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PPC Video Tutorial – Common Mistakes to Avoid when Running Google AdWords Campaigns

February 12, 2020

I’m Victoria Chemko, Principal of Umami Marketing, and here I am in Siem Reap Cambodia, a place I spent a lot of time in a couple of years ago. Today I’ll be talking about Google Adwords and
common mistakes you should avoid in your Pay Per Click campaigns. Keep watching
to found out all the details in this edition of the digital marketing
postcard surely today’s video topic came about from Kevin from bromley elevators
when you’re setting up and managing your google adwords campaigns there are a lot
of variables to keep in mind on an ongoing basis here is a listing of some
of the common mistakes people make so that you can keep an eye out and make
sure that you’re not doing them one using the wrong keyword match types
there are multiple keyword match types that can be used when setting up your
AdWords campaigns please include exact match broad match broad match modifiers
phrase match and negative match types make sure that you know what each one
means and start from broad match keyword types when setting up your campaigns and
narrow your focus from there in order to fine-tune your targeting and reduce your
campaign costs over time too we’re getting to you is negative core
when you’re setting up your campaigns you want to make sure you’re capturing
as much relevant and targeted traffic as possible for example if you’re a luxury
car dealer you wouldn’t want people to find you by searching the words cheap or
an expensive or value so make sure that you’re including these negative keywords
in your campaigns and the more negative keywords you have in place less likely
that you’ll have searchers clicking on your ads who aren’t part of your target
audience 3 setting up irrelevant landing pages one key thing to keep in mind is
what the goal is for your pay-per-click campaigns what is the main call to
action that you want your users to take make sure that your landing pages remove
any additional distractions beyond encouraging searchers from taking the
main action that you desire to meet your campaign goals for not testing your ads
every campaign is different and it’s important to review and fine-tune them
over time in order to do so you’ll want to run multiple variations of your ads
to see what works best you shouldn’t be doing any guesswork but watching the
numbers that are provided within google adwords in order to make decisions on
what ads are providing me with the most conversions you should always be testing
your ads so that you can continue making improvements based on your actual
results 5 not tracking conversions if you’re not tracking conversions you
can’t be sure that your campaigns are being effective or not if you’re trying
to gain more business so increasing traffic for brand awareness is one thing
but you really want to know if a campaign is helping to bring in more
sales make sure that you have your google analytics and your AdWords
accounts linked together an appropriate goal set up to track your conversions
this way you can ensure that you’re running your campaigns effectively and
can fine-tune them based on those that bring are bringing in more leads you
sales to summarize we’re managing in Google AdWords campaigns common mistake
include using the wrong keyword match types we’re getting to use negative
keywords setting up irrelevant landing pages not
tasting your ad and not tracking conversions all of these are in order to
help you effectively with your pay-per-click campaign goals and now
that you know more about what common mistakes to avoid make sure to check out
our recent blog posts covering more paper clips tips and if you like this
video be sure to subscribe to the Umami Marketing YouTube channel and the
monthly digital marketing postcard I’ll be back again in march from yet another
mystery location for more tips on digital marketing stay tuned for next
month blog posts all about link building See you next month!

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