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February 26, 2020

Hi guys and welcome back today I have another one brand makeup tutorial for you. Full face using Primark makeup. Primark literally blew me away. Blew me out of the water, got my face looking lit today, so if you wanna find out how to achieve this look just keep watching. We have a little bit of a exclusive on this because I’m actually the first person to see this foundation: Primark My Perfect Colour foundation. I’ve got three different shades today. Shade Nude, Nude Beige and Porcelain. I’m gonna give the PS Pro blending brush a go and let’s hope that we get on well with it today. I feel like so far the brush is kinda just taking the foundation off my face rather than blending it out. Am I just having a bad day or are you guys seeing that as well? I’m gonna switch to the Real Techniques contour brush and give this one a go to blend out that foundation. Let’s try that again shall we? How nice does that look on the skin there? That is so pretty. Oh my gosh, Primark foundations definitely need a little bit more love. That looks amazing so far. I’m gonna carry on and blend out on the other side. For my concealer today I have the PS My Perfect Colour concealer stick and this is a full coverage natural finish concealer. I have this in the shade cool sand. Using the back of a clean brush I’m just gonna take a small amount of that concealer. Pop that on the back of my hand just to warm it up. Dab on a small amount of that concealer where I need extra coverage and then taking my small fluffy brush I’m just going to very lightly just tap and stipple to blend it out. For my eyeshadow today I’ve got a few brand new products, and first of all I have the PS Cotton Candy collection. This is an eyes, lips, and face collection. Inside we have–ooh–two highlighters, three different shades of eyeshadow, and a lip cream and I also have the eye candy eye pigment. I’m excited to try this. Oh it actually has a lid, that’s really clever. Um I’m gonna take that onto the back of my hand. Oooh it’s shimmery! I had no idea that it was shimmery! That has literally made my entire day. Holy **** guys, do you see that? I’m gonna start by taking this really pretty, kind of like baby pink cotton candy shade. Layer that all over my eyes. I’m gonna move on to the darkest eyeshadow shade. Just gonna apply that into the crease to add a little bit of definition. I’m just gonna do the same on the other side Using my Zoeva 234 Luxe Smoky Shader brush, take that cotton candy shade, followed by the darker shade along my lower lash line. I’m totally aware that my eyeshadow looks a little bit like two black eyes. I’m gonna add some glitz and glam using the eye candy eye pigment. This is the shade Raspberry Bon Bon. To apply that pigment I’m using the Smith 253 brush. Just tap that onto the eye. To really add a touch of drama to my lid I’m using the PS eyeliner and this is a two pack of eyeliners for £1. Super affordable. Oooh, we lost one already. I’m gonna take that eyeliner and once again I’m gonna use my hand as a mixing palette. Back to that Smoky Shader brush. Dip the end bristles of that brush into the liner and very gently start smoking out around the lash line. This way we kind of get that really stunning, almost like an end- of-day smoky eye and it’s just really sultry. For mascara today I have the PS Workout Splash Proof waterproof mascara. This one is only £2. And for my lashes today I’m using the PS Individual lashes. You get 56 individual lashes for just £1. Usually I do not have the patience for individual lashes. I had a shoot recently with an amazing makeup artist called Francesca Neil, and she did the most stunning individual lashes on my eyes and I was just like **** now I’m gonna have to start using them! I’m gonna try and be patient and give these a little go today. I’m not going to lie, if I get fed up or I screw it up, I might just rip them off. Positive sides of single lashes: my lashes are looking so freaking sultry and fluffy and floaty right now. Negative sides: I nearly used up the entire pack. A large majority of these are currently sat on my floor. I’m gonna go back to that PS liner and I’m just going to line my upper waterline. I’m just going to run some mascara on my lower lashes. For my brows today I have the PS brow pencil and this is in the shade medium. And to set my brows I’m using the brow fixing gel and this is in the shade clear. Now that my eye makeup is pretty much nailed I’m going back to the under eye area. I have the PS My Perfect Colour liquid concealer. I have this in the shade Porcelain and the shade Nude Beige. These are only £2 each. The packaging looks so similar to the Nars Radiant creamy concealer. I’m gonna start with the shade Nude beige I’m just going to be brave and take that straight into the under eye area. I’m gonna start blending that out and I’m using the Morphe E22 brush. And to highlight the under eye area I’m using the shade Porcelain. I’m literally so impressed with this foundation and concealer range right now. I really like how the foundation looks, and I am loving these kind of creamy concealers. I’m gonna take that onto my chin and also just and smidge onto my forehead just to really highlight my and lighten up the center of my face. And to set my base I have the My Perfect Colour mineral powder. This is a medium coverage loose powder. I have this in the shade Ivory. Oh my God this does not wanna come out. I’m gonna set that under eye area using my NYX 26 brush. I love this brush. Out of everything I’ve tried so far, the My Perfect Colour mineral powder is probably my least favourite. It’s kind of come out a little patchy and gone a little bit cakey in places as well. We were definitely, definitely on a roll up until the powder, and I kinda feel like the powder’s maybe let it down slightly. To add some definition to my skin I’m using the PS UIltimate Face Sculpting Palette. In this palette we’ve got some contour shades, there’s a couple of highlights, some eyeshadows, and it’s generally quite a good palette for £6. Granted many of the shades are very similar. I’m going to mix these two shades here and just add some definition to my cheeks. We’ve gone a little bit patchy there. Literally doing so well up until the powder. For my blush today I have the PS blush, and this is the High Pigment blusher in the shade Desire. And just sweep that over my cheeks. For highlight today I’m going back to the PS Cotton Candy palette and I am gonna take maybe this one. Ooh, that’s very pink. Let’s just go for it. Ooooh, that’s come out so nice! No highlight– BAM–highlight! Bam! Bam! Baaaam! I actually want to take that into the tear duct as well. That is definitely what we needed. How cute is that guys? And finally to finish off the whole look I’m using the PS XXL Plump. When you see the packaging you would definitely not think that that would only costs £2.50. Just gonna take that onto the back of my hand and that is such a nice kind of mauve-y shade And finally, I’m taking the shade Oh Snap. A really gorgeous soft pastel pink shade and then using my finger, I’m just going to dab that into the center of my lips. OK guys, so this is the finished look and I am so freaking impressed. If somebody did my makeup like this and I couldn’t see where any of the products were, I would never ever think that they were all from Primark. The eyeshadows were pigmented, the foundations had great coverage. The under eye concealer, I am like blown away by. Even the £1 single eyelashes were a ***** to apply, but they look freaking amazing as well. My favourite products that I tried today were the PS My Perfect Colour foundation. I also really really liked the My Perfect Colour concealer. The eyeshadows kick up quite a lot of pigment and as you know from my Sub Culture palette, I’m not really a fan of that kinda thing. Also really impressed with the packaging on the glosses. These are very, very similar to the packaging on the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the exact same factory packaging to be honest. And there we go guys that is my thought on my full face of Primark makeup that I have done for you today. I am so freaking impressed, and if you are near a Primark, definitely try this foundation out. Definitely not sponsored, I’m just freaking amazed by how good these products are. Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below, were there any products that you think “I need to have that in my life” or was there anything that you were like “Mm-mm, not for me.” Thank you so much for watching and if you enjoyed this video make sure that you hit that subscribe button, and for weird and wonderful products reviews you can click here, and for more makeup tutorials here. Thanks for watching guys and I’ll see you soon. Bye!


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