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Powder Coating At Home With Amazing Results!

October 7, 2019

what is going on my peeps I’ve got some
more suspension work to do today if you didn’t see the last video I put together
the set of forks back here I’ll put the link to that video right up here in the
corner just click that little circle all right so the forks are done and it would
make sense to move on to the shock right well I really don’t want to put the
shock together with that ugly yellow spring I’m not really sure why Honda
decided to go with yellow what I’ll end up Doudna that is stripping the paint
off and powder coating it red I’m gonna get started on this process by stripping
off that ugly yellow paint with some paint remover so I’ve got some air craft
paint remover that I’ve had really good luck with over the years I’ll put the
link to where you can buy it down in the description and then a tub to somewhat
contain that paint remover and a brush definitely a smart idea to wear some
gloves for this too so I’m just gonna dump this paint stripper into the tub
and start brushing it onto the spring all right got the spring coated pretty
well just gonna let that sit for a good 15 or 20 minutes and let the paint
bubble up the paint is really starting to bubble up now I’m gonna begin by
scraping it off and if need be I’ll apply more stripper I’ll be using a
combination of these two brushes to knock off this bubble off paint I’m gonna try to keep it all contained
within this bin that way I can dispose of it in a responsible way one thing to
really keep in mind as you’re doing this is to not let the paint stripper fling
from the brush if it gets in your eyes that is not going to be good all right
I’m gonna call that good for round 1 of the paint stripping gonna dump some more
paint stripper into this bin and brush it onto the spring and it should take
care of the rest of this paint looks like the majority of the paint has
been eaten up by the stripper it’s gonna give the spring a wipe down and then
whatever paint is left over gonna knock off with the wire brush at this point all the paint is off the
spring just gonna give it a little cleanup to prep for powder coating I’ve
just got degreaser here in this bottle spray it down and then give the spring a
scrub down with some scotch brite since it is bare steel now definitely gonna
want to dry it off to prevent it from rusting as for the leftover paint
stripper and the paint that came off the spring I’m just gonna wipe it up with
rags and toss it in the garbage definitely something you don’t want to
wash down the drain one thing I should have mentioned earlier if you have
access to a sand blaster that is gonna work a lot better than stripping the
paint off with paint stripper unfortunately I don’t have access to
sandblast cabinet so the paint stripper had to do for now we’re gonna go ahead
and show you the setup I have for powder coating right now now it’s actually been
probably four or five years since that last powder coated but luckily I still
have the equipment the only thing how to pick up was a different oven and then
wired and hook it up all that but I still have the powder coating gun and
some powders leftover and hopefully enough talent to actually powder coat
still so for you guys that have been watching the channel for a while you
might remember back in the day over at my parents house powder coating rims
hubs engine covers it was pretty cool stuff if you want to see some old-school
videos go find those ones they’re pretty good here is the same powder coating gun
I use many years back just an Eastwood cheap little unit but it sure does work
good this is the control box obviously a gun with an air hookup and then over
here is the ground you attach that to the part and then the little trigger
button and this activates the charge to the part when you push it and then just
the power cord these are the powders I’ll be using on the shock spring first
coat is a chrome base followed up with a red this is a transparent red so the
finish is going to be like a candy red or translucent red
and then of course we’ve got the oven just pick this thing up on Craigslist
just your standard oven got a preheating right now and you definitely don’t want
to use your household oven I mean like an oven that you actually be cooking in
afterwards all right enough talking let’s get to powder
coating so I’ve got the rack here got to find a way to hang the shock spring from
the rack and I wish I had a set of sawhorses but I’m just gonna have to
improvise here and hang it on the ends of the cart basically what I’m doing is
hanging the spring from the rack spraying the powder on and then baking
it in the oven all right before spraying any powder you’ll need a wipe the part
down with something such as acetone I’ve got this
pre-painting prep they call it so it’s basically a an acetone or mineral
spirits now if the part I’ll cleaned up I’m
gonna give the spring a preheat through the oven basically what this does is it
pre bakes the part and removes any impurities or anything that will come to
the surface and it just props it for powder coating just gives it that extra
extra clean so I’ve got these handy little hooks
that I’m going to use to hang the spring from the rack just works something like
that all right now I’m gonna drop in the oven and let it heat at 350 for about 10
to 15 minutes while I’ve got the part preheating I’m gonna set up the powder
coating gun and get powder ready to go and since this stuff has been sitting
around for like five years should probably blow all the dust off
with the air compressor and since I’m not gonna really use much for this
project got a little plastic spoon here just gonna dump a little into the
plastic container that screws onto the gun over here and in case you guys are
wondering where I got my powders from these two colors are from prismatic
powders online right here this one is a super chrome and the red is called
dazzling red I’ll put the links to their website down in the description and for
the gun as well I will link it down below too so you guys can see the whole
setup that I’m using all right there should be enough powder for this project
just screws on to its gun like that and now on this end obviously an air hookup
and it’s pretty much necessary to have a regulator on your gun that way you can
regulate the flow of the powder coming out and that makes a really big
difference so you pretty much just want a nice slow flow out coming out of the
gun and right now I have it around 10 psi so
it doesn’t really take a whole lot of pressure to make these powder coating
guns work and once I have the sink plugged in I’ll be all set ready to go
all right guys it is time to pull the spring out of the oven and spray it with
the first coat probably wear some gloves for this huh
might be a little bit warm while the shock spring is cooling down I should
probably clean up the carts here that powder gets into everything and I’ve
been kind of sloppy lately so good time to pick things up all right I’m gonna
give this spring one warm wipe down before I throw some powder at it well
it’s kind of hard to wipe it down with it hanging from the rack but it’s gonna
do the best I can or here so this is the little alligator clip that I showed you
earlier I’m gonna clip this onto the part somewhere and then start dusting
down the spring with powder so right where I’m clipping it here it doesn’t
really matter it’s the top of the spring and it won’t be visible I need a nice
solid ground for this powder to stick and this is the button that activates it
as soon as I push that button the part will be electrically charged and the
powder coming out of the gun will be attracted to the part and it’ll stick
like glue all right let’s give it a shot see if I remember how to do this remember right I think what I was doing
is laying down the powder and the toughest and the hardest places to get
to doing that part first so obviously on the spring that’s gonna be in between
the coils here so the powder coming out looks like a gray like a really flat
gray but as soon as it’s baked it is gonna be looking pretty much like chrome looks like I’ve got a nice even coat
here on the spring I’m gonna pop off this ground and then toss the spring in
the oven for let’s see the manufacturer recommended twelve minutes at 450
degrees so that is what I’m gonna go with all right let’s say goodbye to the
shock spring wish it look I’m like really excited to see how the spring
turns out so instead of opening the oven door like every five seconds to look at
it I’m gonna go package up an order that just came through let’s go check on that spring what will
she look like wow that actually looks really good for a powder coat Chrome
that looks pretty darn close to Chrome itself now for the tricky part gonna
pull the spring out of the oven and before it cools down too much I have
to spray on that red powder alrighty guys here’s a little better look at the
chrome first stage spraying the first coat in a translucent color is always
the easiest now I’ve got my work cut out for me spraying this red so with the red
or the second coat it’s not gonna want to stick if the part is all the way
cooled off so that’s why I gotta spray it when the part still has some heat
left in it and I believe from when I powder-coated before I would wait until
the rack was cool to the touch and then spray the second coat how these
transparent colors work is you have a chrome base layer which I’ve got down
right now and then you throw the color on top of it and the color is
transparent so you can see through to the chrome base and that’s what gives it
that really kind of anodized or candy look to it and of course I’m gonna
switch out the powder for the red when you switch off the powder you’re gonna
have to blow all this powder left in the gun all right the rack is just cool enough
to touch now and that should be the perfect temperature to spray the red at so I waited a little bit too long to
spray the red and the part cooled off too much
so it wasn’t sticking quite as good as I would hoped so I might have to do a
second coat on this one that’s why it’s so tricky to spray these translucent
colors you have to hit the temperature just right all right got the second coat
laid down and the springs back in the oven gonna come back in about 12 to 15
minutes and this thing should be fully cured man just the smell of the powder
curing brings back so many memories of living at my parents house and powder
coating all the stuff building these bikes it’s been way too long since I’ve
powder coat it I’m pretty excited to see how the spring turns out if everything
goes to plan I’ll definitely be doing some more powder coating on this build
well the 15 minutes is up let’s take a look at this thing pretty frickin sweet color if he asked
me I thought for sure I had messed it up when that first coat of red didn’t go
down very good but in the end it turned out pretty good
so it’s got a little bit of metallic in it just a hint well the spring turned out prime really
happy with the final result as you can imagine the next video coming
up is gonna be on putting the shock back together installing new bushings new
seals and new oil as well so keep a lookout for that one and just a quick
reminder I’ve only got a couple of these hats left so head over to prime of XCOM
and check them out I’ll see you guys later you


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