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SEO and the Pay Per Lead Model

November 18, 2019

– Hi, everyone. Today I wanted to talk to you about SEO and how that marries with the Pay Per Lead model that we run as an agency out of the South of England here in the UK. So we have an ad up on
Facebook at the moment which is getting loads of engagement, comments, and likes, and it’s definitely ringing true with a lot of people, because back in the day, probably about up to 10 years ago, there
was this method called, a way of making money, called the Rank and Rent model in SEO. And what happened was
the people would build a website and it was a
keyword-rich website, and they would buy the
keyword in their main name and then they would
build that website out, put some thin content
up, and it would rank like literally overnight. You would get traffic to that website from organic search and people would then sell the leads to that
particular type of business, so if the domain was plumbers in London, then you could get that to rank easily and you could sell the
lead to the plumbers in London, okay? It was good in theory, but then Google suddenly started getting
smarter and smarter and after a few updates what happened is that they just slapped all of
these thin content websites off the first page of Google and that business model
was broken forever. So what’s happened is
that we have stumbled across a similar method but it’s the 2019 model, and it’s kind
of the Rank and Rent model, but using paid traffic,
using Facebook ads, using Google ads. And we’ve found that it’s much better because I did this Rank and Rent model back in the day and we’ve evolved as an agency to the point where we’re doing the same thing, but we’re getting results overnight, because we’ve paid traffic. As soon as you get that website up, as soon as you turn the ads on, if your funnels are good, then you can start generating
leads and selling them on a Cost per Lead basis,
literally overnight, as opposed the old model which would take some time to generate leads. So I wanted to explain
how the new model works, but how also incorporating SEO into what we’re doing today is actually very valuable if you’re
in it for the long game. So what we do now as an agency, is we buy a brand domain name, okay, and it has to be a strong brand name because when people are seeing ads from a brand name with
a strong brand presence and a nice hook and a
nice feel to that website, then they feel like they
trust this brand better. So we’ve been buying some
fairly expensive domain names which are .coms that have got a lot of trust associated with them, and what we do then is we have two parts of the business. It’s a lead-gen brand website in the middle here, and we create, if you imagine SEO as the red, so we create some usual internal pages and some blog posts,
so some blog posts here and some pages, and this
is like an ongoing process. So every week or so we
get our content writers to upload two or three blog posts to that website, and
it’s a long game, okay? You don’t expect things
to happen overnight but what happens is, over time, these blog posts start getting indexed. They start ranking higher
up in the search engine and they start generating
leads for you, okay? And this is the old way of doing things. But what we do now is we also have inside this website hidden
behind the front page of this website, we have usually some sort of quiz funnel and some more generic landing pages that is designed for paid traffic. And what we do then is we
immediately tip traffic into the paid site of the website, all these hidden pages and funnels, and we’re able to put traffic in here from Facebook, YouTube. We’re experimenting with
Snapchat at the moment. And what you’ve got here is a system which can generate leads at will if you have the funnels
built out correctly, okay? And when you tie all of
this paid media traffic into the organic stuff, so this is purely just search traffic. So the pages rank internally
so it’s organic search. And what happens over
time is this gets stronger and stronger and stronger
and these get better as well over time as you tweak the funnels and write better ads, et cetera. And what happens here is that you build a real brand asset for your agency, if you’re running Cost per Lead, that is. It’s almost like you’re building a mini-business inside your agency, and we’ve found that this is the future. This is the way to be able to build a real asset within your business that has a sellable
value, because not only have you got the funnels
built, ready to be bought, you’ve also got the
organic search element, which is stuff that no one
else is doing these days, because they haven’t got time. They’re focusing all on
the paid traffic stuff. So I hope that makes sense. Could be a little
confusing, but I’m not sure. Why don’t you get in touch
if you have any questions? We’ve also got a free case study which explains how we do what we do, how we’ve transitioned
away from a retainer-based agency to moving to
the Pay Per Lead model. This is how we do it. If you wanna find out
more, click on that link and we’ll see you soon. Bye.

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