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RAM coin swap Feb 2020

February 14, 2020

so hello fellow coin clickers welcome
back to another video and on this Friday we’re just gonna have it information
session about the Australia’s newest coin what swap should I say and this is
run by the Royal Australian so if you’re not too familiar with this in Australia
the Royal Australian mint guys are in – mostly the major cities so Melbourne
Brisbane poof and sometimes goes to regional centres but they like usually
once or twice a year probably once a year really and it actually allows
people to actually swap coin packs so this time we have the centenary of
Qantas 10 coin pack you can get 10 sexual so $100 worth of $1 coins that’s
basically it how it works is that you can only take
cash so any type of legal tender denomination in Australia 5 cent up into
$100 but quite rightly 5 – 50 cent I can refuse the value you fit over five
dollars so don’t worry about taking coins just take banknotes and you can
swap it like her for one satchel you paid $10 that’s basically it there’s no
excess charge so you just just like go into a bank and swap in banknotes for
coins that’s basically it and this time we have any Melbourne so we start at the
top so we have it in Canberra at the Royal Australian Mint 8:30 – – on Monday
17th so as it is a there during a week then a lot of people probably won’t go
cos are gone to work and we also have Brisbane on Monday from 8 to 2 main
stage Queen Street Mall Brisbane so Monday is Canberra and Brisbane if you
click on the link below teach it to Facebook and
damn we have 120 going so this looks like it’s gonna be pretty popular other
people last time I went Melbourne there was only like probably 40 to 50 people
day so not many people and most of the people actually just got one set of
coins so they’ve got the allotment then they left there was a few people are
lining up again but most people were not and that’s basically that part so then
we go down in Sydney Sydney’s on Thursday to 20th of February 8 to 2 p.m.
at centenary square Parramatta then on Friday we have Melbourne I’m actually
going to this one don’t know what time I’m gonna have to ask my wife
so the coins available was pretty hmm oh they could probably offer more coins
last time they actually had a few more coins account remember what they were
I know that they would have probably the repatriation to dawn that was early 2019
but and some coin sets and then I went to Bendigo you know think November and I
actually had a lot more variety and they also had meat products you can actually
buy instead of meat products you know like the 50th anniversary in the Pacific
or the Tooth Fairy kit you could actually buy with cash or card so that
was actually more variety there so if we go to the previous one so that was not
that one it was at the perf money Expo this is what you could get so you get
2019 two-dollar coins Saudi police and the repatriation of 2018 student Henry
so it’s the red poppy one the 2019 I have been JC f ug Saudi five cent to $2
hopefully they actually have all these coins
the coin swap because there’s a few rows I don’t actually have and I would
presume a lot of people actually watching you so actually don’t have a
lot of these coins but somehow I think no they just had the Qantas coins which
a lot of people gonna get in go what I came here this is not really good bet
anyway I think it’s very good of the Ross time into this and I thank him very
much and hopefully a lot of other people will be able to actually go there as
well so thank you very much watching I hope I you get to see there and if
you’re there and if you know who I am just come and say hello I don’t mind but
afterwards are we going for something to eat so thank you very much and have a
nice coin collecting time


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