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December 3, 2019

[ominous dramatic music]♪ ♪– The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down
in green pastures; He leadeth me beside
the still waters. He restoreth my soul; He leadeth me on the paths
of righteousness for His namesake. Though I walk through
the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff,
they comfort me. Thou preparest
a table before me in the presence of my enemies. – We are live
at the Texas State Cemetery for the memorial service
of Blake Redding, son of Texas Governor
Dean Redding, who lost his life
when he failed his thinning exam last week at Vista Point High School. [drill whirs]
[syringe hisses] Reports have since indicated that Blake Redding
was not among the initial students
to fail the exam, which has shrouded
the Governor’s campaign for president in
a flurry of controversy. – Thank you.
[crowd cheering] – Governor, your thoughts
on the Vista Point scandal? – Not today. – Attending the service is former
Vista Point High School student Laina Michaels, who has become a public figure since she was wrongfully accused
of failing her exam and framed for committing
acts of domestic terrorism. – Laina, do you have any plans for taking legal action
against the Board of Education for mishandling
your test scores? [drill whirring] – I don’t know. – Do you hold Governor Redding
personally responsible for implicating you
as a domestic terrorist? [camera shutters snapping] – No comment.
all: Miss Michaels! – I hate to be all business, but the DPC has appointed
a special investigator for the Vista Point incident. – It’s Agent Joanne Morris.They didn’t waste any time.
[camera shutter snaps] – Fortunately for you,
Mason King has signed an affidavit
absolving you of any connection to the events.Per your request,
he’s been reassigned.
– Good.
Where is he?
– I’ll handle this myself. You just focus
on what’s important: getting elected.[suspenseful music]♪ ♪– How close would you say
you were to Blake Redding?
♪ ♪– I barely knew him. Talked to him a few times
over the years but that was it. – Was he your boyfriend? You guys have
a personal relationship? – He was with Ellie
until last year. Then he kept to himself. I barely knew him. – Barely knew him. [distant chattering] You don’t have to tell me about
some boy you had feelings for, but we need to be honest
with each other. Let’s go over the timeline. An hour before the kiss, I have you on
the internal server computer. I need to know what you saw. – I was working fast. Everything I saw
was posted on the news. I knew they switched my test,
I was just trying to prove it. – Anything regarding the school
or sensitive material? – I really wish
I could help you. – Here’s my card. If you remember anything or need someone you can trust, I just want you to know
you’re not alone. [kids giggling] – What’s so funny?
– Joey’s on TV. – No, guys, cut it out. – That’s my cue. Take care of yourself, Laina. – Guys. I need you two to focus.
both: Okay. [pounding on door] – No interviews. – Miss Michaels, it’s Jack Prescott
with Governor Redding’s team. – What does he want? – He needs to see you. It’s about Blake. [door opening] – Hi. – Hi. – You said something
about Blake? [distant traffic blaring] – I can’t believe
I’m walking these floors. Two years ago, I put a picture of this place
on my vision board. Now I’m here. – Loving the new look, Wendy. Auburn?
– Rosewood. This is the bullpen. A lot of the junior staffers
get thrown here, but since I took a chance
getting the station to hire the first
non-intern under 20, you get your own office. – [exhales]
Now we’re talking. – This room used to be a closet.
Now it’s yours. – In real estate terms,
they call this “cozy with potential.”
[soft laugh] – There are still a lot
of questions that need answers about what happened
at Vista Point High. – I get it. You want me to dig deep
and uncover what’s really going on at
Vista Point High, right? Question authorities,
make it clear that BNC News is gonna ask hard questions
and accept the blowback regardless of the consequences. – No. Kellan, this is your first day. You’re starting at the bottom.
That’s how this works. First up, a science piece. Parents want to know what
chemicals are being administered to the students who
go to the thinning. I’m gonna send you out
to do a prelim. – Uh, two things. Number one, what’s a prelim? Number two,
when are you grabbing dinner? – Talk to people.
Find an angle. Set up interviews, chase leads. You do that, we’ll get dinner. – It’s a date.
– I’m married. Get to work.[brooding music]♪ ♪– Miss Michaels. It’s so nice
to finally meet you. – You went on TV
and said I was a terrorist. – Right to the chase.
I love it. [exhales softly] I was given misleading
information from my people. I want to apologize. – You didn’t call me in here
to apologize. – I wanted to offer you
an advisory role on our new
Thinning Oversight Committee. – No thanks. – The thinning isn’t perfect,
but it’s the law. And with this recent incident, there’s been strong
headwinds against it. People want to see
the other side of the story. – You want me
to stump for you. – It’d be a very
generous paycheck for you and your siblings, take care of you
for quite some time. – Thanks for the water.[soft somber music]Hi, guys.
Let’s go.♪ ♪– Laina.
Georgina Preston. [gasps softly]
Oh, this must be your family. I hear you will be taking
your first test this year. How exciting. Corrine has 11 more years
of testing. I’d imagine it would be nice
to have a little… support.[sinister music]♪ ♪Jack will take you home.♪ ♪– Excuse me?
You just passed our house.[dramatic music]– Laina? [both coughing] – Help!♪ ♪[coughing]♪ ♪Who are you?
Where are Corrine and Joey? – They’re safe. Everything is okay. See? – [soft giggle] – Miss Cole? all: Morning, Miss Cole. – Maggie. I’m sorry for the scare. This is kind of
a sensitive operation. – Tell the Governor
I’m not working for him. – We’re not with the Governor. We’re with The Fight.– We’re hiding in plain sightat all levels of governmentto garner influence
to end the thinning, and transport at-risk students
to safe houses. – You can get people out? – That’s what we do. Mister Leonard over there
has personally escorted over 100 students
across the border to a secure island
off the Gulf. – Corrine and Joey–
you have to get them out. – That’s why we need you
to help the Governor. – No. I’m not going to be
a mouthpiece for the thinning. If you won’t help me
get them out, then I’m going to do it myself. – You know what happens
when they catch a runaway? The kids get split up.They bounce around
in state homes.
They get
a third-rate education
and a guaranteed trip
to the thinning. You don’t want that. – With the right candidate
in place, we can do a full repeal
of the thinning, and find a more humane way
to combat our population crisis. – But if Redding
becomes president, the thinning will stay strong and continue to send
innocent kids to die. And that could just be
the tip of the iceberg.[dramatic music]– What does Georgina have
to do with all this? – We don’t know. That’s what
we need you to find out. If she has her way, when Governor Redding
becomes President Redding, we lose our window
to stop the thinning. I mean, who knows
what the future could hold.♪ ♪– So, uh, you worked the day
Blake’s body was being prepared? – Yes, I was on-site. – And did you handle the body? – Not personally, no. [knocking on door] – Kellan,
it’s 3:00 in the morning. – I know.
Um, weird question. Do you own a shovel? And out of all nine employees
who worked that 72-hour period, not one person ever
saw or handled the body. – That’s crazy. – No.
We’re crazy.[suspenseful music]Okay–oh. Hey. Are you good?
– Yeah. – Be careful. Wait. No.♪ ♪Yeah. Are we doing this? – Here. – [sighs] [owl hooting] I can’t believe
you’re doing all this for a guy that doesn’t even
know your name. – Light.
– Yeah, sorry. [thud]♪ ♪[sinister music]♪ ♪[cheerful music]♪ ♪– Congratulations. Your class has been spared.Every single one of you
was chosen by our system
and deemed worthy to receivea second chance at life.I realize you may have
a couple of questions.
Okay, let’s begin.Our first, most commonly-asked
question is:
“Am I dead?”No. [laughs]
You’re not dead.
Question two:“Where am I?”Well, you’re in The Incubator, a special facility
designed and sponsored by the great minds
at Assuru Global.We are here
to help you grow
from a parasitic leech
on our society to a productive member
of the working class.I know what you’re thinking:
“Why me?”
Using our patented algorithm,we analyzed the test scores
of this year’s
failing students
and determined that
you still have
value and special skills
that can be utilized
to better America.
Sorry, that was a lot of words. To put it simply:
you were chosen, silly. [excited chattering]Last question:“Do I get to go back?” The most productive members
of the Incubator program will be considered
for reintroduction to society.Again, congratulations
on being selected
and getting to begin
your new life.
Be worthy.[cheerful music][lights humming] [all cheering, chattering] – We made it!
– Oh, my God! Oh, my God!– Please proceed
to the assignment room.
[equipment thrumming] [computer chimes]– Heather Forester, you havebeen assigned to “Assembly.”Please proceed to
the door labeled “Assembly.”
Today you will be
observing only.
[equipment hisses, thrumming] [computer chimes]
Ned Walker.
You have been assigned
to “Advanced Systems.”
[ominous music][equipment thrumming] [computer chimes]Blake Redding.You have been assigned
to “Packaging.”
– What happens if I say no? [alarms beep]♪ ♪– Please proceed to the door
labeled “Packaging.”
Today you will be
observing only.
As a member
of the Incubator,
your day breaks down
into three sections:
work, eat, and sleep.[cheerful music]During work hours,
each member will report to
their assigned sectionfor 14 hours of labor.Then, each member
will be released
to have one hour of
dining and personal time.
At curfew,
each member must return
to their domiciles
for rest and recuperation.
♪ ♪Please proceed to the
factory floor for observation.
[chime]Please proceed to the…
– Ellie. [machines clanking, whirring][melancholic music][machines hum, power down]– All workers please returnto living and dining quarters.All workers please returnto living and dining quarters.All workers please return
to living and dining quarters.
Remember: be worthy.♪ ♪– Ellie! Ellie! Ellie![somber dramatic music]♪ ♪You’re alive. – I am alive. [both laughing softly] – I thought I was
seeing things. Where are we? – They didn’t tell you? We were chosen. – I never thought
I’d see you again. – No. Not here. We have a curfew in an hour.♪ ♪[electronic chirp]
[machine hisses] [electronic clank][gentle piano music]♪ ♪– Ellie, I love you. – I can’t believe
it’s been a year. [moans] I don’t know how
I’d live without you.♪ ♪– I missed you so much. [equipment rumbling] – It’s crazy that
we’re still alive. I thought it was all over. – When they put
that needle into my neck, I really thought that
that was it. I thought I was gonna die. – Hey. This place gives us a purpose. Like, a second chance
to help and do right. – Why would they kill some kids
and spare others? That doesn’t make any sense. You don’t really
believe that, do you? – Of course. We were chosen. I mean, they believe that we have something to contribute. We can be worthy. – If they lied
to everyone before, why wouldn’t they lie
to us now? [alarm blaring]
– Refusal to work.
Refusal to work.[distant indistinct shouting] [alarm blaring continues] [shouting, whistling][ominous music]– Oh, you’ve had enough? [shouting, laughter] – Do it!
– Do it! Jump, jump!
Come on! Jump, jump!
– You’re weak! – Come on!
You’re weak! [whistling, shouting] You hear me? – Come on!
Do it! – You’re weak!
– Jump! – Come on!
– Jump! Jump! – He’s weak.
– You’re not worthy! Now jump![suspenseful music builds]– Get the net![pneumatic hiss] [cheering, whistling] – Snip, snip. – “Snip, snip”? – I heard anyone
who refuses to work is sent to the infirmary,
and within a few hours they come back with alterations. [jeering, shouting] – What’d he get? – That’s him.[foreboding music]♪ ♪[boys chattering]♪ ♪– You must be new. I’m Cage. – Blake Redding. – Governor’s kid, right? [scoffs]
That’s cute. Probably used to
getting whatever you want, like Ellie. You know, since you’re new here, I’m gonna take it easy on you. Ellie belongs to me now. You can do whatever you want. But if you look at her again, I’m gonna kill you. Okay.♪ ♪[door opens] [door slams] – It’s not gonna stop. [indistinct chatter] – [kisses] – What’s up, boss?
– Hey. – Hey, what’s the deal with
those kids with the patches? – Oh. That’s The Worthy. They’re hand-selected
by The Incubator to help supervise
the other workers. – They’re like cops?
– Yeah, more like mall cops. – They’re first in line
for reintroduction. – Oh, that’s pretty awesome.
All this shit’s co-ed. – We’re slaves, idiot. – I’m not a slave. I’m nobody’s slave. I’m Wade Freeman, bitch. – You know what? Yeah,
that’s a really good point. You’re Wade Freeman.
– Bitch. He’s Wade Freeman Bitch. – [laughing] [chairs clattering] – Go. – Ellie, what is this? – Just leave. – I’m not going anywhere
without you. – They will kill you. Please go. – Uh, this is Cage’s girl,
Redding. So you can move along now. – We’re just talking. – Move along now. – No. I’m not leaving
without her. – Let’s go.[dramatic music]♪ ♪– [grunts]
– [groans] – Security!
– [groaning] [beep]
– It’s over. – [grunts][dramatic percussive music][beep]♪ ♪Come on. – [distorted] They’re
approaching Sector 24!♪ ♪Come on. [indistinct radio chatter] Run. Go! Run, Ellie!
Run!♪ ♪– [shaky breathing] [baton clicks] [blows lands]
– [grunting] [baton clicks] [yelping] – Blake!
– Keep them separate. – Ellie! – Blake!
– Ellie![sinister music]You. – Going somewhere, Blake?♪ ♪– [groaning] No.
– Not anymore. [bones twist] – [screaming][upbeat news broadcast music]♪ ♪– Things are heating up
in an election that
could be a turning point
in American history.
Texas Governor Dean Redding,backed by tech leader
Assuru Global,
is running on
the strength and success
of the national
thinning program.
Vermont Senator Elaine Davishas taken a strong
anti-thinning platform
that has brought her all the wa
to her party’s nomination.
She calls for a complete repeal
of the thinning, which has proven very popular
among young voters. – Enough is enough. It’s time to protect our kids from this inhumane
and unconstitutional law. It’s time to end the thinning.
[crowd cheering] – Even with a chance to reform,
Laina Michaels continues her unwavering support for Governor Redding
and the thinning. [crowd cheering] – Being against the thinning
is a dishonor to all the brave students
who sacrificed their lives so we could be here today. [cheering and applause] – The Governor
went on television and called you
a domestic terrorist, a murderer,
without any evidence. How can you support someone who would
so viciously slander you? And what does that say about
the Governor’s leadership?– I credit a man
who will correct his mistakes
and own up to them.Governor Redding
is that kind of man.
– But the investigation–– It’s been nearly a year,and nothing substantial against
the Governor has emerged.
– Why should people vote
for Governor Redding next week?
– Governor Redding
has sacrificed everything
for us to move forward
as a society.
He will do whatever it takes
to lead this country
and I proudly stand with him.[soft music]– And we’re out. [bell rings] All right, let’s reset
for the next shot. Can I get escort
for talent off set? Thank you very much. [indistinct chatter] – [retching] I can’t keep doing this. It’s been eight months. I’ve been giving you
everything. Rifling through building files, photos of restricted areas. – Now is the time to focus
and do our jobs. – What do you even do? I’m out there every day destroying my reputation
for a few bread crumbs. I’m putting my life
on the line, and it feels like
I’m the only one! [“one” echoes]
[pigeons flutter]♪ ♪I’m sorry. It’s just–
this is eating away at me. – If you stop now, it’s over. – I need to know Corrine
and Joey are taken care of. – I will see to it myself. We now believe that the files are on
Georgina’s private computer. If you can get access, we can
get what we need and pull you. – No one is allowed
inside that office without Georgina present. – We didn’t say
this was gonna be easy. Find a way in. If anyone can do it, you can. – How am I going to
get access to her computer? They all have password locks or need special key card access. – Jean’s a digital safe cracker. – This provides both
the clearance and the file space needed to secure
any and all files from Georgina’s database. – The election is next week. It’s now or never, Laina. And, also,
we know about your friend.[suspenseful music]– What friend? – The one who’s been
at every meeting for the last eight months. – He’s listening in right now. – Kellan, you can take off
the glasses now.– No habla inglés.– My opponent doesn’t want
to invest in the future. He thinks things are going fine
just the way they are. And I’m here to tell you,
they aren’t. [coughing] – Your state has more students
with higher test scores than in the history of Vermont, and your entire campaign
is about rolling back all that progress. – That’s a good point,
but I refuse to– – “That’s a good point”? We’re never gonna hear that
in the debate, Alan. [sighs] – You mind if
I took a brief recess? – No.
Go ahead, Congressman. And, please, take your time. – Let’s have Thomas flown in.
– The former energy secretary? – Yeah, he won’t let up
on anybody. – Thomas Hausman?
That’s no good. You need to get used to
debating a woman. – I’ll have Lindsay get you
a list of names. – I can do it. I’ll debate you. – Well, I appreciate
the sentiment, Laina, but we’re looking for someone
a little more qualified. – The thinning
is a barbaric program that blames students
for the failures of a broken education system. But it sure makes it easier
to put the blame on students than having to look
higher on the totem pole.[suspenseful music]– Why not?♪ ♪– Our teachers
are the finest in the world. And if you’re gonna
blame them because a few students are unwilling
to push themselves to realize their full potential, well, I won’t stand for that. – But you will stand
for a program that preys on the most disadvantaged
students in our society, students who are
less likely to pass because of their
socioeconomic background. Whereas those born with
a silver spoon in their mouths never truly have to worry
about whether or not they get to see
the next school year.♪ ♪– I think we all know
that my son had to worry. – Blake was one
of the kindest souls I’ve ever had
the pleasure of knowing. And he failed the test
on purpose, to protest this rigged system. You tried to bail him out, but you got caught, and you threw him under the bus to advance
your political career. Is there enough room
for the American people under that bus? How was that? – Uh, that was good. – Yeah, it was good.
– Really good.[dramatic music]– Assuru global stocks
are soaring this morning
as the company announces
its quarterly earnings report,
surpassing expectationsof analysts and
shareholders respectively.
– Software and services growthare crucial, but
it’s the hardware…
– Analysts are saying that’s
a 36% jump in R&D spending…
– That’s what it takes
to have stakes in this game.
– Assuru Global ensures
made-in-America quality.
[brooding music]♪ ♪[indistinct chatter] [machinery beeping, whirring][somber music]♪ ♪[horn blares]– All workers, please return
to living and dining quarters.
All workers, please return
to living and dining quarters.
♪ ♪All workers, please return
to living and dining quarters.
Remember: be worthy.♪ ♪– [distorted] Hold it, hold it.
You know the rules. Only The Worthy
and residents of this sector are allowed in this area. [radio chatter][distant old-timey music][crowd cheering][foreboding music]♪ ♪– [grunts] [cheering, screaming]♪ ♪– Finish his ass!
– Get him, Cage! – He’s a parasite!
Flush him! – Get up! I’m not done with you yet. – You’re not worthy!
– Stand up, man, let’s go! – You’re not worthy! [crowd shouting, taunting] – You just don’t
got it in you! – [yelping] – Punch him in the face, Cage! – He was asking about you. – [groans loudly]
– Who? – Cage. He’s waiting for you to slip, force you in there with him. – Why hasn’t anyone
kicked his ass yet? – I don’t know, bro. Don’t look like a bitch to me. [crowd cheering] – [singsong]
He’s not worthy! He’s not worthy! – Yeah. – Get this parasite out of here! – If you’re not worthy,
you’re nothing! [crowd chanting]
Worthy! Worthy! Worthy! – Let’s go, Cage! [crowd chanting]
Worthy! Worthy! Worthy! – Isn’t anybody gonna help him? – [distorted]
Not till after the fight. – Hey.
– Oh, come on. – This kid needs serious
medical attention now. Are you really gonna
make me take him? – Let’s see it! – [distorted]
Come on, let’s go. – Who’s next on the list?
– Next victim! – If you win, you lead. – Who’s got it, baby? Who’s going next? – Sooner or later, Redding, you’ll be in here. Sooner or later. [crowd cheering] – Come on, daddy’s boy,
let’s see it! Let’s see the daddy’s boy! [shower running][somber piano music]♪ ♪[alarm blaring]
– Curfew is now in effect.
Curfew is now in effect.Curfew is now in effect.[doors clank, hissing] – [soft laugh] – This is gonna be good.
[chuckles] – Get off. [baton clicks]
[electricity hums][sinister music]♪ ♪♪ ♪– [muffled shouting]
[blows landing] [muffled scream] [blows landing] [muffled scream] [coughs] [shaky breathing] – See you tomorrow. – [soft shuddering] [pained gulp] [inhales sharply] That’s about an eight.
– Eight? How about this? – [groans] Nine. – This thing just won’t heal. Blake, what
are they doing to you? – I fell in the shower again. [door closes, beeps] What’s the deal with her? – She refused to work.[sinister music]♪ ♪– There is no reintroduction, is there?[dramatic music]Do you know that we’re all here
against our will? – The law is the law. – But they tell everyone
that we’re dead. – I can’t be having
this conversation. – Help me get out of here, Doc. [whispering]
Doc, please. [door closes, beeps] [door beeps, opens] – I’ll see you in a few weeks. [door closes, beeps] [indistinct radio chatter] – [distorted]
Let’s go, Blake. On way to living quarters, King. [camera whirring]♪ ♪[panels chirping, beeping]♪ ♪– Hey. – Hi.
– Hi. Have you talked
to Ellie recently? – Yeah, but
she’s always with Cage, so not for long. – I need you to get
a message to her, from me. – You spend so much time
caring for her. I think it’s time you let
somebody take care of you.[tender music]– Tell Ellie to come
to the cage match tomorrow. It’s important. – This isn’t gonna take more
than five minutes, is it? – I’ll talk fast.
– Shoot. – Okay, so I was looking into
the Vista Point story– – Oh, my God, Kellan,
you have a new angle on this story every week. – This one’s different.
Five minutes. – You have one minute. – I practiced it for five. Okay, I’ll talk very fast. The machines the T-2401 tests
are performed onare made by Assuru Global.both: But we already knew that.
– Right, exactly. And Assuru Global has been
touting their massive increase in production, which
I thought I had figured out when I bum-rushed
Georgina Preston at her office. – You did what?
[phone beeps]– Where you headed, Georgina?
– Shareholders’ meeting.
We’re talking about
how Assuru has tripled
its production
and is on its way
to having
a record-shattering year.
– How could you have
increased production? You laid off
half your workforce. – [chuckles]
Obviously our young friend hasn’t heard of automation. Excuse me.
[laughter] – I know, it was premature,
you know, but that gave me everything. Automation.If they’re making
more tablets now,
then they’re using a lot more
machines to make them, right?
So I dug up their expenditures. – How did you get those? – I have a friend… who hacks.Not important.But I found that they
are paying for machines that they’re not
actually receiving. So I took a tour
of the new campus, which is really nice. – Assuru Global
is the industry leader in cutting-edge
consumer electronics.– And you should really see
their manufacturing room.
Really, you should.
Because I didn’t.Because they don’t have one.I walked the entire campus
with a pedometer.
And if you were to fill
the entire thing with machines, even in the places I walked–
which had none–you wouldn’t be able
to get to half
of the output
that they’re shipping.
– So they’re outsourcing. – Right,
I though the same thing.But according
to their expenditures,
they’re also
regularly “in-sourcing”
100 million pounds
of food per year
from a company called TXPAK.[dramatic music]Military rations. Let me just make sure
I got this right. TXPAK is the sole distributor
of MREs for the entire U.S. military?
– One of three, actually.
We’re very proud to be one
of three major suppliers
for heat-and-serve
meal packages.
– The average human eats
three pounds of food per day.They have enough food to feed
100,000 people per year.
And that’s just
what I’ve found so far. – What are you saying? – I think they’re using
failed students to make tablets
and phones and whatever, and I think it’s all connected
to Vista Point. – How? – Have you ever looked at the blueprints
for the original build? [camera shutter snapping]
– Of course not.
– I just did.
Massive vents, by the way.
You could fit a human in there. They also have
special designated areasfor freight elevators.And these elevators only go
from the first floor down. 15 stories,
and–and they go to nothing, nothing that’s on the plans. So I say we call the cops. [phone ringing] – Hi, Brad.
Now’s a good time. – Oh, my God. – What you have
is circumstantial. It’s a conspiracy theory. No photos, no videos,
no proof? No story. – So you want me
to get video? – Yes, we are working on
confirming that interview. – Of an illegal,
underground slave operation run by the biggest corporation
in the world, which also happens to be
the single largest donor to Governor Redding’s
campaign for president. – Can you get a truck
ready for me? – Super. – Shut the door
on your way out. – I’m only 18. It’s my first job
out of high school, but you got it, boss. Wish I got thinned. I don’t mean that. Maybe I do. Yeah. [traffic honking] [car alarm beeps][intense dramatic music][choking, gasping]♪ ♪[car alarm blaring][foreboding music]♪ ♪– Blake? – Shh. We don’t have much time.[tender music]– I can’t keep doing this.
– You have to. You’re so close. Don’t give up now.♪ ♪[knocking on door] [pounding on door] [knocking] – What’s up? I got some brews. Paid a homeless dude
50 bucks for this. – Kellan,
it’s 2:00 in the morning. – It’s 2:00 in the morning? That means it’s time to party! Whoo!
Let’s cruise and do some shots! So, you know, I was hanging out
at my place, alone, and I was thinking, “Do you know who I want
to hang out with? My best friend, Laina.”
– Kellan. – Now, full disclosure,
I drank some of them, so you have
some catching up to do. – Kellan, what the hell?
They’re sleeping. – Yeah, “what the hell”
is right. We’ve gotta get some tunes
in here, it’s too quiet. [rock music plays loudly]
Oh! – Kellan, stop. ♪ ♪ Kellan, knock it off.
Kellan! Kellan, why in the world–[sinister music]♪ ♪[horn blares]– All workers, return
to living and dining quarters.
[horn blaring]All workers, return
to living and dining quarters.
All workers, return
to living and dining quarters.
– Hey.
– Remember: be worthy.
– Heather.
– Hey. – Have you seen Blake? – I don’t know how
to tell you this… – What? Did something happen?[tense music]– Blake, he– he doesn’t want
to see you anymore.♪ ♪– I–I didn’t–
– Ellie. You should just move on. I know that this is
a terrible thing to say, but you have to live your life
without Blake Redding. I’m sorry. Okay. It’s done.
– She gonna be okay? – Yeah, she’ll be fine. So you’re gonna put in
a good word for me, right? – Absolutely. I’m very close with Mason. He takes my recommendations for a reintroduction seriously. You did good.♪ ♪– Dean Redding believes in
a strong and prosperous nation,
unlimited possibilities
for its best
and brightest citizens.
While Elaine Davis
wants to live
in a country of
poor, uneducated losers
and sink America’s rankingto the bottom
of global competition.
If you want
to continue winning,
vote Dean Redding.– I’m Dean Redding,
and I approve this message.[foreboding music]– Okay, you guys. Everything’s going
to be okay. Just be good to Miss Cole. – Okay.
– I love you both so much. – I love you, too.[somber music][whimpers]♪ ♪– You ready? [doorbell ringing] [knocks] – Hey, guys.
I have breakfast ready for you. Hurry before it’s cold. – So this is our last chance
at this, right? – You’re going to be fine. I’ll be unreachable
for a little bit while we get them to safety. Once you get the information,
all you have to do is get it to Jack,
and you’re home free. And no matter what happens, Corrine and Joey
are going to be safe. We’ll be seeing you.♪ ♪Okay, you can eat those
on the way. Let’s go. Just down here a little. This way, guys.
Come on.[dramatic music]Just wait here.♪ ♪[beeping] [lock hisses] Come on. – Everything’s gonna be okay. I’ve got a good feeling. – Why are you doing this? – My map is telling me
this is a faster route. – No, I mean, why are you helping? – My little sister, Kelli, uh, she was dyslexic. Everything took
a little more time. Every day after school,
I would stay and help her, make sure she didn’t
fall behind. Senior year came around, and, you know, I got too wrapped up
into partying, and overconfident with
the idea that she would be fine. And I started
to let things slip. She was taken from me. And not a day goes by
that I don’t wish I had done more. That’s why I’m here. – Well, if this works,
no one will ever have to go through something
like that again.[dramatic music]♪ ♪[soft Muzak playing] ♪ ♪ [elevator dings] ♪ ♪ – Good luck in there. – You too.
[elevator dings] [indistinct chatter] – [soft laugh][rousing music]– It’s gonna be
an exciting race, for sure.
It’s really, really difficult
to know who’s gonna
come out on top here,
so we’re interested to see how the day will play out. [rock music playing
over speakers] [indistinct chatter] ♪ ♪ – Bathroom? – Ma’am, this is
a secure facility. I’ll have to escort you. This way. [beeping][pensive music]♪ ♪Miss? The bathroom. [crowd cheering] [blow lands] – If you don’t want to work
on the line, then you work in here with me. [cheering] – Cage! Cage! Cage! Cage! [crowd chanting]
Cage! Cage! Cage! Cage! – I don’t want
to work on the line. [crowd quiets][foreboding music]♪ ♪– I’m gonna enjoy this. Someone get ole limpy up here. [crowd cheering]♪ ♪– Now this is entertainment. – [gasps] [breathing deeply] [crowd cheering] – He was faking it! He was faking it! – When you go down, you’re gonna stay down. – If you go down, I lead The Worthy. – I never go down. [grunts] [both grunting][dramatic music pounds]♪ ♪[stirring music]♪ ♪[wind whooshing] – [gasps] – [distorted] Ellie Harper,
you are in direct violation of Section 6 work order. Proceed to your workstation now. [crowd cheering] [both grunting] – Come on! – [grunting][sinister music]♪ ♪[dramatic music]– Yeah, Cage!
Get him! [laughing] [crowd groans]♪ ♪– [distorted] No response?
– [distorted] Nothing. She won’t get up. [finger crunches]
[yelps] – [grunting] I’m getting out of here! – [distorted groan] – [yelps]
– [distorted] Take her down! – [yelps] – [straining] – [distorted] Take her down.
– No! No! – [distorted] Come on.
– [crying] No! – [distorted] Lock her down.
– Get off of me! Let me go!
– [distorted] That’s it, guys. Hey, back to your sector! – Oh, my God.
– [crying] No! Stop!
– Ellie. [crowd cheering] – [screams] – Cage! – Get up, Cage, come on!♪ ♪– [coughs weakly] [thuds] – No! – Come on, Cage, get up! [crowd chanting]
Blake! Blake! Blake! Blake!♪ ♪– [grunts] [blow lands]
– [screams] [screaming] [blows land] [blow lands] [crowd chanting]
Blake! Blake! Blake! [crowd chanting]
Blake! Blake! Blake! – The new leader of The Worthy! [crowd cheering] [alarm blaring] [crowd quiets] – It’s Ellie. [alarm blaring][suspenseful music]♪ ♪– Everything you’ve been told
about this place is a lie. There were no killed students. They did it for cheap labor
to help Assuru make products. – So… there’s no reintroduction? – No. The alarm was for Ellie. And I can get to her. But I’m gonna need all of
your help to get her out. – No one’s ever
gotten out before. – Then this is gonna
end quickly, but I have to try. – [sniffs] What do you need us to do?[rousing music]– We just received audio
of presidential candidate Elaine Davis having a sordid
conversation with a staffer.– We have to warn you,
there is some
crude language
within the tape.
– Oh, come the [bleep] on,
voters have their head up
their [bleep] ass [bleep].
They shouldn’t even have
the right to vote, because
when they do, they just
[bleep] this country up.
[laughing] Everyone between
California and New York
are dumb [bleep] [bleep]
for brains.
[phone ringing]
It’s not even exaggeration.
It’s [bleep] true.
– This is a game-changer. I mean,
this could cost her Iowa. – Is this getting played
everywhere? [phones ringing] – Yeah.
Everywhere. – Oh. Whoever leaked this,
I love you.– She was very…[suspenseful music]♪ ♪[computer beeping] [knocking on door] – You okay in there? [faucet running] Miss Michaels? [computer chirping]♪ ♪– Oh, my God. [gasps][dramatic music]♪ ♪Blake. – Georgina, Frank Paulsen’s
calling for you. – I left something in my office. [rock music playing
over speakers] ♪ ♪ [phone message warbles] [phone chimes] [phone message warbles] – Excuse me.
Miss Preston? The Governor would like
to see you right away. – Give me a minute.[suspenseful music pounds][keys clacking] – No. He said it’s urgent. [computer beeps]♪ ♪– That’s excellent.
Thank you so much for that. – What?
– Beg your pardon? – You told Jack you needed me
for something urgent. – No.
No, I didn’t.[sinister music]♪ ♪– [grunting] – Yeah, go ahead.
Just take it off. Take the whole thing off,
I don’t care. – Everything okay? – [stammering] You didn’t respond. – I had to use the bathroom.[tense music]♪ ♪– Laina. What happened to you? – Laundry day. – Laundry. – [laughs]
I’ve never done my own laundry. – [laughs weakly] – Go, go, go.
Just–don’t stop. [indistinct whispering] – Is the shuttle on time? – It leaves out of Matamoros
at 6:00. – We’ll make if we go now. I’ll lead the way.[call signal beeps]– I’m sorry,
the number you have–
[phone dialing]– You’ve reached
Agent Joanne Morris.
Please leave a message.
– This is Laina Michaels. I need to see you right away. [monitor beeping] [horn blaring] [machinery humming][dramatic music builds]♪ ♪[flesh sizzles]
– [screams] [yelping] – [distorted] Got a worker down. – Oh, chief, he’s bleeding.
You gotta do something. – [distorted] Take him to
the infirmary. Let’s go.– Production ceased
until further notice.
– Watch where you’re going,
Freeman. – Don’t touch me, bro. – I’m not your bro. – [soft laugh]
That’s right. ‘Cause you’re my bitch.
– Bitch. – Yeah.
– Bitch! – Fight!
[indistinct shouting][dramatic music]– [distorted] Let’s go,
let’s go! – Take out the boys!♪ ♪– Seal all exits. Code 695. All DPC Guards report
to the mess hall.Code 695!– [distorted]
I got an injured student here at the East Corridor. [all grunting] – [screams] – [grunts] [alarm blaring] [both breathing heavily] – You know what to do.[rousing dramatic music]♪ ♪[panel beeps] [door opens] – Sorry for all the theatrics. I don’t know
who might be after you. – Blake Redding is alive.
– What? – I saw him. Assuru Global
has a remote complex where failed students
are being put to work in some kind of labor camps. – Who else knows about this? – You’re my first call. – Is your theory backed up
by evidence? – Here.
It’s all here. – We’re gonna have to hide you. They might be onto you already. I need your phone, keys, wallet, anything they might have
bugged you with. [sighs] More importantly, your family. Where are your siblings?
– They’re with a friend. – You don’t have friends
anymore. Who’s this friend? – Maggie Cole, their teacher. She’s taking them out
of the country. – How?
– I don’t know. Through some kind of
tunnel system to the border. – Okay. They’re safe.
We can work with that. Do you have any
other devices on you? – That’s it.
– Good.[dramatic music]Turn around.
– What? – Walk to the edge.♪ ♪– Wait. That sign says “El Toro.” We’re going the wrong way. [gunshot]
[gasps] – [screaming] Joey! – John. – They found my kids. [yelps]
– [screams] [groans] – [sobbing] No!
[drill whirring] Please!
Please! – [panting] – You’re with Assuru? – Kind of.– Help!– [grunts] – [gasping]
Blake. – It’s way harder for a coroner
to explain bullets in your back from an unmarked weapon than an overworked employee
cracking under pressure and taking the plunge. But I’ll leave it up to you. – [screams] [phone ringing] [both grunting] [blows land] [both groaning, grunting] – Damn it! – [screams][dramatic music pounds][gunshot][suspenseful music]♪ ♪– She may just
handed this race over
to Governor Redding.– Shit.[soft dramatic music]♪ ♪– It’s okay. You’re safe now. We just have to hurry. Come on. [both breathing heavily] – We don’t have much time. You might want
to look away for this. [pained groaning] – Oh, no. – [groans] [groans]
– Oh, God… [all clamoring][dramatic music pounds][baton clicks] – [grunts] What are you doing? – [soft laugh]
It was all a lie. – [grunts] Who?
Who put you up to this? [screams] Who put you up to
this? – [laughs] – [grunts] [device beeping] Redding.♪ ♪[screams]– California then
goes to Davis, but…
– [groans]
Shit. –It may be too late
in the game.
I mean, what’s happening here
in the Midwest…
– Hi. Sorry. [rousing music on TV]I credit a man
who will correct his mistakes
and own up to them.Governor Redding
is that kind of man.
– BNC can now confirmthat North Carolina has gone
to Governor Redding.
[all cheering] – Congratulations!
– Thank you, Donna. Thank you, thank you. Barbara, thank you. It’s still early.
It’s still early. – How could this have happened? My property was stolen
and you did nothing? Where’s the girl? Has anyone found the girl? [scoffs]
I’ll handle this myself. [knocking on door] – Is this a bad time? [tea kettle whistling] You have a high-tech program
that can extract data from
damaged drives, right? – For water damage? Oh, yeah. – Oh. – It’s 2040.
It’s the best we’ve got. – You don’t have something
more cutting-edge? – Oh, wait, I got it. One sec. This is the latest
in fan technology. [fan beeps] – Clearly. – So you’ve been good? Okay, here goes nothing. [computer beeping] It worked.[gentle ambient music]♪ ♪I, uh– I gotta make a copy of this. This is way too big to have
on one waterlogged drive. – Thank you, Kellan. You’re literally the only person
I can trust anymore. – Well, until Blake comes back. – Kellan, I–
– No, it’s–it’s cool. We’re good. I’ve, uh, moved on. Actually, I’m really into
this one coworker of mine. It’s getting pretty serious. She’s a little more into me
than I’m into her, but I’m warming to her. – Isn’t Wendy married? – Oh, she is. But we can trust her. And once she sees
what you’ve got, she won’t be able
to ignore this anymore. Or me. [computer chirps] All right.
We’re all set. – Perfect,
I’ll bring it to Wendy. – Whoa, no.
No way. They’re looking for you. Just stay here and lay low. I’ll take this to Wendy
and she’ll get it live. You’re, uh–
you’re gonna be okay. – Thank you. – Oh, and whatever you do, don’t look through
my browser history. No, I need you to promise me you won’t look through
my browser history. You know what,
I’m just gonna, um– I’m just gonna
delete it quickly. Can you close your eyes? – Are you serious?
– Please. [mouse clicking] Okay. See you soon. [door opens] [car alarm beeps] [console beeps] – [gasps][sinister music]♪ ♪[dramatic music pounds]♪ ♪[blade clicks] [device beeping][suspenseful music]♪ ♪– Where are we going? – Home. [faint hissing] – Wait! [gas whooshes] – [grunts] Go for it.
– Okay. – Did she say
where they were going? [rollicking music
playing over speakers] – Georgina, what’s going on? – The drive is all that matters.
The girl is of no further use. Thank you, Joanna.
[phone beeps] – Who was that? – None of your concern, honey.
– Sir. Sir, that was Ohio. You’re over 270.
– What? [all cheering] – May I be the first to congratulate you,
Mister President. – We did it? – Yes, we did it.
– We did it? We did it! [both laughing] We did it! We did it, everybody!
We did it! Outstanding![dramatic music]– [grunts] – Medical staffers.
Where did they go? – [distorted]
Uh, southwest corridor. – [yelps, groans] [groaning] [water dripping] Thanks.
– Are you okay? – Yeah. Let’s go.♪ ♪[both grunt] [baton clanking] – Where is it? – [grunts]
– Where is the drive? – Go to hell. – Where is the drive? Where is it? Is it with your sister? Your brother? ‘Cause that’s where
I’m going next. [flesh pierces]
[groans] [groaning]
– [grunts] [pained groaning] – [soft crying] Oh, my–oh, my God. [crying][somber dramatic music]♪ ♪[birds chirping][suspenseful dramatic music]♪ ♪– [panting][dramatic music pounds]– Go. – Hey, Marvin,
did you get an ID on the car-bombing victim? – Wendy. – Oh, my God…[somber music]♪ ♪– We just received word
that Senator Elaine Davis did call Governor Redding
to concede the election. – Which means that
we are only moments away from hearing the President Elect’s
acceptance speech.– This is amazing.– What a historic night indeed.[keys clacking] [phone chimes]
– Where’s Laina? – She’s coming. – Ellie.
Come on. [grunting]♪ ♪[distant traffic blaring] [indistinct chatter] [distant phones ringing] – Can I help you? – I need to see Wendy Banks,
please. – Do you have an appointment,
or… You know what,
I’ll just go get her.[soft music]– [panting] [groans]♪ ♪[groans]
– [whimpering] Oh, my God. You did it.
– We did it. – Oh, my God. – Yeah, they must have
tracking devices on all of the failed students. – Do you know where this is? – The coordinates.
Right there. – Kellan was right. – We have to
get this out tonight.[dramatic music]– Marvin,
I need two vans and a chopper. – They’re all booked out.
It’s election night. – Forget election night! I need a chopper!
Now! [helicopter blades whirring] – There’s nothing for miles. Which way are we going? [baton clicks]
– To hell! – [grunts][sinister music]– [pained grunts] [blows land] – [yelps] [panting]♪ ♪– [gagging]
– This time… you’ll die for real. – [coughing, gagging] [helicopter blades whirring] – [growls] – [grunts] – [gasping, coughing][triumphant music]♪ ♪– I’d hate to be Elaine Davis
right about now. – [chuckles] So I implemented
a few last-minute changes to your acceptance speech.
Here you go. – Changes?
– Uh, yeah. Georgina’s team requested that we omit your son
from the speech. I’m sorry,
she found it too macabre. [phone chimes] Excuse me. Carl–Carl, what’s up? We’re about to go on. Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow–
slow down. What? [country music
playing over speakers] I’ll call you back. [phone beeps]
[remote clicks]– We’re getting breaking news,
right here, live, at the BNC.Blake Redding is alive.I repeat,
Blake Redding is alive.
– Blake?– We’re gonna go live toa helicopter
in the Texas desert
and you will see
Blake Redding is there…
– What is this?
– I–I don’t know. – This isn’t very funny.
What is this? – Calm down, sir. – Somebody tell me
what the fuck is going on!– …and the legitimacyof the entire
thinning program.
– Dean. Dean? It’s time to make your speech. Just go out there and
smile for the cameras.[brooding dramatic music]You’re on, Mister President.♪ ♪– You guys,
check the fire escape. Out there in two,
three minutes, got it?[somber music][horn honking] [tires screech]♪ ♪[distant sirens wailing] – [laughs][stirring music]♪ ♪– Thank you. – [exhales] Hi. – Hi. – From this moment, united, determined, we move forward together. – I’ve worked in PR
my entire professional life. There is no way
we can spin this. – We don’t have to. – Look, I don’t mean
to be a downer, here, but all of this
is extremely illegal. – Not anymore. [phone beeps]
[line trilling] Advanced systems. Give me the list of everyone who
has ever opposed the thinning.We can’t break the law,
because now
we are the law.[stirring opera music][woman singing
in foreign language]
♪ ♪[tires screech]♪ ♪[sirens wailing] – Moving in.
Moving in. Blake Redding. Laina Michaels.
– Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa! – Ellie Harper,
you’re all under arrest. – No, stop, stop! [sirens wailing] [muffled sirens wailing] – Where are they taking us? This doesn’t add up. – Assuru already had access to everyone’s locations,
cameras, keystrokes.[foreboding music]They had to go through
the courts to spy on a civilian. It’ll only take
the wrong person in power to end freedom as we know it. – We have to stop them. – I don’t think we can do– [metal crashing]
[all screaming] [metal squealing][loud crash][gasps][soft brooding music][metal crunching] – [groans] [metal crunching]
[metal clatters]♪ ♪[coughing] – Come on.
– Jack? – We gotta go. – Who are you? – I’m FBI, come on. There we go. We gotta go, now. – Where? – We’re going to war.[dramatic music][dramatic music pounds]♪ ♪[foreboding music]♪ ♪

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