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ROTATION EFFECT from Billie Eilish – bury a friend

December 5, 2019

This video is brought to you
by Storyblocks Video Hey guys, it’s Jordy here
for and welcome to… …Copy Cat Friday. In this weekly series we recreate effects
from famous films and music videos. And today we’re taking a look at 3 effects
from ‘Burry a Friend’, by Billy Eilish. [Music] [Cinecom’s intro music] Hey folks, after we got
two million hits on the video where we recreated the black tears
from ‘When the Party is Over’, we just had to do another
Billy Elish video. Oh yeah, Billy Eilish. Thanks for the correction! Alright, today we’re taking a look
at 3 effects from ‘Burry a Friend’, we’ve analyzed the music video, search every corner of the frame
to reveal its cinematic secrets today. And there’s also a BTS video. Anyways, I’m gonna start off with a quick
shoutout to our sponsor Storyblocks Video. It’s an online library packed with
professional 4K stock clips, there are video effects,
transitions, templates and hundreds of thousands
more video assets. The great thing is that you
can download unlimited items with a single year subscription, meaning that you can download the entire
library and keep it all for yourself! For more information, make sure to click
the first link in the description below! Now let’s start building a movie-set! [Music] So, we’re building these walls for
our short film which is in April, but for the Billy Eilish video
we can also use these walls. That’s why we are putting
some tempo to it, and try to finish these walls
as soon as possible for Friday. [Music] So now that we have our hallway,
without doors though, we can start with the first effect which is
gonna be a full camera and talent rotation. In the music video they used
a professional rig, we don’t have that, so
starting off on Monday we’ve been trying to crack the
case on how to simplify this rig. After a lot of brainstorms and testing,
this is what we came up with. This right here is the beast machine,
I’m not an engineer, but I do think that this is the cheapest
possible way to make yourself rotate. What you’re gonna need is
a table that is high enough. On this table I’ve attached this tube,
it’s an aluminum tube, but it is super thick, and that way it won’t
bend when I’m going to hang over here. What is better even is using a steel tube. This tube has been attached
with this brackets on this pallet right here
which sits on the table, and also these brackets also
that attach it to the entire table. Long story short: it’s sturdy as hell. Now, to make it extra-sturdy, I’m just gonna
collect as much weight as I possibly can. We got paint buckets here, lots of waters,
extra weights, cables and everything. And this I’m going to place on top
of that tube as well, and that way I’m definitely sure
that tube won’t fly over. that’s how engineering works. Yannick, can you help me? Thank you, Yannick! Now this is super sturdy, and I can
just go ahead and lean onto it. The idea is that I’m going
to seat on this tube and just kinda rotate around like that. That is going to end bad, so that’s why
we’ve created this second masterpiece, which is this plank over here. This right here is just a simple plank, but what we’ve done is adding
these handlebars to it so that I can hold myself sturdy, we’ve also made some kind of rigging here
so that we can attach a camera right here. It doesn’t matter how you rig it, as long
as you can get a camera up here so that is focused on you. Then, on the bottom we’ve
made these extra holes so I can stick my feet to it. And that way I’m definitely
super sturdy against this plank, and finally, you can also wrap a rope
around yourself and the plank and that way you can rotate in safety. Or you can also just let
your friends hang there and just go away for a couple of hours
and pull off a great prank. We’ve got this hole here in this plank
and that is used to put it on this tube. There you go! And now I can sit on the
aluminum bar like so, but for extra safety and comfort
we’re using this little foam here we can just wrap around it,
there we go! And now I can sit very safely
on this thing, like so. I’m just gonna show some footage
of during the shoot right here. The center of gravity actually
sits somewhere right here above your stomach, but our rotating point sits
underneath your crotch. So, that’s why you’re going
to need some counterweight. On the bottom as you can see right here. And these counterweights
are going to make sure that you can just hang anywhere
at any point in the rotation, it kinda works the same as a gimbal,
where you also wanna make sure that the camera stays at its point,
wherever you point it to. And that’s it! Super-duper simple! The lighting you’re seeing
in the background is gonna be the second effect. It’s actually quite easy. We hang three LED lights
to the ceiling of our hallway, these are all from Aputure. There’re two LS-1 panels
and one 120-D. Important is that you aim the light down,
there can be some light cast on the walls, but you wanna minimize that. So we used black wrap or cinefoil, which is aluminum foil painted black. Wrap that around your lights
to make the light point down. Now since all of the these lights
came from one brand, we could control them
with a single remote. Just turn them on and off randomly, but try to always have
at least one light on. Now if you don’t have a light kit
that comes with such a remote, then here’s a very interesting alternative. These are smart power plugs. You can find them in any brand and they usually
cost between $10 and $30. I’ve got a set of 3 plugs, which
simply goes into the wall and in there you connect
any light that you want! A simple light bulb, a work light,
a desk light, whatever. Through the remote we can then
turn these smart plugs on and off, creating a beautiful light show. And that brings us to the last
effect from the music video, and that is where Billie
is floating in that hallway. For this to work, you are gonna
need to hang yourself… …the safe way, of course! So, that means around your hip. Ideally, you wanna wear
a climbing belt, but we’ve also done it
without in the past, which also works, but it just
hurts a little bit more. So, throw a rope around anything
from the ceiling, you can also do this outdoor and
throw a rope over a branch of a three or use a swing from a playground. And then just hang, that’s it! Filming this from a tripod,
is gonna give you an easier way to remove
the rope in post production. If you do so, make sure
to also take an empty shot. Where you kinda just move
away from the shot. There’re two ways to remove
the rope now, the first technique is within
Adobe Premiere Pro. Place that empty shot
on the bottom of your timeline and the other shot on top. With the top one selected,
head over to the Opacity property from which you take the pen tool
to draw a mask around the rope. When you’re done, hit Invert. You then wanna enable the
animation for the mask path and change it over time
so that it keeps covering up the rope as you might wiggle a little bit. And that’s it! The second technique is more advanced
and happens inside After Effects. For this technique, you could
have gone handheld and you don’t need that empty shot. We’re gonna use an effect
called Wire Removal. Drag that to your clip and now set the point A and point B
to the beginning and ending of the rope. Usually ‘Displace’ is gonna
work best for the removal style, but you can try a different method if
it doesn’t give you the right results. Finally change the Thickness,
Slope and Mirror Blend to remove the rope according
to your shot. When you’re done, you’re gonna have to
start the animation for both point A and B. Overtime, you wanna
change their position so that it keeps following
the rope, and that’s again it! And those where 3 effects from
Billie Eilish, ‘Burry a friend’. I hope that you’ve learned
some new things today. Thank you so much for watching,
thank you Storyblocks for the support and like always: Stay Creative! [Jordy whistling] -Hello!


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