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North Korea’s current banknotes

February 11, 2020

okay so hello fellow bangerang point
like this third time trying dudes video but anyway today we’re going to review
some banknotes from North Korea so these are the current series so if you go to
North Korea and you probably can’t use this currency because you probably have
to use euros u1 or United States Dollars probably even Japanese yen as well and
South Korean Won but these they actually current banknotes in North Korea and
they start from the five to five thousand one I believe I’m not too sure
about exchange rate but I think it’s roughly about a thousand one equals one
US dollar so this is probably worth about five dollars but you cannot
actually change these banknotes aside as a country you might be able to change it
in China but probably only for North Korean national if you need to change it
you can probably only change it in country but as far as I know you can
actually export North Korean banknotes now if I had some people comment go oh
how do you get these banknotes well pretty much the North Korean actually
dumps these banknotes onto the numismatic market it’s one way to
actually get foreign currency so these are actually very common you can
actually quite easily buy these on eBay and that’s where I actually got these
from so these cost about $15 but a whole lot set if you want circulate once again
actually cost you a bit more but you know these ones do the job mmm so the
first thing you can see that has this red mark and it’s actually a specimen
set all the serial numbers have 0 for numbering and the prefix has different
lettering so that actually changes with different banknotes as you can see as I
show you the dates on these banknotes start from to 1912 that’s a birthday or
isn’t it yeah this guy Cuban song and he was the first leader of North Korea born
in 1912 so that’s where that calendar actually comes from it’s a North Korean
calendar so you got two dates on them you got did 2002 and you have 2008 which
is 97 so current year would be 2 910 I believe no 111 something like that
anyway I’m not gonna worry about it too much but let’s get on with the review so
you first Bank now I have is a 5-1 and as you can see it has a has a planet the
earth and this is probably something to have a new killer physics as you can see
it looks like electrons going around a nucleus Center which is a pretty normal
imaging that we use for atoms bird is pretty inaccurate as I actually learned
in chemistry okay has a security Fred D has a flower probably the what’s the
national flower of Korea it is the way I’ve got it written down some way
Magnolia is probably a magnolia flower then we have the coat of arms of North
Korea as you can see it’s North Korean Democratic Republic has a electrical
power this has a hydroelectric dam and I believe that that is the one Gong Gong
Gong hydroelectric dam which is also in the back in his name I have said
communists are at the top hang weight and these usually have UV on them as
well and the two people were actually on his bank no they’re not actually any
identifiable individuals there’s supposed to be a scientists and his
students that’s where the physics and chemistry elements come
into it and then on the reverse we have the Hangang hydrologic name hype I
butchered that pretty well and as you can see this dam was actually built in
2007 so I wouldn’t have been on any previous series because a previous
series was our 2099 – yeah so there you go you got a flower there that’s
actually quite a nice Bank now so another thing you actually know about is
back nice is that they’re all the same size it it’s just that the common
denominations are actually different colors and they actually have all come
in this effigy that’s why I like communist banknotes this is very
different than anything you actually get today and they usually involve
agriculture agriculture industry in in our scientific development nothing
really about the market economy already armed forces like we have here so this
is heat m1 he has an Army Navy and Air Force and it has a communist are at the
back that’s probably a middle of some sort I believe a deep researcher so it
could be wrong and here we have another security feature here so stars actually
join up and I should actually make one things security afraid we’ve can’t tell
what’s actually on the security thread so then we at the watermark as well and
on this side we have the victory monument for the end of the Second World
War as you can see this is a Soviet side this is an off Korean side but the funny
thing is that North Korea never actually existed in the World War World War 2
1945 although the Communist Party wasn’t exist
and it was actually fighting the Japanese in the Korean Peninsula and
then you can look up quite a few people actually made famous from fighting the
Japanese and being executed of dying in prison they actually should have put
those on these banknotes those people who actually existed and passed away so
here we have 251 so with the current too many banknotes actually started 251 sort
of don’t even worry about their loss to banknotes and this one is three people
so we have a engineer farmer intellectual worker and they are
actually two free different types of industrial sewing on communist banknotes
and here we have a monument to probably progressive power the queer nuclear
power station don’t know which one it is yeah buy more upgrade security feature
here and on the reverse we have the Workers Party monument so we have the
sickle for agriculture the hammer for engineering and the looks like a pin or
a paintbrush for intellectual work intellectual so and then we have the
security fruits so you can probably see it a lot better now what does it I can’t
looks like has a denomination 50 or whatever and something else probably
it’s in Korean so then we have the 101 so this is worth about 10 cents
we heard the Magnolia which is the national flower from North Korea is 2008
Oh 97 they actually haven’t issued any banknotes of different date on it yet
they should in the future um and on the reverse we just at the denomination with
taboos Asiatic pattern so cream patent more likely adopted from
child could be indigenous but something that was adopted by China from China is
this character so this is the Chi Chi Halima
Halima which is a mythical winged horse I can travel thousand Li or 400 kill
Mona’s in one day and this is actually on the banknote because Kim il-sung
actually used it to propagate the development of North Korea by using this
difficult horse so we’re talking about horse not the person right on it
it looks like an intellectual agricultural worker to add development
of Korea so all the watermarks actually the same
it’s a another security brief there’s a a timer in there and you can sell each
banknote the pattern actually changes and same on the back we have just a 200
denomination so it’s more like a an older type of design then we have the
500 so this one has the arc of triumph or Gaius Ullman this is using Pyongyang
no she can say it’s actually quite a large monument he has a date 1923 and
1945 and it’s actually on the roundabout as well it’s actually quite a nice
Monument the second largest in the world figure didn’t you eat too young and I
think anyone in Mexico is actually bigger and here we have the actual
banknote printer so today is oh no it’s in Korean so it looks like a banknote
pre-printed down there and that’s actually a bit of a
disappointing banknote that is do you one two and five hundred previous
appointment didn’t actually get better but these ones are actually more to do
with the North Korean leader so he’s the 1000
one and as you can see a color is a nice pinkish purple color
this has Horry wrong which is the birthplace of King dong soup which was
Kim il-sung’s second more and then you can see it’s like a nice older Shack oh
no check um building check employs it’s a rundown but obviously Korean buildings
have never been run down a little maintained and quite well and then here
we have I’ve seen that before I didn’t look it up it definitely has
something to do oh yeah Korean culture anyway so as you can see same watermark
and security Fred and on the back we have these shores of semi like so many
like mmm there’s some trees so that’s actually
quite a bit of Bank 19e 500 so it’s worth about a dollar in the exchange
rate good like exchanging it then we had the 2001 this one has the and cabin in
Pike two mountains which is actually a stratovolcano and it’s actually
important to Korean culture because it’s supposed to be the spiritual home of the
Koreans every nights right and the Korean Chinese border but the Korean
ethnic group actually goes over that border into China it’s actually quite a
few mean Korean ethnic Koreans in China which are indigenous so they didn’t
actually migrate from China from Korea up until try actually have been here for
a few thousand years and this one’s at 2008 it’s a nice coat of arms so I
really like the coat of arms as well and water my security feature so as you get
higher in the denomination’s security features are really lacking because the
denim becomes more of easier for a counterfeiter to do high denomination
because the 5:1 really is not worth counterfeiting because it’s low value
but this one is so it’s worth about $2 and on this side we have the Peck to
mountain as you can see in the background beautiful and it’s probably
the like deer so probably looking from the Chinese side over to the North
Korean side so probably you can’t actually go to that mountains and the
last two we have to 5,000 won so this one is issued 2011 2009 offing this one
is issued in 2013 so what a date is different so this is 182
so the current date we 211 yep and not too short what actually change the bank
now over this one is the portrait of kim il-song as you can say as the communist
star people look at it hey i’m italian that caught the bombs yes II tank arms
actually looks quite similar to this it’s got nothing to do with the attained
coat of arms and I think I remember that anything new communism and only back we
have many on day the birthplace of Kim il-sung and if you have a look at the
current 5,000 any phone 130 back of the formal money from an account one has the
same image I shouldn’t see then this building is that one there that building
is that one in the building paints in the background of the same so they just
removed to portray and actually changed colour a bit as well
and this is the actual current hoisting nominated Bank Note II North Korea it’s
worth about five dollars in exchange rate um but as you can see it’s actually
quite a better banknote than the previous one um on this side we have the
International friendship exhibition building young young son
and I think I actually had a look at some pictures it’s um pretty much in a
Chinese style architecture which the Koreans actually adopted a lot now read
about the Korean language actually in sabaton 60% adopted from various Chinese
languages so from Mandarin middle Chinese old Chinese and a lot of the
actual original Korean words have actually been replaced so it’s a pity so
anyway that is the current faint notes of North Korea so how many did you get
one eight nine ten so it’s currently king banknotes in circulation um for
average of about a thousand dollars but the wage is actually quite low I’d
actually say that already is actually still circulating in North Korea by the
people but you know the coins they had a coin from one ton to one one one and
they probably don’t circulate at all and they did probably just selling for me –
were you actually so anyway that is a nice series nice communist banknote
series and you can get these for rekt 15 the twin dollars on eBay for the whole
lot if you want to get the normal circulated versions um you’re probably
looking at paying pre forty to fifty dollars for the whole lot and that’s
just what I’ve seen but you know as people are not really buying that many
banknotes because you know our economy is not doing too good now you probably
get a good deal anyway let’s say thank you very much for watching my video give
a thumbs up subscribe to my channel have awesome bang I collect in time thank you
and bye bye


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