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Should You Quit Your Job?

November 9, 2019

Should you quit your job? This question a lot of people think. And I thought of it too about 7 years ago
before I finally quit. Now, the sad reality is that most people live
lives of quiet desperation. Spending a lot of their days going to work
driving in a glass cage. Driving back. Sitting on their couch watching TV decompressing
from the day. Not liking their boss. Not liking their job. The sad fact is for most people the highlight
of their day is coming home and watching their favorite show or playing their video game
or something along those lines. Now, it doesn’t need to be that way. And if you look at your situation objectively. Look it and just assess where you are without
the emotional component of it. Without the pity, without the blame, without
the regret. And look where you actually are and figure
out where you want to be. Figure out your goals. And make a plan. Everything gets a lot easier when you have
a plan to work towards it. And if you feel trapped which I felt in my
job and you just remember what your plan is, remember your goals. Figure out your obstacles, you can overcome
them. If you feel trapped just focus on what your
plan is and work towards it even if it’s just like feel like shipping away at the Berlin
Wall for a second. You keep doing it day by day. All of us have time each day. I remember when I was working a job. I felt utterly just trapped and contained. I was working for a boss. I hate it. I was working at a ad agency. I was unappreciated. I had a nice salary. I was making $6,000 per month. And at the time when I was 22 or 23 that was
a good amount of money to me even living in LA. But I still felt trapped by my situation. I felt… I told myself I was too young to go higher
in the world or in my company. I thought I was too inexperienced. I told myself I wasn’t smart enough to make
more money. Even I wanted it. And I also knew that my job, my salary, my
boss even thought I was overpaid. Even though I was producing way more than
the line share of profits for the entire company. But I had a plan. And I stuck to it every single day. And the plan was to replace the income from
my job with my own work for myself. Now I attacked my spare time every single
day like a beast. Every single second that I could spend working
on my business, I attacked it with tenacity. I made sure that social media and that events
and that friends and family obligations that all of your friends and family and associates
and co-workers put on me would not hold me back. And I made sure I was always supremely focused
with a tenacious wolf-like hunger to use every spare second of my time to move myself towards
what I believe my ultimate destiny was. Which was working for my self. Being able to be free to experience the world,
to travel. Which I ended up doing. I quit my job in September 2012. And I still remember that day. I had created an income for myself that far
surpassed when I was earning at my job. I was working over $20,000 a month by the
time I quit my job. I mean it seems like a dream. I never believed I’ve be in a position… I was just trying to replace my income but
I far surpassed that. But it happened like that. Now, the safe path leads to desperation. The safe path just waiting to get an opportunity
or jumping around whatever the safe path is, it leads to a life of quiet desperation. You have to take risks. You have to jump off the edge at some point. You have to make a decision of where do you
want to be. And be real with yourself. Be truthful with yourself for a second and
say, “Where do you actually want to end up?” Because if you do not actually move towards
your goals, nobody else is going to move towards your goals for you. Nobody else is going to make the hard decisions
for you. The only person that can make the hard decisions
is you. Now, could be a job. It could be a relationship. It could be a friend. But whatever that hard decision is, nobody’s
going to make it for you. And if you are suffering quietly, the only
person you have to blame is looking at you in the mirror. The only person that is responsible for where
you are. It’s not you spouse, it’s not your husband. It’s not your mother, it’s not your father. It’s not your child, it’s not your toddler. It’s not your boss. The only person you have to blame is yourself. And only when you take responsibility for
your own failure or success then you can change it. Because only when you take responsibility
for your own circumstances can you affect them and change them. But nobody else is going to do it for you. Now, a lot of us trap ourselves with what
I call golden handcuffs. We just take whatever money we’re earning
and we spend it. We take whatever our income is. And we spend up to whatever we can afford. And that’s wrong. You know, that’s going to leave you with handcuffs. That’s going to leave you trapped. You’re making $5,000 a month? You spend $5,000 a month. You make $6,000 a month, you spend $6,000
a month. And I got caught it this trap in my mid 20s. You know, I was earning more than most people. But I spent every dollar that I had. Made a little more money, I got a new car. I made a little more money, I bought another
toy. Every single dollar I earned I would spend. Make my lifestyle up to the amount of money
I earned. And what that lead me to do is I just was
trapped. I never had enough money to make a leap and
invest in my own freedom. So many of my friends and my cousins… You know, they earn money from their jobs
but they get that expensive apartment. You don’t need that 4,000 or 2,000-dollar
apartment to live. And you don’t need that 500-dollar a month
BMW car lease. Lower your quality of living. Lower your standard of living so that you
can actually save up money and be free. Lastly, dig deep inside of yourself. Dig deep and ask yourself where do you really
want to go in life. What do you want to become. Is your job serving you to get there. And if isn’t, make a plan and follow through. Maybe that means lowering your quality of
living for period and saving up money so you can make the leap. Maybe it means just going in and giving your
30-day notice. Maybe it means cutting off relationship with
a friend or a family member or a significant other. Whatever that is, make a decision. The only person to make the hardest decisions
is going to be you. The only way you’ll be able to make the hard
decision is when you take responsibility for your own circumstances.


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