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The $120 Phone Challenge

February 14, 2020

– Hey guys, this is Austin, and this is the most popular phone on Amazon. – [Ken] Hey guys, Ken
here, that is a Moto X4. That is not the most popular
phone on Amazon, this is. (bell chiming) But please, continue. – At only $120, it really got me thinking. Is this all the phone you really need? So we are here in beautiful Santa Monica for a series of challenges
which Ken informs me will be fun and delightful. What, what are we starting with? – [Ken] The first challenge:
Take a photo in water. The phone’s waterproof, right? – It is IP-68 water resistant,
yes, not waterproof. – [Ken] Good, let’s go to the beach. – Oh, right, you do realize that when it’s water resistant that’s
not for salt water, right? – [Ken] Sure, we’re
gonna test how waterproof it is, but I also want
you to take a picture. – You mean take an underwater
photo, that’s dumb, that’s just gunna look like garbage. – [Ken] No, you’re not gonna
take an underwater photo, you’re gonna take a half-underwater photo. – Like what, what do you mean? (laughing) Dude, I will not be able to take a photo- this is probably done on like a $5,000 DSLR with like a $1,000 underwater casing. I mean, I know that this is like a decent camera but it’s not gonna be- also there’s a shark in this photo. – [Ken] Also, he has
to edit the photo, too. – Why do I have to edit it outside? That makes no sense. Oh, cause the screen is super dim so I can’t see it in sunlight, oh I see. This is a bad idea, man,
I’m about to get soaked! I’m literally wearing jeans right now! – [Ken] You told me to
come up with challenges and now you’re complaining. – Yeah, it’s my job I have to complain. – [Jessup] Both of you, Oh my god! – [Ken] Nice to meet you. – I watch your videos literally every day. – We’re shooting one right now, but it’s an especially dumb one. You wanna take a photo? – Sure! – I need, I literally need
to test this camera anyway. (camera clicking) Nice to meet you man! Thanks for bein’ in our video and bein’ a photo demo for us. – No, I appreciate your videos, man. – Oh, thanks man! – Thanks very much. – Well if you want a, if you
want a show I’m about to walk in the water with my clothes on, so. – Oh, yeah, I’ll definitely watch. (all laughing) – I think my goal right now is to actually get a shot of the waves as they come. I’m actually kind of cold, aw, man. Aw, man, this is, this is bad. Oh wait, it doesn’t work! The water’s hitting the touch screen! Oh, this is so bad. – [Ken] Credit where credit’s due, he actually decided to keep
the video family friendly and tough out being in the
water in full clothing. – Ah, I didn’t get it! – [Ken] It didn’t really
help much, though. – And, Ah! Ah, no! – [Ken] Well? – I don’t know! I don’t know what I’m doing right now but I’m getting out of the water. This is stupid. Look at me! Do you see me right now? Oh yo, this is, wait,
yeah, I think so, right? – [Ken] So you have to edit and post it on your Twitter from here. – You want me to tweet from the beach? – [Ken] Yes. – Does the editing really matter? I can’t see anything I
don’t really know how I’m going to edit this. – [Ken] Well that’s the point. – So, okay, how bout this, I’m gunna say my pop is gonna be 100%, my color’s also gonna be 100% and my light is going to be, here. I can’t see that but I’m
gonna assume it’s fine. Taken on a $120 phone, right before testing how waterproof it is. Yeah, okay. Tweeted.
(bird calling) All right, so that is
challenge one, completed. The Moto X is actually not so bad, like, real talk I’m actually pretty impressed with how well this is working. What do we have to do next? So with a fresh pair of shorts, let’s give the Moto X4 a try at E3. I feel uncomfortably wet right now, still. So what better way to test the gaming capabilities of a phone
like this than with one of the most popular
games in the world: PUBG. So in case you’re
curious, Fortnite doesn’t actually work on this, it’s not quite to the minimum spec,
but PUBG works, I hope. Oh, someone’s shooting at me. (video game clicking) Mm, got em. Okay, I will say one thing, no, this is not the greatest looking PUBG experience I’ve ever seen but it’s a full PC game that’s been ported all the way down to a $120 phone. I mean, it’s no Fortnite but. – [Ken] But the real
challenge was about to begin. The goal: have Austin
test the LTE capability and video on the phone by live streaming on Twitter and Periscope on the very busy and dark E3
convention floor, that is with one big catch. Someone has to come within 15 minutes of you starting the Periscope. – Okay? – [Ken] And if no one shows up, the next mystery tech budget is $3,000. (cash register dinging) – Oh. $3,000? How to waste $3,000 on Amazon? What happens when no one
shows, oh man, this is bad. All right, I’ve gotta get Periscoping, dude that’s brutal, man,
that’s actually brutal. – [Ken] Someone has to
say that they came from the Periscope in order– – No, no, no, no, no,
someone just comes up, someone just comes up. $3,000 on the lines. – [Ken] Anyone can come
and say “hi” to you, right? But we need to know if this phone actually did the job or not. – Ready, set, go live! Hello, hello, my friends, I am live at E3 right now so the fun
part about this is that I’m actually streaming
on a $120 phone so not only is there terrible LTE
in here, but also you could be a first hand judge of
the quality of a $120 phone. So, I need some help. If you are here at E3 can you please come find me because Ken is
shooting a video right now and if basically, if
this stream doesn’t work and someone’s not able
to come and say “hi”, he’s about to spend a very large amount of money on mystery tech. If you’re right behind me,
what where, are you here, are you here, are you here? It is pretty laggy, guys if it’s laggy I apologize the issue is just there’s just not great service here
so it’s probably going to be a little bit choppy. – [Ken] It sounds like people
can hear you, at least. – Yeah. So, quality LTE. (bell dinging) – I found you! – Oh, what, dude! (both cheering) – Dude, what’s goin’ on? – Are you watching Periscope right now? Oh wait, wait. – [Man] No, Twitter. – [Austin] Look at this, look at this, he’s watching right now! Dude you are the. – I saw you go live and I
was right around the corner. – All right, this guy, this guy right here, aw, okay, so, thank you for saving $3,000 on the
next mystery tech budget. – Oh yeah for sure. (laughing) – [JerryRigEverything] Wireless
charging is a slightly convenient gimmick that I do enjoy having but is not totally mandatory. [plastic scraping sound] – Do I have to do this? (production beep) – [Ken] So you know the
channel, “JerryRigEverything”? – Yeah, Zack, the greatest YouTuber alive. – [Ken] Oh, his name is Zack, not Jerry? – Yeah, his name is Zack,
you’ve met him before, we’ve had dinner with him before. – [Ken] So, he does the thing
where he scratches the screen, so we should do that. – I actually think this will do pretty well though, cause it’s glass and metal like that’s actually
one of the main points that the Moto X has is this is a properly built phone for only $120. – [Ken] But since we don’t do many stress tests, I figured it would be a good idea to add another point of reference. – With deeper grooves at a level seven. Oh, oh, so this, is a Google Pixel 3a XL, huh, I see what you did here. (bell dinging) So, that’s one of the
main downsides of the 3a is that even though this
is a budget price flagship, it still costs a full $400-$480 depending on the standard
vs XL, not only does it lack waterproofing but
it’s made of plastic. Awe, man. In a video full of questionable ideas this is pretty much up at the top. All right, ah look at
that, literally nothing, it’s sliding off. How about the screen? Nothing man. Uh, actually it’s not doing that much. – [Ken] You’re just sharpening it. – Dude actually like straight up, look that just wipes right off. I don’t think the Pixel is
gunna be the same thing man. I think it’s about to get, it’s about to get wiped out,
man, that is really nice. Pixel 3a time, again the
screen is totally fine as it should be but the back as well as the sides are plastic. Oh, dude look at that, look at that, man. – [Ken] That’s not good. – [Austin] Awe, dude. Like the sides as well? Look at that, it just chunks right off. Okay, yeah, plastic to
the surprise of no one, less durable than metal and glass. – [Ken] All right, well, the next one– – Next one, no, that’s
it, that’s all he does. Oh, you want me to do a bend test? – [Ken] So, you might have noticed that my car is actually. – [Austin] No. – [Ken] We’ll just see how
it fares if we drive over it. – Drive over it? – [Ken] Yeah, drive over it. – It actually might, it might be okay. Goodbye little Pixel,
it was nice knowing you. (car starting) Oh what, it’s fine, it’s totally fine! Wait, wait, wait, stop. – No, no, no, no. – Wait, what are you doing? Wait, no! Why, it’s fine! It’s totally fine, stop, I’m gonna get the phone now, don’t run over my hand. I’m actually slightly
worried about this one because it does have a
very large camera bump. I wonder if that’s like enough pressure to like crack the phone? It feels pretty sturdy though, man, like I think this’ll be okay. – Wouldn’t it be a shame if the one that we thought would actually
survive didn’t survive? – Plastic is actually better! All right, I’m going to do something like, actually I’m gonna do. – Long-ways. – Yeah, that’s probably better, right? – [Matt] That’s unfair. – Let’s do it like this. – That’s unfair, but when
have we actually been fair? Let’s do it long-way. – All right. (phone crunching) – Oh! That was a bad noise. (both gasping) Okay, so one of the nice
things about plastic is that it doesn’t shatter like that. It’s a pro tip, kids,
don’t run over your phone with a car. – Long-ways, the short-way’s fine. – I think we’ve got to be done now, right? – No. – What do you mean, you already
you destroyed the phone! – We’re at a parking garage. – Yes. – It’s also, you know,
like five levels high. Don’t worry.
– It’s already shattered, it will definitely break it. – We won’t drop it five levels,
we’ll drop it two levels. – But the thing is as soon as you break a glass phone it looses
all structural rigidity. – Yeah, but the front’s fine. – And these were two
perfectly good smartphones and now they’re, there’s no
way they’re gonna survive, like zero chance. Zero chance. Three, two, one. (phones crashing) Oh, wait, the Moto’s still on! I can see it from here! – [Ken] Go, go, go, go, go. – Are you serious right now? I mean, it’s dented, it’s basically fine! Screen totally works I don’t know if you can see that or not. Like, I mean it’s definitely sort of beat up on the side
and the glass totally shattered but it literally
doesn’t look much worse its just got a few extra scratches. Oh, not so fortunate with the Pixel. Oh man. So, not only is it
cracked but that screen, I don’t know if you can see but its got a bunch of green broken pixels here. I’m legitimately so
surprised that any phone survived that, especially
considering that the Moto was already broken
on the back, I mean seriously the only real issue here, is that the car ran over
it, I mean yeah it probably would’ve shattered the back anyway, but like this is a 100%
functional phone after being submerged in salt water,
after being run over by a car, after being dropped, after being attacked with a knife, I mean it even takes
good photos, it streams, dude, this thing’s legit. If you guys enjoyed this video be sure to smash that like button and
subscribe to the channel. If, if you guys want I think Ken might be persuaded to do you more of these happy, fun, delightful challenges. – [Ken] Or $3,000 mystery
tech, I’ll take either.


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