Spicy peach chutney recipe. Just like Mrs Balls Chutney!

December 2, 2019

the sauce we’re gonna be making today is
one that I grew up with it was almost always on our dinner table and if you’re
South African you probably have it on your dinner table right now we’re going
to be learning how to make mrs. ball’s peach chutney with a little bit of a
twist this is what we’re going to need to make
our lovely chutney first things first is in this pot over here I’ve been soaking
my dried apricots and dried peaches we have one kilogram of dried peaches and
we have 0.4 kilograms of dried apricots they’ve been soaking in about two liters
of brown spirit vinegar the vinegar I’m using is this over here which is a South
African brand but you can use any old brown spirit vinegar the reason I bought
this specially is because I find it quite difficult to find brown vinegar
that isn’t malt vinegar in the UK if all you have is malt vinegar it’ll still
taste good and you’ll still get a great chutney it just won’t necessarily have
the exact same flavors of mrs. balls chutney we have four kilograms of sugar
this is just white sugar it’s unfortunate that we have to use so much
sugar but this is a chutney so you know chutney has sugar there’s nothing I can
really do about that if you have got a recipe that uses less sugar or users
sugar like a rooster at all or Splenda sucralose then let me know in the
comments below I am looking for some decent recipes I have tried a few in the
past and I’m just not really too happy with how they turned out over here we
have some onions as 800 grams of onions and over here is a new machine I’ve just
purchased from Amazon the reason you might want to use a mincer is because it
gives you nice Chrysostom’s chunks for your chutney if you don’t
have one of these go ahead and use a blender just try not to blend it too
fine because that this works best if you have nice chunks in it so let’s get
started we need to start cooking this up like I said it’s been soaking overnight
and we’re going to just cook it up inside the pot with the vinegar until it
softens up a bit that should take about five to 10 minutes what you’re trying to
do here is just soften up the fruit so you want to
for a little while so I’m just getting it up to heat and then it will start
simmering and it will soften it up nicely it’ll make it a bit easier for us
to put through the mincer smells here are incredible it’s been almost ten minutes now and
these are softened up just right so you can see there when it starts to fall
apart then you know that you’ve done it just fine so it’s time to switch this
off I’m gonna use a slotted spoon just like that
and a small bowl and I’m just gonna spoon it into there and we’ll put it
into the hopper of the mincer the mincing is done the fruit is all in
there and I also minced up the onions to go in there too you can just chop up the
onions if you want but I just put them through the mincer
so that’s just gonna go back into the pot and we’re gonna start adding the
other ingredients first thing first is the sugar and another 2 liters or
vinegar so there’s a couple last ingredients to
add and we’re gonna start off with our lovely chilies so of course this is a
chili chop recipe and it has to have chilies but the original recipe for mrs.
balls chutney actually had KN chilies inside it for this amount it was about
20 grams of the Cayenne either the cayenne powder or cayenne peppers fresh
I’m gonna go with 70 grams because I wanted a little bit spicier but it ready
is up to you and includes the seeds as well you want that finely finely chopped
probably could have chopped it a bit finer but that’ll work out just fine
oh and there’s one last ingredient and that is salt so for this amount we’re
going to need 20 grams of salt so give it that one last stir and we’re gonna be
leaving this now to cook for the next two or so hours you want to come back
and give it a little bit of a stir every now and then just make sure it’s not
sticking to the bottom you don’t want this to burn but the texture here I
think I’ve got its spot on so if you use the amounts that I’ve shown you in this
video then you should also be able to have the perfect texture just get it to
a very low heat like bailius summer and you’re gonna leave it like that for
about two hours and when we come back we’ll be ready to bottle there we have a 16 jars of beautiful
peach and apricot chutney these jars are 500 milliliters so we have 8 liters of
chutney that’s going to keep us going for a while I’m looking forward to
getting some out to my family and see what they think but it’s time for me to
taste it of course I’ve been tasting it through the process you got to make sure
that you’re not putting in too much salt that sort of thing but I know this
recipe works very well the only thing that is a bit of an unknown is the
amount of peppers I’ve used I tried not to overwhelm it with too much heat so
let’s see how we did I’ll just pour a little bit into this bowl textures
absolutely perfect that’s what you want from a chutney I think it’d be hard-pressed to tell the
difference between that and the real mrs. balls chutney that is delicious
really good however I think it’s quite weird I used about three times four
times the amounts of peppers that is for the traditional recipe and I can’t
really taste it too much obviously there’s a little bit of a spice there
but not a lot I will definitely be going a lot stronger on the peppers next time
around maybe even include maybe one maybe two super hots but that’s for the
next batch this one here it tastes delicious it’s got a great Tang it’s
obviously very sweet because there’s sugar but that tang is there from the
vinegar and the dried fruits and it all just comes together just great
so if you haven’t never had mrs. Walsh chutney I honestly think you should give
it a go see if you can find it I know in the UK we actually can buy it in the
supermarkets and it’s just it’s my favorite chutney really it’s not going
to be your typical chutney as you can see from the way we’ve cooked it so I’m
not sure the chutneys you have locally in in the US or in in other countries in
Europe the interesting to see you know the types of chutney recipes that you
guys have so let me know in the comments below
always looking for new recipes new ideas you got to keep learning right anyway
that’s it for this video I hope that you learned something I hope that you
enjoyed it and make sure you subscribe so you get allotted for the next one
until then stay spicy

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