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Pharma Sales Force Effectiveness: How to create a Call Plan (fast) to boost Commercial Excellence

February 13, 2020

Hi! In this video, I’m going to show you
just how quickly you can create an optimized sales force plan for one of your
customer specialties with the PromoPlanner4. I have here a PromoPlanner database fully loaded with all the data it needs to build “Profit Curves”
for all the customer specialties. We have all the Financial Data loaded.
I’m showing you the brand sales forecasts here. And we have all of the Customer data loaded, too.
This is the “Customer Value” assessment that you’re looking at now.
If you’re wondering: How do I get to this stage? Don’t worry, we have the tools to help you.
We have Excel-based data capture templates and guides.
All crafted by us using the 15 years or more of data capture experience that we have gained
with Pharma companies across the globe. In addition, we have automated
processes for verifying and loading the data into the PromoPlanner itself.
With all the data loaded we can move to the PromoPlanner “Planning Board”. Here it is!
We can start planning our sales force deployment. I’m going to use the Cardiologists
as the example customer specialty. Here we are on the planning board.
The PromoPlanner has calculated just how much we can afford to invest on
our cardiologists. This is our investment recommendation. It’s represented by
this axis here. The bottom axis represents our cardiologists.
There are 901 of them. The curve represents the “Customer Concentration”. These cardiologists on the left here
represent our most valuable – and these down here on the right
are our least valuable. All the “Non-Sales-Force” channel
promotional spend that we’ve already declared in our Base Case, has been
transferred automatically here, too! We can see that at the bottom with these green bars.
In fact, it’s a little easier to see if I zoom in a bit. There we go…
Here on the right we have chunks of “Annual Calls” that we can choose to deploy from
(in this case) our Cardiovascular team, which I’ve selected up here.
We’ve loaded the costs of these reps and they’re call productivity, so we
know their “Cost per Call”. Now we can scale these annual chunks of calls
on the same scale as the investment recommendation over here.
Now we’re ready to plan! All we need to do is place these chunks of effort onto the planning board.
Our objective is to turn as many of these red tiles green as we can,
without creating too many additional red tiles. So let’s go! Now I can see
immediately that my chunk of 30 calls and my chunk of 20 calls are both too large
to fit on this investment curve. I know that because they’re red at the top.
Deploying either of these two chunks would cost more then the recommendation
that I’m being given. But my next chunk of 18, that’s not red at the top. I could
deploy that one (I could afford that one) I’m going to pick it up (dragging and
dropping with the mouse) and drop it on top of my investment curve. Here we go.
And now that I’ve selected my “Frequency” of 18, I can select my “Reach” by moving
these little triangles at the bottom. I’m gonna set it right to the top there
to my most valuable cardiologists, and I’m gonna use this one here to set it
around about there. I don’t want to set it over here. Because that
produces too many red tiles. And I don’t want to put it over here because it
produces too few green ones. Somewhere around about there looks just about right! I have plenty more red tiles down here
to convert to green. If I follow along the top I can see that I could afford to
fit a chunk of 12 in there. I’m gonna pick up my chunk of 12, put that down
there, and do exactly the same thing. Use my little yellow triangles to set the Reach.
Again, I don’t want it over here – I don’t want it over there –
I want it somewhere around about there. There’s my second chunk that looks fine.
I can carry on the process and I can see that I could fit a chunk of 6 in there.
Let’s put that on. There we go! I’m going to drop that one…
about there. That leaves a few more left here. I’ll pick
up my chunk of 3 and that can go on. I can join those together. Where do I
drop this? Well I don’t want to drop it over here because I can see from my
little “Balance Meter” at the top that I’m over-balanced. In fact I’m over-invested
if I go this way. I want it to be somewhere around about there. Where I can
see I’m very nicely balanced! What have I done?
Well, I’ve produced, in just that short time, a 4-Segment Sales Force Deployment Plan.
And I know that over the long term this investment is going to
produce for me something in the order of 1.2 million pounds (in this case).
That’s it – I’ve done it! If I want some more metrics, I can do that if
I click up here. The PromoPlanner will take me to the Specialty Summary Report.
Here it is! On this specialty summary report, if I drill down a little bit –
let me get to the cardiologists. Here they are. I have 4 pages of metrics.
As you can see: all kinds of information here. Ending up with the long-term
Return On Investment for the promotional plan that I’ve just created.
(in this case 283% ROI) I’ve created a 4-Segment Sales Force Plan
in just a few minutes for my cardiologists !!! The PromoPlanner has been used successfully in
thousands of exercises across 92 countries for Pharma, Biotech, Generics, and
Medical Devices companies over the past 15 years. Business applications range
from Portfolio Optimization to Pre-Launch planning, Mergers,
and much more.

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