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The Benefits of Learning How to Make Money Online

February 12, 2020

hey guys this is Ben Arkell with again coming today I wanted to talk to you about one of the
best ways to make money online and it’s a business model called affiliate
marketing okay a lot of you probably want to make money online you want to
know where to start you want to have your own online business this video will
help you to figure out that you know this is probably one of the best models
to get started with so if you’ll click the subscribe button I’ll be publishing
three to four videos a week hit that Bell notification and every time I have
a video pop up please come on in leave a comment I will respond to every
single comment if you have any questions just let me know but I want to go over
how to make money online through affiliate marketing and why it is such a
good business model for someone who’s a beginner we’re starting out so I have
some notes right here but here’s why so when you start in a business with
affiliate marketing and start a business online in general – there’s very minimal
startup cost if you were to want to go and start a brick and mortar business
you got to pay for rent gonna pay for employees you got to pay for the product
coming in you got to pay for customer service you mean you got to pay for all
these things so when you started not online business through affiliate
marketing you have to worry about those things the costs are minimal you’re
gonna need some you can you just need to spend some money on some software’s like
an email autoresponder and you know a sales funnel software perhaps but under
two to three hundred bucks to setup everything okay
there’s secondarily there’s very little overhead when you create an online
business again you don’t have to pay for rent and utility and you know security
cameras you just have to pay for that so all this overhead it’s just not even
part of the equation a third reason you want to start a business
online is it’s a lot easier to get started there’s not permits you not need
to fill out you don’t need to hire employees you don’t need to do a lot of
things that you would have to do with a physical brick-and-mortar business one
of the most beneficial things about creating a business online especially
through affiliate marketing is the beautiful beautiful gem that is
automation now if you’re not familiar with automation and what it is it’s
basically setting up systems that will do a lot of the work for you there’s a
lot of work upfront there’s a lot of setup work upfront but
once you get that work set up things work automatically you let me give you
an example so today you actually see my number one business system there’s a
link below but what I did today I spent some time when anyone opts in to learn
more about how to create and how to follow this business system their
automatic automatically entered into my email automation so they’ll get an email
well can’t welcome excuse me welcoming them to the system and then the next day
they’ll receive another email just kind of following up and seeing how they’re
doing and then there’s a sequence of 35 more emails that I’ve already written
I’ve already spent time telling my story providing them value and then writing an
offers that will help them to push forward and have more success in their
online business but I did that one time it took a lot of setup you know it took
hours and hours to set up up front but now I turned the button on and I pushed
people through this funnel into my email system and then they just get emails
like clockwork every single day and I could literally be on the beach in
Hawaii I could be ski the slopes of Utah are Colorado and that
would happen and it happens 24/7 so leveraging the beauty that is automation
is one of the amazing and amazing benefits of having an online business
and especially having affiliate marketing as as your business model
something else I’d mentioned having an online business it’s a lot easier to get
eyeballs on a website or a funnel than it is to get people that come into your
store especially our day and age where people used to go to the mall people
used to go to stores they don’t do that as much I mean with one click you can
purchase something on Amazon you know and so people are a lot more willing to
visit something on their phone make it purchase there than have to go
to a physical location again I’m just kind of recapping some of the benefits
of having an online business versus wanting to start your own business that
maybe is that brick your brick-and-mortar maybe you want to start
a you know a little business where you have a shop that sells a boutique you
know the other thing is you can find products have a lot higher product mark
margin excuse me profit margin online than you can anywhere else and that’s a
huge thing that I believe in I believe in you being able to sell digital
products for a lot higher profit margin than maybe you could sell a pair of
sunglasses for would you rather sell thousand pairs of sunglasses for three
bucks each or would you rather sell ten courses for you know 300 bucks right the
other thing that you know this is something that is a benefit of having an
online business is it’s open 24/7 right if you have a brick and mortar it’s
usually 8:00 to 5:00 you have half the day where you can sell but with an
online business you can sell all day all night when you’re sleeping when you’re
exercising when you’re taking a shower things can keep running and that’s one
of the powers of a funnel if you don’t know much about sales funnels leave a
comment and I can give you some resources there but a sales funnel it’s
basically a system where you can lead a customer through a buying journey in a
process to help them sell help sell them the products that they would need and
it’s like having your your best salesperson on the job 24/7 now the
other thing about not only having this 24/7 model it’s it’s also if I were to
create a beauty boutique have it in Utah well the only people that are coming to
that boutique are who people within like a 20 mile radius of where I live
whereas if I’m online either business online I have the whole world on my
fingertips I just opened up millions and millions and millions of customers that
I would not be able to reach any other way and then you know finally if one of
the best business models I found and I’m using is selling digital products and
some of the benefits of that is you don’t have to have employees you don’t
have to have a supplier you don’t have to maintain inventory there’s none of
those usual hassles that would go into you know having tangible products in a
warehouse or on the shelves so if you guys are considering
starting a business you want to make money on a highly suggest that you go
the online route it’s it’s it’s it’s where where it’s at is where things are
trending things aren’t going to go back and so if you have any questions about
how to make money online how to get started with affiliate marketing how to
start passive income just leave a comment below I would love to help you
out and again my number one recommendation you’ll find in the top
link below and it’s a proven system that can help you give you a blueprint on how
to get started again this is Ben Arkell passive automation calm and we’ll see on
the next video

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