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Top 10 WORST Cities in America for 2019.

November 13, 2019

What is going on everyone? It is time to
update the worst cities in America for 2019 list last year we brought you some
pretty scary cities some were so bad you think they were in a country that had
been embroiled in a bloody civil war for like 20 years or it was just a city my
cousin’s ex-wife lived in either one actually both of those are really valid
reasons not to move someplace most people think that crime is the only
metric that gets a city on a worst of type list it’s actually seven or eight
metrics depending on which study you’re looking at crime poverty schools traffic
amenities population density and pollution those are usually the standard
ones for this list will only be taking into consideration stats they’re most
often associated with living in a really bad place like crime poverty schools and
pollution because when you live in a city where people are getting shot on
dirty streets then robbed on their way to scrappy schools you really don’t care
how bad the traffic is or if they have a good Applebee’s nearby and for those of
you thinking about it don’t worry there’s probably a please really close
to you right now so stop looking at the Applebee’s online menu and watch my top
10 worst cities in America for 2019 number 10 Albuquerque New Mexico to me
Albuquerque’s always look like the primary filming location for the next
Quentin Tarantino movie if you google Albuquerque then select the news tab it
paints a picture of the city nobody wants to see they have a strange amount
of bodies being found around this city it’s really weird it is half a million
residents and if you look at all the crime reports you’d think someone is in
fact playing out a real-life Tarantino movie with that many people living a
city that has a laundry list of other issues
it’s no wonder there’s so much crime there’s nearly 9,000 crimes reported for
every hundred thousand residents that’s 218 percent higher than the
national average while in the city you have about a 1 in 12 chance of being
involved in a crime Albuquerque was incorporated in 1891 and is the most
populous city in New Mexico on the plus side it has the Rio Grande River running
right through the middle of town and it’s also home to my favorite news
reporter Alison Martinez number nine Shreveport Louisiana
Shreveport is like the Forgotten kid nobody ever talks about when it comes to
Louisiana everybody always hears about New Orleans
and mates a bat root well mostly New Orleans but if you’re not from the area
you really don’t ever think or hear about Shreveport you only go to Freeport
if you have a court date or you want to go someplace that’s hot and humid like a
tropical island but you don’t want to be near the ocean you know or the ocean
breeze or anything like that it’s normally in the 90s from May to
September it really doesn’t get below the 70s until maybe December January in
February the poverty level of Shreveport is 69 percent higher than the national
average good goin Shreveport Shreveport has just under two hundred thousand
residents in all of these residents but I got a one in fourteen chance being
involved in a crime every year city’s only safer than two percent of the
cities in this country the overall crime rate is one hundred and forty eight
percent higher than the national average and on top of all that city sweetness
you have a pollution index that makes most environmentalists cry at night
Shreveport was incorporated in 1839 number eight Albany Georgia about two
hours away from where I did basic training and Fort Benning Georgia you
balboni Georgia or Albany Georgia whichever you want to call it this
little slice of depression could be a great place to learn how to live in
poverty they have about 30,000 residents that I’m sure would be more than willing
to teach you how to do it because they’re experts this town has been poor
for a very long time of course it’s probably gonna cost you a couple bucks
and they only take cash they’re having some problems with their bank Albany has
a population of 75,000 people and I would guess sixty five thousand of them
would probably love to move at any time housing prices here are extremely low
and there’s a reason for that Albany sucks and nobody wants to live
here this place has vacant homes with boarded up windows on most blocks and
I’m not even joking about that homes here go for about eighty nine thousand
dollars that’s dirt cheap and that’s forty nine percent lower than the
national average the poverty level here is 120 percent higher than the national
average and the crime rate is a hundred and forty six percent higher than the
national average Albany was incorporated in 1838 and most people feel this was a
really bad move number seven homestead florida homestead
is another one of those smaller cities with a bad reputation they only have
about 65,000 residents this one could almost make the list on pollution alone
but not wanting to be a second-rate horrible town they turn in a not so good
crime rate that’s seventy percent higher than the national average and only about
sixty nine percent of their residents actually graduated high school the low
population comes in at no surprise unemployment here is pretty horrible the
income per capita is about seventeen thousand a year the unemployment rate is
about six percent right now as well as thirty percent of the residents living
in poverty that’s ninety percent higher than the national average now this is
weird the seal or the and the flag for the city if they’re a little weird they
have a jet fighter and a farmer on a tractor with some palm trees got a weird
looking now I get whites there they have a lot of farming outside of Homestead
and there’s an Air Force Base there too so stop typing I get it but it’s just a
weird combination homestead was incorporated in 1913 and is known as the
Gateway to the Everglades and if you’ve been there kind of wish the Everglades
would swallow it up at some point number six Little Rock Arkansas Little Rock is
in Arkansas so that should be your first indicator that there’s a lot wrong here
the one thing most people know about Arkansas is there’s a bunch of jokes
told about this state that always end with some reference to Marion a close
relative Little Rock is the capital and most populous city of this less than
normal US state the schools of the city aren’t setting in these scholastic
records the average school test score in Little Rock is forty six percent lower
than the national average Little Rock has just under two hundred thousand
residents and the worst crime rate in Arkansas the city has about 10,000
crimes per V 100,000 residents yeah you heard me right that’s two hundred and
twelve percent higher than the national average Little Rock is safer than only
one percent of the other cities in this country yeah not really good Little Rock
was incorporated into a town in 1831 and four years later incorporated into a
city number five Baltimore Maryland unless
you’ve been living in a bunker with zero outside contact for like 50 years or so
you know Baltimore isn’t the great city it once was when Edgar Allan Poe walked
the streets of Baltimore and wrote The Raven actually it might not have been
that good back then either he either drank himself to death or he was
poisoned all the records have since been lost but who knows he did yell out the
name Reynolds all night the night he died so they’re not sure
Reynolds actually poised em or whatever anyway they say Edgar Allan Poe was born
in Boston but since he married his 13 year old cousin I’m thinking it was a
little rock I could be wrong modern-day Baltimore is home to about six hundred
and twenty thousand residents every day these residents have a 1 in 15 chance of
being involved in a crime the overall crime rate is a hundred and fifty three
percent higher than the national average with about 45,000 crimes being reported
annually and considering forty percent of crimes go unreported that’s the
estimate this place is a frickin nightmare the average school test score
is fifty nine percent lower than the national average and only about 75
percent of the residents have graduated high school Nevermore
number four Memphis Tennessee Memphis Tennessee is the worst city in the
entire state when it comes to crime and pollution and their unemployment and
education numbers kind of blow too it’s like they’re trying to come in last
place at everything like they’re putting a serious effort into sucking this city
has about 650,000 residents and the crime rate is about 202 percent higher
than the national average there’s about 34 violent crimes reported in this city
every single day Memphis is safer than only one percent of the cities in this
country the poverty level of Memphis is 83 percent higher than the national
average here’s a piece of advice about Memphis don’t go here number three st.
Louis Missouri and Illinois okay so one is st. Louis and the other one is East
st. Louis they’re just across the river from each other and they both suck st.
Louis Missouri is located right on the Illinois Missouri border and is the
second largest city in the state with just three hundred and ten thousand
residents and it’s one of the most moved out of cities in the country both
residents businesses and football teams and they’re not moving to East st. Louis
trust me on that one these two cities could make it on the list with crime and
poverty alone the income per capita is twenty four thousand dollars a year
that’s in a sit that’s one thing to be living out in
rural areas with that kind of money but this isn’t a city you can’t make it on
that that’s 15 percent lower than the national average their unemployment
isn’t good but it’s not terrible to 5% so while it’s not impossible to find a
job here it is hard finding a decent job since the poverty level is 27% I did a
video a while back and I mentioned how the city lost two football teams the
Cardinals and the Rams and the village idiots came out to play in the comments
section I guess none of them knew anything happened before they were born
they just they just we still have the Cardinals they play baseball you don’t
even know in sport the Cardinals played out of that and it went on and on and on
no we just lost the Rams what do you talk about it was weird anyway in case
any of you left those comments and you still haven’t gathered the knowledge yet
I will explain st. Louis has a baseball team called the Cardinals their football
team was also called the Cardinals but they moved to Arizona in 1987 Arizona
Cardinals are what they are now and just recently the Rams skipped town on you
and that’s it in a nutshell number two Detroit Michigan
congratulations Detroit you’re not number one anymore and considering how
far ahead of the pack you were sucking you’ve done great Detroit has been on a
downward slide for decades but it seems to be turning the corner okay maybe they
aren’t turning the corner yet but put it this way if they had a land navigation
system on Detroit like we have on our cars it would be saying prepare to turn
the corner in three to seven years the loss of jobs in the manufacturing sector
killed this once great city and stop typing I’m sure you can rattle off 50
other minor stats and reasons that contributed to the downfall but
manufacturing more specifically the auto industries manufacturing sort of left
this town high and dry now there are some jobs left but it’s
nothing close to what it once was Detroit has sort of been doing this
revitalization thing downtown in recent years it’s starting to catch on and sort
of spread throughout the city but they got a very long way to go that’s why
they’re number two when no longer number one Detroit had just under two million
residents in 1950 and now they sit at about six hundred and seventy five
thousand residents that’s kind of a drop shows you how damaged this city was the
income per capita is only fifteen thousand dollars making the median
household income the worst in the country at just over 26,000
53% lower than the national average but two years ago the median household
income was only 23,000 so they’re making some progress crime is down a little bit
two schools are getting better things are looking up but like I said they’re
number two because they’re still in bad shape there is progress there is hope
and number one Wilmington Delaware congratulations Wilmington you made it
to number one Wilmington Delaware has the worst crime rate in the whole state
and one of the highest in the country for every 100,000 residents there’s
about 5,000 crimes reported that’s a hundred and forty nine percent higher
than the national average this equals out to be in roughly 20 violent crimes
reported per day in the city now their crime rate isn’t
as bad as some of the other cities on this list but their violent crime rate
is outrageous this place is like the Wild West on steroids I went to a
Catholic school until high school I learned about this place called
purgatory purgatory is where you go to pay for your sins before they let you
into heaven Wilmington reminds me of what purgatory is or should be it’s
weird this place is not a place you want to move to it’s like a place you’re
going to to pay a debt to society or something it’s kind of like a prison
it’s bad Wilmington has bad schools extreme poverty and houses that if they
haven’t been boarded up for a decade or so they haven’t seen repairs or coat of
paint in just as long Wilmington Delaware was incorporated in 1731 it is
the worst city in the United States for 2019 all right so that’s your top 10
worst cities in America for 2019 I hope you guys enjoyed it hope you got some
information out of it you know a lot of these places are getting better in the
last couple of years they’re just they’re still suck pretty bad so that’s
why they make lists like this everyone don’t forget all the links below
subscribe if you haven’t already subscribed everybody have a great day be
nice to each other


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    I like your videos a lot. But you keep saying things like "every day, you have a 1 in 15 chance of being involved in a crime" (as you said about Baltimore). That is not accurate. If it were accurate, it would mean that the average citizen living in Baltimore would be involved in almost 24 crimes a year. In fact, the correct way to say it (assuming you are quoting Bureau of Justice Statistics data, or analyses derived from that data) is this: if you were to spend a year in Baltimore, you would have a 1 in 15 chance of being a victim of crime.

  • Reply John Adams October 28, 2019 at 5:36 am

    Also, for what it is worth, Memphis' crime rate is not 202% "higher" than the national average. It is 202% "of" the national average. That is, it is about double the national average. The way you said it would mean it is about triple the national average.

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    Our neighborhoods were beautiful and of mixed citizens in St. Louis that would be black/white.
    St. Louis leadership set the city of St. Louis up for failure by turning its back on the residents. They pulled all of the police stations out of the neighborhoods during the late 80’s and 90’s. The crack and gang epidemic was set up to allow those neighborhoods and its people to fend for themselves. But in most cases gentrification is occurring and now the whites want the city back but cans deal with the huge violent issue that they allowed to over grow like weeds.
    Soulard is not a bad area as you stated on this video. Someone from this area should have created this video. St. Louis is and remains a modern day rite sore, divided and racist. Be sure you give the exact names the locals call theses areas because this video was a waste of time. Visitors stay away from North City, West City, South City and some suburb areas. This who live here are working class people and they know where to go to enjoy life here… you have to be mindful of your areas like most states with major city issues.
    St. Louis has one of the largest city parks next to NY, it’s in the city, has a free amazing zoo, art and history museum. Has two major well known universities, Washington University and St Louis University. Delmar Loop, Central west end, Anheuser Bush and the Hill are nice places in the city of St. Louis to visit .

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  • Reply Marcus Hayes November 11, 2019 at 10:54 pm

    everyone of these places is struggling with high umemployment and addiction. Im sure depression and mental health issues are mixed in. There is a deeper story.

  • Reply Mz. G November 12, 2019 at 12:06 am

    Little slice of depression 😂😂😂

  • Reply Eric Kolb November 12, 2019 at 12:14 am

    My shift manager at XPO near Orlando, FL transferred from his hometown Memphis, TN. He was a sucky manager LOL! So when you say people in Memphis are in a competition to suck at everything, I agree 1000% lol

  • Reply MrGruffteddybear November 12, 2019 at 1:37 am

    Bridgeport, CT should definitely be on this list.

  • Reply Rock Fish November 12, 2019 at 6:49 am

    I like LosAngeles

  • Reply Rock Fish November 12, 2019 at 6:50 am

    #10. Has the most croucked cop in the USA.

  • Reply Tonio Pierre November 12, 2019 at 4:28 pm

    Wilmington Delaware number one ,I remember this dude told me one day weather today going to be like north Philly while the day is here!!!!!!

  • Reply paul griffin November 12, 2019 at 5:41 pm

    No Chicago???

  • Reply Las _lv November 12, 2019 at 6:03 pm

    lol didnt espect my city to be at the end of the list

  • Reply Chucky D Hood Customs November 12, 2019 at 11:43 pm

    Come back to Detroit…we missed you the first time

  • Reply Jim Lasterni November 13, 2019 at 3:10 am

    I enjoyed your video very much I've lived in St Louis in a suburb of st. Louis and you hit it on the nail of the idiots we have living in this city and how this city has gone down I am 67 years old and I've seen this city go from a nice place to live to a total dump thanks for being upfront on your analyzations

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