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Top 10 Reasons for Article Rejection: Reason #6 – Affiliate Links

December 3, 2019

This is Gary. Gary’s going to help us understand the sixth most common rejection reason from – Affiliate Links. Gary recently picked up affiliate marketing. He knows that EzineArticles allows affiliate links to be placed within articles resource box as long as they follow certain requirements. Gary says the most important rule for placing an affiliate link is to ensure that the forwarding or redirecting URL provided in your article is owned by you, the author. For example, Gary owns the domain name He uses that domain name to forward or redirect traffic to his affiliate site. Another important rule that Gary mentions is that the URL provided must be the primary domain. For example, Gary can forward to an affiliate link from http:// your-company-name com/. But NOT http:// or /subdirectory/ or /subdirectory/page.html or even The URL provided MUST be the top-level of the domain. A third important rule Gary mentions is to confine your affiliate link to the resource box of your article. If you place it anywhere else, your article may be rejected. Gary says affiliate marketers should follow the Editorial Guidelines and provide quality, original content because EzineArticles will be more likely to accept articles that provide a high level of value to the reader. Now go write and submit some quality original articles. That’s what Gary is going to do. Good luck Gary. We’re all counting on you!

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