New Carb For The CR250 & Lectron Giveaway!

September 29, 2019

Hey what’s going on guys so a little update on the cr250 project here The suspension coatings are taking a little bit longer than I expected. But for today, I’ve got a little surprise for you guys new part to bolt on Lectron just came out with a new carburetor and So what we’re doing today is gonna be bolting up this new H series Lectron now There’s a lot of improvements over the old 38 HV. I believe that’s called. So I’ll be discussing that and Throw-in this thing on the bike and for you guys only I’ll be giving away one of these carburetors So stay tuned for that. Alright, so let’s open this baby up and check out some of the changes they made with it So the first thing here is they double the amount of idle adjustment and then They also changed the bore here. So there’s actually 30% more taper to the bore here, which is gonna equal 20% more torque below 5,000 rpm. So a pretty cool deal there. There’s also going to be more velocity Around the metering rod and that creates better fuel atomization so I don’t want to bore you guys with all the changes to the new carburetor, but Before we bolt this on we’re going to take the slide out and I’ll show you the new slide design. So this design creates more hit and fast response off idle is what electrons claiming I should actually pull the old slide off and Compare them side-by-side see what the difference is Another thing they change with the slide is a tighter fit here in the carburetor Now one thing I’ve heard with these electron carburetors haven’t experienced it myself But there can be a little bit of an inconsistent idle with the older carburetor now they corrected that with a new fuel pickup Too so we’ll actually see how that compares with the older carburetor – and there’s one last thing they changed with carburetor It’s actually got a new sticker But besides of that is the carb length is a little bit shorter and that will create a better fit on the bike so That’s another thing we’re gonna look at – so I’m gonna pull the old carb off the bike and compare these side-by-side And then bolt up the new one and we’ll be ready to go now Some of you guys might be wondering what’s all the hype with these electron carburetors. So in the simplest terms They automatically calculate how much fuel the engine needs Based on the amount of air coming in and the temperature at the elevation all that kind of factors into it but these carburetors actually do not have any Jets and then they use a Metering rod instead and that’s what determines how much fuel is being delivered to the engine So since your bike is always gonna be running at the optimal air to fuel ratio with this electron installed It’s gonna have more power better response and it’s gonna be something you can trust Compared to you a bike with a typical carburetor. So sounds like a win-win to me So you can see the difference in the bore here this one has a lot more taper to it You definitely feel the difference to this is a lot smoother Transfer into the center of the carburetor. All right, so we’re gonna compare the slides here There’s some changes to the newer slide and see the newer slide looks a little bit longer here doesn’t look like a huge difference, but I think the majority of the Difference we’re gonna see is a fit in the carburetor Slide these in compare them side-by-side That one’s got a little bit of rock to it Wow that’s actually a significant difference in the amount of play And the carburetor there? So electron saying that’s gonna last a little bit longer with that design and just more consistency one last change I’m gonna discuss here is the overall length of the carburetor. So the older one is here and see it’s a little bit taller Just for curiosity’s sake I’m gonna measure See how tall they are. So this one is 89 millimeter and This one looks like about a millimeter shorter So yeah, not a huge difference, but I think that’ll help out with the fitment. These older carburetors are pretty thick So overall looks like the changes that electron made with this new carburetor. It’s gonna help with our response Carburetor will last longer and it also fits better So let’s pop it on the bike and see how it actually fits one last thing. I forgot I’m in love with these red hoses. So I’m gonna swap them over to the new carburetor Now with these red hoses and that fancy new sticker this thing should rip on the bike Oh, yeah, she’s Chris All right, so time to get that carbon tank back on and I’ve got a little surprise for you guys We ended up coating the valve here at the petcock valve. So that is gonna look money on that carbon tank Thing turned out pretty tricked in it Now one last little change that electron made with the new 8 series carburetor is the throttle spring So this one is a little bit lighter than the previous one. It reduces the thrall pole by about 40% So if you like the older spring you can run that or you can use the lighter spring All right This carburetor is all ready to rip and I can’t wait to test out all this changes that electron made with these new carburetors so it really shouldn’t be too much longer before this things up and rippin and on the track just Simply waiting on some suspension parts and once those come in We’re gonna have this thing all finished up and up and going so really excited Now as far as the giveaway goes, I’ll be giving away one of these new 8 Series electron carburetors So the newer style and all you have to do to enter is go down below in the description click the top link and enter your name and your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner and the only requirement to enter is you need to have a 125 through 300 cc two-stroke and that’s it and then on Sunday August 4th, I’ll be doing a live stream here on YouTube to pick the winner So I’ll compile list of all of those names pick one lucky name and you will be the lucky winner Alright, that’s gonna be it for this video. Really appreciate you guys watching. Do you enjoyed it? Please give this share and the next time I’ll be seeing you guys. We’ll be making more progress on this year 350

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