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Strong Front Leg Mechanics = Free Pitching Velocity?

October 1, 2019

What’s up YouTube!? Coach Dan Blewett here. Today we’re going to go over the role of the front leg in the pitching motion so
what the front leg should do is refer to front like blocking front leg bracing
having a stiff front leg whatever way you want to refer to it is fine the
terms are interchangeable but there’s definitely a right way in a wrong way to
stride down the mound like we all know that so even though every pitcher does
every high level pitcher does similar things there’s a lot of little
individual differences you’ll see between everyone it’s like no one has
the exact same pitching mechanics but there’s definitely some things that we
all want to do that can help us throw harder throw more accurately and reduce
stress on our arms so one of the things that definitely helps increase velocity
is a good front leg brace so when your front leg hits transferring as much of
your energy over that front leg a lot like a pole-vaulter
is gonna be ideal for pretty much every pitchers mechanics so today we’re gonna
go over for example videos that i’ve got two pro guys and two amateur guys and
we’re just gonna talk through some of the ways that their mechanics are
different and some of the ways their leg front legs brace and help them add
velocity so if you’re new to my channel definitely stick around subscribe i do
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get better but stick around I think you’re really gonna enjoy today’s video
on the front leg brace okay so this is hunter he’s a very good 15 u pitcher and
we’re gonna look at his front leg so first thing I’m gonna let this play and
watch his throwing arm relative to his stride leg so you’ll see his stride leg
braces right so right here pretty much dead straight it has the balls now on
its way so our goal in a front leg as a pitcher is for it to be a lot like a
pole vaulter and what that means here’s a video of a pole vaulter right here
basically your front leg can either be mushy and then you don’t transfer as
much power or it can be very stiff and then it transfers more of your weight
over that front leg into the baseball so let’s look at his front leg
here real quick before we go to the next picture so he hits his arm starts to lay
back and now if you look they time up where his arm is starting to accelerate
the ball at the same time that his leg is pushing back so that’s the goal
that’s one of the things that we’re trying to achieve so here’s a picture
from the Atlanta Braves let’s look at his front leg cuz it’s gonna look a
little bit different now when he lands here his leg is stiff you’ll see it
doesn’t Bend any further which is again one of the things that we definitely
need but you’ll also notice that it doesn’t push back like you saw before it
does push back when he follows through but it doesn’t so much as he’s
accelerating the ball here’s another 15 you pitcher this is
Brody and he also has a good front leg one thing we’re gonna look at it doesn’t
lock out quite as much and this is something we were working on with him
but it definitely pushes back you can see his angle start to get shallower
stays the leg start to straighten as he starts to accelerate the ball with his
arm and then he has a pretty good almost straight leg as he’s extending and then
it actually bends a little bit at the end so he’s got a little bit of stuff to
work on overall does a very good job and this was something we were practicing
with him this was part of his practice throwing routine but again our goal is
at the very least this front leg doesn’t Bend at all so it stays stiff and then
our goal is that that kneecap starts to push back and the leg starts to
straighten as we’re accelerating the ball so he definitely does that he’s on
the right track he’s really close okay here’s our last example this guy does an
awesome job with his front leg obviously a picture from the phils
so let’s look when he hits here pretty shallow knee bend again that looks good
so I got 130 540 degree angle at his knee and as he starts to accelerate
you’ll quickly see that same thing as his arm goes back his knee starts to
straighten as his arm goes forward it pretty much finishes the job so you can
see how he’s just really transferring weight and energy over that
Legg and there you see that nice straight braced front leg so he’s a
really good example of what you would want your front leg to do to help you
throw harder and just get more out of your frame this isn’t a super tall guy
but he’s getting a lot out of his lower half striding down the mound
planting that foot bracing on it and then pushing back with that knee
which is pushing his arm faster forward alright alright so hopefully this video
helps again the way I really relate the front leg to people is that it’s a lot
like a pole vaulter if your front leg if you’re running with a pole and you stuck
it in mushy mud you wouldn’t go over that bar like a pole vaulter does right
but when a pole vaulter is running down that runway and sticks that pole into
that concrete block now all of his energy transfers up and over the bar
it’s the same thing with your front leg when that front leg hits if it’s firm if
it’s stiff and if it straightens as we start to accelerate the ball then we’re
amplifying the power that we’ve created we’re getting as much out of our lower
half as we can okay so I hope this video helped if you enjoyed it hit the like
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coach alright thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video


  • Reply Lucas De Oliveira September 23, 2019 at 10:22 pm

    i've been struggling with my front leg for a while. thanks for the video, it was really helpfull!

  • Reply Zack Horve September 23, 2019 at 10:54 pm

    Drill ideas?

  • Reply Dan Blewett September 24, 2019 at 8:20 pm

    Don't forget to subscribe if you enjoyed this video! I have lots more just like it 👉

  • Reply SurfnDon September 27, 2019 at 1:34 pm

    Sir not a pitching coach, not even a pitcher. I just study. Helping my grandson. I like your stuff. Here is my comment. Your 15U pitchers look good but it appears both their heads are looking up at finish. Thank you for your time.

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