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Ordinary filmmaker Live stream for February 9, 2020

February 11, 2020

Hello and welcome to another live stream
of the ordinary filmmaker. This week we’ve had a fair bit of news and we’ve
also had some rumor updates so we’re gonna start off by talking a little bit
about a video I put out just a couple of days ago and this video was on the
camera market I posted a poll to see if I can find this poll here I posted a
poll asking people she’s me which camera company they thought might get into
trouble and surprisingly well not surprisingly everybody figured yes it’s
gonna be an icon so here we are which camera company will be the first
to merge or file into bankruptcy excuse me sorry give me a second overwhelmingly
57% of you thought yep Nikon is gonna be the first company
that’s either gonna file for bankruptcy or merge no Nikon like a lot of out of
these companies do you have other lines but Nikon focuses primarily on imaging
Canon Panasonic Fuji and Sony these are much bigger companies and Panasonic
which came in second at 18% I would say is probably the least likely
to have to worry about anything at all panasonic is a very very large company
they’ve got a lot of different divisions so it is Sony
so these company are less likely to suffer trouble but that brought me to
something else I came across this really really interesting chart so I created a
video and the video is about the overall market the digital camera market but I
also looked at the Japanese economy in the Chipettes the Japanese economy
entered a recession in around 1990 late 80s at the same time the US Europe
pretty well the whole world entered a recession but Japan has never recovered
from that I kid you not if you go look at the news go to wiki YouTube wherever
you’ll find out that the Japanese economy is still stagnating toot it to
this day that they are not growing at all
and in real numbers you could actually say that the Japanese market is actually
contracting so this is a very very tough place to do business it’s tough to raise
capital and you’ve got all these large camera companies that are in a declining
market worldwide so they’re really in tough situation so it takes a lot of
courage it takes a lot of strategic thinking to come up with a plan we will
complain about this camera doesn’t work very well for us or Sony’s asleep at the
wheel or Panasonic why are they doing this but it’s a lot harder they’ve got
limited dollars like anybody how do they innovate or do they they’ve innovated
for a few years like Kenan did and Nikon did the same thing even before canon
they’ll innovate for a few years then I’ll take a break and they’ll just try
and recoup their money off their investment without having to do much of
anything which I think a lot of us would agree that canons done over the last few
years I see we’ve got a good number of people streaming right now so I just
want to say thank you welcome to my livestream this is not the most
professional stream I’m afraid my regular videos are a whole lot better
that’s in the studio over here aka my basement and this area here I’m just
literally using the webcam so lighting is not as good but I’m trying to get
good at this I like with my videos I’ve done over 60 videos if you can believe
it I’ve been my channels been up for 3 months 3 months in a week and I’ve done
60 videos I’ve only done 4 videos streaming so it’s going to take me a bit
of time to work this out fix it out and all that sort of stuff so thank you very
much for streaming you also want to let you guys know I do pay attention to the
chat so even though I’m talking I’m going through different segments drop
your questions I will respond I also have super chat that’s there in case you
want to help support this channel you don’t have to regular chat I’ll respond
just as well so looking back at the market the market has been in decline I
want to show you an image here I want to show you an image that I put in that
video and let’s see what is the name of that
video that I put out let’s take a quick look here I’ve he was just three or four
days ago I’ve got the worst memory in the world I’m almost 50 so that shipment
shouldn’t be any surprise when my memory starting to go the video was released
last week on February the 7th just two days ago and I can’t remember what day I
did it so in that video I talked about there being a market decline overall the
Japanese economy were that suffering so it essentially since 2011 in my
description it’s since 2011 the camera market has been in freefall
it’s a tenth of its former size and you’ll see a lot of people put this
graphic out there and it’s misleading and I’m going to show you that it
doesn’t tell the true story so if you take a look at this image here look at
that 2011 2010 it was at its peak and
actually from 2007 to 2011 things look pretty good but take a closer look at
this image here see all that stuff in blue all that information in blue those
are cameras like the fujifilm x100t it’s where you have the camera and the lens
as a single manufactured piece of equipment so look at that look at that
there now if I remove that information because this is all those
point-and-click cameras if I remove that and just look at DSLRs and mirrorless
we’ve got a completely different story here the market actually peaked in 2012
2012 not 20 2012 that’s that’s a long way away look at that a very very
different story and I ate was able to just populate 2018 and 2019 my video
didn’t have that information so it’s still declining it’s still a shadow of
its former self it’s about a third if we look at DSLR and mirrorless versus if we
look at you know 2019 compared to what 2010 it’s um
a tenth of what it was but that still lost revenue but in terms of the dsr
things are still dramatically coming down and what canon has said Canada’s
said that they believe the markets gonna stabilize be ready for this around five
to six million units a year okay let’s take a look at this again it’s almost
kind of what we had in 2019 isn’t it now this this information is coming from
cipa I I didn’t didn’t rip this off from anybody else I I didn’t just kind of
make this stuff up Business Insider had some information
too but they didn’t have the complete information so I went directly to SEPA
got this information and I think my charts pretty accurate and how it looks
set up so there’s that information so watch that video it’s very interesting I
go into a lot of information there’s no rumor topic and there is
pretty much a research piece and I do talk to some things such as look at Sony
for example since 2015 has Sony been revolutionary in what they’ve been doing
I would say when they came out with the a7 or the a Alpha series every different
model was a jump ahead of what it was before they were there really innovating
they were doing revolutionary stuff and since some would say since 2015 but I
would say since 2017 yeah sure the a7 4 is is nice but is it that big of an
improvement over the a7 3 and I always kind of tongue-in-cheek I said well
happy birthday to the a7 s3 the a7 s3 it’s been five years since the a7 s – so
where the heck is that camera where is it right and that’s that’s probably what
Sony’s doing now is they’re they’re relaxing a little bit they’ve done
really really well they’re one of the top sellers some would say they’re ahead
of cabin I would say their behinds can I say Canada’s still number one in market
share worldwide followed by Sony so Sony’s come
long way but still if they and they’ve said it in a quotes if you look at the
quotes they said look we’re not 4k 60 10-bit four to two is easy to do but
we’re listening to our customers we want to do something different we want to we
want to produce the best at what we can do
well T’s five years computers double in technology every eighteen months to two
years smartphones a new model every year and they can be dramatically different
in two years so here we have five years without an update and the latest rumors
and I don’t really necessary trust these rooms but the latest rumors say it’s
gonna be in the fall and we don’t know there’s virtually nothing coming out of
the rumors other than pure conjecture and speculation on Sony Sony’s done a
very good job and Panasonic have done a very good job of keeping things
tight-lipped let’s take a look at some comments here I would like to discuss
the 5d mark five we’ll get to that shortly
i’ve got sponsored by both canon and panasonic i have to choose one as their
competitors which one should I choose for shooting video all will be green
skiing video shoes well I think I could tell you this and I think this is to be
pretty fair if you’re doing green screen that means you’re on a tripod you really
don’t have to worry about focus so much you can do manual focus pulls and let me
know if that is true because both are gonna produce really really good results
and I also want to know when are you looking at purchasing this that’s also
very important too because if you can wait a few months
I’d really wait to see what the market comes out with these rumored are six and
are five cameras based on the video I put out yesterday and this video is
doing very very well right now canon rumors got a video and a photo and
no we can’t see the video in the photo but Craig over at Canon rumors who runs
the site I spoke with him and he said you know it looks amazing the Ibis looks
incredible the r5 is real the r6 is real so these are no longer as far as
antitrust Craig Craig’s been around a long time and he does his best to
validate sources and everything so look we’re gonna get the r5 we’re going to
tr6 and jane your 5d mark 5 is supposed to come out in the fall but I would
watch these two cameras because let’s be honest with each other here the RF mount
is canons future the RF mount is incredible the glass that’s coming out
of this mount is incredible the bodies that we have today for the RF system
they’re not even truly tapping what these lenses can produce so if you’re
thinking about the 5d Mark 5 what you really need to consider is the
mirrorless equivalent which I believe is going to be the r6 look at the specs
that’s 4k 60 14 frames per second mechanical 20 frames per second
electronic this seems like it would be the mirrorless equivalent of what the 5d
Mark 5 would be and I have no specs for but look at the 5d Mark 4 look what it’s
got what you would expect it to have today and I really think the r6 is aimed
at that market segment I just hope it’s not aimed at the same price I’d really
love to see them put it at around the price point of the EOS R when it came
out at $2,300 versus I think was $3500 of the 5d Mark 4 but pricing let’s let’s
just not worry about that if it’s $3500 I’ll probably still get it and I know
that’s a lot of money for the ordinary filmmaker
that just means I can’t get the 15 to 35 but I’ve been doing this for seven years
so for me that’s the next step for a lot of you that that’s a tough call unless
you’re making money off this so I would really look at that because now you’ve
got the the the new RF mount you can tap into all that new development that
canons going to be doing and all your EF lenses for a simple adapter you can
bring those over so Jane that’s that’s what I’d be looking at now back to Marlo
graphi which one to get if I were you I’d want to see what’s happening with
these our sixes in our fives because it sounds like canon has got the
development bug going again know what else is so Marla’s just supposed to
something else looking at looking to shoot my videos at the end of 2020 so no
rush okay so so so well okay so Steen I do not take
swearing on my channel I try to keep this as family as possible if you if you
disagree then say you disagreed use it without swearing you know more than I’m
more than happy to show your comments so I do keep try to keep this family
channel and guess what guys I am wrong from time to time I I’ll admit that not
everything I say is gonna be a hundred percent but that’s everybody right now
the r6 and r5 if you wait what three months you’re most likely marlowe gonna
have a good idea of whether you know as Steen said it’s BS but Craig over at
canon rumors he says he’s got trusted sources he considered this fact he’s got
a video now that show and photos that show the r5 r6 and even he says the Ibis
in it is amazing so I would wait and see and then then I would compare the cannon
to the Panasonic’s and what I would do is I’d do a capability analysis and I’ve
got an example of what that looks like I try to do this with most of my cameras
or anything I purchase either I do it in my head or I do it like this so here we
go so I had to do a video a couple of weeks ago or last week again I can’t
remember what day I did this it was on the the 24 to 105 f three point five to
five point six and I put that video out on February the 6th so that was just a
day before the other video I’m doing about six videos a week now so I just
can’t keep things straight anymore Wow and I just lost a lot of you I guess
nobody likes this kind of conversation but I’m gonna pull through if you guys
don’t like stuff to let me know like if before you’re about to leave you know
give me your honest opinion because I am new to this and I really really do
appreciate your feedback so if you don’t like what I’m doing if you think it’s
amateur hour you don’t like my lighting anything I
can take feedback I can take criticism and it really does
help me as if you follow my channel and you see that I’ve I respond to comments
and you can see that my videos are slowly getting better so I’m tweaking
things as much as I can so give me your honest feedback so back to the
capabilities these are three what I would consider to be go-to lenses for
the RF system if you’re more on the more the ordinary filmmaker more economical
and I looked at well what do I want what outcomes do I want from a lens and I
definitely want really good continuous autofocus I want a zoom capability III
want good build quality so I don’t have to worry about first of all a the thing
falling apart after five or ten years I want it to be pretty able to produce
good detail for it to be sharp to do both photo and video and to have a wide
enough aperture so I look at these lenses here and at first if you’re into
zoom wow that 24 to 240 looks really really good and it does really good
video but it’s not as sharp it doesn’t do well with photos continuous autofocus
is pretty good the build quality is pretty good and for most entry-level
guys don’t let these you know gold yellow colors turn you off from this
lens because it is a very good lens but for me I really want the 24 to 105
because you know what I do shoot when the weather turns south most of you
you’re out there shooting your family you’re shooting your kids your
girlfriend your wife whatever it is car shows if the weather starts to turn
south you go inside I don’t so I need that all-weather protection
I was just shooting my son and it was minus 10 and it was snowing hard and I
took a chance my lenses eight years old so I took a chance there I’m pretty sure
the 224 to 240 is f4 26.3 well let me take a look I’m pretty sure it’s three
point five to five point six but then again my memories not the greatest so
let’s do a quick check here RF 24 to 240 yeah you are correct so I made a mistake
there let’s see if I can quickly fix this for and I love it when you guys do
that it doesn’t really embarrass me too much because if you have any idea how
much goes into one of these videos and I’m trying to crank them out pretty
quickly so I don’t lose relevance I do make mistakes so thank you very much for
that but I haven’t even gotten to the aperture yet so let’s take a look at the
24 to 105 so we’ve got that old weather we’ve got really really good sharpness
in both photo and video and here’s the really really good thing we’ve got f4
from wide open all the way to zoomed in and here’s the problem you’re gonna get
with any of these zooms so the 24 to 105 f3 point 5 2 5 6 or the 24 2 240 is once
you start to zoom just a little bit once you start to zoom just a little bit in
your you’re almost at 5.6 6.3 right so going that 24 to 105 its f4 all the way
out so in low light it’s gonna perform better and here’s a little secret that
you can do to get 8 times zoom because a lot of people say well 4 times zoom is
not enough for me what if you could get 8 times ooh you can shoot in 4k and down
set now that this is assuming you’re gonna produce in 1080p and I’ll be
honestly that 1080p is great for most people if you if you shoot 4k in and
then bring it down to 1080p you can actually punch him by another optical
factor of 2 times without losing any detail giving you an 8 times zoom so use
some capability analysis and that’ll really tell you which is better because
I don’t have a Canon tattoo I have a bunch of Canon lenses so that obviously
kind of ties me to the system a little bit which is the same for a lot of us
but I’m not married to it I think Fuji makes great cameras Sony makes great
cameras in fact if if I had unlimited funds I’d probably be shooting with the
Sony for my YouTube videos because it does really good stuff inside
for my wedding shootings this year I want to Shh I want sorry I don’t have my
glasses so I’m having trouble reading here full-frame mirrorless camera with
4k 60 10 bit take my money I think you’re talking about mothers there’s a
lot of options there so well first of all the gh series out of the question
so you if you’re on panasonic you’ve got there well the glass will move over to
the s1 series but you got the s1 you got the s1h the s-1 h is very very expensive
though and the fan will make some noise uh Sony I’d be waiting for the a7 s3 see
if I was if I was a Sony fan I wouldn’t want to buy anything without knowing
what that a7 s3 is gonna because I think that would be my next camera and I’m if
the r6 comes out and gives me 4k 6010 that 42 and all that I’m not even gonna
wait to see what the a7 s3 does because there’s no news I mean throw us a bone
Sony at least give us a development announcement something to let us know
that it’s coming is it coming this year I mean we we all expect it to be coming
this we expected be coming last year so I think as far as Canon goes I I
wouldn’t go with anything right now cuz nothing really gives you the
capabilities you’re looking for and let me ask you this because 4k 60 10 bit 4
to 2 I assume you want 4 to 2 because 10 bit 42 is doesn’t necessarily mean just
because you get 10 but you get 4 to 2 sometimes you can get 4 to 0 what is it
you want why do you want that 4k 10 bit 60 frames per second what outcomes are
you looking to deliver alpha media that’s that’s what I’d like to I have a
sense you know exactly what you want to do but a lot of us would say oh yeah if
the camera doesn’t have 4k 60 I don’t want it well do you produce 4k videos no
okay so what do you what do you want it well I want to grow into it well okay
but when you’re ready to grow into it is that 4k going to be good enough that
you’ll be happy with it enter yasar @rp the 4k is a little soft remember I said about the optical you
know if you film at 4k you have the ability to zoom in without losing detail
well the EOS R is soft enough that you can’t really do that you lose that
detail as you zoom in a bit so that’s why I want to know your use cases that
would most likely be the r6 yeah I think the r6 is looking pretty good let’s see
I think I’ve got another poll on what camera you guys are looking at getting
and I found some of this stuff to be very very interesting yeah let me show
you this chart it’s not quite on the same subject will Canon turn around in
2020 so this goes back to what I was saying at the beginning I was really
surprised now I I’ll be honest with you guys I think a
majority of the people coming to my channel are Canon users I seem to
attract more Canon people than anybody else and I’ve got a few slides here that
would indicate that but overwhelming majority of you believe that yes canons
gonna turn it around not only financially but tech technologically the
and it was a very small minority only 13% of you that said there’s no way
they’re gonna turn it around technologically and as far as not being
able to turn it around financially about twenty three percent twenty two percent
but that’s not what I want to show you so let’s go down here so this one here
when I put out the video on the x100 V I said are you interested in buying the
Fuji film and I really wanted this to answer a couple of questions one re are
you a Fuji film fan or you’re looking at something else and 36 percent of you are
we’re really not looking to something Fuji now I know there’s something I
didn’t mention the H the X h2 h1 on here but I was kind of testing to see the
relevance of a the camera that I was discussing in relation to the views that
I was seeing cause I didn’t get many views on this and you can see look very
few people that were interested in buying a Fuji only
percent of those people were actually interested in the x100 everybody else is
waiting for the xt4 man what do you guys think of the xt for it is an aps-c
camera and it doesn’t mean that aps-c cameras produce poor results they can
produce really really good results if the xg4 throws an ibis and that’s what
it’s rumored to have but if it throws an Ibis now you have a lot more lenses that
you can strap on that thing for video you’ve got your stabilization and if
they kind of tweak everything else make it better so for example the I was gonna
say zebras but focus peaking what if they improve that they make the line
stickers thicker so you can see it outside would you guys consider the XT
for I think Fuji makes some really good bodies there okay let’s take a look at
the comments again I think that would have a mount compatible with the RF and
EF lenses is this rumor true saw one on Tony’s videos so Jane I let me see this
again I think that it will have an amount compatible with the RF and EF
lens sorry which what is that in relation to Jan so I can answer your
question properly okay so one thing I want to open up to a discussion as well
is the r5 and r6 do you guys really think that Canon is turning things
around here a year ago January the 8th there what are their
senior executives with having an interview and they simply came out and
said that yes we’re working on 8k it’s in our current roadmap they didn’t just
say roadmap and it was in reference to the RF system it wasn’t talking about
their cinema line because let’s be honest let’s look at their cinema line
where are you gonna find 8k it doing 8k and any sort of cinema broadcast
television is is very very expensive but but to be fair those cameras the camera
only makes a small portion but you’ll see that they’re often this huge right
and this much of it is the lens because those lenses have to do some incredible
stuff so they’re those cameras are measured in the hundreds of thousands of
dollars and I’ve also said to people too that just because they put a K in a
SLR or mirrorless camera and it’s not gonna be in a dishonor it’s gonna be in
the mirrorless camera just because you can do that doesn’t mean it’s gonna have
the same quality as a cinema camera as you can tell by this shirt no it’s over
here as you can tell by this shirt I am a huge fan of the Amiga personal
computer which came out in the early mid 1980s and the reason why I love that
computer and yes it is relevant it was the first computer personal computer
home computer to make video editing affordable to the home user prior to
that if you want to do any sort of video editing that was broadcast quality and
what it meant back then is you could actually take the output from that
computer and broadcast it on network television you didn’t have to do
anything to sync the clock rates or anything the computers natural clock
rate was perfect for broadcast television so prior to then you were
looking at least $100,000 in equipment this computer made it so that you could
do it for five or six thousand dollars probably need another five or six
thousand dollars on hard drives back then as well and it wasn’t nonlinear
meaning you you you couldn’t edit on things like this you basically would
have stacks of hard drives and tape players and it really revolutionized
video camera companies need to integrate compute it yes okay so Marlo you’re it’s
almost like you’re channeling what I said in my video yesterday if we go back
and take a look at that slide again because it’s it’s long and here’s
another problem I have with that slide that shows the declining camera sales
and it’s really just a big lie and I’ll explain why I would say that the graph
is actually just contained to go up what has happened is and Samsung was very
smart here Samsung decided hey you know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna get out of
this declining market that this is a dead end for me in terms of revenue
because Samsung is a multi-billion dollar company they don’t want to mess
around with a couple of hundred million dollars so what Samsung decided is hey
I’m gonna go into smartphones so they came out with smartphones and they
started improving on the cam in these smartphones and now almost all
of us use the cameras on our smartphones even myself who have has a nice DSLR I
don’t always have it with me so just yesterday I was using my iphone to shoot
video so the sales have continued to go up up up up and up and this is not a new
one but the new ones have really taken to computational power which is what
Marlow has said and even though there’s no way on earth you’re gonna be able to
do depth of feel with a lens like this you you cannot and no you can’t no
matter what Apple says you cannot do that because the sensor is so small it’s
just impossible they call it an f2 but when you actually
use the crop ratio to actually counteract that it’s not an f2 it’s not
even close it’s more like an f12 or f-16 it’s some ridiculous number f8 but what
they’re doing is they’re using the ARM based processor in here it could shoot
4k 60 of the new ones it can you burst mode it’s insane what it can do in burst
mode and it chooses the best picture and adjusts the brightness and contrast it
does all of this life it does a very very good job and it’s using that
computational power to be able to deliver that and that’s what’s really
really amazing yet when Sony came out with 4k yep we have 4k and everybody
said wow the 4k is amazing a few weeks a few months later all of a sudden
yeah my Sony’s overheating I’ve yet to see a smartphone overheat Apple or
Samsung shooting 4k video it might run out of space but it does not overheat
reason why they’re using low power consumption ARM processors that are
designed to work in a very very thin body so I do believe yes you can get
DSLRs and mirrorless cameras to do 4k 64 K 120 without overheating just change
your architecture use arm-based processors
optimize them your produce your like Apple your producing the hardware and
your producing the software so use that computational power
so when you see depth of feel from an iPhone 11 I think it is that’s all
simulated it’s not real it’s using computational power you don’t have to
bring it into Photoshop or their app and tweak around with it you just go tap on
the button and it’s done it’s there for you it’s so easy so you’ve got the ease
of use with the computational power and that’s why they’ve taken off how much is
an iPhone now you can spend almost $2,000 on one samsung is a little better
well Samsung’s a lot better if you’re gonna shoot video because at least you
can remove those SD cards right and record your video onto them it’s still
not as easy as putting it into a smart camera where you can just easy pop it in
and out I think you spun some of these cameras you have to open it up and it’s
not very convenient so very very good comment Marlo bionis so this is from
Liam I honestly think Sony is going to make
the same mistake Canon did when they stopped okay when there’s sansweet
well so this is what I also said in my video and you guys might want to watch
this I don’t remember when this happened I think it was around 2003 2002 but
digital camera sales were very very slow and I want to show you this image again
because this shows you how bad digital camera sales were back in 2003 look at
that it’s it’s it’s a rounding error and if you look at that in comparison to all
cameras at the time look at that it’s it’s it’s nothing right Canon was
able to produce a sensor they just came out with a scent and it produced amazing
results and Canon started to take off and then Nikon started producing really
good DSLRs and then Nikon took off for about three years
then Canon came back Canon strikes back in 2008 with a 5d Mark to the fight
don’t get me wrong the 5d Mark one was also terrific to the CMOS sensor they
put in that camera was incredible and people started started watching canon
can a rumor site started popping up people started watching Canada and
eagerly awaiting new bodies the mark 2 came out oh my god now look at this
video that I can produce I can produce professional quality video in a DSLR
1080p at the time 1080p was very difficult to do on computers as well to
have that power just like 4k is today and people waited the mark 3 the mark 4
and it’s like canon and and that’s when the crippled hammer came out I don’t
even have a hammer I should I should be like Casey 90a Bilal camera a sledge
hammer a radial saw whatever it is I should be having an arm’s reach
but the Canon crippled hammer just came out and I don’t know what cat is
strategic vision was back then but it was not about innovating no matter what
they said they were in a cash preservation 50% market share let’s just
milk this horse let’s milk this cow of what it’s worth
and they did for a long time and I think like how long has it been now we’ve been
complaining about cannon and not just photo and video we’ve been clean it’s
almost 10 years so what’s happened in that 10 years well look what Sony’s done
that done incredible jobs with the Alfa they came out with the the s1 the s2 I’m
Mauricio good to see you back buddy the the s3 who was just supposed to come out
the a7 3 these are really really incredible cameras and the lenses are
very good too Panasonic that GH series look at them start off with mirrorless
when most companies were trying to figure out how to do DSLRs so very
forward-thinking Panasonic did a really great job the s-1 I waited on every
rumor that was going to be my next camera I said look I want a full frame
GH 5 with autofocus fixed like a lot of you out there
autofocus wasn’t fixed I wasn’t gonna spend 4 thousand US dollars on a camera
that couldn’t do a lot of focus tap the name depth from D focus I mean that says
it all you have to do ‘kiss it to get focus when I looked at the first videos
on the s-1 and it’s drove me insane I really wanted that camera I would start
to feel a little not almost headache but my eyes were sore and I was trying
to figure out what it was and I didn’t realize until a few days later people
said no this is terrible look at the pulsing in the video so I went back and
looked at those early videos and if I was looking at the person’s face I
didn’t have a problem right looks good but if I moved my eyes to the background
what I could constantly see was just minor pulsing and that my eyes were
seeing that it was giving me a bit of a headache because the face was in focus
or it appeared but I got this pulsing which was really irritating and Fujii
look look what Fugees done to but you’ll see the little innovate for three or
four years and then they take it they take a nap they hibernate so let’s see
if I have that quote from Canon because these guys are really starting to think
where is it come on take me to my comment no that’s not it to drive or
I’ll just have to summarize it because I like to show you guys comments so you
can see that I’m just not making stuff up
so I don’t have it so what what the quote was he he goes on to say that yes
this is the one with the eight K’s on the roadmap but he also said that and
we’re going to continue and it’s not just the camera bodies themselves that
they’re going to continue to do they’re gonna develop lenses for the RF system
that keep video in mind as well then there is the financial announcement and
in their financial announcements this was really strangest usually companies
they just give you just a little bit just enough to be honest with
shareholders but not enough to give things away they came out and said yeah
look this is what we’re doing we know we’re behind
I even with these two cameras and even with ten lenses and yes look they
Canada’s managed to get out ten lenses in the last year and a half for the RF
system that’s incredible and there’s another eight that’s supposed to be
coming out this year so they’re really starting to produce and we got the
rumours or we got the information the financial statement we also had the
development announcement from Canon now look at Canada’s announcement and
Nikon’s in Outland nikons announcement was more or less like announcing a new
Ferrari where it’s shot in a black and all they do is highlight the shape
you can’t see any detail and that’s what the d6 was whereas Canada says yeah
we’re gonna give you four K ten but for to to internal log recording see log you
know just and it went on and it was like and we’re all thinking yeah cripple
hammer where was that thing gonna strike there at their actual announcement
specifications we’re very very close to the mark yes for K sixty was crippled
but with a small little like miners hammer they said yeah you don’t get
autofocus in 4k sixty and we all jumped on that but really the truth of the
matter was if you’re willing to accept a 1.15 crop you get autofocus okay
full sensor readout come on let’s be fair that that’s that’s we can work with
that 1.15 crop we can work with that so the actual was actually very similar
to the development announcement so when we look at all those little bits of
evidence and this is what I call you circumstantial evidence and we look at
what can a rumors just say yes circumstantial evidence yes he has
physical evidence but we can’t see it and I’ve really got I got jumped on for
this yesterday yes I’m talking a little bit about cannon talking about
everything I got jumped on this yesterday people say what’s why you’re
not a professional because you know you should know that they they didn’t give
you the video to protect the source but yes I kind of knew that but I’m trying
to make the video interesting and I did talk to Craig at Kenna rumors and I know
why he didn’t give that out and yes that is the reason he wants to protect a
source because if he released even a blurred image of that video
the people at Cannon would know who did it right so we back to my point so much
information has come out from Canon through rumors or actual through
executives that indicate a Canon is ready to embark on another three years
of developments so that’s why I think if you’re waiting like Marlowe you were
talking about what you want to get whether it’s Panasonic or Canon wait a
couple of months let’s see what’s coming out let’s see if Canon truly is just you
know starting up their engines again they’re gonna go full steam ahead
because I think it might be a very exciting platform the lenses are
certainly exciting I’m excited and I know this is called the ordinary
filmmaker and for a lot of you guys that you know no matter how much these
cameras cost you’re saving up this is not something you can just easily pull
out of your bank account I get that that’s me as well I only just started
getting monetized a couple of months ago and I’m only making like 200 a month
that which is enough for a body a year and I’m thankful for that
but over the last years I’ve been saving every month 50 to $100 I put into a bank
account to buy my new camera so I’ll have money for the camera and I really
want to get that 24 to 105 and I can afford that
but that 15 – what – 35 I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get that because I
think it’s gonna be too expensive for the body so let’s take a look at some
more comments here all right so let’s see Jul I don’t understand why Nikon
said six is selling so poorly I’ll get to that in a sec Caravan if the a7 s3
also comes out then which one is honestly you recommended me buy okay
I really want to address this one here because this is important and I want to
bring up this other image again that I have co-operate put the slide in so I
can easily see so where’s keynote there we go and if you guys hate Mac’s
I do apologize I just have one so I I’m not gonna get to that whole PC thing
because this is not about windows or pcs or anything like that this is what you
want to do I can’t do this right now because it’s rumors we need actual
specifications so what you want to do is right at the top here you want to do
this ca-7 s3 and the other one is ESR I’ll just say RF for now okay I mean it
could be there are five are six whatever it is I think most likely the the it’s
probably going to be this kind of alignment here and what you want to do
is you want to say okay what outcomes not
specifications not features and I want to look you guys in the eyes when I say
this and I wish I could swear right here but camera companies technology
companies stores they want to sell you on the specifications they want to sell
yeah I got stuff here they want to sell you on what it says on the box and that
will get you into buying stuff you just don’t want what you want to do is first
of all just blank sheet of paper or I’m using the equivalent of PowerPoint here
just draw a little boxes and say what do I want out of this so for example for me
it doesn’t matter whether I’m doing you two because I have two primary use cases
YouTube not vlogging but YouTube where the cameras fixed and run and gun work
with my family so two very different use cases and what I absolutely have to have
is reliable trustworthy autofocus so when we will look at this first box here
that’s important to me that is a mandatory capability and then at the
bottom I’ll say well it’s something simple I usually have three different
values it has it for example and it does it very very well or it doesn’t okay or
it doesn’t do it at all or it’s next to I was going to swear there sorry it’s
next to being poor at so you lay out all these capabilities you want so for me I
wanted lens stabilisation and I really kind of wanted Ibis to but the whole
purpose of that is because I’m shooting video and with video you want to have a
very very smooth picture upstairs I have a glidecam they’re amazing
but do you know how many times I’m walking around with my camera and I just
happen to have my glide cam in my hand yeah the only time I’m using my glide
cam is when I’m planning on using my collide cam yesterday I didn’t have my
glide cam and I didn’t have my Canon 70d I had my iPhone so I was able to take
video with my iPhone and I captured the moment the really the best camera is the
camera that you have at the moment and quite and that’s why these things are
really good because it’s saved my bacon yesterday
so some of the other capabilities that are important to me that I think are
important to the most ordinary filmmakers is well I want high detail
not sharpness okay sharpness is something I want in the
lens but I want detail so if the if the camera the sensor isn’t capable of
capturing detail then it doesn’t matter what the lens can do so I need a camera
capable of producing detail and I want that high detail in 4k because what I
use for k4 is making things interesting and save myself time and I’ve used and I
did a video several weeks ago you can go find it and I it’s really good like I’ve
got some cinematics of me flying over the lake in them and the mountains and
the islands and I have another scene of the leaves
the forest is there changing see if I can find that one or actually I
challenge one of you guys to see if you can find it it’s it’s about you can see
it says 4k right on the image art and I have three different scenes and one with
my son in the backyard now the one with my son in the backyard he’s just playing
with leaves and if you’re a parent yeah you can stare at that for hours but it’s
it’s honest it’s boring so how do I make that more appealing cinematically well I
come from different angles right I zoom and I punch him but that means be
setting up from redoing and hopefully he stays sit for that amount of time and he
won’t write so what I did is I used my drone because my Canon 70d can’t shoot
4k I used my drone and I filled him and it’s stabilized which is really nice the
drones are really a mobile aerial camera they’re they’re really good and I shot
at him I didn’t move I shot at him just holding the spot then when I brought it
into editing and I use Final Cut I brought it into editing and at first I
shot wide so it gives perspective theory is this little kid and some leaves in
the big backyard and then I punched in I zoomed right in on him my project is
1080p so the advantage that I have is that 4k is super sharp and when I punch
in by a factor of two its still sharp and then I punch out or I
come in from I used this site let me see if I can line up with your screen here I
this angle here or then it’s over at this side here and I can I’ve got this
for the spork a frame to work with so that is why I want high details not
because I want 4k because you can get cameras like the EOS R I was almost
gonna buy until I heard it was soft 4k well I lose that ability to punch in no
longer interested right slow motion I once slow motion in 1080p I want 120
because what 120 gives you is that buttery Slough smooth slow motion so
even if you have ibis or even if you don’t if you’re let’s say on a boat and
that boat is moving fast let’s say 60 miles an hour 100 K this is what is
happening it’s like watching Star Trek Enterprise when it’s getting shot at
people are jumping around you shoot in 120 at that speed and now it’s kind of
like this and when you’re putting together a film quite often you’re just
grabbing a couple of seconds here and there so if things are moving a little
bit like this it’s not as distracting so you take that 120 you slow it down now
you’ve got some stable footage so that was one scenario the other scenario is
when I was flying over the islands I had about I think I went out about 3k and
based on the wind conditions based on everything I knew at the time I knew I
wasn’t gonna make it over to that Island but I knew I was shooting in 4k and that
I had a 2 x optical zoom that I could pull because my projects was in 1080p so
it looks like I’m right up close and on top of the island so that was another
example so 4k is a great capability so back to your question yes I’m taking a
while to answer it but I’m trying to give I’m trying to give you a full
understanding of why it’s important to look at the capabilities write out all
the capabilities you want and then color code them keep it simple don’t do 1 to
10 do 0 to 3 or 1 2 & 3 something simple or red green and blue or traffic lights
right red orange green very simple and compare
the two compare the a7 s3 right can pay the a7 s3 to the r6 and then maybe just
have another page where you say okay these ones are my mandatory capabilities
and you’re gonna be able to answer your question yourself what I will do is when
they are all announced I’ll do it myself I’ll compare the a7 s3 to the r6 to the
RFI to the XT for this is gonna be incredible stuff I did this
comparing the Canon 90 D to the ESR it’s one of my first videos one of my most
popular videos and it’s terrible the audios bad the videos bad but it was
like my third video and I did the same thing because I thought well do I want
the 90 d or do I want the e oh sorry yes one’s a full-frame and ones an aps-c and
no you can’t compare those but you can you can compare anything and it was in
terms of results and it helped me realize that the 90 d is a much better
camera for the ordinary filmmaker and produces better results it’s much more
better it’s much better as a video camera alright let’s see what else we
have here so Caravan long answer but hopefully
that benefited everybody else you understand the purpose of thinking
outcomes what you the results you want rather than the features for example
that to be able to punch in that requires like five different features to
make it happen I have a Canon M 100 I’m worried about the future of the EF
amount or otherwise known as the amount to a lot of people thinking of buying
the Sigma 30mm meter F 1.4 EF m not a plug coca-cola if you want to sponsor me
I’ll take it but no I’m not sponsored by anybody I’ve got 2,000 subscribers and
actually last week on my live stream I lost two subscribers so I’m doing
something wrong in the live stream if you are invested in the amount don’t
worry there’s a lot of lenses out there the only
and I feel like with ml people I almost need to pull them aside put my arm
around them and say look these are the facts of life you’re never gonna be able
to take any of those lenses and move them over to any other mount system
you’re not gonna be able to bring them up to the RF mount it’s physically
impossible the the the flange focal distance so that’s the distance between
the sensor and the mount will it makes it physically impossible you actually
have to drill into the bodies or I think with the RF mount it’s it’s like 0.75
millimeters they’re not gonna do it you’re not gonna get that adapter I I
say never I don’t think they’ll create an adapter to allow you to do that so
you you have to realize that for every new lens you buy for the amount you can
ask yourself in terms of road map are you gonna be owning this and 100 for a
long time because those lenses that you buy for it aren’t going to work with
anything else I know some of you were getting ready to write this however if
you buy EF lenses for your M 100 and there’s an adapter for that I think it’s
170 dollars if you do decide at a later date to go to the RF system and if you
stick with Canon that’s very very possible you can get their adapter and
kanna’s adapters on the on the RF system are incredible it’s like they’re not
even there they just work so very well unlike the nikon ft set amount yes I’ll
get to the said six in a little bit I might run over a little bit so I just
want to make sure I get all your questions that you’ve asked so far you
can take any of those EF lenses and bring them over to the RF system you can
also bring over the ef-s lenses as well but you’re probably not gonna be too
happy with the results so that’s what I would consider Liam ask yourself how
long are you gonna stay with the M 100 it won’t be a problem in able to find
the lenses if you’re gonna stick with it five years or more then yeah you know
consider the Sigma 30mm AF 1.4 but like I said if you think you might eventually
want to go to this R system you’ll be a much happier with
yourself if you buy EF glass so that being said Nikon I think I know why the
Zed six isn’t doing as well and yeah this s6 is a great camera I love it I
did a video on it I actually I did a video comparing the
Zed six twin evil twin how many of you know that Nikon produced an evil twin to
the said six sorry I’m Canadian a so I kind of say Zed and Senna see it’s the
British in me I’m also British as well so Z 6 or z 7 but the Z 6 or the says 6
is the one that’s more for video the D 780 is a DSLR equivalent of this e 6 and
this is what I find really strange most companies like Canon are producing
mirrorless versions of their dslr’s icons going the other way and I know why
nikons doing this they produced a DSLR version of the Z 6 so there’s several
reasons why the Z 6 is doing terribly and it’s not based on its capabilities
the FT Zed adapter that is a piece of garbage is totally rubbish and no it’s
not totally rubbish but so many of you complained at the how poorly it does
autofocus and when you can’t trust something when it’s not reliable
you’re not gonna bother so if you’re a Nikon user and I think that’s a large
part of who’s attracted by the Z 6 if you’re a Nikon user all that glass
f-mount glass yeah I just threw it in the trash
it’s useless to me however the D 780 sorry I took it out of the trash I’m not
gonna throw away a lens the D 780 I can use all my f-mount glass so there’s
that’s a big problem they I’d like to get some Nikon execs in the
room this is where I should do one of those
Casey’s what was Nikon thinking into a green screen and enacted out but people
are leaving you everyone in the and here let me show you this poll again about
how many people think that K that Nikon is is not going to be around and that’s
another reason to if you don’t think a company’s gonna be around do you want to
bother investing in their glass no and so for a lot of people who have are
willing to look at an another brand because they don’t have a lot of lenses
but if you’re willing to jump ship are you going to jump ship to a company that
pretty much everybody thinks isn’t gonna be around much longer no and then as a
strategic decision you come up with a product and the FT set is very very
strategic it helps people take your existing glass Nikon is like canna they
have a ton of glass it allows you to take that class and bring it over to the
new mirrorless bound so what do you do you build it so it’s rock-solid you’re
the manufacturer of both the glass and the camera body how hard is it to make
that work look it’s the speed boosters they have a little bit of trouble but
they kind of have to reverse engineer one platform to another I get that
your knock on for God’s sakes your Nikon you produce the body you produce the
lenses and you couldn’t make an adapter that’s not 100% reliable and trustworthy
so I think that’s why the six is in trouble I honestly do it’s sad it really
is nikons is not showing us that they want to be around much longer and the g6
where is it it’s supposed to be coming out this year it will come out they’d be
shooting themselves in the foot if they’ve released the d6 before after the
Olympics this this is Japan they have the Tokyo Olympics all the major camera
companies are Japanese canons throwing the gauntlet down
here’s what we’ve got in it here’s when it’s coming out they’ve announced it
it’s coming out it’s gonna be here in a couple of weeks no I can’t
Nikon just can’t sit around and not do anything so I think that’s the big fear
with Nikon all right have I missed anything else here so I’ve talked to the
EF mount outside the EF m mount the a7 s3 I have no doubt that the ASM s3 is
gonna be a truly amazing camera but you know I can’t say go with the a7 s3 or
the EOS r2 which will probably be the r6 well I can just say is wait
neither cameras out yet once they’re out do a capability analysis and that’ll
really help you determine which is the best one for you well guys would come up
to the end of an hour I think I’ve answered all your questions I’m just
taking a look through to see if there’s anything I’ve missed anyone I’ll take
one more last question if you’ve got it I’ll just wait around one more minute
and I’ll check my slides to see if there’s anything else oh yeah I got one
more in here I want your feedback I’ve got some good feedback on my last video
somebody said that I need to get some professional lighting I don’t think it’s
a problem I got the professional lighting I just may not have things set
up properly for my studio area I’ve got two lights right on me color
temperatures 5600 I’ve got one on the green screen and I think the green
screen is the biggest problem for me because I can’t produce that really
really nice set that think media and others have and I think that’s my
biggest problem right now but like honestly I can’t afford a couple of
thousand dollars to build out a studio here and the rest of my house has
hardwood so the the audio acoustics are terrible so I’m stuck in the basement
and my green screen there is what allows me to at least produce something so I’m
holding off on that I’ve been produced I’ve reduced the hey Montana good to see
you buddy I think this is your first comment today Sony’s Road map has
changed due to the virus no views from Sony on the camera this year
oh no that’s a lame excuse Montana were you here when I put up my slide let me
show you this slide I had earlier I did it I was getting ready to do a happy
birthday for Sonne for the a 703 it’s been five years
sorry the a7s2 is really it’s five years but it’s we’ve been waiting five years
for the a7 s3 how’s that they’re gonna they’re gonna they’re now gonna use a
virus as an excuse to wait another year that that that’s redonkulous yeah there
may be a bit more depth of field in your videos I’ll take a look at that later
today I’m gonna play around with a few settings it is a little sharp if you
look at my last one and here’s what I’m doing with depth of field that
background that I have believe it or not I’m using a Gaussian blur to simulate
the depth of field my Canon 51.2 can produce really good depth of field but
because all I’m doing is shooting to a background the only thing you’re getting
any sort of blur on is my face so I’m simulating distance with a Gaussian blur
and I also brought up the brightness a bit so it’s not as dark but yeah keep
giving me your comments I’ve also been working with a teleprompter recently
because I want to make sure I want to reduce the amount of mistakes I say and
so now and all that stuff so that’s why I use a teleprompter it allows me to
really perfect what I’m trying to say it allows me to do it really well and I
actually have a mic now that connects right into here another boom mic sits in
front of me so this will actually scroll at the speed I speak and it allows me to
go off so if I’m reading it going like oh I forgot to say this I can stop
reading off the teleprompter and read ad lib and so it’s allowing me to produce a
better message but I know the look and feel it’s still a little bit amateurish
i I’m trying to work on it no Montana I get you I know it’s from I
know it’s from Sony but it’s just really guys really and I get it look the
coronavirus is probably a whole lot worse than we let on I believe from
everything I’ve heard it doesn’t sound it sounds a whole lot less dangerous
than the flu I mean tens of thousands of people die
from the flu every year but I think we’re being kept in the dark a little
bit on what this isn’t some information starting to
saying it’s actually a whole lot worse than it is but yeah if if Sony lets it
go another year I think the I think they’ll turn into canon they’ll start
just minor up Gracie the Sony a I’m saying this wrong a seven for from a
video point of view I there’s nothing there to make me excited about it now
look and we shouldn’t really dog the a7 for because it’s a high Meg it’s a high
megapixel camera so it that means it’s perfect for certain use cases a high
megapixel camera you can’t expect it to really good video or other things it’s
not meant for that same with if you want to do really really good video you’re
looking at something like the a7 2 which has a low megapixel camera right so
unless you want to put multiple sensors there’s going to be a trade-off you
can’t have the complete perfect camera but you can have the camera that’s
perfect for you so that’s what I’m saying I understand your use cases I
understand your capabilities and find the best camera for you and by the way
guys I’ve got actually 12 people watching right now which is the highest
amount I’ve ever had I’m gonna keep doing these once a weekend though the
primary agenda for these is not as nearly as funny as last week with what’s
that guy on HBO I forgot his name but it’s basically a Week in Review well
we’ll talk about the videos I produced I’ll talk about what’s new in the news
and if there’s time I’ll talk about the next week ahead so yeah things are
looking interesting but guys that brings us to a close of another week stay tuned
I keep you guys up to date on videos as they come out take a look I produce six
different videos this week a lot of information there one last one for
Montana where I stand I think cannon will steal a lot of market share this
year you know what Montana if those if the r6 and r5 truly are what we believe
them to be I think you’re right and most of my viewers are feeling the same way
49% in a recent poll 49 percent of you said that they’re confident in the
latest rumors on the r5 and r6 the other 49% not sure only one person
said it’s a total it wait total load of solid waste Oh canon rumours has just
joined us um hey Craig so good I’m quite honored that you’d show up on my channel
thanks a lot for showing up guys can of rumours has just made a guest appearance
on our channel here yeah thanks so much that means a lot of a lot to me and yeah
I’m looking forward to more of what might be coming out this week we’re all
kind of on the edge of our seats here I just was talking about a recent poll
about the rumors coming out and you can see other than my poor grabbing is
grammar and spelling here where we’re starting to all of us feel very very
confident of what’s coming out and you you’re so lucky to to actually able to
see the videos I’m kind of envious but thanks a lot for showing up well guys
that is it for another week these will be weekly I’ve lost my words now see
this is why I use this thing here so I don’t have to worry about losing my
words this will be a weekly livestream the agenda is mostly an hour I will
cover topical stuff that has happened in the week and I’ll talk about stuff
that’s coming up also what you should do too is not just watch me as my videos
come out but you also should pay a close attention to counter rumors because he’s
keeping me busy there’s so much coming out I don’t post everything that he does
because it’s just impossible I have a day job but I do capture all the major
stuff so keep us both in your eyeballs and we’ll see you again next week thanks
a lot for showing up guys have a good week
cheers bye-bye


  • Reply David Putzier February 9, 2020 at 7:09 pm

    The R6 is going to be the 5D replacement? It will be a plastic body and no top lcd. I dont think so. The R5 will be magnesium and have the more pro features.

  • Reply Steven Hoagland February 9, 2020 at 9:06 pm

    Numbering scheme and non-magnesium alloy points to R6 being closer to a 6D replacement. R5 would be the 5D replacement.

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