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Top 10 Most Complimented Best Mens Fragrances of all Time

October 10, 2019

what’s up guys it’s coming guys Jeremy here and today is an important day for you and for me guys the top ten most complimented fragrances the best most appealing sexiest fragrances that are currently on the market updated you know this is my third video every year this is the most requested the most anticipated video from you guys that you want to see and it only shows how much we all like to be appreciated by the methods why we love to dress nicely why we are taking care of ourselves these 10 fragrances are all absolute superstars there’s not one fragrance starting from ten that is just like okay those are all Kobe Bryant’s all Michael Jackson’s all Michigan Schumer HUS whatever you want all are absolute superstars one extra tip don’t be an idiot don’t be an idiot and think okay he says these sprinkles are appreciated by all women of course not just like everybody on this planet loves music everybody on this planet enjoys cents you know since but you can’t please everybody with one song and you can’t please everybody with one fragrance so just be aware of that but just like there are evergreen superstars in the music industry this would be the evergreen tour right now that will get you immortal compliments or rushes and you see how strongest list is by seeing that I have four honorable mentions check this out guys number one honorable mention brewery Chanel or the puffs fun number two honorable mention Arkady Joe Profumo number three honorable mention molecule or one not so popular but I’m going to explain in a second what is that and number four honorable mentions the king of clubbing the king of clothing only an honorable mention jump over Chi Ultraman alright guys let’s do it quickly man we don’t have time blue dictionary or the custom one of the best Chanukah stems smash your head into the wall right now off its fragrances on the planet girls will love you with this thing if you are wearing a suit all the customer better than the order to let equity job Profumo even better than the already most amazing fresh men’s fragrance aqua dijo the performance is two times as strong as aqua dijo and hands with incense and patchouli makes it very masculine great for the nighttime and summer night I love to wear this thing when I’m dressed up going out this thing right here molecule or one very crazy interesting fragrance when I’m in the office it’s brutally hot I don’t want to wear fragrance you know what I’m saying I wear molecule one when I’m chilling at home it’s super hot let’s go inside I want to wear fragrance I wear molecule one this is the frames I wear when it’s super hot super super hot outside and you almost don’t want to wear fragrance when it comes that fine I wear molecule or one number four honorable mentions the last honorable mention one of the best clubbing fragrances ever right here girls love this fragrance on you if they don’t love it on you they will love it on themselves you will seriously get off in this comment mass smells awesome I want to wear that that goes for jump over chick also mail you see how strong this list is guys only a novel mention as well for this one love to wear this fragrance in clubbing situations when I want to have fun if you’re looking for one-night stand this could be a great fragrance for that all right Kay let’s start with the ten most complemented fragrances right here no tie no tie right here all champions let’s start off with the first champion number 10 spot Versace Dillon blue a mix of your Sahaj equity Chopra fumo and that’s pretty much it we get the masculinity the patchouli and infants from aqua dijo Profumo and the sexy fresh and Broxton bergamot long-lasting freshness there is so crazy how long-lasting this is for a fresh fragrance from your Sahaj ladies love this thing you can wear this all season all occasions awesome compliments already for this one very strong next year maybe it will be higher number 10 spot Dylan blue number nine thoughts that you’re on intense killer Valentino warm or intense I mean it does have a very similar vibe to your own intense but it’s so much more mass appealing spray this thing on a piece of paper spray the other you’re on intense on a piece of paper hand it to 100 girls you will see which fragrance will get the better results and one of the reasons why you’re on intense make not the list this is it Valentin warm intense very nice again you have to be dressed upscale never wear a black leather jacket or a t-shirt or a polo shirt to the thing you will smell stupid just like your hairstyle should fit to your outfit so should just send fit to your outfit so wear this thing upscale nicely dressed when you’re pimping the street all right this is it Valentino Omo intense number nine spot all right guys number eight spots check this out Abercrombie and Fitch first instinct this is tropical domination with an extreme vibe of and melon is not too easy to make in immense fragrance it’s a very feminine note we get some wood we got some pepper and again the girls smash their head impressively and unexpectedly for first instinct one downside the performance is not the greatest its average not bad definitely if you know Versace from easily this last two hours longer so it’s not bad but it could be better but otherwise super unique girls love it it was the number one of my most favourite teenage fragrances for you teenage guys out there this is a month a hundred percent a month especially for hot summer days spring days you are having your first date and go for this one first instinct number eight spots number seven spot dolce gabbana the one or the touchstone nobody needs to explain go to the banner the one everybody knows that one of its downside is becoming the next jump over chile now the next one million because it’s so good suction awesome timeless sexy fragrance DNA by only recalls one of the best performance on this planet seriously so this is number seven spots those are the bottle the one or the box on number six spots Chanel as you on sports or extreme and guys this is a frame of against me compliment in the grocery store why because this pretty much the only triggers that I wear in the grocery store this is the fragrance that I wear wherever I’m just going somewhere smell good smell fresh every girl loves this thing every girl loves this thing if it lingers around in the air it is smell too close just like some of the other Chanel frames as well it can be too harsh but this one every girl loves this thing when I walk around in the grocery store girls tell me you’re the best smelling guy I met today you smell absolutely sexy and also what’s great about this because it’s so nice appealing minty you can blend it easily with any other fragrance three hours later like it won’t have a problem if you spray any other fragrance three hours after applying the strength on yourself because it blends in super nicely with this nice mask wheezing almost shower gel like fragrance DNA that disaster so number six pots barely missed the top five Shanaya you on spoke oh x3 sad music I want you sad music give it to me give it to me man give me the fat music I love it Lana we the long drop down smash your hat for the freedom right now do it for the freedom smash your head everybody right now for language alone and all the memories that we had for it smash it so hard like you only can this what the champion but all great actors become older all great sportsmen get out of shape and some fragrances get rich formulated or need to step their game up because the phrase DNA is becoming too popular so number five spot still the total amount of compliment of this phrase that it gave to me in the past six seven years is the most out of all experiences I have ever had in my over 1,000 fragrances I own but we’re talking about the amount of Waring’s regarding to the amount complements especially in the past years other phrases surpassed it but still you know what guys language alone needs no introduction lavender cardamom sexiness you want to make love with any part of your body that you spray with this spring and this is not a joke you really will have this thing going on in your hand and your girl will probably want to make love with your with her pillow when you spray this fragrance on her pillow after he spends the night with her alright so just a little size mark opening up my number five spot line weed alone all right guys are you ready number four spot Karolina a data CH men prevail you know what I just told you don’t wear Valentino warmer intense with your black leather jacket wear this thing with your black leather jacket this is the black leather jacket masculine girl we don’t have sex later you know it but I don’t care only about this sex with you I also enjoy your character because just getting girls that are only sleep with is boring to me I’m a quality man I have enough options for this kind of situation I want a girl that really has sexiness that is the Freak in the bed but also it’s nice to have around when we eat pizza together guys that’s what life is about finding a great girl that you not only want to sleep with but you also want to talk with but it’s also immensely attracted to you and this thing will help you immensely if you look like leather jackets if you love leather jackets this is it date nights this is when I hug you I get a compliment fragrance whenever I hug you girl complements the hmm prevail getting boring man get these fragrances don’t ask me just get these fragrances all right and now the number three spot I had are your hair still fine I mean you smashed it a couple of times now you need to smash it one more time okay guys Prada long I think even prior I did not expect that this fragrance will turn out to be one of my most complimented fragrances in the past three months it’s unbelievable this fragrance jugnu continents from girls that I see on a daily base this fragrance got me continents from girls that are my tailor raw or how you say that they have in two years never gave me a compliment on a fragrance here not only my tailor but also her colleague that makes washing clothes immediately gave me a compliment first time I wore it in the office everybody loves it on me it’s unbeatable for the office and that’s why proud alum is currently my most favorite daytime office fragrance this is it in the daytime in the office I wear Prada lump unless we’re talking about cold fall cold winter Valentina one 100% in the office but this one is this palm dome for the warmer days man hmm this is fresh fabric softener with a luxury revive this one fret fresh fresh fabric softener with a luxury but you will love this guys it’s just sexiness right here so number three spots proud alum enjoy this fragrance get it if you love to get compliments get this thing all right guys number two spot you know what’s coming up some of you are thinking green and not too many fragrances left that could be now number two number one going to keep it relatively fast because you won’t see any big one that’s right here number two spot is your Sahaj hygienic fresh out of the shower style it is super long-lasting because of the unboxing I even give out constantly compliment to other guys that this they wear the strength it’s getting very very popular in town you may be and one year you should not buy this anymore because every girl and her bent and her aunt has smelt Josefa on some kind of guy and we want to keep it a little bit original that I can’t deny it success I remember one night where this gave me so many compliments not killing you at least 15 compliments in one night highly highly highly suggested if you want a Greg all season all occasions compliment monster all right guys and the number one spot and I’m telling you don’t buy this fragrance now blindly please alright I was thinking man its sax man is so expensive and I don’t want my viewers to spend so much money just because it’s the number one spot yes it is my most complimented frames but guys all these other would get you so many compliments as well so creative enters my most complimented fragrance alright this gets me super duper many consonants we got it obviously but also it easily gets me the most unsolicited compliments from total strangers like super total stranger girls no matter where I am in this era store in some kind of weird bar that I was walking around the girl was there was like there she gave me some sign that she noticed me I looked back at her and he says you or something like that kind of reaction and we talked a little bit it is my most complimented friends all right but please guys please please don’t be crazy right now we all have to watch our money and I’m telling you like proud alone gorgeous just have ours gorgeous by the way Joseph wash has a very similar vibe to create Aventis not too thick smells similar but just this rough masculine freshness they both share this very rough masculine freshness so not necessary to spend $300 on Crete Avengers telling you please don’t do it alright it’s not sorry to end this video I want to tell you one reason why this fragrance probably is so highly appreciated by all the people and around the planet first of all it’s long lasting people can actually smell you and secondly I think because it’s so different it’s so unique if you have a fragrance like dolce gabbana the one or the pop sturm of course it smells great they’ll hug you they smell it enemy like oh you smell something he wears some kind of Cologne as smell like 17 times already which smells good you think she thinks that if she smells creative enjoyed what hell was that for a fragrance that I just smell I have to add him she does not even think about because she has never smelled something like that so that’s the reason I think because it created something completely new so that was it guys that was my most complimented list of fragrances man I could throw away all my cells and fragrances I would rather throw out all my cells and fragrances and keep leaves for the rest of my life then throw out all of these and keep my 986 fragrances that I still left alright guys I don’t want to spin too fast because I don’t want the microphone to grow out of my pocket so that was it guys hope you enjoyed this year’s most complimented list man I’m excited what will be next year if there will be some big brutal new release for right now these are your complement monsters thank you very much for watching see you next time another video peace [Music] [Applause]


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