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SPEC OFFER! Get a Free Sales Funnel For Your Business! (We Do It FOR You)

November 8, 2019

hey guys this is Cyndie Shelton happy
November can you believe we’re into November already we’ve even had our
first a pretty decent snowfall in October all that right now but today
anyway I wanted to make a quick video my camera is still not working something is
really wonky with it so I am off camera today again but I wanted to I’m gonna
make a couple quick videos today first of all it is conversions per conversion
pros v and v universe eree five years ago today’s so I’m going to make another
little video about that so you can pause and read this later if you want but
we’ve got this special going on right now um David hat David is our remembers
our CEO and he is a million dollar copywriter he has built systems for
million dollar companies billion dollar companies this guy and his team knows
their stuff will right now in the conversion pros we are giving
away free funnels in other words you join conversion pros and it’s $50 a
month it’s you know we’ve been around five years it’s never been more there’s
no gotchas there’s no upsells there’s no surprises you you know what you get a
lot of value for your money but he wanted to offer this free funnel for
those who have expired trials who’ve tried conversion pros before I mean for
whatever reason you know your trial expired or you just didn’t do it you
know he wants to you come back and he wants to build you a funnel any business
it doesn’t matter I was looking through the group and it was showing um here’s
some of the ones they’ve just built in the last few days for businesses for
water businesses you know like the law I don’t want to say their name coffee
businesses travel credit repair business loans food curator boxes restaurants
makeup skincare they did an RV camper sales one keto weight loss and a ton
more and and this is not you know we do Realtors we do dentists and lawyers
insurance you name it there’s a lot of really good
is out there but not everyone has a good not every I hope I’m a recording are you
okay not everyone has a good funnel for their business and you can be sending
and do all the advertising campaigns in the world and sending tons of traffic to
your site but if you are not putting them in a funnel where you’re capturing
your information so you can continue to market them you are leaving a lot of
money on the table so stay tuned for this little video that David made he’s
gonna talk a little bit about it now this isn’t just for people I wanted to
make sure I mention that who has been with conversion pros before and for
whatever reason you you know you you didn’t continue this is also for new
people so if you you know that yes this is a business that you can sell this
suite of marketing tools to to people and and fifty dollars a month and the
retention because of the value is insane like I said I’ve been doing it for five
years getting a paycheck every week for five years so you can do it as a
business or you can use it to market your business no matter what it is if
it’s brick-and-mortar or online and I’ve done it for both so I have a side income
with this while I was using it to market my own businesses well this is my big
moneymaker and so this is the one I’m continuing a market conversion pros as
well so stay tuned for the for the video that David’s gonna do it’s only like
three minutes long or whatever and then I wanted to share this testimony I found
in the group I thought this was awesome thanks to my TCP web pages I just earned
seven thousand six hundred fifty dollars in my first week in my primary home
business all done a hundred percent over the Internet and foot I love TCP I love
helping others so stay tuned watch David’s video get signed up the
information will be in the description below get your free funnel this this
offer is gonna go away soon so you don’t want to miss it make sure you get your
free funnel make sure you get signed up and let us help you build your business
we’ll just help you get those leads signups and sales see you on the inside everybody is a freezing night over here
in Nashville I shouldn’t say that is that cold but it’s pretty darn cold out
but anyway the reason I’m jumping on here is I just had someone asked me a
great question and yes I’ll and the answer it because it’s very important
question and it is this if you had trials that expired or didn’t upgrade
before this new offer where we’re going to build a funnel can you offer the
funnel to them to get them back and to get them to upgrade and the answer to
that is an outstanding yes it’s actually great so most of you what you should do
the first step you should do that’s going to make you a lot of money is go
back in your back office and literally contact every lead every trial that
you’ve ever had and say did you know that this offer is going to happen if
you know that the tcp the design team the program team the ad copy experts the
top six superiors that know how to produce funnels and do seven figures are
gonna build you one and all you got to do is upgrade and let them know about
that offer and many of you are going to end up signing up a lot of those people
that are already sitting in your back office that are stagnant i can’t tell
you how many people already came to us that were expired and said man if i
upgrade today while i get that offer and we said yeah and we’ve had tons already
come you know upgrade because of this offer so that were trials in the past
and just you know saw the offer and want to take part of it so it’s huge so if
all you did was get in your back office and you know what i’ll be honest with
you if you really want to get results you should probably pick up the phone
and call home okay you’re gonna get more results calling these people telling
them this offer then you are going to be emailing or texting or anything like
that but you know some of you are afraid to work which i don’t know why because
it could set you free with the monthly residual but for those of you that are
hungry that are hustlers and understand it takes a little bit of work if you’re
willing to bang that phone and call all those people with this offer i mean
think about it go show me another offer this big on the internet right now that
someone can spend fifty bucks and have an entire design to you know what this
literally cost you know we have companies coming to us at paid thousands
of dollars for us to look at their funnels I was
hired by billion-dollar companies to set up their funnels with very high monthly
pay for me to look at okay here’s the funnel that you need to launch okay and
we’re doing that for people helping these people for 50 bucks are you
kidding me I mean it’s the craziest deal that
you’re gonna find there’s not gonna be another offer this big online right now
period so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and give someone the offer of a
lifetime because it would be up to them whether they’re crazy enough to miss it
or not not up to you but you get a chance to offer somebody something huge
okay it’s like if if I pulled up in a Ferrari okay 150 $200,000 Ferrari and
said you could have it for 12 grand you would be running to the bank right now
to do that why because the the cars worth so much more than twelve thousand
dollars you won’t even have to think about it you’d be calling up grandma
ex-girlfriend whatever to get that 12 grand together because you wouldn’t let
a deal like that pass you by that’s how good this deal is it’s going to be a
limited time deal you have an insane offer every single person on your
facebook feed that’s an MLM that’s feeling okay it needs help they need
this okay every single one how many people on your
facebook right now sell a product or sell a service that want to have more
signups and more sales every one of them they need this okay so do not be afraid
to offer it because it’s the offer of a lifetime so all right that’s what I got
but yeah if you have expired trials or people that have got in your back office
in the past and they haven’t upgraded yet or never did upgrade or I did I’ve
created for some reason against whatever get ahold of them because they’re
converting like crazy right now fuck you later tip about our offer that
we’re doing for anybody that upgrades this is huge for local businesses you
know we’re building them you know let’s like get on our customer VIP list all
kinds of cool page just like that for businesses you know jujitsu schools I
want to give away a free week we pop in a video and then we say get a free week
here I mean we are the we are the kings of building awesome awesome stuff for
local businesses there’s tons of local restaurants around you jiu-jitsu studios
make up hair salons all these places that have no clue how to market they may
be a great hairdresser or a great barber but they really really stink at
marketing and when they find out they can have a professional design team come
in and build a sales funnel for that business help them get leaves help them
market to those leads get the app on their phone where they’re constantly
getting lead notifications this is huge and for a business to spend 50 bucks is
nothing okay nothing that they do it all day every day and what do you think
about this five businesses in your area is 125 bucks in your pocket ten is 250
bucks twenty is 500 but so instead I mean while your marketing and finding
all these people home-based businesses your marketing on Facebook you have a
insane amount of money right now in your back yard to tie into with our free
funnel offer we have literally built funnels our design team is working
around the clock right now we got so many people wanting a funnel we built
one for a food curation service you know where you get the food box to your house
and cook the food yourself we’ve done pet products we’ve done Bitcoin we have
done credit repair we have done water travel weight loss coffee you know we
did we’re doing on one right now we’re building for RV camping sales okay which
is interesting all kinds of products and services that aren’t necessarily in the
MLS based at all we do it all so I just wanted to throw that tip out there if
you’re looking to make some big money when you need some money fast how many
businesses do you drive by daily that could use a professional sales fall
built for their company and you you’re able to offer this service that you
literally cost thousands of dollars for 50 bucks
it’s insane everybody it is so insane this offer you know and we have some you
that that it ringing ding up here and you’re out there going to the races and
you say oh my gosh I’m going to make a fortune off of this and some of you were
gonna watch this video and say hey you know when you’re gonna pass up all that
money so that’s up to you whether you want to go grab it or not but this offer
is insane people are taking advantage of this offer like crazy
and again we got a whole staff working around the clock to knock these things
out for our customer so I’m giving back to overseeing that right now and I just
wanted to give you that tip because I’m starting to see a lot of local
businesses come in for this offer and that made me think wow there’s a lot of
money sitting right now in every single one of our customers backyards that they
can go grab because businesses would love to have a professional capture page
a professional landing page everything built for them by a professional company
that knows what they’re doing and they’re gonna say what 50 bucks are you
kidding me let’s do it right now okay because that’s that’s what we’re seeing
I’m talking to another guy right now that does a septic tank stuff how crazy
is that you never know what you’re gonna get so all right here one have a good

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