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October 10, 2019

Hello guys it’s Remus here and I’m addicted
to Classic WoW (like it wasn’t enough to be addicted to 1 WoW now I’m addicted to 2 WoWs)
and in this video I’ll show you my UI like I did in Legion and BFA. I waited a while because I wanted to see if
LUI would come out for classic to try and make it similar to my retail UI, but it’s
pretty hard to convert and it will take more time for it to be ready, but after messing
around with tons of addons, swapping them and customizing them a lot, I’m pretty happy
with my current UI and I want to share with you some addons that will help you out, in
a top 10 format plus some more smaller quality of life addons and a few interesting addons. I’m not 60 yet, I’ve been taking my time on
my first character, explored the world, did some world PVP, pushed out Nixxiom and the
Horde out of Westfall with Siv’s guild, we got Keanu Reeves in our guild, you don’t mess
with Morning Tea, played on a few alts, I got the flight points in every area, did a
little bit of dungeons, or ok maybe a lot of dungeons, hey, I’m a frost mage, made a
ton of Asmongold edited highlight videos and slaughtered turtles for 10 hours for gold,
where a bunch of people asked for my UI too even if it wasn’t finished yet, but I saw
most people liked it, even had messages of people asking me and messenger ravens coming
with letters asking me for a list, so here it comes. I main druid in retail since forever but I
decided to level up a mage first in classic, though I’ll probably level up more characters
afterwards. Now if you want an authentic classic experience
with no changes, it might be nicer at least on your first character to play without addons,
but I already did all this and I’ve been using addons ever since I started playing in TBC
so it doesn’t change my experience, and I’m a bit of an UI god and I really like to customize
interfaces, though I’m really used with what I have in retail and I love it and keep updating
it, even if I didn’t really play BFA apart from the war campaign ending and a few dungeon
or raid mount runs on my alts but I think this UI for classic fits well since it’s simple
and clean and you don’t need that many addons for classic like you do for retail because
the game is simpler and there are less features in it that you need addons for. So without further ado, we’re going to go
over each part of my interface, let’s first get to 10 of the most important addons in
my opinion in no particular order and a few smaller ones that will help you out. I’ll make an archive with all of them that
you can download and place in your interface folder, be sure to keep updating them using
the Twitch app too, but I’ll show a little set up at the end if you need more help or
if you don’t click links. 10. So the first one that I think is the most
important addon and that I spent the most time on are the unit frames, I initially used
x-perl but recently swapped to shadowed unit frames, since they are a lot more customizable
and I think look nicer and I managed to get them to look similar to LUI’s frames, it took
me the most time to set them up like this, they also show party frames and raid frames,
I keep the raid down on the right like in retail. I set it up to show percentages and numbers,
the level colored based on the level, the names and power bars based on class and made
the health bar bigger than the mana bar, also I’ve added a small XP bar on it and made the
target fade a bit if it’s out of range and you can see the timers for buffs and dots
as well. You can see my settings and apply them yourself
but luckily you can export and import them like the LUI frames, so you just paste this
long ass code in your profile and it should start stealing your gold and mailing it to
me, I mean update your unitframes to look like mine, I’ll paste this in the comments
if it’s not longer than the character cap of the YouTube comments. 9. Next, the bars, I used to use bartender 1000
years ago, now in retail I use the integrated LUI bars as well as a lot of integrated LUI
functions that cut the need for many addons, but in classic I use Dominos with the Masque
and Shadow skin over them to make the buttons look nicer, as always I prefer to have 3 main
bars in the middle, and I have 2 hidden bars on the right similar to have I have the popup
ones in retail for things that I don’t use that often, and I also have the bag and menu
bar hidden in the corner, I used to have a big XP bar on the top from Dominos but now
I have the one integrated in the unit frames, and Dominos also comes with a castbar that
I’ve updated to the Gnosis castbar. 8. It’s always useful to have some damage meters,
I don’t like to have them open all the time so in BFA using LUI I can toggle them with
the buttons next to the orb, but simple problems require simple solutions so in classic I made
2 macros and added a button with both of them here to the hidden bars, one of them is /details
show and the other is /details hide, and I have them set up as 2 connected frames, one
for damage done and one for healing, but I usually just keep them on in dungeons and
raids, it may help you get 5 blues including a BIS offhand in your first Sunken Temple
run, not bad, not bad. 7. It’s also important to have nice nameplates
that show you everything you need to know, same as retail, I use KUI Nameplates plus
Real Mob Health to display the health of the targets instead of just the percentage, how
it works is that after you fight a certain mob it calculated it’s health and displays
it for all future mobs that are the same as the one you defeated, apart from that it’s
great to see timers for your dots or buffs on the nameplates like they show up on the
unitframes, same for castbars, KUI takes care of all this but there are separate addons
called ClassicAuraDurations and ClassicCastbars that can do that on their own, but I like
to have them all in KUI’s style. 6. Another important part is having a clean map
that doesn’t take over your whole damn screen for no reason, there are multiple addons that
I’ve used here but I ended up with Leatrix Maps, it’s the best because you can move it
around, it becomes transparent if you move with it open and don’t have the mouse over
it, it shows the levels for each zone, flight master locations, shows you the unexplored
zones of each zone, displays boats and where they go to and dungeon and raid entrances. You can also zoom in and out and see coordinated
for the player and cursor, overall, it’s a really great map addon. Then there’s also the minimap, not that important,
more about the style, I went a bit old school using sexymap with the custom faded square
skin and a few modifications. 5. Chatter is a great addon for the chat (no
shit), it allows you to customize it a bit more, I have it set up to only show the go
down button if I scroll up and my chat box to appear above the chat frame and also have
a border based on the color of the channel I’m typing in, you can also click invite links
to invite people to your party directly and it has some more quality of life features,
oh and by the way type /console SET chatClassColorOverride “0” in chat, it’s a great script to see the
names of everyone in their class colors in every channel. 4. Then, the bags and vendor prices. I go a bit insane when I see people with 100
bags not finding what they want in them, so please take OneBag3 or Bagnon, I use Bagnon
now, to combine all your bags into one, you can also search for items in your bags with
it, clean them up and set them up much nicer since it’s just one big bag instead of 5 smaller
ones, plus, get something to see vendor prices for items even when you are not at a vendor. It’s useful to see the prices in many situations,
even when questing and not knowing what item to pick as a reward to sell, this way you
can see the most expensive one. There’s an addon literally called vendor prices
but I use Auctioneer and it shows the vendor price and auction price if I’ve scanned that
item at the AH already. 3. Speaking of the AH, Auctioneer is an awesome
and simple addon for it, it helps you buy and sell faster and easier, you just place
an item there and it puts it at the best price, you can also mass place auctions and select
how many stacks of how many items you want placed, and also helps you buy quicker at
the lowest price after scanning the AH for the item you are looking for. 2. Atlas Loot and Atlas Maps are great addons
for dungeons and raids, of course we didn’t get many quality of life updates in classic
because of your damn no changes movement, I would have liked to have the new character
models at least, sue me, but Atlas Loot functions similarly to the dungeon journal, lets you
see the loot for each boss in each dungeon and raid, and also lets you see the maps for
each of them directly here or in the atlas addon. 1. And now, the most controversial and most downloaded
addon in classic, Classic Dungeon Finder, no, Questie, now if you want to truly experience
the questing, the story, read everything, explore and not know what to do and alt tab
a lot to check wowhead, um I mean thottbot for quests, you should play without this at
least your first character or the first few levels, but if like me you already did those
quests 100 times in the past and want to have help directly in the game, Questie is a pretty
good addon, it shows you where to go for each quest, also shows you available quests that
you can start from all around the world and where to turn them in, it can get a bit crowded
sometimes though. Also, it gives you a more modern quest tracker
that you can move. Apart from that, get something for the quest
log to make it extended so it’s easier to use, I use Leatrix Plus for that, it has a
ton of awesome settings, you can also hide errors with it, sell junk and repair automatically
when you talk to a vendor, make the profession tabs bigger, increase the max camera zoom,
loot faster, auto dismount when attacking an enemy if you are mounted, give you an option
directly on the character frame to hide or show the head and the cloak and so on. And those were the main addons, apart from
that I use a few more minor Quality of life addons: Deja Character Stats extends the character
frame similar to retail and you can customize it a bit too, I like to just have this tab
on the right with everything and to display an item level on items and have it colored
based on the quality of the item, you can also use DBM for the 2 mechanics in the game
if you need to, I use it more to have the timer and so you can check how many times
you killed bosses, but Azshara in the Eternal Palace has more mechanics than all the bosses
in classic combined so you don’t really need to worry about that, there’s even an addon
called Twitch Emotes that makes the damn emotes work in chat, KillTrack lets you track how
many times you killed each mob, good for farming if you want to see how much of a turtle genocide
you committed like I did, TomTom lets you set up waypoints, Titan Panel Classic has
lots of options, I just use it with a transparent background for the XP/hour tracker and time
to level up calculator so I know how much time I’m wasting instead of power leveling
quicker, there’s already a Total RP Classic addon for umm, Goldshire, Quest Icon Desaturation
greys out quest giver icons if you haven’t completed the quest and QuestFrameFixer shows
the ! and ? instead of the dots, BIS Tracker shows you a best in slot list for your class,
spec and phase, AdvancedInterfaceOptions give you more interface options available from
retail, like hiding those damn Lua errors, What’s Training lets you see the abilities
you are able to learn at your level and at the upcoming levels, great for checking if
it’s worth for your spec to go back to a trainer yet or not and give away half your gold to
those greedy teachers, MSBT I like to use in retail where you have a ton of bonus damage
effects for each ability to clearly see what spell did how much, but in classic since you
have 1 button rotations and the combat is a lot simpler I don’t think it’s necessary
so I got used to the normal damage numbers, there’s also a parody All The Things version
for classic, showing you unfinished quests from dungeons, raids and all the zones, as
well as flight paths, recipes for professions, skills, world events and um, total deaths,
I didn’t die that much that’s clearly a visual bug though. And a few more interesting addons that I want
to show you, this is AzeriteUI, it’s a pretty good looking overhaul UI, though it’s not
very customization and you can’t have that many buttons unless you add a few more custom
bars and add the same skin with Masque the default ones have to fit, I wouldn’t use it
at a high level but it gives a pretty cool experience at lower levels, especially if
you pair it up with immersion for more interactive conversations with NPCS and Quest givers and
if you enable the actioncam, btw, yeah the actioncam is working in classic too, and there’s
also Azeroth Auto Pilot, similar to Questie but it tells you what to do to level up as
fast as possible. There are more overhaul addons like that,
AftermathhUI is one of them that looks pretty good, similar to ElvUI, though LUI remains
my favorite one and if and when it will be available for classic I’ll probably rework
my UI with it and make another video, but it may take a long time since the unit frames
are hard to convert, though I am pretty happy with how I managed to set up this UI after
playing around with it for a month and switching a hundred addons in total, I hope you like
it too, if you have any suggestions on how to improve it or other cool addons that I
didn’t mention, leave a comment below with them. And those were all the addons that I use,
now for the setup guide if you don’t click links, I’m going to quickly show you all the
settings I have for each main addon if you want to set them up like this yourself, might
need to re scale them a little bit since I’m now using a 2k monitor and resolution, most
are pretty easy to set like mine, the hardest should be the unit frames, but you should
be able to just copy paste my profile code and get them in. Alright, leave a like if you enjoyed the video
and maybe subscribe if you are new here or I’ll eat your left nose, let me know if you
want to see more WoW videos, I’ve barely made any League videos lately but not much happened
there tbh, there was a hidden Star Guardian Zoe code in this video at some point though,
honestly I though I wouldn’t like classic too much since I already did all this and
it felt like it’s just a small part of the game, but I though I didn’t but I did, even
if I still like retail, BFA got better with 8.2, not close to Legion, I really liked Legion,
but there are aspects in classic that are not present at all anymore in retail, even
the sense of community, people actually talk here, they walk past you they give you a buff
or wave at you, you have to group up to do harder quests instead of just mindlessly killing
everything, the world even if the map is the smallest of all WoW versions in classic, it
feels the biggest since there are things to do in every zone and it’s not like in expansions
where you just play in the few zones of the expansion, you play in the whole world plus
the walking around and no flying mounts make it seem a lot bigger and the game also feels
more rewarding, every level up you get something, you get a talent point or a nice piece of
gear you can equip or new spells to learn, in BFA you feel weaker when you level up because
of scaling and losing the artifact weapons, and that’s great too how gear is not obtainable
from everywhere and I haven’t even seen an epic yet, instead of being able to gear up
fully in 2 hours from anywhere and hope you get titanforged gear like in BFA, also the
sense of challenge, the game is not technically harder but it’s more challenging and time
consuming, you can’t AOE 20 mobs just by putting dots on them and be fine, I don’t know if
I’m a big fan of just fighting them 1 by 1 and having to drink and eat after fighting
every pig you encounter but it gives a different vibe to the game and makes you be more careful,
plus the many RPG aspects and the fact that you play a class, not a spec and get to keep
the spells even if you won’t use them too often, but if I want to use a fireball on
a rabbit or arcane missiles as a frost mage, I can, I had to fight some water elementals
for a quest and they are immune to frost spells so I had to use fireballs, those aspects make
the game more interesting, but anyways, thanks for watching and I will see you soon, bye


  • Reply Remus October 5, 2019 at 6:54 pm

    Greetings lads, I've been wanting to make this video for a month since the game came out but I waited a bit to have more addons come out and test a ton more so I could finally make an UI I'm happy with since LUI will not be out for classic for a while, I hope you like it! There's a Star Guardian Zoe hidden in this one too, and looks like we might get a new champ in League next week on PBE. 😀
    Copy this in your Shadowed Unit Frames profile at import to have them like mine:
    And here's an archive with the addons that I use:

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