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RV Living Glampers React to AIRSTREAM BASECAMP X & NUCAMP TAG XL Tear Drop Trailer!

February 11, 2020

if there’s an RV show in your area you
definitely need to take advantage of it and hit up your local RV show this
spring …Music playing… so welcome back to our channel we are at
the Colorado RV show this weekend and if you have an RV show in your area you
should definitely take advantage of it we’re going to be sharing some tips with
you to make the most of your RV show experience in this video so stay tuned …Music playing… so we’re here at the Colorado RV
show and every time there is an RV show in our area we definitely want to take
advantage of that and come check it out now there are a lot of reasons that you
should attend an RV show even if you’re an experienced RVier or just brand new to RVing and as you can get tons of ideas you can get tons of ideas for
storage you can get tons of ideas of what is the new technology that is out
there you can get tons of ideas on new accessories and what is new in the RV
industry plus you can also take a look at different floor plans and do some
research of maybe what would work better for you on down the road if you plan on
continuing to be this lifestyle I can totally take a shower in there can
you No this is too much like camping and not on a glamping for my tastes no outdoor showers no I don’t know what do call that sleeping space I’m not gonna call it a bed but nope it’s a big nope so we’re gonna show you the
Airstream Basecamp X now one thing that’s cool about the Basecamp X model
is that there is a three inch lift that is on this so it’s really great to be
able to go kind of rugged in those off-road areas if you enjoy doing Forest
Service roads things like that this is definitely the rig that you want to
check out so we’re gonna show you the inside and I’ll meet you in there
so in this Basecamp backs you still have all of the comforts of home with the
advantage of being able to be a little bit more rugged and off road if you want
so up here in kind of the galley area you still have your sink that is up here
with your pop-up faucet there in case you want do dishes or whatever there
it’s one thing I absolutely love is these hammocks type storage areas so that you
can put things up into here and then there’s a nice rack here to be able to
put whatever dish stuff you need some hooks here as well you’ve got a two
burner stove so that you can cook things here two burners to be able to do that
another hammock area for storage up here plenty of counter space to be able to do
whatever you need to do as far as food prep or anything like that
and then of course you’re looking at the gorgeous outdoors while you’re out here
there are these kind of blackout shades if you are in an area it just may be
too hot you don’t want that you can zip these up and close that off if you need
some extra just darkness or you can open them up and enjoy the view of wherever not you are at you got a microwave here as well then it’s some storage underneath of this microwave for
your food or whatever there storage over here and
then you’ve got your fridge that is right here as well now this is a 12-volt
fridge it’s gonna run off of electricity but the beautiful thing is this is
equipped with solar so you can keep this fridge going off of the solar power for
really its long as you need to as long as you’ve got some Sun then down here
we’ve got one more storage area in here that goes quite a ways back which is
very nice for storage in this area as well here we have the wet bath and so
basically what this is is an all-in-one combo so you’ve got your toilet and your
shower all in one particular area but you can still do all of your business
and still get clean while you’re kind of enjoying that offered experience so back
here you’ve just kind of got your living seating area and your bed so I love
these hammock areas up here to be able to hold and store anything one thing
that you get used to when you were living smaller is utilizing all the
space and that means wall space so anything ceiling-to-floor you want to
utilize an Airstream that’s done a great job of that with these hanging hammocks
on either side to be able to store which image to store you’ve got these kind of
couch seating areas and then this is gonna actually fold out into also
sleeping area which is just a little bit larger than a queen-size so a plenty of
sleeping area for two people as well so with this particular table it comes with
two different of these poles so you can have it lower like this for more like
your coffee table feel or you can switch this out for a higher table for more of
an eating area so two different options on your table height and there’s two
different tabletops so you’ve got two places to be able to put those tabletops
with this rear entrance you can bring down this screen which just snaps into
place with all of these now the beautiful thing about this is
you can leave this back door open while you’re sitting inside enjoying your cup
of coffee and enjoying the outdoors as well the other thing that is beautiful
about this rear entrance in addition to the side entrance is this is meant to be
able to load in any equipment so if you had any mountain bike a kayak a canoe
something that you wants you bring with you you can load that in very very
easily through this back door as well versus trying to get it in through the
side entrance so two entrances definitely with function in mind so it
does also have an air conditioner so if you’re in an area where it’s a little
bit more hot or humid you can use this to help keep you comfortable on the
inside as well so in your wet bath area you’ve got your toilet but then you also
have your shower as well I really like this little feature where you can hang
towels to dry swimsuit whatever that you might want to hang what’s dry in theirs
it’s just retracts now another cool thing is this particular shower actually
pulls through this compartment that’s down here to the outside so if you’ve
got a muddy dog or if you’ve got muddy feet sandy feet something like that you
don’t want to traipse inside you can actually take this off thread it through
this door right here to the outside be able to rinse off outside before that
you come to the inside so here’s where that outside shower comes into play
where you can thread that shower through from the inside to the outside you also
have your holding tank dump right here now something to know about this there
is not a separate gray in black tank it is a combo gray black tank so you would
dump both of those tanks that go into the same
holding tank with your sewer dump right outside here so here you’ve got two
20-pound propane tanks so plenty of propane to keep you going in those
off-road situations to be able to use your cook stove and to be able to get
warm water so this is where your propane is located and it has plenty of capacity
to be able to carry what you need so another fun thing about RV shows is when
you run across stuff that is just kind of way out of the realm of what you
would think with typical RV right now our son it’s just totally digging on
this Sherp off-road vehicle that’s got a little sleeping area inside of it and he
just thinks that this is amazingly cool but one of the fun things that you run
into stuff like this that is just kind of outside of the box of your
traditional RV thinking and it’s always fun to check out and just see what’s up
incoming what sort of vehicles that people are making to go out and enjoy
the outdoors so another great reason to come to an RV show is you can get
special show pricing on the RVs RV manufacturers actually give incentives
to dealers to bring their units out to the shows so when you come out to the
show so you’ll see special show pricing thing that they have on the different
rigs this is because the manufacturers have given them not an incentive to do
that for the show so you can get a really good price by coming to an RV
show versus just going to the dealership …Music playing… going to shake all my flappy areas I don’t know how I feel after that
experience was definitely moving my body in all of the non-muscular areas if
you’re catching my drift so let’s you know this is strange this
is a new camp tag XL this is a teardrop trailer by New Camp and we’re
gonna give you a tour of this today it’s not a very big trailer but we want to
make sure that you see everything there is to see on the inside it’s not gonna
take a lot of your time so I am sitting in the tag by New Camp now this is a tear
drop trailer so this is something that you would want if you were wanting to go
way off road really get out there not have a lot of weight behind you but you
don’t want to sleep on the cold hard ground so you do have a sleeping area in
here that is just about big enough for sleeping and maybe changing your clothes
if you’re halfway laying down I definitely cannot stand up on the inside
of this because is not that spacious however you do have some comforts you’ve
got air conditioner you’ve got a television you’ve got some cabinet space
up here so you can put a few things up here like maybe some toiletries or
whatever else that you might need to put up in the cabinets that are on either side you’ve got a little
stereo system here you could enjoy some music while you’re
hanging out I’m hearing like a couple small cubbies up here as well and then a
couple of cup holders back here one thing I do like is kind of the
spacious little sunroof if you will that’s off the back side of this that
you can open up to the outside air being inside of here kind of just reminds me
of those days as a kid kind of tank camping when you know we would stake out
our spot and let’s take out our little cubby to put our stuff the other thing
that this has for storage it’s above here and you’ve got new sliding areas up
here that you’ve got for storage so a little bit of storage space that you’ve
got in here it got an outlet here you’ve got some USB charging ports on the
opposite side from where this outlet is here and let’s let’s take the true test
now I’m just under six feet tall I’m a pretty tall girl so let’s see if my feet
and head if there is enough room for the both of them to not touch all right my
feet are right against the wall and I’ve got this much space for my head
touches oh this much space where my feet in my head are not both touching let’s
move up just a smidge they’re not touching that room but it’s not touching
either so if you’re claustrophobic you probably
don’t want this but if you’re not and you want to go more off-road its back in
the woods then this might be something that you wouldn’t consider let’s go take
a look at the outside kitchen so in the back you have your outdoor kitchen so
you’d have to come out here to cook any meals but you’ve got a two burner
propane stove we’ve got a small sink something here is where you could you
put some things for storage as far as cooking is concerned or even down here
it does have a microwave but you would have to be hooked up to electrical power
to operate that and then you’ve got a very large heavy cooler that this
comes with this is not powered by electricity you do have to do it the
old-fashioned way and add ice into it but you do have this to help keep food
cold especially when that you are out and about out in those backwoods types
of areas so here’s your outdoor kitchen to be able to come out here is cook some
food it has these fun little window shades that you just twist open and shut
which is kind of fun it like I don’t know it makes you think of something
kind of psychedelic or whatever it’s less than two thousand pounds
before that you put anything in it so it’s very possible to tow with a lot of
different vehicles that are out there is it’s not a very heavy trailer it is
equipped with solar as well as a roof rack so that you can put any of your
outdoor toys up on the roof so this trailer is pretty rugged you’ve got
diamond plating and fenders and you’ve got really good off-road tires as well
as great ground clearance so if this is something where you want to go way out
in the backwoods this would be a great option some front you’ve got your
propane tank and then you’ve got your battery as well as just kind of some
cargo space here so if you wanted to throw another cooler on or something
like that you’ve got a little bit of space here for cargo you’ve got two step
ups here and some handles here it’s just helped you get up to that roof rack pull
anything down that you might need to pull off of that roof rack so you’ve got
pretty sturdy space to be able to get up there or if you just want a place to
kind of sit down on the outside as well because there’s not a lot of other room
to bring things like camp chairs or stuff like that with you so it’s nice to
have some seating on the outside because it’s harder to bring those larger items
in something this small …Music playing… so another great reason to attend an RV
show is to visit with some of the different vendors there’s a lot of
campgrounds that are represented at RV shows lots of different RV
accessories outdoor accessories and it’s a great place to be able to research
campgrounds talk to potential camprounds that you might want to visit a
lot of them will have RV shows specials where you can get a night free
to go check them out and then a lot of the vendors that have outdoor equipment
also have show specials so you could pick yourself up a paddleboard or
something else you might want to use in the outdoors for a really good price so
thank you so much for watching this video we invite you to give us a thumbs
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    Thanks for the tour through the nice little tear drop trailer. Cute, but too small for us.

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    Great information my friends. You are correct shows are better to buy at. Plus the vendor stuff is cool. Plus some good rv tours of small ones. Looks cool but not for me either. Lol

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