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Tesla Update 2020.4.1 in depth – USA FSD HW3 edition on Model X

February 8, 2020

Kacey here, Luna’s got a bug of some sort
so I’m on my way to get her some medicine and pizza she wants pizza,
but today’s video is all about the software update 2020.4.1 there’s a lot of
it has a lot of effects that are different on each car so I’m gonna
include a link to Teslucky for MCU1 cars Tesla Canook for Canadian Model 3s and then we’re gonna get done with the hardware three full self-driving
Model X so the only real changes that that I
haven’t covered already in the previously recorded segments for this
quick preview is when coming upon a on-ramp where you’re actually using the
on-ramp to get onto the highway not one where you’re passing in the car once
that sometimes veer to the right depending what speed you’re going is
that the the car is better than I am at merging onto the highway when when
people are being jerks and they don’t want let you in so let’s jump into it
I’ve discovered a seafood restaurant or seafood supply store, either way, Luna loves seafood so we’re gonna check it out and see if it’s her style and
we’re gonna go get her medicine and pizza. Okay we have the medication next
up is the free pizza fuel pump eh? It’s not free for any
sort of sponsorship for anything we had coupons
so let’s get us a not necessarily good but definitely free pizza she might actually enjoy that seafood
restaurant but it’s not what she was looking for so the next thing we’re
gonna do is do what I do with all smelly food Pizza put it in the front trunk seafood included but we didn’t get any of that today. It’s dirty
problem is I need to find a car wash that is non-touch and those are scarce
here in Northern Virginia, they’ve all been replaced with the wash-tunnels and
full-service and I can wash my own car if I was going full-service good morning Kacey here, we’ve got update
20 24.1 incoming, I’ll see you when it finishes. I don’t normally do this before
driving but let’s go ahead and install this update. This is something that’s new
since the last time I sat in the car for an update, it’s not new to this build that
I’m on, it’s been around for a couple months now. This is a bit better than I
anticipated it actually tells you what it’s doing if you happen to be sitting
in the car during the update, so right now it’s updating autopilot, so let’s see
what’s new with autopilot after this. (fake laughter) I forgot how many weird noises, clicks, and
pops, and fan whirrings, and…. yeah like that these things make when
they update. If you’ve never sat through a update inside the car you’ll get a
bunch of just random error messages and stuff as systems go offline and update
and, yeah this what you get is what you get, so nothing to be alarmed with unless
they persist after the car says that it’s done.
This update is exactly as I anticipated we get the additional vehicle
information and then everything else is the same as before and so everything
else is the same as before but we should be able to see now some stats about the
car so let’s I don’t even know where they keep that so let’s take a look
we’re gonna reset trip because there’s a new software update the last one was
about a thousand miles ago we’ve burned three hundred and sixty-three
kilowatt hours measly four hundred and twenty one watt hours per mile let’s
reset trip B, view additional information by regarding the configuration vehicle
by typing controls software additional vehicle information Reading Is
Fundamental folks additional vehicle information all right
so my air suspension type is standard audio system it’s premium there’s my
IMEI virtual cold weather package the steering wheel
and wiper heaters the garage door opener is home link version five option two and
the motors are induction to the front is induction and the rear is induction
large and the tow package it’s included so as you can tell I don’t have a raven
car and that’s all that you can see on this update so next up is to drive the
car and see if it behaves any differently on autopilot. We’re also looking at
the quarterly stock results today so I’m gonna listen to that while I Drive home
so there probably won’t be a summary on this drive probably closer to when I go
pick Luna up from work and go charge the vehicle so we’ll catch you on the
flipside. I just finished filming the Tesla Life and What Drives Us shows,
and it looks like the car no longer, yeah there we go it no longer has issues
coming on line when starting up in a parking garage
the reason those cones blinked like that was one of my neighbors actually passed
passed by the cones so the car could no longer see them so that is a welcome
change. The previous behavior since the introduction of the full self-driving
preview was that the autopilot camera would not actually activate until I had
left the parking garage for quite some time as seen in some other videos where
I mention it but now you start to drive and the
camera system is running or I guess it was always running but now it’s matched.
As we come up to these cones here… Oh made a liar of me, alright so at least it’s
working latest parked. So the preview the full self-driving preview came back
at the same point where it has typically been back in the past usually by the
time I get to that first stop sign in the neighborhood it is ready to go and
that was the case here as well except that you did actually function for a
little while in the parking garage. The car turning animation is slightly
different when it’s on that bigger view is much clearer.
so this is a rather minor interview oh, not interview a rather minor update but there are still
changes it’s pretty intriguing. So the battery preconditioning behavior has
finally gone back to what it was after Tesla introduced the battery
preconditioning feature it didn’t are I didn’t see the notification but now that
we’re arrived at the supercharger as we were backing into the stall you hear a
burst from the heater and the pump and the fan that are involved in that
battery heating system they did turn off and we stopped moving but I’m guessing
that just means that it was right where it wanted to be. So now we’re gonna plug
in and I’ll let you know if I notice anything different particularly if the
charging text-size has returned to normal from where they shrunk it several
updates ago. Okay so the text size has not increased and OH unable to DC-Fast charge/Supercharge
disconnect and retry. Luna is getting ready to play Sardew Valley you play your game it yeah Luna is getting ready to play Stardew Valley. Blue alright we heard a click from the cabinet we’re not sharing with anybody ’cause we’re
on 2A, 2B is empty we might have to go down to 3 see what happens,
sometimes at this particular location it takes a while to handshake so we’ll see
usually though Oh red yeah usually though if you hear the cabinet click
it’s not an issue let’s try again so at one time at Laurel you haven’t
seen this video yet but it’s a at the Laurel supercharger it sat there and retried
a bunch of times then it worked but why do that when we could just move over a
stall okay just in case it was the cabinet we
went ahead and move over to cabinet three that cables a lot less stiff so somebody
was able to use it recently, I say stiff because it’s cold out it’s 37 degrees
right now Fahrenheit alright there’s another click on cabinet
and we’re green alright so let’s play some Stardew Valley there Luna. Okay
we’re almost done with our preview of the new software update twenty dot sorry
2020.4.1 and so far the results have been mixed it does feel like a minor
update unless you’re in China or if you’re on MCU1 both of those
groups have major updates with this update but we’re gonna just go into more
errands today and then I will come back with the with my final findings on
Hardware three and someone who’s coming from the holiday updates for 2019. Our
experience with the new 2020 update that’s a version 10.2 build 2020.4.1
for full self-driving cars it’s been like this has been a mixed bag,
nothing bad, at low speeds while using full self driving the car makes some
questionable moves particularly if the lane suddenly gets wider so your passing
an on-ramp at high speeds and you passing it on ramp it does a much better
job it’s still moves over but it doesn’t move over anywhere near as much
about like what it would do when it’s moving over for a semi truck or other
large vehicle the interaction with bad drivers in rush-hour traffic is
incredible it’s come up greatly from from previous versions and it doesn’t it
doesn’t get I don’t know if it’s getting confused or not but it meshes with the other
drivers much better and even when it wants to abort a lane change though the
it still whips you back and forth but something about the way that it’s doing
it is I haven’t had anybody try and be aggressive to the car when it when it
does the double back movie they actually hang back and wait to see what’s
happening and so that point gives the car enough room and time to actually
complete the maneuver so like I said it was a minor update for anybody who was
coming from the holiday update and either
Autopilot 2.5 with MCU 2 or full self-driving with MC well yeah you’d only have full
subtract with MCU 2 right now but it’s also a major update for anybody in
China or anybody coming from a much older update on MCU 1 because they
finally get all the stuff that we got for the Christmas holiday so with that I
want to ask you to please subscribe to this channel leave a comment down below
and if you like this video give it a thumbs up and we’ll catch you on the
flipside hopefully with a much more substantial video but a much more
substantial update but hey every every update it’s nice to have so catch you on
the flip side. If I have time we’re gonna go ahead and try and do a separate video
to see if there were any updates to the smart summon feature because the car
took about 20 minutes to complete all of its updates so there had to been
something in it other than it the I what noticed so far with the way it behaves
in traffic at low speed with weird Lane geometries so depending on weather and
time like I said look for that coming in a future video so if you’ve rung the
bell you’ll get a notification when that happens I’ve uploaded it so
we’ll catch you on the flipside. While this was a minor update for me I did
appreciate all the autopilots full self-driving tweaks and the ability to
know what Hardware the car thinks is installed is also really nice so it’s a
good small update and went out pretty quickly2019 sorry 2020 it went pretty
quickly 2020.4.1 means that it was from the fourth week of January of this
year so good on ya for coming back from holidays Tesla and catch you on the next


  • Reply CoolSilver February 3, 2020 at 3:21 pm

    Thanks for sharing how your X is doing with HW3.
    I did my own testing this weekend. Now with HW3! Awesome stuff.

  • Reply Tesla Canuck February 4, 2020 at 1:29 am

    Thanks for the shout out! Very in-depth and informative video. 👍😎

  • Reply TesLUCKY February 4, 2020 at 4:44 am

    Thank you so much for the shout out and link to our software update video for older Model X's in your video! Really appreciate that, Kacey!

  • Reply TesLUCKY February 4, 2020 at 4:44 am

    Great idea to put the food in the frunk!!! I never thought of that. And how do you get the weather/forecast to show up in the Outlook calendar on the MCU???

  • Reply Rob Gai February 4, 2020 at 11:53 am

    Thanks for the software update video and shout out to Teslucky!!

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