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Storage Wars $100 DOLLARS Giveaway Plus Lots More Abandoned Auctions

March 25, 2020

today’s remaining case here with
bargainer sister and we’re super excited to share this giveaway with you hey guys
you guys know it’s crazy crazy times right now so we’ll have a bunch of old
videos coming up a stuff that we shot but we never edited or we never put it
out so it’s gonna be some little bit older sound stuff or even image quality
but so some of that stuff will come in a channel but we also wanted to do a
giveaway for you guys because and not just to give away we wanted to do
something that nobody else no other channel and our industry has done so we
gonna give away sixty prices sixty prizes and that cool plus two member
only prices so which our members that you know they joined a channel to
support us um you know the prices are not super crazy but the whole point of
this somebody already left a comment when I put in the community tags like
what’s the point you guys want us to beg for money or prizes now idiot the point
is there’s a lot of people that sit at home right now okay these are hard times
for elderly people they’re scary times for anybody that scary time anybody has
a small business those are scary times right now okay it sucks and people might
be saying at home lonely so we thought we’d give him a little bit of our
sunshine yeah so we want to do something that’s like a giveaway and something
that’s gonna look forward to we’re not gonna announce all the winners in one
day we’re gonna every day we announced a few winners and then you know you have
to reply to the comment claiming your prize so like we always do so we’ll say
hey Jon won the halo figure and then you have to reply with half of your email
address and send us an email with your mailing address and confirming to have
that you replied in the comments so nobody steals anybody else’s prices also
two really quick things before we get it going with prices well one of the prices
we’re gonna give away what’s that a hundred dollars hundred dollars cash it
might help if you turn it this way what do you think you don’t know what that
aside this is not okay I don’t know it’s just the house you’re like well show me
I don’t know what that is turn around now we get it the president to know it
so apparently Casey thinks that you two average view has an IQ of six like
I know nobody has any idea what this is none of you guys can recognize this but
check does that BAM now we all know what it is so so we’re gonna go away $100
cash now guys if you can stay home this virus thing is this wire thing is
serious I mean look at the tally number Spanish no but it’s scary
so money things come and go be safe protect your family I want everybody to
be happy and with us for a very very long time also you know even if you’re
young are you young people that go to the beach you guys are idiots okay I
said it there you go deal with it just fine it out there you have a
responsibility to the older people in your community remember the old cultures
all tribes we always took care of our elderly until we left them on the side
of the road but that’s when it get really old okay
you read your history books but no look women responsibility we got to take care
of the older ones okay so you become carriers maybe you can beat it but you
might infect somebody that cannot beat it so let’s just be responsible
another thing oh I’ve been meaning to do this so before we get to the prizes my
friend cliff at franchise kicks it’s another channel I’m going to put a
picture up right now they do a lot of unboxing videos of loot crate’s comic
book crates action figure crates they buy pallets they’re really fun to watch
because he’s very mellow and calming you just go through stuff so franchise kicks
they got a couple hundred thousand subscribers he’s a friend of mine go
check out that video also later on I have another channel announcement of a
brand new channel you guys don’t want to miss and Casey’s like what we never
preferred we do it natural I have no idea and another good news to me too
yeah and another thing so we actually have seven cash prizes and there’s a
really big shout out to America’s cardroom ACR which is an online poker
site for all your poker players they’re gonna give us six cash prizes but we’ll
talk about that a little bit late in the video it is really important that you
watch the whole video because we’re gonna give very specific instructions on
how to win these prizes and if you don’t follow them you just don’t get picked
also lately we have a lot of people leaving there’s really positive comments
but they incident a curse word guys when you curse I have to
you from the comment sections so if you repeat leakers I have to hide you so you
cannot comment on your YouTube videos so please don’t curse so that’s part of
YouTube fallacy don’t curse in the comments um like I said it’s gonna be a
lot of Giveaways where you going are you gonna turn your phone off yeah sorry
that’s good we should’ve done it before film you genius I didn’t know my phone
was downstairs sorry just Lisa doesn’t least seven guys right
now on the saying you should be nice to your wife because I want her so we’re
actually gonna give away a date with Casey oh yay all right oh wait all the
restaurants are closed you are way too Willie well gonna anyway I’m looking for
new wife send me pictures and notice yeah I’ll be right out joke because
people take it to a whole nother level so so we got to give the prices the way
it works for every price that you want leave a comment so I’m gonna tell you
what the comment has to be leave a comment saying hey that’s the price I
want and there’s no special sentence so you can leave you can leave a price for
it you can leave a comment for every price if you want to you don’t have to
pick anything prize Bryce not price Bryce plucked a whole bunch of the whole
step I don’t want to edit this and later be like oops forgot to tell him how to
do it so if you want to I believe we have 60 prices if I counted right and we
have to member only prices so 62 prices so before somebody says hey those prices
are not super high this is probably gonna cost me three hundred four three
four dollars chests and shipping bless the value of the items plus two hundred
dollars cash so but we want to do this because we love you guys and we
appreciate the support you give us and hopefully hopefully this makes you smile
if you win if you don’t win it gives you something to look forward to like in the
morning you check what your favorite teams are doing or check to see if you
want to price a bargain hunters cuz we want you to feel like family exactly now
if you guys a good person I’m not calling you out but it’d be really nice
if you share this video with other people so other people can join in
understand have a chance of winning they have hope
because our goal is to make as many people as possible bring some hope and
some smiles basically I know it’s my thought I don’t I don’t wanted to say
that properly so some of you don’t want to share it because you won’t have a
better chance of winning but you know what that’s too damn right right right
thing let’s pay forward a share let’s get people some prizes also in order to
win you have to be a subscriber these main prizes here are for continental USA
only because of the high shipping fee but we do have six prices later on data
flow internet and international oh yeah for international people also de
membership only prices that goes for internationals also so should we start
with something good oh I’m waiting aren’t you guys waiting let’s go
can we go with a low price so we got these emoji balls okay and I’m gonna
tell you a little bit where we got some of this stuff so I try to pick stuff
that was in different videos that we bought we got these emoji balls
so one each these are great for little kids we saw probably twenty thirty a day
and kids get like crazy crazy kicks out of these so you know you win one of
these that’s two balls so two people one one one of those you leave them know you
have to leave in a comment hey I want some of those happy balls
there you go be kind of funny makes us smile but the kids really love it like I
said you guys can leave a comment on every price if that’s something that you
really don’t want just don’t leave a comment for that particular price if you
have a nephew a son a grandma did you think that wants it go ahead no problem
well you laughing hey grandma likes balls yeah it’s like you never too old
you know so anything yes look any churches close because I might get
burned up right now and guys we’re joking about a lot of stuff so just have
some fun yeah we’re just trying to have fun and bring a smile and a laugh to
everybody you guys watch storage wars you know I say weird stuff so and I said
big shout out to America’s cardroom already right yes you can we’re gonna
give it away some cash on their side later I’m gonna explain how that works
another one I would feel silly giving his away but people asked us for this
all the time by the way if you win something and you want it out of graft
because people do request that and don’t make fun of us that just people request
I feel funny but that’s how it is so if you want something scientists ask us
we just found us eight-by-ten I think this we scientists like right when we
started storage was the second season but assigned by Casey signed by myself
and in this comment section just said hey I won Renee’s and Casey’s signature
8 by 10 and will qualify you for that sounds good
yep I should have given you coffee before doing this video you’re like slow
well because I’m trying to explain it you know and it’s also some fun you know
cases you never know if you like a tiger nobody knows what’s going on people
barely understand me anyway cuz of my English by the way we have a point there
that’s why I’m always translating we’re almost at 70,000 subscribers what like
3,000 away of so it’s not cool 70,000 family members with us yes yes yes you
guys awesome we love you by the way none of this cost anything all you have to do
is a subscriber which is totally free and you know tell tell your friends
about our channel and share this a lot of people can win here’s another thing
it’s an 8 by 10 this is no official Warner Brothers a potential for the
Jamie Kennedy experience it’s signed by Jamie Kennedy we were supposed to give
away someone his channel but he never did the videos so I have three idiots
we’re gonna be trickling away in a different video so video so just in a
comment section but like hey I love Jamie Kennedy and I will qualify you for
this one Malibu in the house okay so just one right here you gotta
sauce this big deal where we um bought seven thousand action figures this is a
halo its Spartan soldier number one I think Spartan soldier is just barking
soldier it’s a Spartan soldier belief it’s the
black version so halo Spartan soldier black version if you want that if you
love like action figures this was on the latest $7000 video be like a send me two
black halo and we’ll send up to you okay next price see now we going a little bit
faster right okay Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers ah
promotional only not for sales is a promotional copy for all mixed up yeah
just all mixed up on both sides but it’s a promotional copy you couldn’t buy
these I mean these were sent to radio station DJs or people who are
advertising it’s a white label one which is a little better made by MCA kind of a
cool piece so be like hey I love Tom Petty
give me the Tom Petty you guys get to drift right yeah all the
kids are hot for vinyl yes I am hi so here we’ll have Superman the Man of
Steel number two nice little comic book if you want that
comic book but like hey semi Superman Man is still that will qualify you for
that one we have a few comics we’ll go through real quick we have Secret
Origins DC number 18 creeper like hey guys send me a creeper comic book that’s
another price so you guys get the drift we give me away 60 prizes so for
collectors and stuff like that it’s something cool that’s why you want to
watch the whole video because there’s a whole bunch of different prices coming
this is Wolverine number issue 68 it’s battleground so if you like Wolverine be
like hey guys send me the Wolverine comment a comic not to come as another
comment okay so hair here we do a three price
giveaway now these right here these are super awesome we got this in the pallet
unit video of a hundred pallets and we sell at least like 30 to 50 every single
day they’re really awesome we use them on our store they’re scissors and they
have a magnetic strips and sticks and they’re super sharp
they’re awesome don’t stab me put those away yeah we literally had thousands of
these and we saw these like hotcakes and everybody who gets these to come back
they come back and they buy more and they’re like these are so awesome I’m
getting some for my friends or family members yeah no no I think on their
website these were actually 15 or 20 bucks and I mean they’re like super
sharp they cut through chicken bone everything but they’re really really
cool so three people will get one of these so be like hey Renee hey Casey
give me the scissors that comment will will get you by the way if somebody
needs one big common with everything that they want that won’t count that’s
gonna get this qualified because I don’t want to read a whole bunch of you know
200 word comments so when I do this giveaway so I’m basically gonna scan out
comments when we do the random generator and I just look for common with Susan
and but I’m not gonna read all that so make sure to leave the comments on the
specific items you want like I said don’t feel greedy if you buy
a whole bunch of stuff that’s fine fine it oh yeah oh yeah we’re giving it away
huh yeah that’s the whole point of a giveaway okay so here we gonna give you
guys four packs of vintage football carts just tops in here just flare in
here that’s pro set in here so leave a comment give me some football cards good
one right okay now let’s give away the ACR so let me explain how this works
America’s part room you know I was talking to my buddies over there Warren
and Phil and I told him that I’m shooting this video and they’re like hey
they not paying for this they’re not doing anything I’m not getting paid for
any clicks now I’m getting sponsored and some poker tournaments for them I
represent decides I’m part of teen ACR part of Team storm so I do a lot of
promise with them but for this particular I’m not getting paid for
clicks or anything like that so I’m not getting paid guys okay but one and Phil
were like hey we want to give some stuff away too we want to make people smile so
they told me we’re gonna give away six $15 deposits on America’s card room it
will get you started playing poker they have 25 cents for tournaments they have
50 cents tournaments they have things where you can bind for 25 cents and
build up your stacks to bigger tournaments so $15 on low-end stuff can
get you you know probably 30 40 50 tournaments or you can just go play one
15 dollar tournament try to win a few hundred but this is what you have to do
I’m gonna put the link to ACR where you can download the software when you sign
up the software you use bonus code Rene because that’s gonna qualify you for
future bonuses and stuff that we do you have to download the software and create
a username before we give the prizes away so when we announce it everything
has to be set up as soon as we announce and you contact us you say hey I’m a
little tricky 88 okay you know I don’t know just came in but uh you know a
little uh little spicy me kind of 69 god I’ve
gotta get out of hate comments I don’t know what’s wrong we we are just
building locked up they won’t let us out okay that goddess is looking what the
hell’s he talking about it’s okay daddy’s crazy so
so anyway guys so make sure you guys create the account first then leave the
comment and then even in the comments that give us put your username in the
comments so I can see you guys maybe we can play some poker together but six
people will get a 15 dollar deposit now you can play that deposit or if you want
to you can cash it out I’ll transfer you over Bitcoin stuff like this
now the question last time was you can totally play in America I mean they will
pay you out they’ll pay out of a cryptocurrency I use coinbase is super
easy to create the user account you don’t have to give them a credit card
you don’t have to do anything it’s absolutely 100% free so create the
username links below six people will get 15 dollars if you want to get some poker
money in America’s card room say hey thank you Juan and Phil give me some
poker money that’s a really good comment also do me a favor they got a channel on
YouTube called Americas card room go over there subscribe and tell Rene in
case he sends you because they’ll do a lot more cash giveaways in the future
send them some okay guys we are back we took a quick video break fast so some
more prizes let’s go through a little bit faster we have to headline figures
actually gonna do this separate so because people like different stuff this
is from the action figure deal we just got this is a Mike Piazza it’s where
he’s playing for the Dodgers if you want this one say hey give me Mike Piazza I
want Mike Piazza that’s the common there you go
here we have Carolina Panthers Kerry Collins quarter back give me the
Panthers give me the Panthers that’s the comment so if you guys have little kids
at home that like Legos these are really cool so that kind of a Lego knockoff but
they fit with Lego there’s space war two different people will win these so the
comment you have to put in is hey guys give me the space war yeah and so these
ones came out of that hundred dollar 100 pallets 100 pound oh yeah I’ve got a
whole pallet of those we actually sell a lot of those but we have so many of them
wood price and cheap here’s another price for you guys whole I’m saying what
videos they come from so you can go if you didn’t see the videos go and check
it out exactly go check out our channel your home anyway you stuck you’re not
supposed to go out so watch our videos why not there’s a lot of cool other
channels to watch too for you guys that like hockey for
vintage packs a so to comment you have to leave for that
one hey guys give me some hockey cards we love hockey is every comment starting
off with hey guys I noticed I want to answer some questions I have a ties to
base I’m like hey guys hey guys hey guys hey guys hey guys hey guys screw you
guys okay okay you know what these guys are making fun of me oh maybe you guys
can do me a favor so that’s something new you guys know I got a younger
brother um his name is Ricky he’s an idiot I mean I just take that back I’m
totally joking he’s a nice kid it’s very sensitive he’s gonna sell me some hate
messages yeah but what I meant to mean he’s an idiot when it comes to storage
in dock she’s a new guy but he’s actually making some really really good
money that told us like you know what I want you to document it and I started
watching some of his videos and some of the stuff he does is completely wrong so
but it’s really interesting to watch me from the eyes of a rookie and he’s still
extremely successful making money so he’s gonna start putting a youtube
channel together and he’s you know we talk about units all the time these were
like Renee he’s been buying and selling the chicken block yes he’s been buying
selling but he hasn’t done storage units so he has all that other knowledge but
he doesn’t have to store junior knowledge and it’s really fun to watch
him and watch him grow so you guys want to check out his channel he only has one
video up right now which is shot sideways even but it’s a very
interesting video he made a lot of money in that video and like I tell you guys
all the time if you wanted to work like that’s a working unit he’s gonna make so
much money in it so I’m gonna put a link to his channel but I’m trying to help
him get a thousand subscribers so he can monetize his content and also get a
thumbnails good so his new you tune a just changes a storage Pickers so I
don’t think you can find in the search it because he changed it but I’m gonna
put a lot of link in there so if you guys want to show us some love back and
show us some support I need him to get him do it a thousand subscribers so I
was just subscriber number five he never advertised the video he just put that
video up just to so he has something and he’s gonna put a couple more next days
but go over there be like hey leave a comment on this video but like Rene and
Casey said me and Tatiana you know way to go becoming a storage warrior he’s a
storage picker his beautiful wife and he said I know
say the wrong Lisa that’s life and you know it’s a very fun family and just
show me some love let’s get him do thousand subscribers if you guys can do
that we really really really appreciate really take 30 seconds the link will be
down below storage pick us Ricky okay don’t forget we have to give away
hundred dollars later too so we’ll do that later so now I got two
prices that like I wanted to do it because this was a really fun video
where several parts and it was early on in our YouTube career and I don’t even
know what to stuff this but it’s uh it is where we spent $20,000 in a tool deal
so you guys not to watch to know if you like tools yeah so this is for out of body work some
kind of pick us I don’t know exactly but if you want this leaving a comment hey
guys give me the audio out of body tools so free of charge to you guys and then
here just I just have another thing I just picked it so but for two guys who
might like it it’s to air host repair kits so just be like um hey guys just be
like can I get the air hose repair kits hey you might not like you tell you Anna
but somebody’s really into tools what might actually need this will be happy
you know so now all my video game people out
there so yeah so first pf3 yo star – it’s a brand new brand new CEO
ps3 game um I come up the prices and what we some phone cuz it doesn’t matter
cuz I don’t want to be judged if we some too high or whatever so but star in real
movies Brando sealed if you want that just put in your comment section I want
to be a yo star you get this one now this is a really fun one ps3 brand new
sealed duck dynasty just remember them so I want you to leave a comment which
show did you enjoy more to be totally honest it’s totally cool
did you enjoy duck dynasty mall or storage wars more you know we were big
competition with ratings with them but I love duck – those people are cool over
there so no problem so leave a comment duck dynasty or storage wars okay and
here’s one more ps3 game brand-new sealed again and this is men
and black – alien crisis which is a shooting game
you leave in the comments please don’t let the aliens get me so will gift that
away okay here is a two price tool so this is for my deal that we bought we
actually got 1200 of these and you want to open one we had 1200 we never film
that cuz the only thing we bought but this was by Jim Shaw it’s a cross yeah
knows our cross ornament so I think they sell on eBay for like 10 to 20 bucks I
still get older but you know for all the people of faith out then maybe you just
like the beautiful cross the bathroom or so there you go and if you’re not a
faith that’s okay too if you like to cross so you’re not you know people
always get mad if I mention something but I don’t care you just have to find a
different channel so that’s two giveaways for Dec 1 so just leave a
comment hey please share it across with me that’s a good comment now here’s a
necessity I aren’t you here will do just so this is going to be one package if
you have an iphone here’s the iPhone class so that’s the class that you put
on top of your iphone to protect it so it doesn’t break what did I say Apple
iPhone watch I think everybody gets the deal okay guys okay guys it’s for Apple
watch not an iPhone watch what doesn’t even exist so you guys that’s why I can’t handle a
negative comments cuz I get have at home all the time it’s like oh right now you
flushed for eight seconds so we have a five second flush room anyway Apple
watch glass cover that used to be like this I don’t guess mean I have a one
sheet per shooting rule have you guys seen it look check out mass certainly
have you guys seen the size of that what do you think I want to do with one sheet
let me just tell you guys it gets messy Omega somebody hate comments for that
one okay iPhone Apple Apple watch an Apple watch to class and that’s also the
tablet crip in the back photo crip text a pop socket okay it’s this is for your
phone this is for your watch it’s basically for people like apple products
and yes we sell deep like I wasn’t gonna take these I price sell 20 a day so so
just and this will work for Android too so give me the Apple products that’s a
comment actually uh maybe we should make the comments hey Casey tell Jana stop
interrupting Renee when he’s trying to share knowledge huh
or you know what maybe when you okay you know what okay okay here’s the comment
for $100 toilet paper but for $100 okay guys here’s to comment for the $100 now
we’re not gonna send you this bill the only requirement is that you have a
PayPal account or then more but I still have to set up my venom or don’t use it
so PayPal or venmo will send it to you but here’s to come and you have to leave
if you want $100 cash I want you to give a comment be like hey Casey Tatiana
Renee deserves more than one sheet of toilet paper he works hard
that’s the comment that’s the comment for $100 so make sure to remember that
one that’s a very important one okay okay
so here’s another one – x-men little packs that X is some kind of excellent
dice monster contains two dice and cards per pack so you got to tape trading
cards – cards some kind of x-men game just leave a comment give me the x-men
dice game okay a couple more comics here we have an x-men comic issue number 22
just say hey give me x-men 22 here we have an infinity comic number 49 just
say hey I want that infinity 49 will ship it to you here’s another cool thing
from the Horta house this is a called files magazine think they were doing
these in the 80s and this is with William Shatner on top and it has a
whole bunch of Star Trek type of info and pictures on it’s actually really
cool so actually ya know he’s a cool yeah so just be like hey I want the
William Shatner magazine that’s an outcome
I’m tired make it fun of me okay I’m a man with emotions so here’s another
thing from the hundred palette dealer and two different people will get these
Saudis are knife sharpeners right yeah and they also cut cucumbers there’s a
special color under for cucumbers protect your hands from getting cut
while cutting knives like it has it okay that’s what it doesn’t cut cucumbers it
protects your fingers bless it’s a knife sharpener they’re made by Allah Allah
which is some a European company I think there were like 15 bucks apiece on
Amazon we have two of these just leave a comment if you want these and each
person gets all the time yeah we have thousands of these sets we sell cheap so
but we sell a lot of these but just leave a comment as saying hey guys I
want a knife sharpener on two people will win that hey guys
see the stuff I put up with I should be drinking like a bottle a day you know we
do we should go away some liquor but I think that’s probably illegal okay
here’s another one for necessities for survival qualities so these are not
their reloadable ones I believe I don’t think you can change the place in these
but these are three packs or torso paste six Chavous we sell these now store also
I don’t have these online because we have two interchangeable ones by the way
guys we sell like four or five 3-pack deals a day in a 3-pack deal of 30 bucks
so every day we wake up with a hundred fifty bucks usually some days not but
most days so we have two of these so just in case hey if you didn’t get a
chance to buy shaving stuff at the store and you need it to different people get
these make sure leave a comment saying hey I want some shavers okay whatever we
got more stuff coming to me let’s go away t-shirt so this is brand
new it’s just a yeah so it’s kind of like a Funko pop style but it’s the star
which t-shirts if size extra-large no I cannot change the size guys it’s
actually shot you might dropped the mic I’ll get a
late I’m busy right now on the show I’ll get later it’s like you got it all right
okay all right okay all right that was weird need to behave okay calm
down calm down oh my god you’re blushing calm down
control yourself okay okay anyway calm calm so it’s a size extra large so
it’s kind of like a Funko pop type of Star Wars Darth Vader so if you one down
one divas are awesome this is way before we ever had YouTube Renee about 23,000
t-shirts I’m like I said they buy bigger go home
so in this one leave a comment say hey I want the Star Wars t-shirts and just
because okay say the Star Wars Darth Vader t-shirt because I think this is
another one coming here here’s another one this is also size extra large I
believe XL this is a Spider Man t-shirt Amazing Spiderman
it’s cover number 12 count over 70 Spider Man wanted size extra large Ali’s
a brand new by the way so just say hey I want to Spider Man t-shirt here’s
another piece I took which is a little bit different this is interesting
yeah so this is actually an for the bone so when they get antler blown de carbon
and they make necklaces I have to translate sorry drilled so you could use
this as jewelry and some people have bought these pieces and then they’ve
made windchimes out of it because we have like little bone pieces mm-hmm nice
yes sir this the reason I’ve given this a way this came from the Indian hoarder
house oh yeah I should check out that video if you haven’t since that five
videos I think we spent $30,000 in Indian a hoarder house or Native
American hoards I don’t know how we titled it but so one person if you want
that say hey give me the bone a literary deal with the mentally
challenged okay I don’t know how we have a successful business it’s amazing
okay so here’s another action figure I came from the action figure deal this is
a Spartan soldier cqp this is the red version worn so very simple just be like
I want the red halo figure that’s getting rid of this record because it
falls away this came from the whorehouse also it’s a Clint Campbell record and I
just want to took some different music so we got Tom Petty
here’s clan Campbell just leave a comment hey I want to clan Campbell
video okay he’s a member only price so I have two IDs right here this is
something that we bought a long time ago we bought I don’t know I think like
60,000 different children’s books yeah and we donated like I think 35 thousand
Operation Christmas or so like we donated a lot we actually so we did a
video where we donated a lot than every year after we donated like five thousand
books so because we literally had a lot of these so two different people can get
these if you ever got a kid at home and you just want to read him a story and he
also donated to that movie star remember oh yeah battered women’s shelter you
have an Adrienne Paul well it was like waiting for first grade or some pre care
so we like gave him my $10 but we donated a lot of these this deal we
really mean we made money we got our money back but we chose to take all the
prophets and all the extra books and we’ll just donate them but if you have
to you have little kids at home they want to read like an Allison one on one
type of book um yeah there you go yes so just sent this over and yeah say we want
the kids books I want to read to my kids how long do you find that okay we’ll
keep on go so what finishes off we’re almost done we gave away $200 cash right
we gave away the ACR stuff we talked about a homey franchise kicks we
mentioned storage Pickers thick shattered again America’s Carter
these guys are like every time I do something they just want to give me
money and you know or here’s another thing so if this video gets 10,000 likes
which I expect us to get like twenty to thirty thousand views but all you have
to do is click the like button doesn’t cost you anything it’s free and that’s a
good way to exercise endure exercising click okay
welcome for all being quarantined so if this video gets 10,000 likes we’ll
do another video with another 50 or 60 giveaways within a few weeks time
permitting also we’re gonna email this stuff all right away if for some reason
the post office gets shut down or anything crazy happens you have to wait
but we’ll get it to you eventually but uh we’ll try to leave mail stuff right
away we’re probably gonna spread out the
announcements over 10 days or so so everybody has something to look forward
to every day that’s the whole point of this video Thanks
yeah instead of me doing 5 to 10 videos of giveaways we’ll just do one long one
and every morning you come and check who on what so here’s three different
winners this is from the hoarder house and you guys know I got literally
thousands of these these are yeah call me pakoras au soggy of jumbo comics but
they are signed by the author Stan’s a guy so we have three different ones so
just leaving a comment section hey I left you soggy or I left you soggy your
jumbo and three different people will get a comic let’s give away another
t-shirt so the prices if I didn’t Muskaan should be right around 62 might
be 63 it might be 61 don’t get mad so we gotta call this the Star Wars pixelated
shirt okay this we’re gonna call the I don’t want the Funko pop Darth Vader
this is the Star Wars pixelated shirt because it’s an old pixelation it’s size
large and if you want to win that one just be like hey give me the pixel Star
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tongue device so this is supposed to help with sleep apnea or if you snore or
things like that two different people will get your needs it in our house
phone not Renee its Tatiana oh yeah if you imagine like a drunken Viking that’s
like barely turn or like a god with the wind that’s how I got its nose Newt your
husband when you go back to this video you’re welcome
speaks even oh my god my long demon art yeah we’re together snores it’s like
evil it’s like there’s just stuff sleeper but anyway let’s finish this up
if she doesn’t always smart it’s only for now let’s get stuff done okay so two
people win win this and just leaving a comment please help me to stop snore
two different people win win this weird way weird so here’s another thing this
is a club for pets you can it has like special ripples on and stuff like this
so when you pet your dog it takes the hair away but it also feels
really good just be like hey give me a pet club it’s a cheap little gift then
here’s three gifts I just kind of threw in at the end they’re collectible they
were new only a buck originally but now some of them go high on ebay people
collect them so if you want the pet club make sure that we say that every time so
we don’t get confused if I miss something just leave your comment for
the item well I’ll leave a follow-up comment these are three little gifts
they’re just tiny little gift so basically it’s better than not giving up
I just wanted to give away more stuff or just one say give me energy parka
keychain Star Wars like Chewbacca or this one say hey marble rocks
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that’s what that’s those three prizes and in here it’s for two more people
these are those bucks go away so if you have roaches buck spiders and if you
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do absolutely nothing for them so we have thousands of these so we give two
away sir so in this comment just each person gets one and just leave a comment
saying hey help me get rid of my bugs so I deal with a lot of bugs in the
business and yeah it didn’t work when those guys they still show up so we got
$200 we mentioned ACR America’s card room we mentioned franchise cakes right
we did Ricky’s channel storage pick us we said we love you guys be safe out
there we have two more prizes these are for members only that means down there
when you join the join button it’s 5 bucks a month so that’s just
people that shows love and support the channel they help us grow the channel as
we get more members right now I think we’re 20 or so but as we get more
members the prices for those will just keep them going up because basically the
money you guys spend with us we’re gonna give away in prices as we go along the
videos another thing if you new to the channel pretty much every video that we
do we have one or two price giveaways except for a couple of the old ones that
we film but then we’ll just do like a prize in comments so this is for members
only and members please go ahead and leave a comment or just say hey I wanted
out I’ll find you guys’s comment it’s an extra large bargain hunters t-shirt make
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red so if you remember and you’d rather have a double x t-shirt leave a comment
please guys I want the double x t-shirt nice and you got that family power color
red yes so those are the giveaways um follow for the prices we hope you guys
enjoy it again the whole point is just to spread a little bit of joy you don’t
win a good position or we can do it luckily and give a little chair yeah I
hope it makes some of you guys smile if you guys hate on any year so you make
this political just stop it just stop it I’ll just delete the comment anyway I’ll
hide usually use a comment these are hard times okay we all need to stick
together anything that we can do some people left comments right away if I
went taking 100 bucks and give it to the food bank where he donated a bunch of
stuff to the food bank but this is really the hundred dollars it’s really
supposed to be for somebody that may be struggling a little bit right now we can
give you ten hundred dollars and just you know maybe pay a power bill maybe
pay some dinner do something so just this is really supposed to go to use it
I need a little bit of money anyway guys make sure you’re subscribed but you have
to be a subscriber in order to win being a subscriber is completely free we love
you guys thank you for watching our Channel make sure you wash your hands
say stay quarantine stay inside and may God bless you yeah we’re about to hit
70,000 subscribers and we are averaging almost a million views a month right now
which is absolutely amazing we just love the love that you guys show us and we
want to give back and that’s a channel Crow’s we’re gonna do more and more we
really appreciate you guys and just please please please be safe out there
and we’ll see you guys soon from our family to yours


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