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Organizing ALL Of My Stationery

February 10, 2020

(clatter) – Oh my God (laughs). (gentle, upbeat music) – Hey, everyone, it’s Amanda. Welcome back to my channel. Today, I have a very big
challenge ahead of me. I can’t tell if I’m excited or not. Basically, when I first
moved in to this apartment, everything had a home. All of my pens and markers
were nicely organized, and there was just enough
space for everything. But, obviously, since I
have a problem, (laughs), I have collected some more
pens and markers since then. So, things have just been
piling up in different corners of my office and my apartment, and it’s not great. So, today, my mission is
to go through all of it, to re-organize everything, and hopefully consolidate
it into a couple main areas. I’m very scared because
there’s just so much (sighs). I don’t know how long this is gonna take, and I don’t even know
whether I’m gonna be able to fit all of my pens and markers, because, spoiler alert, I have a lot. But hopefully, it all
works out, fingers crossed. I’m kind of overwhelmed. But I think we just got
to sit down and do it. So, let’s get started. All right, so, I think I’m gonna start off by emptying out this thing here. This is where I currently keep all of my different, extra stationery items. If you watched my apartment
tour, or my office tour, then you’ll know that all
of my extra stuff is there, and then, my essentials
are on my desk over there. It’s kind of messy right now. But I’m gonna empty it all out so I can see what we’re working with, and then we’ll figure it out from there. (gentle piano music) (gentle piano music) Why did I do this to myself? Wow, looking at this pile
is very overwhelming. Why do I own this many pens and markers? This is really not okay. My main method of storage right now are these little desk cubes. They’re awesome, they still work for me. It’s just that I didn’t have enough space. I ordered four more (laughs). So, if all of my pens and
markers don’t fit in these, then I think we have another issue. These are just from Amazon, by the way. I will link them down below, because I get a ton of
questions about how I store my excessive amount of stationery. There’s also different versions of these stackable desk cubes, like, this one has drawers. I love that they store
the pens horizontally, which is a lot better. Enough chatting, let’s get started. I feel like this pen cube
is pretty much done already. This is the one that I keep on my desk, because it has all of
my Crayola Super Tips, which you guys know I use the most. So, yeah, luckily, it fits the whole– I think I have both the 50-pack
and the 100-pack in here. And I just have them divided out by color. So, the greens, the reds and the oranges, pinks and grays, and then
blues and purples over here. So, that one’s good. I think I’m gonna start a brand-new cube for my Tombow Dual brush pens, ’cause currently, they’re
in this corner of my cube. As you can see, they stick out. That’s why I love these cubes, because the Tombow Dual
brush pens are too long to fit in any drawer. Anyways, currently, I have it in this little corner of this cube, but I have more, and they haven’t been able to fit. So, I’m gonna take these out, and I’m just gonna put them in here. (gentle piano music) (gentle piano music) As you can see, the Tombow Dual brush pens fit perfectly in half of the cube. Very satisfying. But what I think I’m
going to just designate the other half of this
to some more brush pens, so this will be the brush pen cube. (gentle piano music) (gentle piano music) Oh, yes! They perfectly fit, guys! So, we have one cube down. This is my brush pen cube. I’m gonna put this in. This next cube, I think, is gonna be for more regular markers. So, I have a bunch in
separate pencil cases. That’s how I’ve just been
storing them recently. We have my Tombow TwinTone markers. Right there. Oh yeah, and I have a bunch of the new Crayola Take Note permanent markers, so we’ll put those in there as well. (gentle piano music) I like to separate all of my pens and markers out by brand. I know, some people like to
separate it out by color. But I just find that, when
I’m looking for something, I have a specific brand in mind. So, it’s just easier for
me to organize it that way. But, of course, you do you. Whatever works. I thought I would just put my Sharpie permanent markers in this cube as well. (gentle piano music) Again, I’ve tried to keep things somewhat organized within each section. Like, even in the Sharpie section, I have the oil paint versions at the top, and then the regular ones at the bottom. Obviously, as I start using it, it’s probably gonna get
jumbled up anyways, but, I figured I would take that extra step. So, I’m gonna put this
off to the side for now. We’ll get back to filling the rest, just ’cause I want to
start some other cubes, and see what we have left. I think I’m gonna make this
next cube for highlighters. I have my Zebra Mildliners, so
I’m gonna put those in here. (gentle music) I truly thought I had more highlighters. But since I don’t, I think I can fit all of these highlighters
into the marker cube. (gentle music) Ah! Amazing! I’m very glad that that combined into one, because that saves us a lot of space. So, I think this cube is pretty much done. Put that back here. This cube is going to be for
gel pens and regular pens. So, I have my Crayola ones, that I think I’m gonna put here. Then I have all of my Muji pens as well, that I will put in here. Before I had it in this drawer, so I’ll take those out. (gentle music) This is getting very… overwhelming to look at. I have all of my Sakura Gelly
Roll gel pens down here, so, I’ll just move those over. (gentle music) I’m also just putting
some of the miscellaneous gel pens that I have over here, just so that I can save some space. (gentle music) Okay. Gel pens complete. Next cube, I think I’m gonna
put fineliners in here, which is gonna be a big task, because I have so many (laughs). But I think I’ll start off by putting these STABILO 88 fineliners. These are, just, I think
there’s 12 of them. There’s not too many,
so I’ll be able to fit something else in that
little corner there. Before I had all of my fineliners in these drawer ones. But I think it’s hard
to keep them in there, so, let’s empty that out,
and transfer them over. (gentle music) (gentle music) Cool, okay. So, this right-side section ended up being kind of miscellaneous fineliners, the ones that I don’t have as many of. The top one, obviously, my one true love, the Sakura Pigma Microns. Bottom ones are Copic. And I think what I’m gonna do is, in this last section over here, I’m gonna put my smaller brush pens. ‘Cause even though they’re brush pens, and I have a brush pen cube back here, I kind of consider small
brush pens like fineliners, ’cause I sometimes use them as fineliners. So, we’ll put the Tombow Fudenosukes. I have my Sakura Pigma
professional brush pens, which I love as well. So, let’s put those in here. I’m also gonna put the colored Tombow Fudenosukes in here. (gentle music) I just found my Pentel brush pens as well, so I’ll put those in the same section as the Tombow Fudenosukes, since they’re similar thickness. And then, lastly, I have my Faber-Castell Pitt brush pens. So, I’m actually gonna
put that in this section, with the other Faber-Castells. My fineliner one is done. That will fit right here. Oh my gosh, that looks so satisfying. This side of the cabinet
is completely filled up, so, we’ll move on to this side. Let me show you guys what I’m working with on the floor here, though. Look at all of this (laughs). This is a mess. I think, let’s do colored pencils, and other art supplies. I already have my Prismacolor
colored pencils in here. I’m gonna put the Tombow Irojiten… colored pencils. These ones, I’ve been keeping them in the pack that it came in, just ’cause I had no space for them. But now I can finally put them in their rightful section there. (gentle music) I have my Copic markers here. Before, they were in one of these drawers. But I have another plan for these drawers. So, I’m gonna take it out and move it to the bottom of here. (gentle music) This one ended up being a
little bit more miscellaneous, but there’s still some organization to it. I merged all of the
colored pencils at the top, so we have Prismacolors,
Tombows, and the Staedtlers. Copics at the bottom, and then some more heavy-duty–
these are chalk markers. This cube is complete. Now, I’m moving on this drawer cube. I wanted to empty this one out. Before, there was pens in it, but I think it works better for stuff like sticky notes,
stickers, stuff like that. So, at the bottom here, I have some tabs that I’m gonna put. (gentle music) For the top drawer, I’m gonna put some miscellaneous
washi tapes that I have, because I actually have this little washi tape storage bin,
where I keep most of them. I think this is on Amazon. I’ll link it down below if I can find it. But I have most of my washi tapes in here, but not all of them fit. I think I’m just gonna keep this as is, and just put that at the bottom. But the extra ones, I
will put in this drawer. (gentle music) So, this drawer is complete. Oh, I also have these
washi tape dispensers. These ones are also filled up. They’re separated out by color. Not gonna change anything
about these, though, so I’ll put that right
next to my washi tape bin. Okay, guys, I feel like I
have finished most of it. We just have some odd bits and ends that I need to re-organize. And I do have more cubes that I expected. I think I just consolidated
(laughs) very well. So, this one’s going
to be kind of a scrap. And I think I’m gonna make this one, with the drawers, my junk drawer. So, I have one-off pens
and pencils in here. I got these little tab things that come with the drawer cubes. They’re meant to attach onto the top here, so when you stack them, they
kind of connect together. But since I’m not really
stacking too much, they’re just kind of sitting in there, I’m just gonna leave these all in here. I guess that drawer at the
top is just gonna stay empty. I’m sure I’ll figure something
out to fill that with. But that’ll go right in here. Since I don’t use it a
lot, I’ll tuck it in. And then, this space here is where I’m going to put all of my refills. So, I have a new set of Pigma Microns, Gelly Roll pens, Tombow Fudenosukes. I’ll put the watercolor sets here, and then I’ll put my
pencil sets over here. All right, y’all, we are done. Let me take you through the final result, and walk you through everything. I did actually end up
changing a couple things, not too much. But it’s just because I’m extra, and I found some more sets of markers and pens in my closet. This is the Crayola Signature collection, which I love. So, obviously, I wanted to put it in here, and find a home for it. First up, over here, this was the brush pen cube. So, I have all of my bigger brush pens. The bottom half is Tombow Dual brush. The top, over here, is Kuretake. Here, we have my Artline Stix and Sakura coloring brush pens. Oh, yeah, and then I
have some pencil tin sets that I just slid up there. And then, over here, this is my regular marker cube. So, the top, we have the Crayola Take Note permanent markers. The bottom, we have Sharpies. These are the Zebra Mildliners. These are a couple extra, random markers. These are the Uni-POSCA paint markers. And then, over here, these
are the Crayola highlighters, as well as the Tombow Dual Tip fineliners. These ones have a marker in one side, and then a fineliner, marker type of thing on the other side. On the bottom here, this
cube is my gel pen cube. So, the bottom is all of
my Sakura Gelly Rolls. Here are my Mujis, my
beloved Muji gel pens. Some of my all-time favorite
gel pens, to be honest. We also have the clickable Mujis in here, some random gel pens, and then my other favorite gel pens, the Uni-ball Signo DX. This is the 0.38. I use these a lot to write tasks in my bullet journal and stuff. And then, in this section, before, I actually had
these two separated. These ones down here are the Office Depot clickable gel pens. And then, these ones are the new Crayola Take Note gel pens. So, I originally had the
Crayola ones separated up here, and then the Office Depot ones down here. I decided to combine them,
so that I would have space for the Crayola Signature
collection gel pens. These are the ones that came
in this tin set up here, and they perfectly fit. There’s the metallic
ones, the glitter ones, and then the regular
ones up there as well. Next to it, this cube
is my fineliner cube. So, I have all of my Sakura
Pigma Microns (laughs). Seeing them all like this
is very overwhelming. I definitely have a problem, but I use them every day. So, I figure, it’s justified. And then, the bottom ones here, these are the Copic fineliners. I use these a lot for when I’m doing art, just because they’re really
good with handling water. So, let’s say I need to, I don’t know, do watercolor with them. These ones are great as well. On the side here, I actually have my smaller brush pens, because, as I mentioned earlier, I actually use small brush
pens as fineliners sometimes. So, I thought it would fit
into this cube as well. Also, I don’t have space in
the brush pen cube anyways. So, I have my Tombow
Fudenosuke brush pens, all of the different colors. Sakura professional brush,
Pentel brush pens as well. These ones should actually
be over here, I think. These little brush pens
are from Stationery Island. They’re a little bit more watercolor-y. And then, on this side, I have some miscellaneous fineliners. So, we have STABILO, Faber-Castells, and then some random ones. Oh, yeah, and Staedtlers as well. Again, at the top, I
have slid some new packs that I have stashed away, just in case any of mine run out. Tucked away in this middle section, it’s kind of hard,
because this drawer unit, it only showcases enough
for two cubes at a time. But there’s enough space in the middle for me to fit a whole cube. But I thought I would just
put the cube in there anyways, because the great thing about this unit is that it’s actually pretty deep. So, if I need to access something, I think I’ll just be able to
slide this over, and voila! It’s like a hidden little
storage unit in there. So, this cube is my art-art supply cube, if that makes sense (laughs). I have my Copic markers. I also have these chalk markers. I actually haven’t used the colored ones, but I’ve used the white one before. And then, up here, I have
all of my coloring pencils. So, this one, again, I
don’t use these as often, so I think it’s fine that it’s kind of in this middle section here, that’s not as easily accessible. And then, the same goes for the bottom. I have another cube that I
don’t need as easy access to, so, just push this back. Slide this over. Anyways, these are some more brush pens, the ones that didn’t really fit in the main brush pen cube. So, I have my Crayola
Signature collection. These are the dual-tipped ones. I actually really love these. I wish they would be able to fit in this, so that I would have easier access. And then, these ones over here are just watercolor brush pens. So, slide that back. This side is more so for the
non-pen and -marker stuff. So, I have the cubes
that have the drawers. What I ended up doing was, initially, I had this washi tape
container flipped this way. But then I realized, gotta
use as much space as possible. So, I just flipped it upwards, and I was able to fit a whole other cube. This top drawer, I have
miscellaneous sticky items (laughs). So, I have random washi
tapes and sticky notes, some sticky tabs back there as well. Down here, we have erasers,
pencil lead refills, white-out rolls, and then,
my glue tape adhesive, which, you guys know, I
love these so, so much. So, I always have a restock of them, ’cause I go through those pretty fast. Next to it, I have my
washi tape dispensers. Again, got these on Amazon. I think they’re super cute. But I wish they could fit more rolls. They pretty much only fit four at a time. But, I mean, I’ve
separated it out by color, so I think they’re still pretty cute. And also, someone told me this when I showed this in
my office tour, I think. This little tape cutter part flips around, so you can decide whether you want a bigger jagged line on your washi tape, or a thinner one, which
I think is pretty cool. So, I have two in the front, and then two in the back there. Down here is where I have
my main washi tape storage. So, this container, again, from Amazon. You can see, I have all of the different colors and thicknesses and stuff. I think I have too much
washi tape (laughs). I don’t even use it that often. I just like collecting it, and I think it’s really pretty. So, that’s why I have a
whole container of them. Again, I have flipped my
two watercolor sets upwards, to create more storage space. So, these are the two
Sakura Koi watercolor sets. This drawer cube is kind
of like my junk drawer. I feel like everyone needs a junk drawer. And if you don’t have one,
you’re lying to yourself. At the top, we have my
excessive paperclip collection. So, in here I have my Rose Gold ones, the ones that are shaped as jewels. What else do we have? These ones are heart-shaped,
which I think are cute. Clothespins, I use these
on my little display grid. And I also have my bowl
clips that I use a lot to hold down my bullet journal pages. In this bottom drawer,
this is where I have more miscellaneous items, so, random, one-off mechanical pencils, and gel pens, and random pens. I don’t even think there’s specific brands that I can even combine them into. I just have that down there. So, anyways, that is it
for– oh, wait, no (laughs). That’s not it. I meant to show you what was on my desk, because I ended up keeping
this pretty much the same. So, on my desk here, I
have two of the desk cubes. I honestly feel like I could have just gotten away with one, but then I would just have this random extra one that wouldn’t fit. So, this one’s on my desk as well. Anyways, I always keep my
Crayola Super Tips on my desk, just ’cause I use these the most often. This desk cube, I just have scissors, a USB, random stuff. And on the top here, this is where I just keep my pencil case. And this has all of my go-to
bullet journaling supplies. I always keep it in a pencil case. And that way, when I’m on the go, and I need to grab my bullet journal, I can just grab my pencil case and be reassured that I
have everything that I need, all of my fineliners, the
accent colors for the month. But nonetheless, I’m very happy with how it all turned out. And I’m glad I forced myself to do it, because, before, having all
of the stationery things scattered around my apartment
was stressing me out. And I feel like, now, having it all in one place will encourage me to try using different stationery items, step outside of my comfort zone a little. Maybe it was relaxing
or satisfying to you, or maybe you’re just more concerned about my addiction to pens and markers. Yeah (laughs). All right, guys, so, that was everything. We have successfully re-organized all of my pens and markers. I can’t believe I managed to do it. Honestly, pat on the back. I did a very good job. I don’t know if this
video’s gonna turn out well. I feel like it was kind of a mess. It was hard to film everything, and show the proper angles, but if you did enjoy
it, give it a thumbs-up. You can also click that
bell button down below, so you never miss a new video from me. And, if you want to
see more stuff from me, you can go follow me over on
my Instagram, @AmandaRachLee. Keep doodling, and I’ll
talk to you in the next one. Bye, everyone. (gentle music)

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