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Testimonial for Facebook Ads Specialist, Alex Broderick Forster by Alethea Fitzpatrick

December 4, 2019

After I implemented Alex’s suggestions I immediately
saw a 50% drop in my cost per click rate which was great. I also saw increased engagement with my posts. I’m a family photographer and a photography
coach for parents and I’m new to Facebook Ads. It’s something that I’ve sort of dabbled with
a little bit in the past but everything has changed so much. And I wanted to give it a go. I actually heard Alex speak at the QPS Summit
and he had some tutorials that got me started. But I ran my first campaign and I wasn’t quite
sure how to analyze the results or figure out what to do next. And I reached out to Alex to get some help. Alex was great. He gave me exactly what I was looking for
and then a couple of extra things too. So he did exactly what I needed him to do
which was to go into my ad manager and take a look at my campaigns and give me some suggestions
on how to tweak them. We also talked strategy overall. And I wasn’t expecting it, but he brought
up some notes that he sent me and he also created a base custom audience for me that
I could then duplicate and filter. So it was fantastic. It was really great. It was just really a pleasure working with
Alex. I would definitely recommend him.


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    Great testimonial!

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