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Partnerships and Collaborations – Please Don’t Bring Me Crap

February 11, 2020

Partnerships and collaborations. Should you
be involved in partnerships and collaborations in your cleaning business? It’s a great question.
We’re going to talk about it today. Hi there. I’m Angela Brown and this is Ask a House Cleaner.
This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question
and I get to help you find an answer. Now, one of the partnerships and collaborations
that I have is with Housecall Pro and they are paying me to bring you free tips. And
as a result of that, I get to tell you about their amazing software that on average saved
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cleaners, it’s professional organizers, it’s landscapers, it’s people that do house painting
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that take place at people’s homes. So, they schedule the appointments. It’s great
if you have an upsell or you have to do an extra project or if you have to stay longer
and you have to bill a little bit of extra money. Great for the invoicing. All the details
are in one place. The one click credit card processing, once the client gives you a thumbs
up for approval, it’s super simple and it saves you hours of work.
So, check it out at All right, on to today’s show, Partnerships,
and Collaborations. Maxwell called into the show and he asked this question.
Maxwell: Hi Angela, this is Maxwell from Nigeria. How can we partner with you, with your company?
Because I think, as an entrepreneur, the one who looks into the future, the smartest thing
I can do right now is to have a technical partnership with a company as competent as
yours on the ground to be able to supply us with a lot of technicalities, how can we work
together? What is the possibility of having a partnership with your company, with you
to help us in achieving the dreams we have set, the vision we have set, which is be the
number one cleaning company in Africa. Thank you. Alrighty. This is a very interesting question because partnerships and collaborations are
a new wave of the future. And so yes, I’m a huge proponent because I cannot do everything
myself and I rely on other experts who are also in the cleaning industry or that can
help my cleaning customers to provide something else for them.
All right, so how do you partner with me? We’ll talk about that first and then we’ll
talk about partnerships and collaborations in general. All right, so first and foremost,
before you partner with me, you need to know exactly what it is you want me to do. So if
you come to me and you pitch me on something, what is it you’re hoping from me? So that
when we talk face to face, you can say, “Angela, here’s what I’m hoping you will help me with.”
Okay? So that makes it easy for me to say yes or no.
And I promise you this, whether I say yes or no, an honest, quick answer is better than
no answer whatsoever or me dragging it on for months or years, right? So when you come
to me, I will give you the courtesy of a fast yes or a fast no. So that is personally how
I operate. All right? So, when you come to me and you say, “Hey
Angela, I have this, will you help me pitch this to your audience?” There are going to
be a couple of things that I’m looking for. So if you’re going to partner with me personally,
there’s a very strict series of criteria that I’m going to meet.
Number one is their truth in advertising. So if you have a current product, service
or app, and you says it does this, does it really do this? Because if you trick me and
I send it to my audience, people are going to call me back. They’re not going to call
you back. They’re going to call me back and say, “You told me to buy this and it didn’t
work like you said. Now I’m not happy.” Okay, well, when they’re not happy, then I
am not happy. And if I am not happy, our deal goes off the table. Game is over. Okay, so
don’t try to trick me. Don’t try to have me trick my audience so that you have a fast
sale because it will backfire on you in the long run. All right?
If you have a product like a cleaning chemical or a cleaning product and you bring it to
me, you need to be ready for me to market it today. So by that I mean if I go to Amazon
and I look up your product and you have only two ratings and reviews, you’re not ready
to have a conversation with me yet. Because if I send everybody I know over there and
they go to buy the products and there are no products, they’re out of stock, there are
no ratings and reviews, they’re going to say, “Where do I get this stuff?” And again, they
come back to me and they want me to solve the problem because I told them how great
the product was. So, you got to have the product, number one,
in stock. You’ve got to have ratings and reviews, you’ve got to have the social proof to back
up the claims that you’re making. Okay? So, the next thing is, do you have current
safety data sheets? Because I can’t tell you how many times people are like, “Hey, I’m
an independent doTERRA distributor and I’ve mixed all my own essential oils.” I love that.
Okay, I totally approve and love the fact that you’re using essential oils and all that
stuff. Yay for you. But if you’re mixing your own supplies and
you’re mixing your own chemicals, I don’t care what brand it is, if for some reason
you do not have a safety data sheet, I cannot market your product. It’s not responsible
for me to stand in front of an audience and to say, “Yeah, go use this product,” when
I don’t know this. You haven’t been in a lab; you haven’t tested
the products on a limited lab scale and so I don’t know if the product you’re making
today is as consistent as the product you’re mixing tomorrow or next week. If you run a
little bit low on essential oils, are you mixing other things or whatever it is? You
could be mixing lots of different chemicals. I don’t know. But because I don’t know what
the chemicals are and because it’s not tested and proven, I cannot market it.
So, you might have an awesome product, I can’t market it. I’m not trying to be mean. I’m
not trying to be ugly, but I can’t market it. You’re not ready for me.
All right, so then the next thing is, do you have any research? Do you have any research
that I can check? Because once you give it to me, I’m going to do my own research. So
if you already have something that’s put together that says, “Here’s the market for this,” I
can look at that and say, “That seems fair with what I know about the product.” Somebody
came to me with an amazing concoction and said, “Hey, this would be awesome for your
audience.” And I took one look at it and I said, “Where is the research and development?”
And they said, “Well here it is.” And they gave me some bogus numbers and I said, “I
can take one look at this and tell you why this won’t work for professional house cleaners.
I can’t market your product. I wouldn’t use it and most of my friends would not use it
for these reasons.” And then I gave a whole series of reasons
why this is not a good fit for the residential cleaning industry. And then they were like,
“Oh, I should’ve thought of that.” No. Your research and development should have led you
there. Okay? If it’s the only product of its kind in the market, there’s probably a reason
why. Because lots of products have already been created at versions of those products.
But if you’ve come up with something that’s so zany and so unusual, either it’s not going
to work for a couple of reasons or you’re on the cutting edge of something fantastic.
But you’ve got to get your research and development down before I can market it to a mass audience.
So how do we work together? I don’t know. Put your stuff together. I will leave links
in the show notes. There is a number where you can set up a call with my calendar and
we will get on the call and we will speak for about 10 minutes and you can pitch me
your idea. Part of my every day is taking pitch calls. That’s what I do. Right?
And then if I love what you’re doing, I will bring it to my audience. I spend all day talking
to people in the Savvy Cleaner learning library where there are cleaning business owners and
they’re looking for solutions that will streamline their business. So that is what I do. I pitch
this out to my audience and we have lots of people that buy, based on my recommendations.
Please, please do not bring me crap. Because if you bring me junky products or products
that aren’t tested or products that have no social proof or that have no safety data sheets
or that would never work in the realm of house cleaning, I’m going to give you a fast no
and I would rather give you a fast no or a fast yes instead of stringing you along and
making you wait forever with no answer. So out of courtesy to you, I will give you
a fast yes or a fast no. But make sure you are ready to have a conversation with me when
you pitch me. All right. Let’s talk really quick about collaborations
and partnerships in general. It is the wave of the future and there are a lot of people
from the old school, they’re trying to keep their secrets to themselves and keep their
products to themselves because they have some kind of super powers by not telling anyone.
Not true. We are in an era where you can find everything
online. All the information you ever need is online. All the products you ever need
are online. Everything that’s out there is online and so people are going to find it
and if they’re not going to find it from you, they’re going to find it from someone else.
But instead of spending your life reinventing the wheel and trying to recreate something
that someone else already has, it makes far more sense to partner with them. Say, “Hey,
listen, here’s my audience. Here’s what you have that would serve my audience. How can
we work together to bring your products to my audience? How can we work together?”
So, working together, that’s the partnership. The collaborations are when you go out and
you seek for other people that have a similar audience and you say, “Hey, listen, my audience,”
for example, for me, it’s professional organizers. In the house cleaning space, we don’t have
professional organizers. Professional organizers often don’t have house cleaners. If we can
partner together, we can bring in the professional organizers first. We can help people clean
up their homes. We can come in and clean the homes after the professional organizers have
been there. It’s a collaboration. It’s a partnership.
It’s everyone working together. You see how that works? So instead of reinventing the
whole wheel and spending hours and days doing stuff you are not qualified to do, like the
professional organizing, if you don’t know it, that’s not your thing, go ahead and find
somebody who does, who specializes in it, who’s licensed in it, who’s been trained in
it. Bring them in and have them do part one. You come in and do part two and both of you
make a percentage of the sales, right? They make a percentage of your house cleaning.
You make a percentage of their professional organizing. Then, here’s the cool part, when
they go to do their professional organizing jobs, they’re going to say, “I am part one.
Angela and her team are part two.” And so they take you to their audience and they come
to my audience. You see, it’s a partnership. So yes, it’s a huge wave of the future. It’s
really where technology and automation has led us. It’s led us to resolve all the things
in the background of our business so we can focus on the relationships that will better
serve our clients. That makes us better house cleaners. So yes, I’m a firm believer in partnerships
and collaborations. If you have something, you’d like to pitch
with me, I would love for us to be able to sit down and have that conversation, but make
sure you are ready for that conversation when it arrives. Alrighty, I hope that helps a
little bit. Thank you, Maxwell for the call. If you found this helpful, please pass it
on to a friend and if we’ve earned your subscription, please subscribe. And until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.


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