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The Truth About Digital Income System Review from Michael Mansell

October 10, 2019

– What’s up, it’s Michael
Mansell, and I’m back today to talk about a program
that has really been taking the Internet by storm. And there’s a very good reason
why this program specifically is growing and scaling so quickly. And that reason is because most people suck at recruiting. Most people suck at sales. They’re just not good
at getting on the phone. I personally don’t even
like to get on the phone. And so, I had to take a look
at Digital Income System. You guys already know
why you’re on this video. You saw it in the title. So I’m gonna give you my honest opinion and talk about why I like
Digital Income System, and I’m also gonna talk
about some of the drawbacks that I see in it, that I’m hoping that the company can overcome. And, the research that I’ve
done that led me to the point where I pulled the trigger, I got in. I’m in at the highest level. Spoiler alert, I’m in already. But I’m gonna give you
guys the ins and the outs and show you in the back
office here really quickly what the products look
like, because to me, that’s one of the most important
things when it comes to any affiliate marketing product out there. Business opportunity is do they have a viable product that
people are purchasing. And if the product is viable is it converting, are people getting value out if it, and is it scalable so that’s what we’re gonna
talk about right now. So lets jump right over into it here I am on my personal Facebook page right now and as I scroll down I just wanna show you there’s spots I mean it’s no joke when
I say that people are struggling with recruiting
and it’s no more evident then the fact that I did this post just 48 hours ago. Talking about the fact that, Do you suck at recruiting? Are you tired of failing? And in just two short days I’ve had 235 comments on this one post. That is a strong indication that there is a high high demand for a system that does all of the heavy
lifting for the people. You send the traffic to the program, they have the sales
funnel already for you, they have the follow up for email, they have the text messaging marketing follow up, and they
even have the sales team that will do all the selling and telling of the sales for you. So if you suck at recruiting if you don’t like to get on the phone and talk to people and explain program systems and tools and products to them. This just might be the program for you. So I’m super amped up right now, because I’ve been training my team in this program as well and everybody is just rocking it. So I’m gonna give you the facts and just show you the back office here. Only been doing this for
a couple days right now, but the results are already in, in terms of how much this program is converting. So if we go over here to the members area after you become a member your going to be given this beautiful dashboard, that was one of the things that was initially impressed with, when it came to the Digital Income System, and that is how impressive their front end website, their sales funnel, and also their backend dashboard is, it’s clean, it’s crisp, it’s well laid out. They paid somebody some good money to really think out the flow of this back office and it looks really sharp and clean and I’m super impressed with it at the end of the day some very ugly systems have done very very well for my team, but if you can add something that looks really really pretty
it’s just an extra bonus. So as you can see some sales volumes are already coming in. I’m in at the highest level, the executive level I’m not gonna tell you what level to get in at, but I can assure you you will be leaving money on a sale on the table if you have a sales team that is going to work for you, and you could’ve gotten
in at a higher level. So go through the process there’s a link down in the description if this video of this Digital Income System review video there’s a link down there in the description of this
video where you can go experience the system for yourself. You can go through it, request a call back, talk to the sales team that will be doing
the sales closing for you. See if it’s any good you
guys be the judge of it so there’s a link in the
description of this video click on that link , and you guys can go through the process as well. Let me just show you in here so in the back end of the system there are some really really cool tools. This is part of what your paying for when you get in to Digital Income System, you have an email blaster, you have the ability to go in here and send emails directly
to you contact list inside Digital Income System that’s part of what you’re purchasing when you purchase Digital Income System. You also have an SMS
text blasting software built in here, you do
need to connect your own Twilio SMS platform with it, but the text message blast software is super intuitive, and super easy to use. I’ve tested it out, I loved text message marketing I’m incorporating text message marketing to drive traffic to my
Digital Income System sales pages, and so to have it built right in here to the back office is really really powerful. It’s a great way to send out text blast, you can upload your own list to it, and send out text blast directly in the back office of your Digital Income System. I know companies that
sell that software alone for thousands and thousands of dollars. So to have that included
as one of your products really phenomenal, they have full statics and analytics built in here they have full email auto responders, you don’t have to become an expert at writing email copy
and follow up series, you don’t have to connect a third party auto responder, like
Aweber or GetResponse. Everything is included right in here in addition to that they have SMS or text message auto responders. So when you go through the process you’ll be able to experience the flow of how this all works. So the link in the
description of this video sends you to a lead capture page as its called in the industry. Where you’re gonna put your name , email address, and phone number. Be sure you put in a good email address and your cell phone number. So you can experience first hand how well the responses are, and how the auto responder
series looks like, that way you can decide for yourself how good the system is I don’t want you to just take my word for it. I’ve been in the marketing world here for a few years now and I know that it’s good but I want you to see from a consumers stand point if you think the marketing is good, and then you’ve got campaign tracking you could really track your lead sources so if your doing multiple different paid you know social post and paid traffic sources may be solo ad vendors then maybe you want to track where that traffic is coming in from, and they’ve got all that built in here on the backend as well. So from a tools stand point it has been extremely powerful. All right so I wanted to show you just one example of some of the products that you get with this. So I’m in at the executive level which is the highest level. So inside of the executive level, if we go in here there all downloadable. Which is really cool that you get to download them and have them a lot of times when you purchase programs they live in the cloud and if you cancel the account or you can’t access the internet, you know its all online, and you can’t access them anymore. So the fact that we can download these products and have them on our computers, we have them there to use, view, watch, take them on the road with you it’s just a lot of cool things in here. So for example, this is just one module by the way inside of here, you can see that there are one of five cause there’s five levels this is the fifth level inside of here. There are eight different organic traffic sources that you could leverage and there’s videos in each one of these talking about the program. – [Narrator] Hello welcome to the Facebook – I’m not gonna go through every single one of these, but there is a ton of training and content that your purchasing when you buy in the Digital Income System. And a lot of other programs that I’ve seen that just have just kinda eBooks or PDF files. This one has a ton of video content, audio content that is really really easy to digest. So inside of here, so here’s an audio this twelve days to 12k, great audio series. You could load this up on you iPhone or your Walkman nobody has Walkman’s anymore right you don’t load these up on your Walkman your mp3 player nobody really even has
mp3 players anymore, but these are mp3’s that you could load up iTunes or your Android device and take them on the go and listen to them while your working out or going for a run. Great way to consume
a lot of this content. So in terms of product it’s really really vast there is so I mean, there’s so much content
that you’re purchasing when you buy Digital Income System, that you could really sit here for a long time consuming all of this content, and in my opinion they over deliver on the
product when it comes to delivering digital products. I love the fact that in
can download everything, and I don’t have to sit there and log into a website and
rely on internet access and all that just to
be able to consume the content, I can go through at my pace that I want to. So that’s a general overview there , I don’t like to make
a ton of income claims you can see on my screen
there that I’m already generating sales from this, but I’ve got buddies
of mine that are online already that have been doing this a couple months prior to me. See I was sitting in there and I was investigating I like to research programs if if I know the company owners prior to it. I will be in on the very
beginning of a launch, but if I don’t and in this case I didn’t really know the owners directly I have come to know them, they’re very very personable I find them to be very honest people, and their really setting out to create in my opinion one of the most professional platforms out there for affiliate marketing to date. So I did a lot of research I wanted to see, my biggest concern and this is the biggest
concern that I find with these types of
programs where they have a call center built in
these guys even have by the way I didn’t mention this they have a traffic rotator builtin. So depending on the level you get in at they are sending traffic to your link, they have a lot of paid traffic sources done for you , traffic sources in here that you can go in and purchase traffic, and have traffic sent to
your lead capture page. Which makes a lot of sense in this case cause they have the call center builtin. You can’t even go onto the website, and just click and join. You have to request a call back they call you, and then they walk you through everything. So I love the hands on approach with that, but they even have a builtin traffic rotator where there putting your link into the traffic that their constantly sending to their page. So if you get in at the higher levels your gonna get more traffic sent to you automatically while your doing your other work and while your doing. And when I say automatic system it’s you know, this is about as automatic of a system as I’ve ever seen. And I think that’s why I’ve seen people that online that I followed just because their on my friends list cause they follow me, I know these people have never made a dime online before at least they’ve never publicly stated they’ve made any money, and all of a sudden I see them posting results and Digital Income System because of the builtin sales system the builtin automated system. So I do know for a fact in that regards I’ve seen evidence ans proof over the last two months that I’ve been following this program. That it is working not just for the big gurus, not for the
people that have big followings, but for people
that are just plugging into the system. That’s one of the big down falls with these automated systems a lot of the times is the company can’t keep up with the rate of growth. And I seen these guys scale over the last couple of months which has given me the confidence to say you know what they are doing this right, they are figuring this out as they go, and they’re scaling their call center, they’re scaling their team, they’re putting systems in place that will allow more and more people to have success with this. So the other thing that
I like to talk about is how do we get paid? Everybody likes to know how you get paid. Well in this program they do not send you a direct deposit, they don’t send it to Paypal, they send you a check in the mail. Which is really kinda cool that they’re sending you cashiers checks to you in the mail so your gonna want to put a mailing address when you set up your account your gonna want to put a mailing address in there that you can obviously receive mail at because that’s where they’re gonna be sending your checks to. So as you earn commissions and you get paid out 50% of the sale, so 50% of the sale so if they
close a thousand dollar sale for you, your gonna get a five hundred dollar check sent to you if you close if they close a six thousand dollar sale fore you
they’re are gonna send you a three thousand dollar
check and so on and so forth. So it’s very very straight forward when it comes to the income that you can generate with Digital Income System. And I love that old school kinda way of like going to the mail box collecting checks and depositing them into your bank account, and they also send it out instantly. So as soon as the customer has paid they cut your check and mail it out to you as soon as their funds have cleared and it’s it’s just you know your not sitting there waiting thirty or sixty days for you know another another commission run to be done, the payments are sent out. So it’s, it’s complex enough that they’re substance to it but is straight forward and simple enough. That the everyday person should be able to pick it up and run with it. So if you do suck at recruiting, if you struggle with doing
this stuff like I enjoy doing it I kinda enjoy technology, I enjoy doing social post, I enjoy figuring out creative way to drive traffic, I enjoy do videos like this on YouTube, and I enjoy training my team. But if you don’t want to or don’t have the capability of doing
that right off the bat. I would say that Digital Income System is definitely platform
that you need to seriously take a look at. Click the link in the
description box below so that you can get that call back. Talk to a real person and get your questions answered and find out if the program is right for you. If you do choose to go with it and you click on the link in the description box below and you go through myself or someone on my team your gonna get some massive bonuses from me. I’ve been doing this for several years now and I know what it takes to be successful. So I have a dedicated website called Affiliate Marketing Pros where your gonna be able to plug in and create an account on at no additional cost it’s gonna be a bonus to you to get access to my private membership website and my private Facebook group. Where your gonna be able to get in and get the support that you need even though that there is so much about this program that’s automated. I teach people how to not leave money on the table. So if you want to learn
what it actually takes to become successful at whatever level you want to be successful at in addition to the work that Digital Income System is going to do for you. The you definitely want
to click on the link in this video because your gonna be joining through myself or through someone on my team and the reason I say through someone on my team. Is cause a lot of the times the links that are in the description on my videos I send traffic to my team I love traffic rotators. This company is providing you with a traffic rotator builtin, but why not have two traffic rotators working for you instead of just one. The more traffic you send especially to an offer like this the more income potential you have to make. So if your gonna do Digital Income System join with myself Michael Mansell and Affiliate Marketing Pros we are a community of online marketers we love to help each other. I love fostering and building and I’m focused on building a community of affiliate marketers and giving us a safe place where we can learn, and earn, and grow together. And not all be alone a lot of times internet marketing companies feel very isolating and alone, and I don’t want people to feel alone. There’s so many of us out there that are doing this that if we did Digital Income System together and you get plugged into my group inside Affiliate Marketing Pros your not gonna feel alone. So click the link in
the description below, if you have any questions that I haven’t addressed on this video there’s also a link in the description that goes to my personal Facebook messenger. So if you have any
questions just message me on Facebook I’d be happy to answer in chat any other questions that you had get those ans- get those questions answered. Before you take action
and request a call back. I’m totally cool with that just click the link in
the description below, message me on Facebook, if we are not already connected on Facebook chances are your messages are going to go to my request folder. So just leave a polite comment on one of my public post on my wall, and just comment on the post itself cause that’s what’s polite to do. You leave a comment related to the post your commenting on and then just leave a not saying, “Hey
Michael just messaged you.” and I’ll check my messages and make sure I find your message. So Michael Mansell I’m gonna sign off here I’ll be doing some more update videos as I go, but the sooner you take action, the sooner your results will come. So take action today click that link it’s not gonna hurt you to at least get a call back and get more information on Digital Income System yourself directly from the company hit the like button,
the notification bell, and please subscribe to my channel because I put out a lot of training content on my channel as well related to internet marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing with my company Affiliate Marketing Pros. So I will see you guys on the next video I appreciate you guys watching and I will help you guys out in any way that I can to scale you businesses online talk to you guys soon bye-bye.


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