Ring Alarm Unboxing

September 17, 2019

Gabe: Hey everybody. This is Gabe at Security Baron. Today, we’re unboxing the Ring Alarm Wireless
Home Security System. [music] Gabe: The Ring System Wireless Home Security
and you can attach it to a lot of other products like the Ring Video Doorbell. Of course, use it through the app. Let’s go in and look at what the system looks
like. [background sounds only] Gabe: First things first, how do you open
the box? There we go. Not what I expected. Check that out. It’s got that
base here. It’s the side. This is the base station for the Ring Alarm
System. Got the introductory packet. Let’s not forget the base station, a lot of
pieces. We’ll get all these pieces out first. I like that. A little motion detector action, a keypad,
should be a contact sensor and the range extender. Our adapters, another adapter here, and the
motion detector install kit and the keypad install kit. Here are all the components that come with
the Ring Alarm Wireless Home Security System. There are other elements that you can add
in but this is everything that comes in that box. Before we do anything, it’s always good to
look at the directions. See what you have inside. Love having the decals for the windows. Your Getting Started guide, your warranties,
and your How to Mount the System. Put that aside, for now, window decal. From my left to right, we’ve got the base
station, a pairing button so you can pair it to the wireless keypad, your reset. You can hardwire it with an Ethernet cable
to your Internet. You’ve got a USB space here. I’m assuming you can do various options with
that. The adapter we have here will go there. You’re going to want to think about where
you put this. This is the base station. It’s pretty simple. It’s got an interesting design. Your speaker is a different color, it comes
off as grey whereas the rest of the base station is white which is interesting. I don’t know exactly what it looks like. It’s an interesting design. Here, we’ve got our contact sensor which we’ll
show you when we set this up, how to put it together. We’ve got the adapter for the base station. You’ve got your motion detector, a QR code
to help set it up within the app, so they can all work in conjunction. White, pretty basic plastic and this is the
wireless keypad. I like it because you’ve got your QR code. Most people like touch screens but I’m a fan
of analog. It works fine. You have some illustrations on this one for
your quick buttons so you can know, “OK, I’m home,” or “I’m away,” and “Cancel.” It’s good to have some of these things. You can hit quickly and know what’s going
on and set it. You’ve got your motion detector install kit,
your keypad install kit. Go and open those up, got your screws for
your keypad. You’ve got motion detector install kit, mounting
bracket, mounting tape, anchors and mounting screws. All available there. This is for this, and this is for this. Finally, you’ve got the range extender so
that you can extend the range on your products. Also in a basic white. I feel like I’m missing something here. What am I missing? That’s this. Of course, contact sensor install kit. Your contact sensor, very important piece,
put this here. There you go. I was like, “This is weird. Your contact sensor’s going to need two parts.” You put on your door or window. The magnet lets you know when something’s
opened. Here we go. We got the other side of the magnet with the
mounting bracket, mounting spacer, mounting tape, anchors and mounting screws. Now you can use this which is a great segue
into the next point which is setting up the Ring Alarm. You’re going to want to go and read through
your guide. The first thing you’re going to do is download
the app. You’ll take your phone. Go into your app store for whatever type of
device you have, Android or iPhone. Download the app, and then you’ll start to
connect the pieces. Set up the WiFi. You’re going to want to put your base station
in a centralized location. You’re going to put your contact sensor either
above a door or window, so you know when it’s being opened. Put your motion detector in a corner so that
it can see the motion going on in any given room. Your keypad, you’re going to want to place
wherever you’re coming in out of your home so that you can set it when you’re going away
and let it know that you’re back home. You want to put your range extender wherever
you want to extend your range. That’s how you set up the Ring Alarm Wireless
Home Security System. Now that we’ve seen everything that comes
with the Ring Alarm Wireless Home Security System and how to set it up, I’m excited to
see how well it performs. Not only on its own but with some of the other
components that let you make a robust, comprehensive home security system. If you enjoyed today’s unboxing, give us a
like. Hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure.

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