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Ring Bomb Party Exposed | AntiMLM

February 13, 2020

hello and welcome cats and kittens and
my name is Alanda Carter and I am the recovering hunbot I create anti MLM
videos so if that is your jam and you enjoy that type of content then you
might want to consider subscribing now last week I shared with you an MLM that
is the party plan and we have ladies going on Facebook doing Facebook lives
and shucking oysters and this is van tailed pearls well Wow
we’re not alone there’s another one I think there’s a lot out there and I’m
just like uncovering them and they’re a bit frightening this one is different
it’s about rings it is called ring bombs and I think Karen just needs to stop
with these parties but hey I don’t control Facebook if you would like to
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keeping me moving forward in fighting against these multi-level marketing
companies no matter if it’s a party plan or not so in this video we’re going to
take a peek at what these gals are doing in their facebook lives and we’re also
going to explore how you can become a ring bomb hostess that’s what they’re
called they’re called hostesses for some reason you know I guess because they’re
partying on down I don’t know anyway and we will look at all of that sort of
stuff and I’ll give you my insight so let’s go ahead and hop to it and let’s
check out what these hostesses are doing so what did you think are you ready to
party are you ready to have your very own a ring bomb party I mean these gals
you know they’re putting in some effort so let’s go ahead and discuss it and the
thing is is that not all parties are created equal you know I’ve seen some
parties where there’s thousands of people that have seen it you know the
views I’ve seen hundreds of people in attendance and that I’ve seen some that
have a handful and can you imagine just for a moment you’re just starting off in
this business and you’re competing against those people that get a lot of
views and they get a lot of shares like a ton a ton of shares I don’t get it but
okay another thing I’ve noticed is that it does look like somebody’s up line
will attend their event and I think that’s for the people who are just
starting because you know you want to kind of prop them up and you know give
them some sort of encouragement that somebody cares and somebody’s watching
but what it seems like to me as I have watched a number of these parties is
that there are some people that have like repeat customers and what I’m kind
of picturing is is that there’s someone who is just buying ring after ring after
ring after ring for some reason I’m still not clear as to why but they are
they are they seem to be going just Google gaga over these rings which just
still perplexes me but I digress on that so let me kind of show you well tell you
whatever you know I’m here oh yeah I wanted to ask you something okay so
earlier I had on my lights because I have fancy lights now no I’m not fancy
I’m working I may be trying to get a little fancier with the equipment and
stuff but I have these softbox lights so earlier I had the ones on over here well
the one and now I have the one on over here and that’s probably opposite
for you but anyway I don’t know if it looks better at the beginning of the
video or now and when I’m recording it I can’t tell and then when I’m editing it
you know it’s hard for me to make a decision so let me know if there’s one
way that you like it better you know earlier or now that makes sense anyway
okay let me describe this whole party thing so a hostess a ring bomb hostess
is having a party now typically she is looking for someone to sign up to have a
party because then that person is going to invite their friends and then their
friends are going to be buying this you know these rings that’s how I’m still
trying to wrap my head around that people are into buying these rings it
just really perplexes me anyway so you invite your friends and they’re going to
be buying the rings and they attend the party for however long it goes and makes
me no nevermind anyway they’re there ok supposedly whatever let me get on with
it okay so the person comes on and they’re live and generally they all do
sort of the same thing they all point up above and they tell you if you don’t see
a red sign which says live then it’s a replay and to put replay below now why
in the world would you put replay because let’s think about that is that
person who’s hosting the party is she going to go back and read all of
those comments I mean maybe they do I mean really maybe that’s part of it and
that would seem like an awful lot of work especially if you have got a whole
bunch of people who are attending I just that just seems like a lot of busy work
to me maybe it’s just me I don’t know I mean ok anyway again so you had your
people that are going to be there she comes on live she greets people and
she’s chitter chattering back and forth you know people are commenting or
they’re not because sometimes they aren’t because think about this if you
don’t have that many people on the live there’s not gonna be that many people
who are engaging with you right so there she is and she’s waiting for someone to
buy a ring and when somebody makes a purchase what
happens is that she has her thing of water in front of her and she’ll put
like the little ring bombs on a tray and give you several of them and she’ll tell
you to say one to four could point them out and it’ll be one two three or four
or a B C or D however she does it you pick it out she takes it makes a
production of dropping it in the water and it fizzes and typically you don’t
even get to see the fizz and honestly I would think seeing it this or something
would be kind of exciting but these ring bombs are not like a bathroom bomb bomb
bath mom yeah they’re not like a bath bomb because they don’t have like all
the scent and stuff they’re just kind of like this plumbing stuff kind of like
alka-seltzer but not but large chunky or was something that fizzes or you know it
dissolves or something anyway and there she is
you know fishing it out and then it’s like wrapped up in some plastic and she
takes it out of the plastic cause it’s a mystery and then she who’s and Oz and
just goes mad I mean the woman is just so excited over what she just found and
then she puts it on one of those little finger things I don’t know what to call
them but you know there’s the display thing for rings and then holds it up up
here to the camera so you can see your treasure Wow that’s it doesn’t that
sound like something you want to sign up for okay I know I don’t I mean you don’t
but people do they they just seem to like to attend these parties and one of
the things that I will say that has bothered me as I’ve watched these is
that there are some people commenting and you can just tell that they’re going
through some difficulty I’ve seen people who have you know sick relatives or a
sick child or I could tell by something that he commented that they’re having
financial difficulties and at least one person I watch and I just thought oh my
gosh or love-bombing you are so looked that was chalupa he
just opened the door because he wants to go and get something to
drink the boy is just always interrupting my videos anyway so these
people I can tell that they are in need of something in this person it’s like oh
we’re just here to love on you it’s okay if you don’t get anything just come here
and we’ll just you know we’ll lift you up
it’s all the love bombing stuff you know that’s what’s going on and it just
really creeped me out especially now that I know what all that
stuff is because there was a time that I didn’t and someone who might be lonely
or be having a challenging time in their life hearing those words that they’re
just gonna be loved on and stuff and feel like they’re a part of a community
that’s going to give them that warm fuzzy they’re going to feel good about
going to that because they’re going to find that fellowship does that make
sense so anyway that’s basically how the party sort of goes now let’s take a look
yeah let me talk again now let’s take a look at what does it take for you to
become a ring hostess so how much does it cost for you to be a ring bomb
hostess well on the website it says $49 plus you’ve got to get your initial
inventory your initial inventory is 25 rings those 25 rings cost you three
hundred and fifty dollars so your kit and I’m not sure if it comes with you
know the bombs like it says here or not if they change that but I do know that
you you can’t have a party unless you have some ring bombs so you got to get
some inventory to stay active that means that you have got to have that personal
volume of at least 350 every month this means that in a 30 day time frame one
month your total wholesale orders must be three hundred and fifty dollars or
more so let’s take a look at this whole compensation thing now I
know it is tiny it’s hard for me to see too but just bear with me across the top
here all of these gems that’s basically the different ranks going from citrine
to opal but it doesn’t stop there and I will try to zoom in and hopefully you’ll
be able to read some of this stuff at the top for citrine that is what your
coming in at right so initially to be a party leader a citrine party leader you
need that 350 you see why you need to buy some stuff initially because you
want to be that first ring you want to be active so that you qualify to make
more money in the Commission’s that won’t get to in a minute okay but it’s
just not party leader there’s also the senior hostess and that person’s
personal volume is 525 that means she needs to spend five hundred and
twenty-five dollars on ring BOMs got it now there’s the level one
qualified hostess this is your direct downline meaning people you recruited
people who you got to sign up underneath you those are the people you are
personally sponsoring okay so to be that that’s when you’re gonna need that 525
okay but there’s also this thing called
qualifying team volume and that qualifying team volume needs to be 2,000
so that means between the two people you signed up in total those two people need
to spend $2,000 on ring bombs but it doesn’t stop there because you want
those Commission’s okay now across here underneath Commission’s you see where it
says 20% across the top that is for the 20% that you earn each time you sell a
ring bar all right each time you sell a ring bomb you earn $3.59 so that stays the same all the way
across the top all right but you can earn more in these various bonuses and
there’s three different bonuses so now let’s say that you want to be an
amethyst senior party leader now let’s look over there you need to have two
citrine senior hostesses in your downline so two people in your downline
need to be spending at least five hundred and twenty-five dollars apiece
but for you to be at that senior party leader as an amethyst that means the
qualifying team volume needs to be $3,000 so they keep upping the ante so
to speak you got it now what happens as you keep going across you can see that
each time you go up in a gym you go up and rank who you need to have underneath
you to qualify is going to be one gym behind you one jewel whatever one behind
you if you’re an amethyst and you need citrine if you’re emerald you need
amethyst is your sapphire you need emerald does that making sense
are you following all that because I know all of these comp plants are a bit
fuzzy and that’s definitely intentional so in addition to earning your
commission the 20% the $3.59 each time someone buys a ring from you there’s
also these you know different bonuses I talked about so let’s look at what this
is okay so there is the personal sales commission at 350 PV you see that and
underneath it the personal volume bonus one is 1,000 PD meaning that you spent
$1,000 to buy these ring bombs so that you can earn an additional 5% on your
total PV for that month so as a new hostess who buys $350 worth
of ring bombs or gets 25 rings that person is earning that $3.59 which is a
total of 89 dollars and 75 cents but if you’re hitting that 1000 PV meaning
you’ve spent $1000 for 70 of these ring pumps and you’ve managed to sell 70 of
these ring bombs then your profit is 251 dollars and 30 cents plus you get 5% on
the PV which is 50 bucks okay so basically you’ve earned about $300 now
to hit the second bonus you need $1,500 in the PV meaning you need to spend
$1,500 on ring bombs which that will get you about 105 of these ring bombs for a
profit of 370 $6.95 and now you’ll get 10% which is another 150 dollars so that
means you have earned 500 and $26.95 after spending $1,500 on these ring
bombs bonus number three which requires 2,000 PV meaning you spent $2,000 on
ring bombs and you got 140 ring bombs so that you can sell them with a profit of
502 dollars and 60 cents plus now you get 15% back on your PV so for spending
$2,000 on these ring bombs you make a grand total of eight hundred and two
dollars and sixty cents so what I did here is over here on the right hand side
I just looked at the PV that you needed at those initial you know different
ranks and I’m not gonna list them from citrine to opal it doesn’t really matter
but you’re starting out with needing 350 PV or 25 bombs then you work on up to
the next level you need 525 PV or 37 bombs
620 PV 43 bombs 115 PV or 50 bombs 800 PV or 56 bombs
890 PV or 62 bombs 985 or 69 bombs 1500 PV or a hundred and
four of these ring bombs so the hostess price is $14 and 36 cents these rings
retail for $17.95 so that makes the profit of the $3.59 now you are told
each ring that you buy for $17.95 as a retail customer will reveal a ring that
is valued at ranging from $25 to $500 now again if you want that 1000 PB and
you’re going to sell these rings so how many rings do you need total I mean ring
bombs do you need 56 of them that means that you need to spend $800 and if you
sell all of those the profit just on those is 201 dollars and four cents now
I’m not gonna work it on up in terms of you know doing all that other math you
heard me go through at one time but I hope you can start to see picture a
picture of someone who keeps buying ring bombs to be active but isn’t necessarily
selling all of those ring bombs you capisce this was taken off of someone’s
live because I thought it was great at least they have the retail prices so
there’s more than just these original ring bombs so I’m not sure what the
profit margin is for these things and honestly it doesn’t matter because it’s
all going to just boil down to the same thing you keep buying more and more and
more inventory to be active in hopes of getting these different you know like
bonuses but what happens if your people are not hitting those amounts that you
need them to hit I bet you there’s some like kind of flipping that around you’re
buying stuff for people or doing something I mean I’m just thinking
there’s some shenanigans so there’s the sweet ball
rings and necklaces there’s the Gatsby women’s and men’s there’s also this
catch of a unicorn which you know right now is fall unicorn so you know they’re
gonna have different unicorns for different seasons all to get you to keep
buying because you must certainly don’t want to not have what other people do
then there’s the original ring bombs the little diva ring bomb that’s for kids
and then there’s a flat fee for shipping now I get that some people could be
attracted to getting these ring bombs you know I also can see how you can get
addicted to it I looked on the Better Business Bureau because I wanted to see
what are people saying there’s a lot written there and here’s what I think is
funny because you can tell when you look at this stuff that there are some Huns
coming in saying how wonderful everything is because that’s typically
what Huns are going to do if somebody’s saying something Genki and- they’ve got
to defend their thing is that cognitive dissonance you know you can’t have
anything conflicting so there’s a bunch of people on the Better Business Bureau
talking about the poor quality of these rings talking about how the rhodium like
wears off because they’re dipped in rhodium they’re plated in it you know
they’re not even like all silver maybe some are silver I think I read somewhere
that some are silver it just it doesn’t really matter then they’re talking about
like that the stones are coming out and stuff let me tell you you could go just
about anywhere and get some really cool jewelry myself I like actually looking
at what I’m going to get trying it on I used to love going to this store here in
Houston called Argenta I think after Hurricane Harvey the last one closed in
my Earl and I don’t think it’s there anymore and I love their jewelry so much
all very reasonable and you could just you try things on and when you’re
getting these ring bombs you know you don’t know what you’re going to get and
there are some of the settings that you know they look okay but some of them to
me look way over the top you know and it’s just not my style and you you can’t
choose what you’re going to get it’s all a surprise it’s all a mystery
I mean oh I don’t know maybe I just don’t want mystery maybe it’s just me
now women who are selling this stuff I
understand that you might think this is a good idea but when you start crunching
the numbers you can see that you have to keep purchasing these stinkin things and
you have to keep hoping that you’re going to book parties and that whoever
is having the party that you’re gonna be dropping the stuff for that they’re
going to get people to attend that will fork over money now like I said your mom
will only buy so many of them now I have seen some of these women that are
selling this stuff have 10 20 30 rings that they’re showing that they’re saying
oh these are my own rings can you imagine how much money that they’ve
spent on these because you know what they have those because they haven’t
been able to sell them but they have to keep being active and here’s another
thing a lot of these gals have different prizes that they give away okay and
sometimes a 3-ring think about and there is traffic going by and you’re probably
going to hear that and that’s just how it is anyway so there are people these
women who are doing all different kinds of games and having other prizes that go
with it be it makeup bag makeup brushes candy you name it just
all kinds of different things so that’s an additional expense on top of at least
350 dollars that they are spending every single month to get those initial 25
rings but if they’re at a higher rank or they’re wanting to hit some other
bonuses and stuff they’re going to need to spend more and more and more so who
is the customer is there really such pay high market for
these things plus I have found little ring bombs on Etsy and oh gosh there was
somewhere else that I found them too I mean heck I bet you there’s a DIY you
could make them yourself and probably go and get a bomb somewhere and
you know just basically just DIY it okay you can totally do that yourself if you
want to do that and sell them you can get rings wholesale and do your own
thing you don’t need to go through MLM is my point because that just keeps you
on the cycle of buying from them chasing after having this freedom but think
about the amount of time you’re going to be spending on these parties I can’t
remember the number of what they say is the typical sales I think they say it’s
like six hundred to a thousand dollars I could be wrong on that so if I am let me
know but they say that’s average but how do they figure out that average because
one person could be having you know selling five hundred ninety nine dollars
for the stuff and one other person not you know I mean you’re you’re that math
that math just doesn’t really work out because there can be somebody that’s
selling a lot and somebody who’s not selling very much to come up with that
average that doesn’t mean when they say average that you are going to be selling
that amount each time you have one of these ring parties so when you have
these ring parties they’re not just like twenty minutes and done I mean these
things go on for I think the shortest I’ve seen was like 46 minutes and I’m
thinking that’s probably because there weren’t a lot of people coming on to buy
these rings and then I’ve seen others that go over three hours of doing these
ring bomb parties that soiree you know speed up the clips because if you sat
there and just listen to the gobbly gook of just the chitter-chatter you’d be
bored out of your mind I mean I wouldn’t be able to sit there and do that I just
honestly wouldn’t but do you see how this can be problematic they’re chasing
after something that you’re just not going to be able to attain and I did see
someone recently that they just got back from the cruise so you know they earn
their spot with that cruise that meant that they had to fly there probably had
to stay at a hotel whatever else they did it cost them more money to go on
that I saw someone else that was talking about some charity
thing that they did but they earned a spot to be able to be somewhere to box
these things up for charity earned a spot again they’re having to fly there
or drive there or do something they’re spending their money to be able to
participate in this thing for charity which i think is absolutely ridiculous
now I did not look into the owner and all of that I typically do that but the
whole concept of people having these parties and expecting people to come on
the lives and you know spend money because they will have all kinds of like
music plan and they’re there doing things to get people’s attention but how
do you hold their attention especially if you’re not getting inventory you
gotta keep on feeding the beast you got to keep on getting that inventory in
right are you following me am i making sense here or am I talking
to myself maybe I am I don’t know okay let me know in the comments cuz I’m
thinking of doing this I’m very fascinated about these party things
because some of these gals are going way over the top with all the hoopla that’s
going on to create some sort of party atmosphere I think I might do something
to a video just on creating that party atmosphere and what all goes into it in
addition to what they’re spending on whatever inventory be it van tell pearls
be it ring bombs be it something else that’s MLM that they’re doing to create
you know like come and buy my stuff because you got to get people’s
attention and people have a short attention span these days I hope you’ve
enjoyed learning a bit about these ring bomb parties and you know I’d love to
hear your experience with them if you’ve seen them on Facebook or not let me know
let me know what your thoughts are have you ever bought one would you ever buy
one and if you bought one what it looked like was it worth it did it fall apart I
want to know inquiring minds what can I say anyway thanks so much for spending
time with me and remember it’s up to us to put our experiences out there if
you’ve had an experience with MLM and it’s not
so kind and that’s the case for most people do file with the FTC there is a
link in the video description that will help you with doing that and your story
is important so remember it’s it’s not you it’s it’s the system it’s the system
and how these businesses are designed because when you join you my friend are
that customer they just make you think that you’re gonna find all these people
that will buy stuff from you and it’s just not the case because you know what
nobody is going around looking for this stuff you know I mean I think about if
my mom was alive again she’d probably buy a couple of rings from me you know
or even had me shuck a pearl or two and she might even get you know some of the
people that she’s known for a long time if my aunts were still alive and my
aunt’s are usually family friends and they’re like they weren’t all her
sisters but she’d probably get some of them you know to buy something or she
might do that but I can’t imagine you know that she would want to keep buying
these rings and anybody that I know if I got them to buy a ring there’s going to
come a time with her me like yeah I got me when I got me – I got me five I’m
done you’ve got to go out and find more people so I’m thinking these women are
going into Facebook groups going into mom groups going different places trying
to make friends because you know that’s I know that’s what I was taught as a
beachbody hunt you’re just basically looking to expand your network but
you’re really trying to rope them in to buy your stuff so again if you have had
issues with MLM is not treated you so good and that’s the case with most
people most people are just losing massive amounts of money file with the
FTC share your story don’t be ashamed of it because it’s not your fault
you were taken in you know you are basically conned if you like this video
then give it a thumbs up make sure that you hit the subscribe button and the
notification bell so that you know each and every time I upload a new
anteye MLM video and remember your story is important we need to get it out there
if you have been you know damaged by an MLM
most people happen who have ever joined file with the FTC there’s a link
somewhere in the video description that will help you do that and I will see you
next time thank you for being here and remember change starts now

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