Team Beachbody Power Hour Footage Exposed | Anti MLM

February 27, 2020

hello and welcome my name is Alanda
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you the info about Team Beachbody success club and we’re also going to
look at what tracker is used by cons as they’re trying to reach success club
because that’s where some money is and I’m going to also reveal to you a it’s
kind of like a team call but it’s not exactly a team call but it is a higher
tier hun going through the Power Hour which are all the activities on this
tracker that I’m going to share with you and leading them through how to complete
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ahead and jump right in there will be a link to this in the video description
but I wanted to go over with you what Beachbody says about success club
so that you have a little bit of background because I know not everybody
is going to be a former Beachbody Coach or a Beachbody Coach who happens to
catch this video success Club is a point earning system that rewards a coach for
growing their business coaches aren’t success Club points by selling challenge
packs and home direct orders points help coaches qualify for special incentives
there are two levels of success Club that can be earned success Club 5 and
success Club 10 learn more below now I’m not going to go through every single one
of these things but I do want to point out to you how you are told it’s your
business because of the words use right here their business growing their
business that is not something that hunts come up with they’re told this by
the companies so if you want to gripe about people saying how they have a
visit it goes back to the MLM hugs did not
originate that got it all right now let’s look at how people call about to
qualify for success club 5 or 10 the requirements in a given month are one
have a personal order worth a 90 personal volume points P V or more on
home direct for example Shakeology or Beachbody performance tax typically
people do get Shakeology on auto-ship literally when you do buy Shakeology it
goes on auto-ship number to earn at least five success left points to
qualify for success Club 5 earn 10 points to qualify for success Club 10
not going to worry about the times and below but now let’s check out how you
earn these points earn success Club points by selling home direct products
to customers and new personally sponsored PS coaches now here’s the
thing typically the path is get someone to get a program get someone to get a
challenge pack and within that challenge pack there’s going to be a month supply
of Shakeology and then they are in your little challenge group that month and
then you offer to them that they also can do what you’re doing to become a
coach and get a 25% discount on Shakeology it’s this when when it’s this
wonderful thing so there is a pathway so most people though are not able to find
all those retail sales the retail sales really only happen for a short period of
time to the best of my knowledge because I know I have not experienced it and I
don’t know anyone who has where there’s just a bunch of people running to get
Shakeology or anything else it’s typically anyone who is a coach that’s
buying the products customer orders earned to success Club points for a new
home direct order or challenge pack worth at least 90 PV one success Club
point for multiple home direct orders totaling at least 90 PV personally
sponsored coach orders earn to success Club points for a new home direct order
or challenge pack worth at least 90 PV must be purchased within
31 days of enrollment meaning enrolling as a coach one successful appoint for
multiple home direct orders totaling at least 90 PV must be purchased within 31
days of enrollment now below that is important only two points of maximum can
be earned for each customer every rolling six months home direct generates
for success club leads do not earn success Club points so this means let’s
say that you purchase Shakeology from me today okay I’m going to get those two
points and you’re just a customer next month when you order it I’m not going to
get those points I have to wait six more months until I get those points so do
you see how that encourages you to go out and you know get more people and the
whole thing is is that you’re willing to get them to become coaches because once
their coaches you are going to get more volume from them and when you get more
volume then you can get what’s called a cycle bonus which ranges from $14 to $18
every time you cycle and the amount of times you can cycle depends on where you
are within the ranking system okay now let’s look at this success Club system
because that’s basically what I’m going to be sharing with you and a bit what is success club system the success
Club system outlines the specific activities to do each day to find new
customers and coaches and help them get results the success Club system is
comprised of a daily activity tracker that you’ll use to keep you focused and
consistent with proven actions to grow your business and trains to help you
know how to do those actions where do I find the daily activity tracker the
tracker is located in the coach office under the training tab success club
system you can also download it here where can I learn more about success
club system go to the coach of us and click the training tab success Club
system we’re not doing all that because I’m no longer a coach but we are going
to take a look at tracker okay here is the tracker
so you can print this off and you know have one for every week but what I find
so interesting is that this just gets you to recommit and recommit and
recommit to the overall MLM itself because it starts up a talk with your
wife we seek the purpose for supporting your coaching business your why is
something that you go back to all the time you have to remember why are you
doing this what kind of life are you trying to build what are you trying to
leave behind and that just further indoctrinates you in there and mentally
it gets you to when you make a commitment you’re just like when you say
yes you’re gonna go to a friend’s your party or something you feel obligated so
it obligates you so you feel like you have to keep going and I’ve talked about
this extended reciprocity is another way to get you to feel like you have to keep
giving back because you have been given this opportunity and then you also
include your quote target market and so you’ve got to know who your ideal person
is now the funny thing is is they don’t really teach you anything about business
they want you to start selling immediately but you’re told you’re not
really selling you’re just sharing and you also have this all connected to the
four vital behaviors number one be proof the products work that is one of the
vital behaviors workout and drink Shakeology do you see how that is
controlling your behavior you have to do these things to be part of the you know
group you need to be doing this and then you track that you are following through
on your workout and drinking Shakeology number to connect and by to follow up
the another Beachbody final behavior is invite and it’s invite invite invite
meaning you’re always going to be inviting people so here you have
initiate connections and add followers takes 20 minutes to do that do a social
media post that showcases the benefits of your healthy lifestyle or has a call
to action just 10 minutes Update Instagram or Facebook story
through out the day about three minim to create each post daily life workout
clips product use no brand name show hahaha because you don’t want people to
go to you know google and find out really what’s going on you don’t want
that curtain lifted healthy meal or meal prep invitation promote group or pole or
call to action recognitions shout out now recognition that is another
Beachbody vital behavior recognized recognized recognized so you have three
of the vital behaviors right here all lumped into just the first two actions
that you’re going to do within the second action you’re also responding to
on your likes comments or views twenty five minutes then you have to invite and
it’s leaving it blank X number of people they’re saying at least five to join a
challenge group or learn about coaching fifteen minutes so you are doing this to
at least five people every single day now I will say doing that that again it
further entrenches you into the overall MLM it gets into your mindset that you
just have to keep going because you’re told as long as you do these actions you
will have success however very few people actually do have any success with
that but do you see why people may you know just keep going and going and going
they’re told this is what you do this is how you reach success and they’re
listening to people who have quote gone before them who have done these actions
so this is really all you need to do and if you fail of course it is you know
that’s on you and at the very bottom here we have follow up with people
you’ve invited in another fifteen minutes
number three get people results 30 minutes contribute to your challenge
group gotta go in there and you know pump up everybody recognized achievement
that is related to the vital behavior of recognition respond to questions from
customers and coaches and I will also add in here that the thing is unless you
are a higher tiered the likelihood of your challenge group
when you start running them on your own that anybody is doing anything it’s slim
and next to none it’s really just Snoozeville in there so it’s really kind
of difficult to you know keep yourself jazzed up you know day after day month
after month year after year when you are the only person really giving your all
you know number four do personal development that is the fourth Beachbody
final behavior is personal development personal development is something that
reinforces all of these things about multi-level marketing especially the if
you take action then you will have success and if you don’t have success
then that’s on you it’s all about holding the vision and you know creating
the life of your dreams by believing it and then you write down your weekly
results the followers challengers number of coaches success Club points and I
will tell you this mine would be I get more followers no
challengers no new coaches to be able to do those things that is extremely
difficult but they want you to think if you just keep doing this eventually
people are going to say yes and they will tell you that the quote fortune is
in the follow up that you just keep following up with people and eventually
they’re going to say yes yeah you know what sometimes no really is no but
multi-level marketing you just don’t know how to take now and then you have a
second sheet of the person so you can write the other person that you
contacted and he notes follow it with quite frankly this would not be enough
space for me but you know it they got to do it nice and neat and I will say the
tracker itself it’s laid out very nicely alright now we’re going to move on into
the actual call so you can hear someone who has quote success as building a team
I’m going to say she’s a five-star diamond a five-star diamond means that
to be a diamond you have four people on each side of you because you have two
legs right and left leg as a binary two of those people have hit emerald
that means they have signed up a personally sponsored coach on the right
leg and on with their left leg so total of 12 but if you’re a five sort of
diamond you’ve gotten five of those people to hit diamond as well so what
I’m going to do now is we’re going to just kind of listen in on what is being
said and all cut in every so often and break down what is actually happening
throughout this Power Hour and don’t worry it’s not going to be another hour
because there’s lots of times when there’s breaks because people are taking
actions because they’re following doing the activities that you have to do on
this tracker and also the person who’s leading the call is providing little ins
and outs of it now something I’ll probably do in the future if you’re
interested in it is the comments are coming in during this entire thing and I
do have those as well and I think it might be interesting to you to see what
people are saying as this is being presented so let me know if you’d like
basically part two of this where I you know go over what is being competent
alrighty so let’s go ahead and listen in I’m getting to the home actually you
know the call in just a second but I wanted to let you know that the audio of
the call is not the greatest so you’re just going to have to kind of bear with
that there’s some of it that kind of comes in and out I’m not really sure how
to fix that so we’re just going to have to bear with it and I’ll try to give you
a recap of what is said so that you’re not completely lost in case there are
some key things that are just kind of mumbled out all right now let’s get to
it okay it’s go time right it’s time for us
to sit down put on our CEO hat kiss me pose yourself this question how am I
going to serve those people today fish tracker is a guideline for us
they’ve all obviously white boxes on it for us to mark
you know that are there for a purpose to keep us on track they gain so much more
than just checking off another item on our to-do list so what you’re going to
get ready tonight really is that allow us to give tops we don’t buy you reach
up expecting one as coaches right like that’s why we signed up journey and
having that physical mental emotional transformation but what about people so
whatever it is let’s dive in and let’s be productive so Thursday which is right
so we get to start off a brand new sheet just talking about the purpose of having
this strong why we are becoming a coach for some reason that’s really strong
that gets you out of bed every morning but makes you get your power from a week
or it’s late at night while your kids are asleep because you have a freaking
chaos of a day but it happens is really going to be strong that’s going to help
you push even when times are hard this first part right here it’s all about
getting you to commit getting you to remember why did you become a Beachbody
Coach why did you join X MLM you need to always go back to your why because
you’re why is supposed to be that thing that pulls you that will cause you to
take actions even when you don’t want to take actions even when those actions
don’t really feel good but anytime you just are wondering what’s going on this
doesn’t seem worth it well then you’re wise just not strong enough your Y has
to be something that will get you up out of bed and get you to take action and
typically it’s going to be something like don’t you want to leave that
nine-to-five job so that you can have the freedom to live the life that you
want don’t you want to be home with your children so you can be present in their
life it’s going to be all that sort of jargon that happens which all stems from
above meaning the MLM itself not necessarily
from the Hunts they didn’t think of this but as you get further and further
indoctrinated and as you rise up in the ranks you take
that story more and more and more so that their story is your story everyone
is already done is a workout and drink on Shakeology better performance on
whatever it is we’re chugging some energized right now I probably should
have before I got on this is definitely us coach drink you want to be a product
of the product making sure that we are out there followings do with our health
and fitness journeys and sharing that with others and our second house because
quickly we’re just going to go through the getting people results so hopefully
by 8 o’clock Eastern Santa you have contributed to your challenge group
recognized achievement today was payday rank advancement ace and you were able
to recognize someone on your team or and your network that is obviously amazing
cuz I don’t know why you guys I love doing this
early in the morning whether it’s Jim Gans or email so go ahead and check
those off if you have already done so as well as first log without paying you
guys purse that’s got done reading a compound effect it was one of my
favorite personal training books that I have ever read so if you are looking for
ideas check out the comments us keep on typing a the first one right headspace
and we are not in like we’re not taking the drama what’s up here it’s going to
be really really hard for us to that section right there numbers right it’s
gonna be really fighting for what if we are not in the right mental headspace
going to area right so you’ve done your PD go ahead and check it off
recommendations that are in the chats right now I just ordered two books on
Amazon yesterday I’m a huge fan of like physical books versus audible but every
one is different alright notice how your behavior is
being controlled because you’re told what you need to do you need to workout
you need to drink Shakeology you need to be a product of the product that’s what
coaches do also the personal development piece so you are having your behavior
controlled you’re also having your thoughts controlled through personal
development and died and so the first area we are
going to concentrate on tonight is initiating connections of adding
followers so this is going to be a time where I kind of enter people will be in
the initiating production adding followers to responding to likes
comments and views I kind of just mix the two together because I feel like
when you’re responding to likes and comments are also conducting with those
who are following you while engaging with them so this is gonna be a time for
us to go through those who are like you know poems that are watching our stories
and not to pop up in their genomes but to just go to their page like some
pictures right maybe watch their stories and reply
you know especially about it hopefully motivational or inspirational and one
thing that I wanted to talk about it this second part for the last part of
that initiating connection where it talks about adding followers so this is
some place like an area where by people I feel like struggle we get to this
point we feel like we don’t have enough people to reach out to or I feel like
I’m reaching out to the same people if you are not expanding your network every
single day and taking time to grow your following you will reach that point
eventually but that’s why we do this and that’s why it’s on a tracker because it
is so crucial right I used to be a huge fan of going through hashtags that I
heard change field what I did on the boy mine if I’m a young one so I would have
to track those things but I have found for success by going to pages on
Instagram of my favorite vloggers or interests that I have or just buddy in
certain pages in general because on those pictures and those pages and
social media but they also have similar interests as I do so we have that as a
level of to do is I find the page until maybe you’re a huge Disney fan or you’re
a goldendoodle cute boy first we’re going to go to the
followers the Lakers the commenters on that page a row accounts that’s a great
way to just add people that you have connections with will also go back and
comment to those who knew white dark services have comments on their pictures
because this shows you’re a real person right that you and what we’re going to
do right now within this first five minutes is we’re just gonna go ahead
adding to our network so go to that patient you have a couple is it any
wonder about why you me and people in general might be a little reluctant just
to interact with some strangers online these days because you and I both know
they’re gonna be trying to slide into your DMS try to invite you try to
provide some opportunity you know to you now back in the day when I was doing all
this janky stuff I’ll tell you I was looking for people that I had you know
connections with the walking dead rescued dogs just different things that
you know mean something to me and did it help it didn’t help one iota but by
doing this your behavior is being controlled you are learning to do this
on repetition you’re learning that these aren’t the actions that you need to take
and they keep you more entrenched more connected with the MLM because you are
with like-minded people it’s all about surrounding yourself with people just
like you people who that you aspire to be like because you know you it’s like
those first five people that you surround yourself with you know it tells
you a lot about person have you heard that kind of garbage anyway this is all
designed just to keep you going along is to give you that illusion that by taking
these actions that somehow you’re miraculously going to have results and I
can tell you by experience and I know plenty of other people I did this over
and over and over and over again day after day week after week month after
month kept on doing it and it didn’t help one iota because the thing is
people start to recognize exactly what the behavior is like people will go and
check you out and these days with the anti MLM community being around guess
what people can say bye girl really quick
let’s just focus on for liking and commenting on their pictures they’re
some of the most recent ones or go to some of their followers and if you see
someone’s page that you’re like this chick who looks awesome working together
my follow and my quitting to do here all the time rate us four five three one
packet or the three one one method white five pictures comment on three and then
give them a follow and I’ll talk about what I do that I’m going to set a timer
for five minutes and we’re gonna go through do you see
how you’re given this little formula you know you’re given a specific amount of
time in order to like and comment on people’s pictures but earlier she also
told you to find bloggers so if you’re a blogger be aware there’s some hans
somewhere most likely going through your followers and trying to connect with
them because all they’re trying to do is chill their MLM products on them and the
thing is when you do this action you start to feel like you’re getting
momentum you start to feel like you know what you need to do because you have a
plan you have this tracker and all you need to do is just go through and do
these particular actions and if you do them consistently and for long enough
then you can’t help but have success you may have seen some funny you were like
wow this person looks like they could be my people right like those are people
that I vibe with that should be a part of my tribe and you don’t want to forget
about that person and so something that I’ve started doing recently that bowel
and she talks about on Tuesday what’s creating categories so and you have
created some categories where you save pictures to of people that you feel like
can be rough on people that you want to invite let me see a raise of hands if
you have started doing that if you this point people are thinking wow I’m
actually connecting with people and you know I’m going to be able to build
these relationships and invite them to my challenge group and they’re gonna get
Shakeology they’re kind of getting that perception because they don’t know any
better that’s really the bottom line the thing is though whenever you join in
MLM you are the customer it’s not other people who are wanting these products
unless you go hounding your friends and family or strangers in this case because
now you are building basically fake relationships because never when you are
connecting with people like this on social media
you always have an ulterior motive and that ulterior motive is I need to earn
success Club so if I’m going to earn success Club I’ve got to invite people
and people have to buy things from me that is always part of it and there’s
something I really think about the energy of you or just I think it comes
across and especially today because of all the people who know about hun
messages people will sense you don’t really want to be my friend you’re
looking at me as a number because honestly that’s the bottom line I don’t
care how cute you think someone is or anything the bottom line is you want
them to buy something from you list friends those people and expect that
like differ example if it’s a pawn through but I see that there’s mom who
has two kids don’t be bo and I’m expecting this June you know what was
your biggest shift between going for meetings you know just having one kids
about having two so it’s little things like that were you to strike up these
connections or if they’re people who are local to you might like hey let’s go
meet up for coffee we see each other the farmers market every weekend or whatever
it is but it’s a great way for you to give us on another platform as well so
let’s go ahead and check off the initiating connections and adding
followers the next section up okay how many of you guys posted today on some
your actual feed not your stories a lot of the glossing has gone up so so great
I know defending all the time I like to do it when there’s a lot of engagement
so 8:30 at night you know maybe it’s engagement for you so we haven’t already
thought of that post maybe go ahead and do that and just figure out you know
maybe tomorrow’s post rate but we should be posting on social media just about
every single day you are your own brand as well so maybe you like to share
healthy recipes or sharing pictures of you with your kids or at your desk
working on your coaching bits until there its full-time or as a side hustle
our Instagram stories and our feed is where we get to share ourselves
genuinely so we need to make sure that we are doing that consistently because
guess what the more that we do it the more social we are being on social media
in Facebook and Instagram like to pop those out more frequently on our
followers BER showing up and I think this is an area that can get hard for
kotas because we get caught up in the comparison game on social media you know
I don’t have a ton of followers or I don’t get a ton of likes or I’m boring
you know my day to day isn’t super exciting listen you don’t have to be the
most exciting person out there just be more excited because this is your life
own it embrace it and share with others if you think that your life is blended
or even its ordinary and a lot of people live that ordinary life so by going on
your story feed what opportunity you have to give
to people like wake up excited to live the life that you’re living every single
day share with other people how you’re excited to go run errands like or you’re
excited that you get to but make a doctor’s appointment and not have to
take you have the opportunity I shed on your feed the show others help you
incorporate this healthier lifestyle this community this dot opportunity that
coaching has given you do not miss out on sharing this gift because you’re
afraid to post or you don’t have pictures to post or you aren’t sure what
you should share because you’re afraid of what other people may think or your
content is not going to be as that is another coaches I think that’s
what our biggest holdup is when it comes to posting or live you don’t want to be
sales because too much of our kids what’s the right amount of lifestyle
posts to do and these things can be hard so I need to plan our content out and I
wanted to challenge you guys if you are someone who doesn’t post because you
struggle with storytelling or sharing how this opportunity has changed your
life I want you to take a couple minutes later tonight tomorrow morning whatever
it is get an of a notebook a google dog whatever it is whatever you’d like to
write and I want you to write out your story okay I think this really
highlights why hunts like post the minutiae of their life they’re trying to
get other people excited and this higher tiered hunt is basically like showed
your life well let me tell you it’s not that exciting to see that I went to go
get a mani and pedi no matter what time of day it is but you’re really trying to
highlight how you’re able to do things that the ordinary person with the
nine-to-five job can’t do and you can do all of this thanks to your MLM and
meanwhile you’re just supposed to be you know connecting with all these people
and chalupa is coughing so you probably are gonna hear that anywho this just to
me is another thing showing you of like you know the behavior control that you
have this expectation that you’re going to build this presence on social media
and I will tell you this there is no one in our lifetime that’s been able to
build their presence under a false pretense and quite frankly doing this
with leading with your MLM it’s completely false because you’re only
doing that because you want someone to take action you’re trying to connect
with people purely to sell them but you’re told
oh no no we don’t sell we just share that’s a bunch of bunk unless you’re
selling to your downline to people who join you you’re not going to make
any of this and if you do make any kind of Bank at all it’s going to be minimal
in terms of the time that you invest in terms of the hours that you miss from
your family and not to mention the money that you spend running around doing all
these different things buying the products buying things to help you out
with your business even though it’s not your business I want you to write out
who you were before coaching and use their products and who you have become
in the process whether you’ve been doing this for twenty even doing this for six
years write out everything that you can think about so for me the worthless
opportunity like I phone up stuff I didn’t know what direction my life was
going in I had honestly been going to college for a year and was just kind of
like burnout from the major that I was in I didn’t have an outlet in my job to
be creative or to be a leader I needed a from others I made a decision
and I just craved feedback from other people but now I wake up excited to take
on the day knowing that my hard work in coaching is what now allows me to stay
at home with our kids and I’ve taken on a role as a leader and helped other
ladies grow their mission to grow their businesses and but I think this out is
going to help you on those days when you’re like and I really don’t know what
I should post bail or I don’t feel like I’ve got good
content to share go to that story go to your story and I guarantee you that you
will take sunset out of there some problem that you had that Beachbody saw
that coaching has solved that are these nutrition plans these fitness programs
have solved for you and there’s at least 10 other people on the other side that
need to hear that and that’s going to give you that content that you get to
share maybe you’re like hey that’s actually not my shoe but I like taking
pictures let me tell you what they get wonderful uncomfortable grab your cells
grab a friend have a family member get outside grab
some workout clothes grab that outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks
and just takes pictures I’ve been very blessed to have a group of local coaches
that I need up with and we’ll rotate content picture sometimes my
sister-in-law just signed up as a coat so her and I are taking pictures this
weekend and if you don’t know that like I said grab a family member grab
your towel and if they don’t like taking pictures of you that’s okay just go out
there for a 50 or 20 minutes but this is going to help you say you don’t feel
stressed so you don’t feel overwhelmed when it comes to posting and it’ll make
you just feel good having those nice pictures you know play around with
presets play around with edits figure out how you want your pictures to look
but I think that right there is what’s going to take away that you know oh my
gosh I got it I go to a poetry now let me just add on a peak of something all
right like it takes out the stress of hobbyking figure out what you want to
post it on especially if you have your content planned out it’s like okay great
you know Monday I want to talk about something motivational you know a clover
my personal development book that really struck me and I get to talk about now
how that quote has helped me in some way and then you’re like awesome I’ve got a
great picture that I can post with that so it becomes very very easy for you and
then you have this queue of pictures that you get to use throughout your and
then the next week and the next week so you have things you can post and I’m not
saying you can’t post those sweaty selfies or like your messy bun and like
your kids whatever that’s real life but you got to change it up a little bit
right you don’t want every picture to be the
same swimming selfie the same flexing picture and your garage this is a great
way to change it up so if you did not go in I’d run next to it if you didn’t
either post it tonight if you want to you’ve got a good engagement order
plan out what you’re going to post tomorrow and we’re going to go through
right now and you just check off it even up to your Instagram stories this is
something that we should be doing at least like bare minimum eight times a
day a hosting thing so not just our workouts they’re not
just like our shaking up energized or posting a picture of our Shakeology
right because we’re so much more than just each body we have to share our
everyday life we share workout clips we share our those energize shake up
selfies or the Shakeology selfies or you know the healthy recipes or whatever it
is so go fear right now just check on what
you share to your stories and let this feeling a little gut check for you –
you’re sitting there and you’re like oh my gosh I only did two cobos to my story
today you know and they were just workout was like how can you change that
tomorrow because you want people again to see how you incorporate this
lifestyle in this community and to egg-free be part of your day today and
that’s where they’re going to see it and that’s going to help and I’m a next
section with inviting because if you go to invite someone but you’re locking and
cheering on your stories and on your Instagram feed or your Facebook page or
whatever it may be that invite is really not going to mean much because those
people are going to be like what is hating me – Sarah me when she’s talking
about this stay camp you I haven’t seen I worked out in two months so you have
to remember that everything that we do connect and there’s a reason and purpose
behind it so goes off and then we are going to do set a timer and go through
invite it now that we have been through the call I hope you can see how much
people are being controlled by just following this business activity tracker
now what I’m going to share with you is part of the bike model and it’s going to
be behavior and then we’re going to look at the business activity tracker again
through the eyes of the bike model specifically B which is behavior control
and I have the book right here if you can see that hopefully you saw the book
anyway it says behavior control is a regulation of an individual’s physical
reality it includes the control of their environment where they live what clothes
they wear what food they eat how much they sleep
and what jobs rituals and other actions they perform and so in my mind I’m
thinking of this as all of these actions that you are performing as a Beachbody
Coach laid out for you right here in the daily activity tracker so the first
thing is number one is be proof that the products work you have to work out and
drink Shakeology those are both behaviors right number
two Connect invite and follow up all of this initiating connections and getting
more followers posting on social media updating your story Instagram or
Facebook or maybe both responding to likes and comments and that sort of
thing inviting people to the challenge group inviting people to the coaching
opportunity following up with people going into your challenge group and
recognizing people contributing in they’re answering questions and all of
that that’s all behavior control all of those actions are dictated by Beachbody
I in the bight model is for information control so I’m going to read again a bit
for you information control is the second component of mind control
information provides the tools with which we think and understand reality
without accurate up-to-date information we can easily be manipulated and
controlled deny a person the information they require to make a sound judgment
and they will become incapable of doing so deception is the biggest tool of
information control because it robs people of the ability to make informed
decisions outright lying withholding information and distorting information
all become essential strategies especially when recruiting new members
by using deception cults robbed their victims of informed consent in the case
of religious cults this lack of honest disclosure most certainly violates
people’s individual religious rights okay so we’re not talking about a
religious cult right here we’re talking about the business opportunity cult but
most definitely you are robbed of information because
are led to believe all you need to do are just the things that you’re being
told by Beachbody you don’t need to go look and see what anybody else is saying
about Beachbody just follow exactly what we’re telling you to do and in this
instance you have somebody higher up so to speak who has the information that
you think that they have the secret sauce they know the pathway so you are
going to listen to them and that information will seep into you because
you know if you just listen then you’ll have success like they do the third
component is thought control thought control the third major component of
mind control includes indoctrinating members so thoroughly that they
internalize the group doctrine incorporate a new language and use
thoughts stopping techniques to keep their mind centered in order to be a
good member a person must learn to manipulate their own thought processes
now is their thought control going on most definitely why because you have to
think good thoughts you have to remember at the very very beginning you had to
get the right mindsets you had to think about your why because your why is the
thing that’s going to bring you back they use that in a way to control you to
keep you in the thought that Beachbody is the way to success now let’s check
out emotional control emotional control the fourth component of the bight model
attempts to manipulate and narrow the range of a person’s feelings
all-or-nothing either you feel wonderful as they chosen member of the elite you
know a top to your coach a top tier hung someone really special
and loved and part of a wonderful movement because you’re saving the world
through Beachbody or you are broken unspiritual have bad karma or guilty of
overt or sinful and need to repent try harder and become better more devoted
member guilt and fear figure mightily however most cult members can’t see that
guilt and fear are being used to control them they are both essential tools to
keep P under control and that most definitely
is used in any MLM because you had that fear that if you work a nine-to-five
that somehow you are enslaved and the only way that you can have freedom is
through the opportunity and if you’re not having success in the case of
Beachbody all you have to do is follow the four final behaviors because that is
the pathway to success it’s been proven after all all you have to do is look up
to the people who are up above those chosen elite people and just follow in
their footsteps it’s really all that simple I hope seeing how this Power Hour
is used helped you if you’re a Beachbody Coach I hope maybe it helped you kind of
make that decision that maybe you should step away that maybe this isn’t really
the opportunity for you that maybe you need to rethink that because most likely
you’re at that bottom level and as that bottom level kind of person you are
doing nothing that helping somebody else get volume helping somebody else make
money and even if they aren’t making money they’re probably not making all
that much they’re making you think that they have a greater income than what
they do because really and the income disclosure statements don’t give you the
full picture because they don’t talk about the amount of hours you work they
don’t talk about the money you spend nothing like that it’s all just kind of
this you know fact-based with here’s the numbers but you don’t look at the full
picture that’s the whole thing that anybody involved as a distributor in
multi-level marketing you don’t look at the full picture because it’s been
clouded your mind has been altered and the thing is is the further that you get
up in this shape the more that you’re doing it the more that you believe it
you have to believe it more your belief has to be firm if you’ve been taken
advantage of from a multi-level marketing company you can file a report
with the FTC there’s a link to that in my video
action also if this video is something that you enjoyed make sure you give it a
thumbs up and hit that subscribe button and the notification bell so that you
know each time that I upload a new video and remember it is up to us to make sure
that we are using our voices and we are sharing our experiences and the thing
that concerns me the most about multi-level marketing is the damage that
people deal with after the fact there’s so much trauma that you have been
through and you may not even recognize that and I think that is very dangerous
I full-on believe that there needs to be some sort of classification Indy is a
DSM diagnostic something manual and the dsm-5 right now is what psychiatrists
use for diagnosing mental disorders I really think there is something very
prevalent going on across the u.s. and worldwide that MLMs are causing because
they play on what you want the most and they really manipulate you and
you’re just left with the fallout and oftentimes in that fallout you’re angry
you’re hurt you don’t even know how to put yourself back together and there’s
no one around who is lending a hand saying here’s the way so hopefully this
video has helped you and remember change starts now

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