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PuBliC QuEsTiOnS PaRt 2

December 14, 2019

{Just a little bit of spanking a sh*t ennit} ohhh ohh you did something freaky with your mom! [what the f*ck] *laughter* instagram: italy_sistine tiktok: italysistinex snapchat: italysistine [these questions are going to get me into trouble] i don’t care to be fair, i need views.. so what is your name Elian Hao- [ahh no one cares] gotcha bi8tch *laughter* STOP! do you guys think you’re smart? Elian: kind of Hao: smarter than you still dad and a son are in the car they get into a car crash the dad dies Elian: woah the son gets taken to hospital and the doctor walks in and says ” i can’t operate on him, that’s my son” how’s that possible Hao: you said a dad and a son, like you didn’t say that… no they are father and son Hao: and the doctor was like “that’s my son” Hao: they got two dads.. the dads gay?? *laughter* Hao: oh it’s gonna be some sh*t about how like ermm… the grandfather like.. *laughter* Hao: nah nah nah no no thats not it Elian: the doctor operating is the earth *laughter* woah, woah woah Hao: oh it’s Jesus, everyone is my son *laughter* italy: no oh my God come on, use your three brain cells Hao: i use my three brain cells to knock your b*tchass out oh my God come on think Hao: shut the f*ck up man i can’t think if you’re saying “oh come on think.. come on think” Elian: the doctors like a doner. a sperm doner no oh my God what *all laughing* it’s the mom are you both stupid Elian: ohhhhhh Hao: ohhhhh *all ohhhhh* you guys are sexist uh huh, you feel stupid now put that L on your head, put that L on your head (L for loser) what’s the freakiest thing you’ve ever done? Hao: ahhh Elian: here we go *laughter* Elian: alright come here “come here” *all bursting into uncontrollable laughter* Elian: it was in secondary school oh Elian: a girl literally just came up to me Elian: she was like.. “you can touch my t*t” ohhh wait wait Hao: in the middle of class? Elian: nah it was outside Elian: she literally went like this, i went there you did it?! Elian: yep Elian: and then there you go Elian: it was very perky.. might i say when like you grab a woman’s bre*st.. and you feel it and it feels like.. a bag of sand oh my God please stop, you’re making it weird “woz it big” “yeah” *damn son* *send help* *jealous* ookay, well you got to beat that, top that [Hao- fairs, fair enough] no tsssk top that, no, no lies you gota be telling the truth [ Hao: nah 100% truth] Hao: should i give you a list and then you can decide? no you just pick one, i don’t really care about your list Hao: i got head in the back of a mini van *laughter* oh my God Hao: it was in Vietnam, which is where i’m from Hao: not like a mini van it was like, like a Hao: you know like one of those taxi’s that hold like eight people Hao: it was like that ennit, but just a bit bigger Hao: she was nineteen and i was like fifteen *gasp* you’re gonna make her catch a case you know Hao: well it’s a shame ennit *all laughter* so what’s your name Connor Kirby how many seconds are in January Connor: f*king what? Connor: let’s think this one through.. carefully Connor: how many seconds are in a day? why you asking me?! 430,000 one Connor: there’s one second in January? yeah Connor: oh January second Connor: behave, behave! okay a father and son are in car accident Conor: keep it light *laughter* the dad dies the son gets taken to hospital the doctor walks in and says they can’t operate on that person because that’s their son how’s that possible Connor: it’s the mom oh my God you’re the first person to get that what’s the freakiest thing you’ve ever done? f*ngered a bird in the park once ohhh okay okay i didn’t mean sexual, it could of anything but is that what you’re going with Connor: yeah may as well great cool Connor: here’s my instagram, it’s probably going to say @italy_sistine or some sh*t like that u was right but you know if you don’t shoot you can’t score * you didn’t score* what’s your name? Tarun Nisha Reigna Hamza question of the day is.. how many months have 28 in them? Tarun: one Reigna: two Hamza: all yeah all of them how could you say one Tarun Tarun: it’s February 28th only!! no you have to go past 28 in every month Tarun: oh sh*t Reigna: don’t lie Reigna: don’t actually lie Hamza: you gonna google that as well, check that out as well see 28 is in every month *laughter* Tarun: google’s probably lying to you as wel Tarun’s brain Google=lair *laughter* so what’s your name Niamh Chloe Father and son in a car accident dad dies son get’s taken to hospital doctor walks in and says ” i can’t operate that’s my son” Chloe: he’s not there.. he’s dead no the physical doctor comes in and says “i can’t operate” Niamh: i don’t get it Niamh: i have no clue i’m really lost Niamh: it’s God (holy music starts playing) *all laughing* Niamh: doctor who, is it something to do with doctor who?? nooo, no *laughing* *doctor who theme song and titles plays* Niamh’s brain God + doctor who=the same the doctor is the mom because you can have girl doctors Niamh: what the f*ck *laughter* what’s everyone’s name? Elliot Dan Harry what’s the freakiest thing you’ve ever done? Elliot: yeah you guys answer that first Harry: i don’t think it’s appropriate well that’s why it’s the freakiest Harry: i don’t want to say Elliot: knife play i guess *wait a minute* what Elliot: you kinda, eh, you kinda use knifes to rip clothes apart WHAT, WHAT THE F*CK what the f*ck i’m not even gonna ask what about you? Dan: ermmm Harry: you haven’t done anything!! Dan: shutup it doesn’t have to be sexual Dan: yeah i know Harry: oh *sniggers* *laughter* Harry: just a little bit of like, ah f*ck it sexual, just a little bit of spanking and sh*t ennit Dan: *laughs* oh oh oh, okay okay Dan: without errrm insulting my mother no Elliot: wait what?! you did something freaky with your mom?!!!! Dan: no no no no no Dan: it’s *censored bleeping* oh okay this interviews done thanks guys bye what’s your name? my name is Nonso so Nonso what’s the freakiest thing you’ve ever done? Nonso: i was at a train station yeah Nonsoand it was empty Nonso: and i was with someone Nonso: and erm *spill the tea sis* Nonso: things happened Nonso: one thing led to another Nonso: and erm *train honking to censor what’s being said* *laughter* OHHHOKAY okay so what’s your name? *look at this dude* *laughter* *wheezing laughter* *shows his looks alike* Dan Dan okay Dan’s so question of the day is how many seconds are in January? Dan (red): i dunno just take a guess Dan red: er i dunno, like a million or something a million what are you sayin? what are you sayin- joey essex Dan (blue): 750,000 are you sure Dan (red): no Dan (blue): yes okay there is one January second okay.. damn you guys are not impressed boys so i’ve got another riddle for you, are you ready? Tarun: nah i need you to think about it Hamza: nope no Hamza: i mean yeah.. alright then see ya Hamza: noooo father and son are driving in a car they get in a car crash the father dies son goes to hospital to get operated on [Tarun: i’ve heard this one before] do you know how it ends? Tarun: yep as soon as he get’s there the doctor says “i can’t operate, that’s my son” who’s the doctor to the son Tarun: the mom *rock music plays* ughh you’re so annoying Hamza: i wouldn’t have been able to think of one yeah i said the step dad Tarun: i’ve heard it in primary school yeah but did.. when you first when you first asked it did you know it was the mom me just then: “sometimes i’ll start a sentence “and i don’t even know where it’s going” ” i just hope i find it along the way” Tarun: yeah because it’s so bait no shut up Tarun no it’s not bait Tarun: what does the dad say? the dad doesn’t say anything.. the dad’s dead, what do you mean *laughter* you are lost Tarun Tarun: what did the nurse say, what does the nurse say? i didn’t say nurse i said doctor!! Tarun: Oh sh*t *laughter* what’s the freakiest thing you’ve ever done? Hamza: hmmm Tarun: i prefer not to answer Hamza: go on Tarun tarun: i prefer not to answer you have to answer Tarun: i prefer not to you have to answer Tarun: i don’t have to answer you have to answer Tarun: i aint gonna answer you have to answer you’re next Hamza: nope don’t act all cocky, you’re next Tarun: get at my instagram* *voiceover @italy_sistine* WOAHHH SUBSCRIBE SOCIALS LINK IN DESCRIPTION LET ME KNOW IF YOU ENJOYED LOVE YOU LOTS BYE! Xx


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