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Nintendo Switch Lite Unboxing and First Impressions + Amiibo and Game Haul!

October 6, 2019

– [Host] After months of waiting, the Switch Lite has finally
arrived at our doorstep along with a few other things
that we forgot we pre-ordered. Let’s see if they’re all still intact. (upbeat digital music playing) Welcome to It Came From A Box! This is Sergio A.M., and
I sort of forgot that some of the pre-orders we made released alongside the Switch Lite. So why not tackle all of
them at the same time? All right, so nothing seems
damaged, always appreciate that. That also has a lot to do
with my UPS guy, he’s awesome. First thing you’ll notice
is a batch of Amiibos. We sort of selectively collect them, but I will say, they’ve really
improved on the quality. First up is Link from the newly released Link’s Awakening remake, and you can use them to share and trade custom dungeons from the game. So like any serious collector, you wanna be careful with the box. Make sure it’s not damaged, keep ’em away from sunlight, don’t feed it after midnight, (growls) It’s okay, we got an extra! One thing I’m a massive fan of is the artistic direction they took. It’s almost identical to the old-school Playmobil toys with
this glossy wooden look. Very playful, very Nintendo. Next, I picked up Snake from Smash because, A, we’re big
Metal Gear Solid fans, and B, it’s the perfect keepsake that’ll constantly remind me that snake died the day Kojima left. Finally, the last two are Pokemon from Smash Brothers Ultimate. First is Ivysaur. Amazing pose, the colors
are extremely accurate! Really well done! Next, is my personal starter. – [Pokemon Audience] It’s Squirtle! – [Squirtle] Squirtle, Squirtle!” – [Sergio] Very simple
pose, adorable little guy, but I’d love to see a
Squirtle Squad version. Now both of these belong
to the Pokemon Trainer, and along with Charizard, the collection is now complete. And now my OCD can rest. Next up, two brand new old games. The first is Level-5’s Ni No Kuni and The Wrath of The White Witch. This game’s been on my wishlist for years, way back since it was first
released in 2010 on the PS3, but now it’s finally made
its way to the Switch. Throughout all those years
I’ve been avoiding spoilers, but I can’t wait to dig into this JRPG. Love the story behind it, and even better, the animations were produced by the kings themselves, Studio Ghibli. Moving on to go along with the Amiibo is The Legend of Zelda: Link’s
Awakening, Dreamer Edition. It includes the game and an art book, but it’s got nothing on
the UK Special Edition. That one also comes with an art book, but the game comes in an
amazing Game Boy Steel Book Case with different screen
images you can display. Sadly, we weren’t able
to get our hands on one, but this one is the next best thing until the eBay prices go down, and honestly, the art
book alone is worth it. Finally, the star of the
show, the Switch Lite. Ya heard it everywhere, but this thing, even the box is so small! The box art looks great, very modern, and the colors match
the version you choose. We went with yellow to match our logo, and I think it’s the best, but it’s also available
in gray and turquoise. Let’s open it up. Past the first flap, we
have a quick start guide that’s as simple as it
gets with just two steps. So, let’s just get everything outta here and we’ll go through it. First up, we have some very
entertaining paperwork. Next, we have the USB-C
charger which by the way, is identical to the one that
comes with the original Switch. And here’s the Switch Lite. It honestly gave me such a nostalgic vibe similar to the first time I held a Game Boy Advance back in the day where it just feels like it’s
plucked out from the future. Anyways, it has about the
same layout as the Switch with a few minor adjustments. Then, it’s about a
Joy-Con smaller in length, and just a bit thinner. Now, setting up the Switch
Lite was a bit confusing because you can only have one
primary console per account, and it also juggles saved
data in this very awkward way. We’re thinking about making a set up video that clarifies that whole process, but let me know in the comments if that’s something you
guys would actually watch. So, a few quick first impressions, it fits well in hand, surprisingly similar
to the original Switch, but with a bit less room at the bottom. Most of the buttons feel mushy, not as tactile as I’d like, but they still function just as well. Now the analog stick
seem a bit more tense, a little bit more rigid, but most importantly, we
haven’t experienced any drift. Then, the screen’s colors
and brightness look good, and shrinking down that same resolution to a smaller panel actually makes the graphics look
slightly sharper as well. All right, so we’re gonna
spend one or two weeks with it as our daily driver, testing
everything out and taking notes so we can release the review. Now, previously we asked you to send in any questions that you may have about it, and I was gonna answer
at the end of this video, but there’s just way too many. So, we’re gonna tackle
those in the next video. And we’re also waiting
on a few more products for our first massive, seriously massive Nintendo Switch Lite accessories haul. This year, we’re on the road to 100K, so if you’d like to help us get there, hit the subscribe button, ding the bell to stay notified, and comment letting us know
you did with the hashtag. That aside, if you’re
looking to pick up anything featured in this video and wanna support us at the same time, check out the affiliate links
down in the description below. Once again, I’m Sergio A.M., and I’ll see you for the next box. Thank you so much for watching! If you like this video
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Instagram, and Facebook. I’m Sergio A.M. and I’ll
see you for the next box.


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