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December 2, 2019

We finally arrived to the jetty terminal!
The thing that I don’t really like and it hasn’t happened before in Malaysian,
it has happened other countries but not in Malaysia, is that they kind attack you… So we got off the car and so many people just ambushed us and tried to sell the tickets. Nobody tried to scam on us, the price is 70 MYR a person both ways for the jetty and it’s the same price that was written online
so it’s a fair price but I just didn’t like the feeling that I am surrounded by that many people. The rest of it is alright!
So as I said 70 MYR for one person both ways. It takes you directly to the place
you want to go on the island and takes you back whenever you want!
So you just have to agree to the hour and the date so that’s all right! Plus you have to pay 30MYR
for the entrance fee to the island. So altogether it’s 100 MYR for a person. They also told us that everything on the islands
is like 2 or 3 times more expensive so if you want some snacks or water
we should buy it before going to the island itself. We liked this place so much that
I’ve been recording almost all the time! We have so many clips that I’ve decided
to split them into two separate videos. In the other video we’ll be talking about
the best snorkeling ever! Beautiful corals, fish, turtles and even sharks! So make sure to come back
and see the other video as well! – Enjoy your stay!
– Thank you! You too!
– Thank you! – Orangutan.
– Orangutan. – Okay, thank you!
– Thank you very much! We just arrived to the island! So there are two islands here
and we are staying on the smaller one. And since as always we didn’t plan to come here before and once we did most of the accommodations was already gone… the only few left were like super duper expensive and with very bad reviews… that’s why we found… a camping site inside the jungle! So basically for the next three nights
we are going to stay in a tent! So this is going to be our tent for the next three days! It’s very basic.
But it’s not that bad actually! Well that wasn’t an easy walk.
It wasn’t long, it was like maybe 5-6 minutes but look at me… I was waiting for this moment for a long long time but finally we are here! – It’s super cold!
– Noo! Actually I don’t know if I’m supposed to say it cause I don’t want to complain
but this water is a bit too warm actually… It’s like super warm! This is our second day on the Perhentian Islands! Right now we are heading to a place called Coral Beach which is the biggest beach on this side of the island. The view is already really really nice!
The water color is.. is absolutely lovely! I’m sure it would be a bit better with the Sun
but I’m not going to complain! I love it! We want to rent a kayak today
and we have like snorkeling gear so we want to go like around the island
and just do some snorkeling. It’s almost 12 and here on Coral Beach is very quiet…
a bit surprising! But I actually like it! And not that many people some people are snorkeling
some are just swimming some are lying the beach some wish they can sunbath but there is no sun… So this is us inside the kayak! We paid 40 MYR for half day, the price started since 1
and we can have it until like 6 or 7. In other places we saw the price 10 MYR for 1 hours so if you take like for 4 or 5 hours
it will be more or less the same! They told us that on the other side of the island
is way more expensive like 25 for one hour but this is just what they told us
so I cannot confirm that it’s true! And we just reached the place called Romantic Beach. So of course we thought
“okay we’re going to go there – just two of us have like real nice private time” Well… So there are more people who thought the same way… I think there is like 10 maybe 15 people
so it’s not that bad! To reach this beach you have to take a boat or come
by kayak because there is no road through the island. You can always take a water taxi like those guys I’m not sure about the price
but the prices are I think the same all over the island. It all depends on the distance that you’d have to take! – Let go! To the water!
– Hey ho let’s go! As you can see Perhentian Islands are simply incredible! Therefore, make sure to click that subscribe button so you don’t miss the next video
from the incredible Perhentian Islands!

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