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November 8, 2019

Break it down break it down break it down Hey guys, happy frugal Friday, it’s Kate here. And today I’m gonna be talking about Keeping your home tidy particularly coming into this holiday season Last week if you missed my video, I’ll put it up here if you missed it I was talking about how to avoid Hot mess mode going into the holiday season and I said, don’t get me wrong because I have my hot mess days myself and as you’re gonna see later in this video My kitchen reached a nice peak of hot mess mode and I’m gonna show you what it looked like this was post-halloween Post crazy crazy week and it looks like a complete nightmare hot mess disaster But I’m gonna show it to you and I’m gonna show you the after When I tidied up and as you’re gonna see in the video the beginning is Probably your house. I hope doesn’t get this bad. But I mean, I think it looks really bad in fact, I showed my dad the footage of what I’m about to show you and he said oh Kate you’re not gonna show that to your audience. Are you and I was like, yeah, why not and he said, because it’s gross and He’s totally right it’s gross and again, it’s not dirty, but it’s slobby Messy, which reminds me of a term that I just heard from sunny Leonard. Uzi and she used the word slob kabob And that’s what I felt like looking at this video a slob kabob. I love that expression I think of it. I don’t know why I don’t that’s cuz it rhymes or what but a slob kabob That’s what I felt like, but I want to share with you my hot mess real situations because it Dad, you’re right. It’s great though Next I’m gonna show you what it looked like before I’m gonna show you a little bit of during and I’m going to show you after and then after I show you all that I’m gonna come back on and we’re gonna talk about keeping your home tidy for the holidays and why it’s important and the benefits of Keeping your home tidy and clean Especially leading into the stressful holiday season and these are things you know But I’m going to remind you of so that you get into the right mode and you have the most peaceful Non stressful holiday season coming up on priming us Ok Because it’s coming and I really want to make sure that we’re all in the right mindset so that we can enjoy ourselves And not stress about the other stuff. Ok, so let’s get into the footage Don’t judge me guys. This is seriously no filter Dishes mounted up food hamster food Clothes all over the floor Shoes in piles, I can’t even imagine um This is my kitchen table right now Just based on the stuff of the week that’s what’s happened mustaches from Halloween I need to clean my hamster cage. Yeah, this is Oh, okay progress as you can see, it’s lighter in the daytime here Clean cleaned off stove Never mind the missing tiles that have fallen off dance calendar Nothing over there now that’s way better where that was filled with the ditches this was filled with dishes This had lord knows what I’ve got my oil diffuser kick in Feeling a lot better About this Here we go. Here’s the after you remember they were shoes everywhere and You couldn’t even see the table Babe what do you think of my cleanup job around here? Isn’t it way better when we have a clean house yes, why is the clean house better to you? Stuff yep safety and it just looks better, right? Yeah. Does it feel better? Yeah so much better now to be able to see the counter be able to see the tables can just breathe better in a cleaner space a hundred percent Okay, so as you can see when your house is a disaster You feel like a disaster I felt a lot of stress I felt like I was tripping over things I Couldn’t get to the things on my counter that I want to I couldn’t make a meal without having to move piles of stuff over I couldn’t sit down at my table and eat without having to move piles. There’s nothing more frustrating and As we’re leading into the holiday season I’m gonna just go over the two main reasons why I think keeping a tidy home will benefit you in the Strongest most powerful ways. Okay. These are the two things the first one Especially pertaining to the holidays is I saw on I think it was Kimmie from she’s in her apron she talked about chaos, and that is Can’t have anyone over syndrome, you know exactly what I’m talking about Don’t you if you know what I’m talking about for chaos leave chaos in the comments CH AOS Exclamation point you know what I’m talking about when you feel like you can’t have anyone over cuz your house is a disaster Where your house is a disaster you? Don’t want people to just drop by and especially like during the holiday season Maybe there might be a time where your friends are in town Your family is in town and you might have this opportunity to spend time together But if your house is a design like the one you just saw do you think I want to invite anyone into my home? Looking like that. You don’t right you won’t so you actually will lose opportunities to spend time with loved ones When you’re embarrassed to have anyone step foot in your house Okay So can’t have anyone over syndrome is? A huge reason I think and maybe you don’t have a lot of people over maybe a people over all the time There are some people who do not give a hoot if their house is upside down. Come on in This is how it is, you know, and that’s if that’s the way you are awesome, but I’m somewhere in between My parents are super Super neat I have never in this this will you probably what I have never? ever ever Walked into their house, and it was a mess. I can’t think of one time Never I am 40 years old I have never walked into their house and it’s been a mess the only time it was a mess is when yours truly lived in it and you would step into my room and There was your mess but they are the neatest tiniest people and my dad and my mom’s number one tip is Clean as you go my dad never just takes clothes off and throws it in a pile my mom never like Finishes eating and then just leaves all the dishes everywhere like they clean as they go when they take Their clothes at the end of the day It’s either going in the hamper or it is going back in the drawer or on in the closet If it’s clean, they don’t leave a trail behind I’m notorious for leaving a trail behind so clean as you go and you can avoid chaos The second thing I think a clean and tidy home does for you is it? Reduces anxiety and stress and it promotes relaxation Consider the two Situations if you wake up in the morning and your feet hit the ground and there’s a pile of clothes and you trip over Who knows what? And you’re stumbling to get to the light and that’s how you wake up and you look around your house and it’s just clothes everywhere It literally drains all your energy Looking at the chaos and having to maneuver around your messy piles of stuff and Think about the opposite you wake up your feet hit the ground Oh, there are your slippers you slide your feet in nice and cozy. There’s nothing anywhere clean pristine room You feel like you can breathe like and just even breathe Just thinking about it and then think about just a minute ago when you saw my kitchen, right? Like Oh, like it’s just like you just get me know You know what I’m saying, that’s what I’m saying, it’s Just no so you’ll reduce chaos and You will be able to have people over and you won’t be stressed You won’t be anxiety filled and you will actually feel relaxed if you’re looking at a house that’s clean You can think about other things you can think about the things that are important to you But if your house is just like laundry everywhere Unfolded dirty dishes in the sink it’s sucking your energy dry because you know, you have to tackle that and It’s just it’s just it’s taking all your energy my best strategy for getting your button gear It’s almost like like Pavlov’s dogs. Like I put on LoveMeg on YouTube. Do you know there’s a whole genre of YouTube cleaning videos like you guys know that you don’t have to do this alone I know that might sound like a weird thing, but like right now how we’re talking and I’m hopefully motivating you Go check out LoveMeg or any of the other cleaning channel. She’s my favorite She’s always my favorite I put on one of her cleaning videos and I can’t help but get in gear cuz I’m like, oh like that It’s so motivating to me. So put on a cleaning video and get moving I will never watch a cleaning video in the morning before going to work. I won’t even want to go to work I want to start to clean. I don’t know if it’ll have that effect on you, but it does for me So try that out If you haven’t done it If you hate cleaning you hate doing the dishes you hate doing laundry Put on one of those cleaning videos and see if it has any effect because it makes me want to get moving and it kind of like puts me in that like Meditative cleaning mode if you will, I don’t know if that’s the thing, but that’s how I feel so try that I Hope this video is helpful to you if you haven’t yet and You’ve liked this content hit the thumbs up hit the red subscribe button and knock that Bell so that you know every time I upload And also guys I’m trying to get you guys To subscribe to my email because what I’m gonna start doing is sending things only to my email list some specific things that people on my email list will hear about first if You want to be a part of that? I’m gonna leave the link below Sign up for my email. So you’ll be the first to hear about things Including like for example, remember how I talked about having some Case Squad? merchandise and the decal is Coming and if you’re in my email list you’re gonna be the first one to hear that because we have a plan for that and If you want one and you want to put it on an item, especially like for the holidays or slap it on a dollar tree Coffee mug and you know support the case squad and show your love for the case squad. That would be so awesome But the people in my email lists are gonna be the first to hear about that so I’d love it if you join my email list as Always please leave any cleaning inspiration in the comments leave any You know, if you agree with this kind of idea of how this helps by keeping your home clean and tidy It doesn’t add to your good mental health. Does it have no effect. Let me know your thoughts down below I love reading your comments. And again, this is a little bit of a different content for me But I just I feel like it’s important and as you know We talk about a lot of Finance and frugal living and all that in this channel But I just I also like to share things that I think are very useful I’m really using my hands a lot in this video. I’m sorry Thank you so much for watching. I hope you got value out of this video. I will see you in the next one. Bye


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    Thanks – it's cold and I needed some motivation. I'm big on having a shined sink as a starting point per the FlyLady system as taught by Diane in Denmark. You can find her on YouTube. We have to support each other through the chaos of life. Have a blessed day, K squad.

  • Reply Kelli Hammond November 8, 2019 at 2:13 pm

    Happy Friday, Kate Squad!?

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    Anamato? Did that ad say a youtube compteter

  • Reply Scott Dow November 8, 2019 at 2:20 pm

    Your dad is still around. That's nice!

  • Reply rochelle thundercloud November 8, 2019 at 2:25 pm

    My husband and i need to declutter the bookcase,and clothes.

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