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Nintendo Switch mystery box!

February 12, 2020

– This box is full of Switch accessories and I don’t actually know what
specific ones are in here. It’s a mystery, at least to me, but it was something we found on Amazon that was listed for 35
bucks and it supposedly has everything you need
for your Nintendo Switch, so I’m gonna open it up,
see what exactly’s inside, and find out whether or
not you’re really getting your money’s worth and
if it actually does cover all the stuff you absolutely need. So, let’s check it out. Oh! All right, so, there’s
a few things in here. I like how it’s not actually
all thrown in the box, it is boxed products that
just fit into this larger one. Where do I even begin? What’s this one over here? Tennis racquets. Okay, this is already a
questionable start for me. Look, don’t get me wrong, I
think these are cool pickups if you really like Mario Tennis. That just doesn’t really do anything outside of that one specific game. So, kind of a weird thing to include in stuff you need for your system. It’s kind of a special case. So, if you love Mario Tennis
and you plan to get it, this is a good part of the bundle. If you don’t, there’s already
some of the space taken up, so that’s one thing down. What else we got? Protectors. Okay, so, big thing that
is useful in any Switch is a screen protector. You wanna make sure that the screen on that system is nice and safe, especially if you’re using
it a lot in portable mode. You don’t want it, while sitting in a bag or
while you’re out using it, to accidentally scratch up a little bit, so screen protectors are
really important for that. It also comes, it looks
like, with an actual case to go around the body
of the Switch itself, which is another really
nice thing to have. Again, if you like
playing in portable a lot, that’s a really good
thing, especially for kids. That way, if they ever drop the system, it’s gonna have something to
actually absorb the impact a little bit and keep
those Joy-Cons in place instead of having them shooting off and breaking the locking mechanism. So, that’s a good one. That’s definitely something worth getting. What else do we have? Oh, there’s a little
thank you note in here. What is… Level up. You just have been
advanced to the next level. Thank you. So, apparently, this is actually from a small family-owned company? That’s for sure really
neat, I didn’t realize that. I thought we were getting something that was just like a random… Huh. Yes! Okay, so this is something that I know not everyone thinks you
need to have, but honestly, it was one of my first big
purchases for the Switch. I like the idea of being
able to share Joy-Cons with friends for multiplayer games, especially kind of fun
minigame-y ones like Overcooked and I don’t like using the
Joy-Cons sideways on their own. It’s just very uncomfortable, so having little
controller grips like this that makes it just a
little more comfortable and feel like a real
just smaller controller is a huge benefit, so this has always been one of the things I always
told people right away like, hey, if you plan on doing this
kinda stuff on the Switch, this is something you need to get. So, I’m really glad that this
is a part of this bundle. Okay, so this is another situation kinda like the tennis racquets. Wheels for the Joy-Cons
to use in Mario Kart and I will say that I think
there are a lot more people out there willing to grab
Mario Kart over Mario Tennis. I mean, it is one of the
top five selling games of the Switch still, so this is gonna have a
little more wide appeal, I think, for a lot more people,
’cause it’s kind of just the standard party game pickup, I think. It’s still a little more specialized, but not quite as crazy
as the tennis racquets. I think this is a good inclusion. This works out just ’cause
Mario Kart is that big. A charging station. So, this is, of course, always
an important thing to have for Joy-Cons because, especially
if you own more than two, there’s not really a
convenient way to charge more than two Joy-Cons at once, ’cause you just have the two
on the system on the dock and that’s it, so if you
plan on having more Joy-Cons, this is something you need to pick up and I think it’s a worthy
addition to a bundle like this. It is assuming you’re
buying more Joy-Cons, but I think that’s something
that comes up pretty often for a lot of people, so that makes sense. And our last item, and honestly, the one thing that I immediately assumed would be in this box, a carrying case. I mean, it’s tough to talk
at all about accessories for the Switch and not
bring up the importance of a carrying case ’cause
if you’re gonna be using it as a portable device,
that’s just something that you’re gonna need to have to make sure the Switch is protected. If you buy a lot of physical games, it gives you a place to store those, and any kind of additional
accessories or cables you need like a charging cable. It looks like this is their
own in-house brand too, so let’s actually open it up
and see what it has space for. Open it up. Oh, and there’s actually
more stuff in here, so I’m glad I opened that. Okay, well, let’s finish off with the case and I’ll get back there. So, it’s got slots for
multiple Switch games. It actually has two rows of these, so that fits a lot, physically. I feel like most people
aren’t gonna hit that limit. It’s 10 on each of these, 30 games. That’s a lot of space. Places for storing cables and such, there also looks like
there’s a little additional game case to store more cartridges. That’s good. Here. Oh, a stylus. That doesn’t come up for
a ton of games, but huh. Nice to include. Yeah, there’s a little fitted area to fit the Switch itself. We have a couple more accessories in here. We’ve got gel guards that
go around the Joy-Cons. This is a way to add a little protection to the Joy-Cons directly. I really like using these for if you’re not using
them in handheld mode, if you wanna use them
on their own wirelessly, that way, there’s
protection outside of using a more full-blown case. Again, really good pick-up for kids. Looks like it also has little
gel covers for the sticks that’ll add just a little bit
of extra grippiness to them. That’s always handy. And what is this? We got one more thing. Oh, it’s another gel case cover, just black instead of
the neon, which is nice. It covers your bases a little bit. So yeah, that’s actually, as far as kind of
affordable, cheaper stuff go, that’s covering a lot of bases. Let’s actually figure out what, roughly, all these things
independently would be worth and how that stacks up to
paying 35 bucks for the box. So, the price on this box
does fluctuate a little bit. We paid 35 for it, but I have
seen it go as high as $40, but that’s still the kind of general range you’re gonna see it at and
that’s what we’re gonna compare all the stuff individually against. So, I looked for all the different things that make up this bundle. I wasn’t looking for the exact same item from the same company, but rather, there’s a lot of different
gel guards out there on the internet, so just find
ones that were the cheapest, more affordable option, and
see what that all totaled to, versus this 35 to $40 box. So, first off, getting
a pair of racing wheels like this one right here will
normally cost you about $10 and this price is shared
across some of the other similar items that just slot
the Joy-Con in some way. For instance, the controller
grips like these right here also go for $10 and the silicone grip, we actually found a four-pack
that was the same concept, where you got two neon and two black ones, that one, also $10. As for the carrying case, there
are a lot of these out there that you can choose from,
but as far as a basic, mainline one like this goes, you can get these as cheap as $14. As for a protective cover
combo like this one right here that gives you the grip
along with screen protectors, cheap options out there you
can find go for as low as $12. Tennis racquets, again,
a little more specialized and lot more plastic. These ones, cheap option-wise,
you can find as low as 15 and then, as for a
charging station, again, there’s a large variety
of what you can find for lows and highs for this
particular kind of item. From the low end, you’re
looking about 12 bucks. Finishing off the list
with the stuff we found inside the game carrying
case with the stylus and the game cart case, both
of these go for $9 each. So, when you total all this stuff out, if you’re just looking
for each individual part at the best price possible, that’s $103. We paid 35, so that is a great deal. So, is this everything
that you need for a Switch? Honestly, kinda yeah. I mean, there is more expensive
individual kinda stuff you can track down, like
you need more Joy-Cons, you want a Pro Controller,
Bluetooth adapter, that kinda stuff, but as far
as just cheaper attachments and things to kinda
round out what you need to keep your Switch
protected or make it fit a little better for some specific games, this is an awesome little bundle. It is a little bit overkill,
I think, for some people. You’re not gonna need
every single item in here, but even if you don’t, the
amount of money you save buying this versus all
the individual parts is a lot of savings. Where I think this is really aimed though and what it’s strongest for is families. If you’re buying this for a kid
or getting a couple Switches for a couple kids and you
want just an opening bundle that’s gonna give you
all the stuff you need to make sure that those
Switches are well and protected so they don’t break anytime super soon and you have a couple special controllers to match for some of the
more interactive games like Mario Kart or Mario Tennis,
this is an awesome pickup.


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