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Stream Store Cloud Review | Build Amazon Affiliate Stores 2020

January 14, 2020

hi how are you okay here I want to make
a short video to show how to create a store from scratch with dream store
cloud so you will see that takes one minute more or less and it’s really
incredible so let’s begin here you have the instructions what you’re going to
need to do when you come here to the cloud and first to choose a store name
to choose a pseudo main and also you can change later this torii name and this
and add your own domain if you want so let’s begin so first the title of the store could be
super ok and the URL also super ok so here we have the subdomain here we put
the username let’s put all so super and my email is my email once again and here I put you need to put a good
email because you will receive the credentials so also here the password
and we create our store dashboard ok so here we are inside the dashboard finally
and we have our instructions here and let’s begin to make our store so here in
the IDE Amazon ID we are going to put our ID of the country we want to mark it
if you have many ideas of this market you put all for example pine is Sanders
20 and I can have for example if I have many of them I can choose pine tea for
Amazon market that will be when someone that is not in these countries come to
my store so will be sent to the default if someone comes to my store from Canada
will show the Canada market also will translate a store we show only products
from the market of the visitor ok so now I click Save and that’s it there is no
more settings to put now we are going to begin to make the store we are now ready
to make profits so let’s for example choose our category layout what is the
layout is the pain page you see here we have the main page of the US market of
the UK and Canada now for this video we are going to setup only USA so we have
two options one is in the main screen the main page to have infinite
scroll infinite scroll is a lot of products like Pinterest that you have
many many many many and you can choose the category you want from them for
example you want to sell books or fashion or what you want another option
is to have blocks blocks is the main pages in for blocks of products and you
can choose how many rows you want from each and they category for example here
are the default lets a fashion electronics kindle book and toys so if
we say this we have the store ready so let’s see the store we click here we open and here we have this the default
template and well here in the store you have all the blocks for example the
first one is fashion Amazon sent the more a best-seller products so here you
have what is going on right now some electronics then you have Kindle books
and toys so very easy right now we are ready to sell these products and well
that’s it we are now Amazon affiliates and we have
our store so we can send this link to anywhere to Facebook to put ads to
Google at what you want and sell products and get Commission’s okay so
for example if the abyss it’ll select this one this one
now this world then they had a cart with the products and they go to checkout and
you have the 90 days cookie that with this cookie you have Commission’s for
all the products that a person buys there’s first 24 hours so if now they
want to buy it something more you get commissions for all and 90 days waiting
until he buy some of these items so there’s a lot of potential to really get
commissions so let’s see something more more interesting for example you can go
let me see here is Amazon and in Amazon you have a page called best sellers so
for example you can see in all the departments you see for example what is
selling good cameras are a lot selling well close always and also I I sometimes
go to movies to see what is the thematic the topic that people are now trendy so
you see Toy Story is the best product now of the movies so let’s make a store
of Toy Story more very target you can pick find the target very easy and you
are in the trend in the most better product so let’s go here and we are
going to do something like this we go to store topic and store topic we are going
to put Toy Story and say okay we make this Toy Story store that’s
it you will see now let’s choose which categories we want to do for we think we
is going to be good for example I think fashion for boys is good with Toy Story
some also toys will be good and that I think maybe maybe books for kids and
also sometimes you can try some different for example health healthcare
and see products that no one have think about it okay so now let’s see the
design because the design we need is more for kids you have a lot of template
here and here we have one for kids that looks very nice so let’s this one okay
so now let’s see our Toy Story store okay you see here we have beautiful
header with the bottle and here we have fashion for boys all things about Toy
Story toys very nice also you have here books and healthcare you see also you
have different things for health care for the teeth and here you
had your posts will be all here and the footer but that’s not all you can anyone
in your store can go for example to music and see all about Toy Story music
go I don’t know Lag it let’s see for the kids of no see everything about Toy
Story infinite scroll you can be all the day scrolling 13 and searching for
someone click boom you have the 90 days cookie setup for your visitor this is a
very big strategy because we show too much that is impossible if you’re
looking for luggage and for Toy Story you will find someone you are going to
click some of them it’s impossible to not click ok so very easy and let’s see
for example another example for example watches is something more elegant so we
go here or simple impossible we put what say and let’s choose some categories for
our main page for example I think the best could be fashion will be good
electronics clocks watches sorry hey where it is electronics you can show
maybe health care because there is what our watches for the beat of the heart to
show you and I don’t know what more may be toys to make it more funny and we say
now we choose our template store design and we have here what is lets choose it okay we have a store of what is let’s
see how it feels alone fashion you have here fashion clocks
what is electronics healthcare your cities are for the heart to listen and
toys of what is here they post you will have to pose and we have an article
creator so don’t worry about and you have a complete store of words you can
for example also let’s say fashion for women someone comes here one is looking
for a word for women and let’s see how many watches we can find where this I
don’t like this school how it is very nice you see you can be searching
watches again and again all day until in some point you are going to click and
get the 90 days cookie for you so you will have 90 days waiting for these
Commission’s for over this person buys is a lot of time to get the Commission’s
and that’s it well you can for baby let’s see baby gorgeous also baby watches some other things and
well that’s very very cool so well thank you very much you see the potential is
absolutely without limit and you can build stores your store in a minute
without problem very easy thank you very very much


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