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She Made Him Dance With Her

October 10, 2019

– [Asa] This is our life now. – Yeah. – We have a famous TikToker. (Priscilla laughs) We make TikToks. You guys can stick around to the end. Stick around to the end
to see how it turns out. (Abbie vocalizing) Were you watching us TikTok? You were taking a nap, huh? Was it a good nap, oh!
(cat screaches) (Pricilla laughs) What happened? – Maverick started running
over here, so she panicked. (Pricilla laughs) – Gosh, you two! So I was reading through the comments. The vlog where I captioned
what Abigail was saying and talked about some of her stims, ’cause sometimes those can be
confused for communication, or sometimes they are a
form of communication. I realized that I did not define “stim”. So “stim” is a self-stimulatory, well, stimulatory’s not a real word, self-stimulating behavior and
we all have our senses, right? And a lot of times, people with autism also have Sensory Processing Disorder, so they require sensory input in order to get though their day. To cope with the sensory input
of the world around them, or just because it calms them
or makes them feel better, that kind of thing. And you and I do it, too. A lot of you guys do it, I know I do. It could be tapping
your foot, it could be, flicking a pen, or my mother-in-law, she’ll sit and rub her
bottom lip like that. Those are all stimming behaviors. And it’s very common,
it’s just more escalated, more elevated, more, what’s the word, pronounced in people with autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. So that’s what that is. But today’s sensory
behavior has been face hugs. We call them face hugs. So it’s a deep pressure
thing that Abigail does, and it’s kind of cool to see it again, ’cause we haven’t seen it in a while. She used to do it all the time, and she just hasn’t been doing it lately. – [Commentator] Versatility,
make him move them around on game day. Breaking news, Christian
McCaffrey’s not out there for a play. He’s actually getting a
chance to catch his breath. (Abbie vocalizing happily) (Asa chuckling) (rap music) – Ow, ow, ow. Your hugs hurt. – [Priscilla] Did you
see my “have a good day” on the internet? – (laughing) Ow, ow. (Asa laughing) – [Priscilla] Did you see this one? – (laughing) Oh my gosh. (Asa exhales deeply) (Asa chuckles) That used to be like one of her
go-to stims though for sure. All right, back in the garage get some more garage stuff down. We got a lot of the
boxes cleared out of here that were just kind of like half full and got some things consolidated. Uh-oh. Priscilla’s getting ready for the season. Another fine, grill-cooked meal. Got some chicken thighs. They’re done, I need a dish. (Abbie vocalizing) So I feel like you’re decorating for fall and I’m clinging desperately to summer, with cook on the grill and stuff. Do you have a dish for me? – [Priscilla] A dish. yes. – I’ll tell you what, it
still feels like summer in that garage, it’s hot. – Right? (doorbell rings) – [Commentator] Buy a bunch
of Reese’s, there you go. – Do you have the whole
thing taken apart, not yet? Still working on it, ‘kay. This comment’s gonna
miss its mark entirely seeing as how 97% of
the people that watch, our channel are female. But you 3% of guys out there,
you may very well understand where I’m coming from
or, well, I don’t know, it’s probably not even
a gender specific thing, there’s some dudes that
just gotta decorate for every season too, I’m sure. I am sure but, I’d count myself fortunate
we haven’t done a whole lot of seasonal shopping this
year like we did last year. (Asa chuckling) So one of two things. either we just haven’t had time yet, or she’s actually content
with all of her decor. – [Commentator] “The Masked Singer,” all new, Wednesday on FOX. – Yay!
– Yay! – All right.
– Look at that. – Does that look good? – [Priscilla] Yep! – That looks amazing. Abbie, you’re not a “Simpsons” kid, sorry, not watching this. Let’s be honest, she doesn’t
actually watch anyway, so. Girl, you havin’ a pajama
pants weekend, huh? My parents wouldn’t let
me watch “The Simpsons” when I was a kid, would they
let you watch “The Simpsons?” – No, I remember I wanted a shirt, the one that had, what’s the
little girl’s name, Maggie? – Maggie. – With the pacifier and
it said “suck, suck, suck” and my grandma was like, “You
are not buying that shirt!” I’m like, “It’s not nasty,
she’s a little baby!” She’s like, “Nope, not happening!” (Asa chuckles) Now that I’m older, I see why. (Asa chuckles) C’mon, Ab. – Hey, you gotta leave the light on, ‘kay? You can either sit here,
or go down there and wait, one of the two. Where do you wanna go? Do you wanna sit here or go there? You wanna go sit down there? (Abigail vocalizing) – [Asa] No we’re not, we’re eating dinner. Do you wanna sit here? ‘Kay, sit there and wait. You’re a stairs cat now? – Yeah, she handles the stairs just fine. – [Asa] Good! – I left her down here with Mom, and I was up in my room,
and I was getting laundry. – [Priscilla] Yeah, she jumped off of me ’cause I had to come
and cook and so she’s– (Abigail vocalizing) – And she just waltzed
in like “what’s up?” I was like, “Since when do you do that?” – [Asa] That’s good, ’cause
that’s where your cat food and everything is staying. It’s safe from Maverick and Abbie. (Abbie vocalizing) Slow down! Slow down. Déjà vu. Here we are again. I guess people do eat dinner every night. – Right. – [Asa] So it’s not really déjà vu. – Okay, Ab.
– Just the next day. Look, kiddo, you need
hair ties, all right. Holy cow. – [Isaih] To me at least. – [Asa] Isaiah says best mac
and cheese Mom’s ever made. – No question. – I’m so glad.
– It’s so good. – I mean, it’s always good.
– Yeah. This one’s exceptional. Hair is under control. – All right, girl, take a break. – [Asa] Recipe for the mac and cheese? – It is linked, yes. It’s, well I have a video on it. – [Asa] Yeah, on Triple P, right? – I do. – It’ll change your world. – Sometimes it’s different
than other times though. – Yep, depends on what else you’re cooking in the oven along with it. Especially if you’re making
it for like Thanksgiving or something, when you have
a lot of things in the oven. – Yeah, it’s harder. – So the consistency
is a little different, but it’s a little different every time, but it’s always amazing. It’s always really good. Okay. hey, hey, I wasn’t paying attention, slow down, slow down. Look, this is my plate, that’s yours. You gotta chill. Okay, hey, fork down. I know it’s good, but you gotta slow down. – [Isaiah] That’s awkward. (Asa laughs) It’s really good. – [Isaiah] I know I
have to slow down, too. – [Asa] Mom’s plate started that way. – Right? I’ve taken like three bites. (energetic music) – It’s a long car. Crap, (laughs) I need a little more space. It fits. It fits and there’s room to
walk around which is perfect. I haven’t finished the garage per se. Some of the stuff we
still have to give away for donations to Crazy
Nanny for her church. But, a lot of those boxes are just, they’re labeled garage, they
have garage stuff in them, a lot of my tools. I used to own a motorcycle
ATV repair shop, if you don’t know that, and, so I have a lot of tools. And, yeah, so a lot of that stuff… is tools. And various, you know, household
tools too, not just like mechanic tools like, saws and things that you need
for fixin’ stuff, you know. We were also going to build
a food truck at one time, so Priscilla’s got some like
food truck items leftover from that, so some of that
stuff is in those boxes. But, I’ll go through ’em. The rest of the stuff’s like camping gear and Christmas decor and, it
just, it’s gonna live there, it’s going to be on that wall. So, but a little more organization and the garage will be
perfect; it’s not bad now. Just got a little too much crap in it. There’s some other stuff
I’ve got to get rid of, we’re going to do like a
curb alert for that chair and whatnot, but yeah,
it’s not bad, I like it. Kinda got it divided into
two portions, you know, one side for the car
and like, the stuff that we use everyday, and the
other side is gonna be for the golf cart and the
scooters and bicycles, tools, things like that, so, yep. I’m happy. Once we get rid the
stuff we’re not keeping, there’ll be room to walk
everywhere and get to things and that was the most important part. I’m tired. It’s like 1:30 in the
morning, but I finished. Priscilla’s gonna be
so happy that her car’s in the garage now. The biggest thing is, like,
getting Abbie in and out of the car when it’s raining. It is just a pain, it’s a
hassle ’cause it’s Florida and it rains hard here. Y’know, you get soaking wet,
especially in the mornings, headed to school, that’s a bummer. So, that’ll help with that, you know, it’s a little more
confined space for Abbie, so maybe a little safer too. I never really felt unsafe
loading Abbie in the car, you know, from in the
driveway, but it’s a thing. Hopefully Priscilla likes it, hopefully she doesn’t feel
like it’s claustrophobic. It’s late, I’ll see ya in the morning. Morning. Oh, I look, I look tired. You ready for school? Are you ready for school? (Abbie vocalizing, clapping) Okay, let’s do it. (Abbie vocalizes and claps loudly) – [Priscilla] Here’s your backpack. (Abbie vocalizes and claps loudly) – [Priscilla] Wait, come
here, come here, come here. – [Asa] Chill kid. She okay? – You good? (Abbie vocalizing) – [Asa] Hey, this way. New routine. – [Priscilla] (quiet gasp) It’s in! Oh, look at that! (Abbie vocalizing) – [Asa] Hey, holy crap,
there’s a car, cars go in here? How’d that work? – Can you believe it? That’s pretty cool! – [Asa] (giggles) So guys, how are we going to get this out? Hey, I need your backpack, hun. Hold on, shut the door. (Abbie vocalizing) Backpack. – [Priscilla] Do we have
a garage door opener? – [Asa] We do have a garage door opener. I haven’t programmed it
to the car, the one inside the car yet. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – [Asa] Because I gotta,
‘kay get in Ab, wait. – [Priscilla] What are we doing? (Abbie vocalizing) – [Asa] Go ahead. – [Priscilla] Should we turn around? – [Asa] I know. (chuckles) This is weird, dad! In’t it cool? – [Priscilla] Yes, super cool. – [Asa] So now you have to
learn to park it in here because it’s, you know, how
far in you have to pull. – [Priscilla] Yeah, I’ll figure it out. – [Asa] But it’s got
that front camera on it, that’s what I used to like
pull right up to the, ya know. – [Priscilla] Yeah, look at her, hey! – [Asa] Face it, oh oh
oh oh, get outta there! Get outta there Ab! (Abbie vocalizing) – [Asa] Basically, when it
looks too close you’re good. – [Priscilla] Okay. (steady rainfall on roof) – What? – [Asa] Like, people all over
the world park in garages, and it’s an everyday
occurrence, but to us it’s like, “this is amazing!” – It is! (Asa laughing) We’re in Florida. Lots of Florida people don’t
do it though I don’t think. – [Asa] Yeah it’s true, then
again, we don’t have to keep the car warm during the winter, so. (Abbie vocalizing) – Alright, don’t run into
anything when you’re backing out. – [Asa] Okay, I will try not to. (reverse beeping) I made it. Get outta my, get outta my window! Okay, mom and dad are done goofing off, now we can take you to school. (chill rock music) – You haven’t moved
since I left, have you? – No. (Asa chuckles) It’s crazy right now. – Priscilla’s J-O-B had
a product launch today, so she’s been filling orders. She asked me to take Abbie
this morning, she’s like, “We have this release
and it’s gonna be crazy!” Don’t you love though
that you can do your job from your pajamas if you need to? – [Priscilla] Yup, I’m going
to go take a shower right now. – Alright, we’re going to do
a little Monday morning pickup get the house squared
away after the weekend. You know how it is when
everybody’s hanging out at home. And that’s it for today then. I mean, it’s not it for today. That’s it for this vlog. Like, we’re going to keep vlogging today but it’ll be later. It’ll be tomorrow when you,
you know what I’m saying. See you tomorrow, bye. (Beep) (hip hop music) (Asa mumbles to hip hop tune) (laughing) (hip hop music)


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  • Reply vanillabean49 October 9, 2019 at 5:16 pm

    Advice for Isaiahs dancing – put more attitude in it and raise your leg homie! Love the video as always much love from Scotland ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • Reply Isabelle Quegan October 9, 2019 at 5:17 pm

    Our garage is full of tools, motorbikes, a moped, bicycles and old cars but all the 1s that work are outside

  • Reply Michelle Burris October 9, 2019 at 5:19 pm

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  • Reply Raising.Autism 17 October 9, 2019 at 5:26 pm

    I love your channel! Your family is amazing,and has helped so many people, my family incuded. Thank you!

    Did Abby ever have a hair pulling stim?

  • Reply Jayden Gutierrez October 9, 2019 at 5:34 pm

    Her face hugging stim is the best thing I've seen XD I have it too with pillows but that's a cute variation and she reminded me of a cat!

  • Reply Jgirl172002 October 9, 2019 at 5:51 pm

    Head squeezes or what we call โ€œjasmyne burritoโ€ are my daughters face hugs

  • Reply Our not so Simple life October 9, 2019 at 5:52 pm

    You guys are awesome.. we are in the uk and we have 4 children who all have autism plus other disabilities mixed in with that..

  • Reply Kayla Barnes October 9, 2019 at 6:09 pm

    That's why people have basements.

  • Reply Rico Williams October 9, 2019 at 7:14 pm

    Please buy the kitty a stand with a compartment at the top where she can sit in and hide from the dog. Something high off the ground; cats love being up high. Please get her something. Cats get VERY stressed out when having to been the lookout for doggy "predators" all the time.

  • Reply Wilma Kahala October 9, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    Where is the โค๏ธ button?! Love this whole vlog. Abbie face hugging dad reminds me of my cat when they rub their faces on me! And Nala sitting on Isaiahโ€™s shoulder ! Need I say more?!!!

  • Reply Vickie Rabovsky October 9, 2019 at 7:34 pm

    Just a thought…have Abby pick up the cushions she throws around so less work for you guys

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  • Reply amanda miller October 9, 2019 at 8:27 pm

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  • Reply Jenna Harris October 9, 2019 at 9:03 pm

    I know you probably won't see this but I'll take my chances ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just trying to educate myself. I notice that when Abbie does her stems in public, or gets vocal, most people just ignore it. Is this what you prefer? It seems awkward to just ignore it but, awkward to talk to the family about it also. Just curious how those of us who don't have experience with this can make others feel most comfortable.

    I'm a foster parent and deal with some extreme behaviors from kiddos. Sometimes I just want that person who is ignoring the situation to offer kind words, or just a smile.

    Thanks for the videos! I learn a lot from your family about parenting in general.

  • Reply Kendra Birtch October 9, 2019 at 9:10 pm

    You live in Florida, you can โ€˜grillโ€™ all year. I live in Canada, my parents live in Northern Ontario where it snows for 5+ months of the year. I grew up BBQing all year long. They have two natural gas hookups on the deck, one closer to the door so when there is 3-4 feet of snow you can still bbq. They also use the snowblower on the deck instead of shovelling it.

  • Reply zoe Espy October 9, 2019 at 9:13 pm

    Watch kitty so she doesn't get out, or fall in the pool.

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    Hey guys!! I love your videos. The awareness and education youโ€™re providing is changing the world. ๐Ÿ˜Š I noticed that in the garage you may find a problem with Abbie opening the car door and hitting the wall! A pool noodle cut in half long ways would be a super simple and easy fix if you donโ€™t have something already there or in mind!

  • Reply Leslie Speakman October 9, 2019 at 10:49 pm

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    You guys are a fun family. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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    You're so busy this probably won't even get read! Take some of the smaller boxes you got in the garage, you stack a few, cut some doors, keeping some attached for the cat to go through and hide behind, Tape them together and you have a really inexpensive cat tree! You put an old towel in it and set it by a window and your cat will love you forever! Or you can go out and spend a hundred bucks on one! Love you all!

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