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Pay Per Click Campaigns

November 17, 2019

Hi, I’m John Allen with Marketing on the Web.
We assist companies in the Huntsville, Alabama area with internet marketing services.
Today we’re going to talk about pay per click or advertising in Google.
It’s also called AdWords. Your website can’t rank for every
word or phrase that’s important to your business or industry. Pay per click gives us a way to broaden
the number of phrases and words that you’re shown for It’s a direct result so you pay for a click and
you get immediate traffic to your website. It’s the only way we can get you on the
first page of Google overnight for a phrase and for many companies, it is a very viable
way to get business. In other words, they know what they’re paying and they know how much business they’re generating
from that click. We do this a number of different ways
depending on whether it’s an ecommerce site or whether it’s a realtor or somebody that’s looking for just internet leads, prospects to call back. What we can do is we can actually put code on a contact page and when someone comes in from
the Google campaign, when somebody puts in a word their ad shows up, they click on the ad, and they come to your website. They look
around the website and they say, okay this is what I’m interested in, this
is somebody I want to contact and they go to your contact page or
they fill out a form that can trigger a code to go back Google to say
this was a conversion. We know that we spend X number
of dollars on a click, that click resulted in a conversion
back to the company. By doing that, we’re able to fine tune
the words, the phrases, and the ads that we use to bring customers in. It’s very effective and again,
for some of our customers, it’s a clear return on investment. I have managed campaigns
from $20 to $30 a day up to $10,000 a day. Clearly,
these are companies that are seeing return on their investment. A lot of times, people ask what should
they (budget); will we typically start out small as we try to work out what are the best
words and phrases for your market We add negatives as we go along
sometimes we find that there are some odd phrases or some other terms that
when they’re coupled with the words and phrases that we’re using, will put us in a different market. We want
to be sure and filter those words and phrases out. There are a number
of different aspects to pay per click and to advertising in Google. There’s retargeting. There’s the search network. There’s the content network. I’m not going to be going to all the details of that
right now but the search network is when you’re in Google and you’re
searching for a product or service and the ad show either on the right or above
the natural or organic search results, that’s the search network. The content network is where you’re in a
forum or a blog or some other place where they’re discussion the topic about your
company, topics related to your company and your ads are showing there. That’s the
search network and the content network. The content network used to be really
something you’d try to stay away from. The conversions were
very low. The cost was very high. Google has really worked that out and today, content network ads are very effective and
actually you can have a lower cost for acquisition than the search network. Wrapping up, I’m John Allen with
Marketing on the Web. I hope we can help you with your pay per click campaign.

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