Secret Gift Package From Russia – Sound Challenge Announced

September 18, 2019

[Secret Package!] Hi everybody, I just got a package from Alexey Chernov in Russia. It’s a package from one of my subscribers
and I’m really excited to show you what’s inside this package! So let’s do a little unboxing. [Music playing, paper is rattling]
[Crystal clear Bell Tingle] That’s quite the decay in this bell. We also have a little letter here. “I know you like authentic, unusual instruments
so here is a little bell! It’s made in Valdai Island in Russia which
is famous for it’s bells. Both musical, bottle and big bells for churches.” It’s written in Russian on the bell. Yeah so I’ve been thinking about running this
“You send me your samples”-challenge, and I make a track from that. Maybe this is a good start on this little
challenge. So if you have any interesting samples or
sounds, please sample that and you can send it to my email in the description to this
video. And I will collect a few of these samples
and create a track from them. So be sure to participate and send me some
of your best, or most unusual and interesting samples to the email adress in the description
to this video. Thanks again Alexey for this bell. I’ll be sure to sample this in upcoming songs. Thanks a lot for watching this video and see
you in the next video. Bye! [How about…] […some summer clips?] [Swedish summer was great!] [Sigge, wake up call…or bite!?] [Subscribe] [Oh, the music?] “They are true” [Released 2019-04-24 – Spotify, iTunes etc.] [Link in the description…] [The End]

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