Siargao FOOD TOUR! – The BEST Local Restaurants & Filipino Food in General Luna

February 9, 2020

Have fun at school that got out of hand really fast and they never paid us I told them 50 pesos for a drive. All right, we gotta get out of here. Every other kid wants a ride Good morning adventurers. Good morning! From another amazing day here on the island of Siargao If you caught our previous video we went and explored some amazing islands. Just right off of this area [Eric]: So beautiful. Today though. We’re gonna keep it a little more chill a little more delicious and try all the yummy food this area has to offer. So we are on the island of General Luna today, it’s in the southern eastern part of Siargao This town is actually known for having some incredible food. We’ve been here for about a week now We’ve been scouting out all kinds of different food spots. We are so excited to try some of them today So if you come to the island, this will likely be your home base. Even if you’re gonna go exploring all over the island It’s a really easy Jumping-off point so you can easily get all over the island all the great spots even to the airport from here Today we are going to find some more low-key local spots that are off the Main Street but we’re also going to go to some of the more well-known places because some of the places around here even though they’re popular with The tourists the locals even rave about it, but first things first We have to have some breakfast and we have to have some coffee to start this day ‘Coz it is lready hot out here even though it’s like 8:30 in the morning. I’m so glad we have the Tuk Tuk This is the way to do it get it Tuk Tuk because you get under the shade. That is the key I promise I do actually know how to drive this thing. I think. See you later adventurers! We’ve been completely blown away by the coffee in General Luna, I don’t think we’ve had a bad cup yet. No, it’s all been fantastic. We want to take you guys to our favorite place. It’s called White Beard Coffee It’s actually run by a guy with a little strip of white inch beard I don’t know if he’s here today, but we’ll introduce him if we can find him. We got our coffee. It’s absolutely delicious They put the best of all ice cubes in it. It’s a big ball ice cube and a cube ice cubes It’s funny to say a ball of ice cube It doesn’t really add up, does it? It’s kinda cute. It’s a ball. It’s an ice ball. Cheers. They make it so good here. They also have amazing breakfast you guys it cannot get any better So they have waffles here and we have tried quite a few in the town already These are the best they have some like cinnamon in the dough. We got the bacon and eggs You could do eggs any way you want you could also get sausage with it We’re also splitting this because you know, we’re gonna be eating all day long and they put a good amount of syrup on here Which I love It’s hot, fresh, so yummy It’s also just super chill vibes here they always have this chill music playin’ We have a little puppy sleeping over here, it’s so awesome, I love it. [Eric]: Doesn’t get much better. Cheers! To a good start to the day. [Eric]: to the island life. To the island life. White Beard is actually down in the downtown area If you want to call it that of General Luna but there is also a place that we really love kind of further up north Towards cloud 9 that’s called the Spotted Pig I say there coffee is just as good their food is way more expensive, but they have different options But if you’re closer to that side of town, we definitely recommend Spotted Pig [Eric]: You guys we found the real white beard. He does exist. The beard isn’t completely white but he’s got this little white My buddies or friends they always call me White Beard So they’re the ones who told me that I should name my shop, White Beard Well, we love the coffee. So, keep it up! For our next step we’ve come to this little corner shop called Coco Frio We’ve actually been dying to go here cuz you keep driving by it It’s this little shack that has the most awesome teal design on the outside when you go in They have all these different coconut inspired drinks on the wall. It was really hard to decide what to get We took quite a few recommendations from the girl who runs the shop I ordered the Coco Sunrise, which I’ll show you in just a minute But the minute I ordered if she just grabbed some coconuts She chopped them up on her little stand over there on the side of the shop. And now she’s preparing the drinks [Eric]:Did you come up with all the flavors yourself? Yes, these are Vietnamese-inspired. And this drink is really from Hanoi, Vietnam. [Eric]: Oh, the Coconut Coffee Freeze? Yeah. This beauty here is the Coco Sunrise It is orange lemon honey and sea salt and it’s ice-cold. It just sounds so refreshing and I’m so hot outside I’m so thirsty. [Allison]: So this is essentially the natural Gatorade Mmm, it’s really good. It’s barely sweet. It’s more on the tart end. So cold and so refreshing. Nice job. It’s really good. She knows what she’s doing here. And my drink is ready. It is the coconut coffee freeze and it is frozen and delicious I know we just had coffee, but can you ever have too much coffee and mix of coconut? So it’s Vietnamese coffee in here So there’s a little condensed milk, they blend the coconut meat in there with coconut milk coffee condensed milk Oh my gosh, you could get it sweeter. I got it a little less sweet. Hmm Totally different than Eric’s it’s still super refreshing and so good such a unique way to have your coffee in the morning We’ve got a tree full of kids [Eric]: You guys need a ride? [Kids]: Yes. [Eric]: 50 pesos. 50 pesos? [Eric]: Yeah, sure. Do you have 50 pesos? No. Are you sure, I’m a really bad driver. Allison’s officially driving the Tuk Tuk you guys Next up we are trying a Filipino dish called Turo Turo. It’s not really a dish exactly but when you drive around the philippines You’re gonna see all these different roadside stalls with a bunch of pans just full of different dishes and Turo Turo means “point point” So basically you walk up, you point to what you want. They scoop it on a plate And then you eat it and everyone’s happy. It’s really great for foreigners when you don’t know the name of anything Yeah And plus they’ll tell you you can just ask them what all the dishes are, it’s a really good way to learn all the dishes Because you can find a huge spread of Filipino dishes up there This might be our favorite way to eat here in the Philippines because they always have fresh veggies So you’ve got some orange and some green on the plate surprisingly hard to find here It’s mostly just meat and rice. We also got some chicken adobo over here, which is chicken cooked in its marinade So it’s super flavorful. This is supposed to be spicy pork Although I think we have yet to have anything really spicy here in the Philippines Yeah, apparently they don’t really do much spicy food Some chopped up string beans and then they said this is chopsuey I thought Chop Suey usually had cabbage in it. But this is just carrots cauliflower broccoli. Oh and they convinced us to get a little Veggie spring roll. Yup. I’m really excited to try this chicken adobo This is a very common dish you’re gonna find all over the place here But you can see how the meat just falls apart It cooks in that marinade and it just seeps into it. So it should be full of flavor It is so flavorful the flavor the marinade is great It’s tangy and a little bit sweet and it’s almost like a little bit of gel, you know Because the dishes up there they kind of sit there and it can be a little off-putting for a foreigner But you’re supposed to just eat them like that. Some places look more fresh than others, but they look really fresh up there Let’s see what spice you got Philippines Little bit hidden there. Oh, I’m impressed. The flavor is so nice It is a little spicy which I am loving not too spicy But it almost tastes like um spice pork jerky, but really tender it’s not chewy it kind of falls apart in your mouth Filipinos know how to cook some meat. [Eric]: Yeah, they really do it’s crazy It’s just all the barbecue fried chicken the pork. It’s all so good This old Turo Turo spot is called Tuna On D’Road Don’t know if it’s actually on the map. I couldn’t find it, but we’ll pinpoint it for you It is on the road. It’s actually another one right next to it. So if they don’t have what you want, you come to this one. And there are also fruit and veggies there which is super convenient So vegan cuisine is surprisingly big on this island – Acai fruit bowls, the place we’re about to go to, has both But it’s actually literally just a kiddy corner to where we just ate lunch so it’s a nice short walk All right. Let’s go ate some fruit bowl. Wanted something sweet again until I got this in my hands and now I’m so excited. It’s so hot outside They had the AC blasting in here and we have this deliciousness. So this is the pureed banana ice cream We got the mix. So it also has acai in there This is called the nutty gritty Bowl and it has slivers of almonds some peanut butter bananas some granola Back in there and then of course the base Gotta get a little bit of the pink berry. Oh, yeah, the acai part Got some granola on the back there the perfect bite That’s a pleasure dance It’s so good it’s so cold It’s so sweet. But also a little savory and salty with the peanut butter and banana is so fresh The granola is nice and sweet picking there If you’re not familiar with acai It’s a berry that comes from a certain kind of palm tree in South America I think it became super popular because people found out it has all these antioxidant properties and other health properties I mean, I’ve had it like maybe once or twice but I can’t even really remember it’s not something I eat often Smaller bite Definitely do smaller bites. Whoo, that’ll freeze your teeth right off. Oh my god that peanut butter you guys. Oh, So good I love the combination of the sweet soft serve and then the Sticky kind of sweet peanut butter. They’re just two completely different textures and it just goes together so well There are multiple places around the island Especially in this area where you can get acai bowls like this the most popular one when you search for them in General Luna You’re gonna find Shaka cafe Which is kind of down the road away. We debated whether or not we should go there But everyone knows that the Shaka cafe is good So we wanted to try something a little different and I have to say can highly recommend it. Buonana, or Bonana Something like that We have just been seated at Kermit it is 6:30 p.m On a Wednesday and there was a wait when we arrived good to know people recommended this and I guess the word is out because there is a wait even on weekdays I think the wait will be worth it because they have pizza here y’all I mean they have a slew of other things all kinds of pastas and seafood and curries and things but the pizza is what we’re here for and The happy hour trip we just placed our order and we cannot wait. Pizza should be here shortly The pizzas have arrived this is the Gianni pizza. It’s spicy salami mozzarella and Parmesan on there It just sounded so good and so simple our waitress Recommended it and then we built our own because you can build your own pizza. So why not? So we have bell peppers olives artichokes feta and regular salami Oh my god, the pizza here looks so good and they’re making it all fresh back there The spicy salami is delicious, it’s all perfectly cooked It’s the perfect amount of spicy but this dough check that out those little burnt parts on the bottom They add so much flavor. It’s more on the soft end, it’s that kind of pizza like a folding type of pizza Mmm, I did not expect to get this good of pizza on Siargao I feel like you can’t go wrong with spicy salami and stuff. So, let’s see how we did being our own of inventors of pizza Ok. Oh, no. It’s all falling How did we do? We did a really good job I don’t know if those artichokes or canned or not But they’re definitely marinated artichokes and they taste really good Side note artichokes on pizza – quite good. Just so good. I swear like the coffee this morning and whitebeard’s this pizza rivals big city Pizza like stuff we’ve had in New York and San Francisco We didn’t eat that much pizza in Italy so I can’t compare it to that necessarily, but it’s so good. It’s so flavorful Pizza Cheers, is that a thing? We’re making it a thing I – I don’t know what to say. (laughs) Pizza cheers! [Eric]: This is over. This food tour is not over you guys we decided to extend it one more day because there’s one more dinner spot we wanted to Take you guys to this is Mama’s Grill and it is very famous in General Luna when you walk up you’re gonna see these guys Grilling a bunch of meats on their barbecue. It is very popular. This is a Thursday night and this place is completely packed sadly I don’t know if we can actually get a spot in here. There’s a huge line over there There isn’t a single spot to sit over here, but we have a back-up plan It’s actually really common in Filipino culture to be barbecuing like this. Usually right on the street earlier in the week We actually drove past the more low-key spot that was gonna be our backup if Mamma’s was too crowded but we hear Mama’s is great So if you have the chance to check it out, but I think we’re gonna head to the local spot. That sound good Sounds great. This is making me super hungry We arrived at our final stop for the night We actually went to the other side of town to this little restaurant called Debbie’s. Maybe it’s Eby’s it’s not really sure We’ve been saying beby beby in my head Yeah and we thought it said Siargao’s best but it actually says Surigao’s best and then we panicked and thought this was A chain restaurant. I think there’s only one other location in Siargao. Either way, it’s the best of something. That’s great. Right? Yeah Yeah, we kind of taken a gamble on this place yeah, significantly less crowded which is great for filming, but who knows what that means about the quality of the BBQ So how these barbecue places work is you go up and there’s usually case with just a bunch of raw meat sometimes Vegetables in there you just pick out what you want they grill it up right on the grill out in front and then serve it to you and they doused all of ours in this delicious barbecue sauce It smells so sweet and delicious as you can see we probably ordered too much and we’ll do our best I think I’m gonna try this big old bit of pork here. First. Tell me that doesn’t look amazing I’m just gonna eat this right off of the stick It’s satisfying the minute that you bite into it, I would say the pork is cooked okay But the glaze that’s on the outside of it is the star It’s just the perfect balance of sweet and savory and it’s really salty. It is just so satisfying I think Allison’s gonna give this chicken a try. Yes, I got I think this is your leg Way too much Yeah, this is a lot of meat. Just take a big ‘ol bite. It does smell so nicely grilled Look at all that chard on there Well, I was worried when you said that your pork chop wasn’t cooked well, I was like Oh great, the chickens gonna be super dry and overdone but it is not it’s super moist in there and it’s Really tender and the barbecue sauce is nice and sweet and salty on there But it’s not overwhelming and it’s just a really nice grilled piece of chicken Well, we had such an amazing time exploring the city eating everything it had to offer I feel like we did a good job kind of trying a little bit of everything But let us know if you’ve been here before what your favorite spots are so that other people can go there or we can come back and go to those But I think our time down here in General Luna has come to an end I think we are gonna be heading north of the island. Next time you see us. So a lot more to come. Yes So, I guess that’s it for today. Good night adventurers. We’ll see on the road literally and the Tuk tuk tomorrow

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