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Slow Affiliate Marketing Vid 2 KEYWORDS

October 5, 2019

If you’re interested in making money
online this videos for you.Hi and welcome and welcome back on George Pierce and I
want to thank you for watching. This video was about affiliate marketing, it’s
the second video in my slow affiliate marketing training series and I’ll leave a
link to the first video below this video is about we’re going to mainly be
working on keywords and using keywords to build a review site and our review
site is also going to be the the essence of our video we’re going to be taking
care of the review site and the video sort of more or less at the same time
which is going to save us time so so anyway key and the the what I will we
left off in the previous video ever say there’ll be a link below to to the
previous video that I was trying to emphasize the importance and the value
of keywords and there’s no way that I can overemphasize how important they are
this is a video that you really want to pay attention to for your own benefit
because keywords are just so important so key words are the words that people
are using to find the product or service that you are selling off but I do want
to introduce you to a tool that I use called ubersuggest and it’s one of my
favorite tools it is a free tool I’m also going to introduce you to another
tool or several other tools that I use over the period of the whole series but
the other tool that I’m going to introduce you to is called my video spy
yeah and I’m also going to introduce you to another tool that I use it’s a paid
tool but it will it’ll pay for itself virtually immediately so I’m going to
show that with you as well let’s go to ubersuggest so let’s get right to it what I do is check for cpmplaints, I am going to
check the product for compliants and as you can see fortunately no complaints
which is wonderful and then I’m almost gonna check the principal’s in other
words the owner the CEO the president whatever whatever that might be
or mean in this case it would be Carly Donovan so I’m checking for complaints
and there are fortunately no complaints there as well so that’s something that I
recommend that you do as standard procedure okay I am at ubersuggest this is
a site by neat neil patel it’s a free website i’ll leave a link below to over
suggest I’ve typed in Cinderella solution and there’s not a whole lot of
search volume not terrible but since there’s a 35 SEO difficult in the SEO
difficulty is the estimated competition so in other words what that means is if
this says 35 we’ve actually got about a 65 percent chance of succeeding with the
keyword phrase ‘Cinderella solution’ not terrible not terrible but
but certainly could be better now this is what I wanted to share with
you about Cinderella solution it’s been pretty dormant jumped-up the last
several months so it at the moment it is on fire it’s red-hot and there’s
about 4400 searches per month at the moment the again the competition is
about 35 there Cinderella solution reviews 29
a little bit better Cinderella solution ice type 120 but only a hundred and ten
searches and any anything over a hundred is technically good enough to consider
but I would like to see a lot lower number
than 20 that means we got an 80% chance of succeeding but I would much you know
but it’s only a hundred and ten searches solution book 10 so not overwhelming as
far as the keywords go as the keywords that I would probably prefer to use here
are Cinderella solution perhaps reviews their own solution diet so nothing
really here that jumps out at me okay so let’s look at let’s look at weight loss and certainly a lot of search volume and
I’m naturally a tremendous amount of competition so weight loss and you might
think with weight loss that would be an automatically wonderful keyword that’s a
very difficult keyword to score with because you only have a 23 percent
chance of scoring and almost at 0% chance as far as paid difficulty so if
you were to use use that keyword phrase weight loss in a paid ad you would
probably be throwing your money okay so weight loss not so good 77 73
weight loss calculator unless we’re offering a weight loss calculator that’s
that’s kind of a bait and switch keyword so that’s not going to do us much good it’s clinic weight loss program well
there’s really the search volume is good but there’s not a whole lot okay lose weight seventy percent seventy seven so as you
can see the difficulty is still high and this is the one I’m not one I really
want to share with you because this is one of the reasons I like to suggest so
well is because it gives us the difficulty and so it also a not only
does it give it that give us the search volume which is extremely important but
it lets us know how difficult it is to rank weight lose weight foods but if
someone’s looking for lose weight foods are exercised chances are they are
looking for recipes but now lose weight fast 72 so we’re really not coming up
with some good keywords okay so what if we put phrase like loses his pounds lose pounds 260 search volume so not a
whole lot of searches with an 81 percent chance of scoring so we were better but
not where we want to be how to lose 10 pounds in one week well well well 12100
search volume and a paid difficulty at 13 which is awesome and 12 which is this
is just an awesome keyword phrase lose ten pounds in two weeks 8100 with an 8
this is week week what we’ve done is we have stumbled upon a so lose 10 pounds
is probably the keyword phrase even lose pounds is good but just not a search bar
to lose 10 pounds and this again we’re taking a little bit of time and that’s
one of the reasons why I did I do 10 to 20 of these at once that’s one of the
reasons why I will do in other words I’ll go into to Clickbank and I will do
literally do ten different affiliates at one time usually or more because I’ve
got to do this kind of research I’ll keep on the same niche they’re all going
to be rate related they’re all going to be weight loss so they’re all going to
be something to do with affiliate marketing or internet marketing or email
marketing and so on these are the niches that I focus on excellent excellent
excellent 4400 search volume 17 this is excellent so lose 10 pounds lose 10
pounds in a week what I’m going to do here is actually
copy these keywords copy and I’m gonna go to Cinderella solution paste without formatting because this gives me my search volume
and so on and I am most satisfied with every one of these search volumes and
the competition that’s what I worked it out presently
I’m actually going to do what I’m going to do a little bit later is I’m going to
take away these numbers and just leave these keywords with a chroma key words
with the kong-kong so and that’s what I’m going to copy and paste into my tags
or most likely I haven’t not done with my keyword research but this these look
like the keywords that I’m going to focus on these are the keywords that I’m
going to use in my review and in my assuming that I settle on these keywords
assuming that you and I settled on these keyboards then these will be the
keywords that we’re going to use in our review in an our video so next
we want to go to to YouTube so I’ve taken us to youtube and typed in youtube
search box lose ten pounds weight fast that’s one of the things I want you to
see how to lose and I’m getting autofill how do we lose weight loss without
exercise 12-thousand this is these numbers that we’re looking at this
information that we’re looking at the keywords are because of YouTube YouTube
will run a autofill give us a list of keywords and then the numbers are a
result of a free app free tool and that I leave a link to that also it’s
called keywords everywhere and this gives us the search volume how to lose 10
pounds in a week 10 pounds in a month you can see we’re getting good search
volume also on YouTube that’s what I want to make sure none of those fourteen
thousand eight or twelve thousand one these are the monthly search volumes compare that 12,000 12,000 so we are
getting getting good search volume on both 10 pounds in a week within thousand
and then let’s see what the IQ has to say about it as well as to buddy on the
right hand side here this is good IQ that IQ says it’s a 27 out of 100 difficulty so that’s not as far as
YouTube goes that’s not as good as I would like how to lose weight how to
lose weight in a week how to lose weight fast how to lose weight in a week these
are strong possibilities I also want to check down here this is – buddy – buddy
show in a 37 so a little bit better very good search volume but a pretty high
competition I want to get a what’s called a weighted how to lose 10 pounds
in a week in a week exercise no diet without exercise there’s 12 point 9
million videos that are about how to lose 10 pounds in a week so as far as
YouTube goes not so good because there’s a lot of competition as far as Google
goes excellent let’s see how to lose without exercise what this is is how to
lose 10 pounds in a week without exercise not so still 36 not great without exercise or dieting now we got
52 but we may not have the search volume what we try to do is come up with killer
keywords that are going to work on both YouTube and Google because those are the
two search engines Google’s the number one search engine so we want to score
high on Google for our review site and we want to score high on YouTube for our
video and we want to score high actually on both of them because they’re both
going to look at our website they’re both going to look at our video anyway
so that better we can score on the both the better off we’re going to be there’s
still some competition but it’s 2.1 million that’s still a lot of
competition this would be nice if it were under a hundred thousand and that
sounds like a lot of competition but it’s not a lot of competition on YouTube
because there’s just so many videos on YouTube but the search volume is fair
competition is a little higher so that’s not a great sign optimization strength
is high so know where this is and definitely an optimized keyword phrase and let’s go back here over lose 10
pounds and how to lose 10 pounds in a month 50 I like that see
how to lose 10 pounds in a month according to at 80 100 searches search volume showing
very good competition it’s good optimization is good 13.1 million of
videos not so good one hundred and five thousand searches excellent
getting a lot of searches but how about without exercise without exercise three
point six six million so better but the search volume is not so good three point
six thousand searches 8100 those 10 pounds a month usually how to it is
better lose ten pounds in a month without exercise we’re getting there
as far as overall score there’s thirty two thousand two point five three
million is still a lot but a lot less let’s see how this looks without diet
not so good without exercise two million videos thirty two thousand ten thousand
week this week what I’m doing is just kind of playing around and hoping hoping
that I get lucky essentially how to lose ten pounds without exercise looks
like are based on two buddy that looks like it’s probably our best Avenue based
on Tube buddy so what I’ve done is I’ve taken some of
the higher scoring keyword phrases from two buddy that are down here 76 was the
best score out of lose 10 pounds this week so now I’m going to take it to one
more website my video spy this is paid and what my video spy does and I’ll
leave a link to it below because it’s a very inexpensive tool to help you find
what’s what are called untapped keywords and these are the keywords that were
actually searching and the least expensive version allows you to do 100
searches per month and I search pretty regularly I do not use my videos by
everything that I do but I do use it regularly and as you can see I only use
20 searches we’re going to need to do race I’m going to do a search we want to type
in how to lose ten pounds lose 10 fun moves time I lose 10 pounds I lose
10 pounds in 18 days in two days and two months in two weeks
love this they beat the other side of Cuban spy lose 10 pounds I’m not going
to use everyone at each keyword phrases in one review or one video these are the
keywords not necessarily all of them but these are keywords that I will consider
using and then the next thing I need to do or the next thing I want to do is go
back to the cinderella solution and we’re going to do that in the next video
okay so I’ve got keywords essentially I’ve got the keywords that one it needs
to build my review and my video around as well as squeeze pages and so the next
step we’re going to take take is to put all these keywords together and I’ll
show you how we’re going to do that in the next video shout out shout out
I’d like to give you a shout out go ahead and give us a like and a comment
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of content on these videos I do want to thank you for watching I appreciate it
allow me to wish you much success


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    This backward approach is one you want to learn. Thanks for visiting and for watching.

  • Reply J YH September 9, 2019 at 6:24 pm

    Thanks George, so you first filter low hanging fruit KWs based on volume and difficulty (in UberS), then also look at difficulty in YouTube as well. Is that correct?

  • Reply Full Time Freedom September 10, 2019 at 1:21 am

    Keep up the great sharing George, there's so much to learn. Abundant blessings

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