte Stativ aus Carbon.
    Mein Stativ, was ich zuerst gekauft hatte (für unter 50€), ist folgendes:

    Ich kann von beiden nur positiv reden.
    Dabei unterscheiden sie sich eigentlich kaum, wer nicht zwingend ein Stativ aus Carbon haben muss, auf 6cm an Höhe und auf die Spikes verzichten kann, der kann auch die ca. 30€ günstigere Alternative kaufen.
    Dabei ist das Aluminium Stativ sogar noch etwas leichter als das aus Carbon (hatte ich mal aus Interesse nachgewogen).

    Als Einsteiger-Fotograf, der nicht gerade mit Geld um sich wirft, finde ich die Neewer Stative eine gute Alternative zu den "etablierten" Marken. Dort kann man dann schonmal bei Stativen wie meinem Aluminium Stativ 70€ zahlen wenn man ein gutes Angebot findet, eher mehr.

  • Reply deslaz February 10, 2020 at 10:45 am

    Sachtler oder Manfrotto benutze ich überwiegend – manchmal auch günstige leichte Stative von Neewer wie das Kompakt Desktop Mini-Stativ oder die Neewer Licht/Ton Stative aus der Pro Serie, um Kosten zu sparen oder wenn ich damit rechne, dass die Stative beschädigt werden könnten oder verschwinden (am Set oder mobil unterwegs verdunstet Kamera-Zubehör sehr gerne, je mehr Leute in der Lokation herumrennen – Stative sind wie Kugelschreiber, irgendwer fragt "kann ich mal kurz haben" und man sieht es niemals wieder). Neewer bietet günstiges brauchbares Zubehör zu moderaten Preisen.


    Eine Produktkritik am vorgestellten Stativ habe ich aber schon.
    Ich mag die Drehverschlüsse/Arretierungen nicht – sie sind sicher einfach und schnell zu bedienen, aber vor allem wenn man mit gewichtigen Kameras auf dem Kopf arbeitet, vertraue ich dieser Halterung nicht – natürlich ist das subjektiv. Schnappspannverschlüsse wirken auf mich "stabiler". Den 12kg Tragkraft kann man sicher vertrauen, nur wie lange? Zusätzlich zum Gewicht der Kamera und des Objektives sollte man auch den Druck berechnen, den man ausübt – vermutlich war es in meinem Fall auch bedingt durch Bedienfehler, aber ich habe es geschafft, dass mir eine 6D mit einem 300 Tele auf einem Neewer einsackte und zum Glück einen Kamera Assi am Hinterkopf traf bevor sie auf den Boden fallen konnte. Entweder habe ich den Verschluss nicht fest genug, zu fest oder zu oft zugedreht? Spannverschlüsse habe ich noch nicht aufarbeiten können. Das Preis/Leistungsverhältnis bei Neewer spricht aber für sich und richtet sich natürlich an Consumer, Hobbyisten und Leute die auf die Ausgaben achten müssen. Sachtler Flowtech Systeme mit Bodenspinne sind Luxus oder man macht den Job hauptberuflich und stellt Rechnungen 😉

    Übrigens halte ich für das Beste aller Stative gute Schuhe. Wenn man in seinen Latschen stabil steht, werden die Bilder/Aufnahmen besser!
    Was für Schuhwerk trägt eigentlich Herr Best bei der Arbeit?


  • Reply Sebastian Voigt February 11, 2020 at 3:06 am

    Ich nutze das Rollei C5i Alu. Das wiegt auch nur 1,7kg. 1,9kg mit Tasche und co, hat 3 Libellen, den Haken für Tasche/Rucksack. Gab es letztens für 75€

  • Leave a Reply