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TELEMEDIA VIEW POINT AWE19 Dating Kings on powering dating with affiliate marketing

October 9, 2019

Affiliate marketing at this point it
still is one can say that it is lifeline part of our business we’re still making
extreme amount of sales most of our sales are coming from affiliates anyway
the structure of affiliates has changed who is the affiliate? because before you
had a lot of guys that you could do affiliate marketing as a hobby and still
make a very nice substantial addition to their monthly income now this has been
slightly more difficult because there’s more demands one is to optimize more one is to have advanced tools one is to put more time into this so now most of the money you make are done through super affiliates so to say people
who really have a lot of traffic or all those that are aggregating them so
basically networks. As long as you have a great product and as long as you have
satisfied affiliates they are able to spread the word of mouth and that way
you are able to grow organically or substantially as long as the product works what is the downside of course that you have to have lots of
back office setup towards that you need to be you need to have setup you need to
be able to deal with payouts lately and so on all the issues including the infrastructure, tracking, stats and so on
so it is not something that’s so easy to run for a company that would be new or
very small for example it’s demanding it’s demands
power. Not sure they were going go extinct but the Swiss said it’s
basically the structure of Achilles is changing so you have an affiliate
program but most of the money like you can make 70-80 % of your income
from let’s say 10 or 20% of affiliates you only have access to huge amounts of
traffic or networks that are acting as aggregators onto smaller affiliates from
what I’ve seen I mean basically segments you know you have casual dating and
anyway if somebody was looking for let’s say flirt or something that’s not
really they mostly fun for them
then those so serious dating where you really want to put your time into it in order to find a
life partner so I would say the first thing is that you need to find your
place on the market what you want to do secondly just simply I mean in our case
basically what we do what is somehow somewhat for us is that we offer a
anonymity as well share with people would not be comfortable to use their
social media profile and go around talking to people they don’t know the
adoption with us so same way this especially for women for example for
females they if they want to they they don’t always want to be exposed with their private data and everything and then there are all sorts of
different features that make our product stong that make people to
basically subscribe to for the additional features that that’s what you
have to evolve all the time because they were competing with.. competition is huge cannot stop evolving monitoring how those changes affect your audience
and how they react with your product so that’s basically it. Means constant
effort into improving your product so it stays competitive. Excellent and so
finally on that is it also an even bigger effort
because you’re having to do different things in different geographies. Is that also an issue? Yes for sure I would say that if somebody wants to enter a certain market
and offer lets say a dating product in that market he needs to be very well
familiar with the mentality, the local mentality I can not
imagine to play the dating product for for example north east Asian market or
something similar because nobody from us really has an insight into that
mentality so that’s why we basically make most of our money
what we cover is german-speaking markets the Central European markets that we
also always have locals on the team and from every market that we enter we
always make sure to have some firsthand insider insight for an
have someone in the company that is native for local to that market. [Excellent, Where’s the dating market going do you think? what are the next sort of evolutions of it?] I’m not sure if , my predictions would be worth much because it has a tendance to surprise one but I would say that
it’s really all I need to take a look at it are those apps like tinder basically
take a look at what is really popular and what grows and one can get some
inspiration of why that might be and we can inspirational so forth product to make
for example the communication somehow easier some of the people in the program and
so on so basically simplification also people are maybe more used to
this mobile device and then personal communication which also cause
this slightly different different if you would do just something that somebody
sets up his desktop side and then goes to talk to somebody
of their own sensor image laptop for example so a lot of things that basically to
make the interaction and it’s making a simple as possible.

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