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Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Networks For Beginners In 2018

August 12, 2019

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be going over my top affiliate marketing networks or
beginners so if you’re just starting out in affiliate marketing and online
business you’re not really short network you want to start out with I’m gonna
give you guys my top three in this video I’m gonna start the video off in just a
minute by hopping into my computer but before we do that guys if you’re brand
new to the channel and this is the first time you’re watching one of my videos
that I encourage you right now to please subscribe for brand new videos just like
this one every single day and with that being said guys we’re gonna dive into my
computer right now so I can go over the top networks you can choose from alright
guys we’re gonna in my computer as you can see on my whiteboard top affiliate
networks for beginners because like I say guys I’m gonna give you guys my top
3 affiliate marketing networks for you to try out today and then guys of course
I have three black boxes covering them I want to reveal each one one by one go
over it a little bit talk about the pros and the cons of it and why I like it
and why you might like it as well with that being said like eyes I’m not gonna
waste any more time I it’s let me just pull the boxes on right now and guys the
first one is gonna be Amazon or it’s really gonna be the Amazon Associates
Program straight off the back guys I’m gonna
guess it like 99% of you heard of Amazon before because of course are like the
biggest e-commerce brand and business in the entire world at this point they own
like 60% of all e-commerce on the internet it’s kind of ridiculous
I’d imagine most you heard of them but not a lot of you might have heard of the
Amazon Associates Program which is there which is pretty much that there are flea
market in network they allow you to affiliate for physical products for
products that are on Amazon and then make a commission if somebody would have
purchased them through your referral pretty much saying that if you were to
bring somebody over to Amazon and they would have purchased for example let’s
just say I’m microphone it’s like $50 Amazon would then give you a percentage
as an affiliate Commission if you don’t with that say guys moving on to my next
point which is gonna be a leveraged Amazon huge customer base like I said
before guys like 99% you have probably heard of Amazon that’s because amazon
has shoppers and customers worldwide and millions of them so all you’re really
doing is you’re leveraging the millions of customers that Amazon already has and
you’re using them to earn affiliate commissions you guys pretty much
everybody I know already purchases things on Amazon so all you have to do
is get them to click your link bring them over to Amazon and then when they
make their everyday purchases wherever they’re gonna buy
anyway you’ll get an affiliate Commission for it so why shouldn’t you
wearing some money on what they’re gonna be purchasing already no matter what
next thing I put guys you can affiliate for products that you own what I mean
but that is guys a great way to make some quick sale with some quick
Commission’s it’s actually go around your house picking a few products that
you own maybe you bought them off Amazon maybe
didn’t as long as that product is on Amazon you cannot affiliate what you can
actually do is you can either film a review or write a review of that of that
product even if you don’t have the problem in sterile guys reviewing
products that are already on Amazon and I’m linking to them in the article or in
the description of the video is a great way to bring people over to Amazon and
potentially earn a few quick Commission’s a quick few a few sales
Shay off the bat like I say I put guys is their 30-day affiliate period and
what I mean by that guys is Amazon’s Network Amazon Associates what they
actually allow you to do is they actually track your link for 30 days and
that might sound confusing what am I saying here is guys if
somebody clicks your link and then purchases anything on Amazon within the
next 30 days of clicking your link as long as your link was last one they
clicked you’ll earn a commission for whatever they end up purchasing that’s
actually my next point guys we’re she’s gonna be Commission on all products but
let’s say for example I guys you do a product review on some book and just
pick one of those books back there you do or if you want to make a youtube
video we put the link in the description then somebody comes over watched your
video clicks link in the description goes over to this book they see the book
and I say you know what I’m not really in the market to buy this book today
maybe instead I’m actually looking to buy a TV they go over to Amazon and they
actually go through and like I said before and I purchased like a thousand
dollar TV you’re actually gonna earn a commission based on that thousand dollar
TV even though they only came for the book through your link you’ll get a
commission on whatever they purchased on Amazon while they’re there which of
course fantastic guys so those last two reasons are some of the biggest reasons
I actually love Amazon Associates Program not much guys because of the
30-day period and Commission on all products well like I said before guys if
you actually make like a book review video and link somebody over to Amazon
do that book let’s just say guys like they go over the click your link they go
over to the book the great thing is guys let’s say they click your link they
don’t buy that day but they come back to Amazon let’s just say like three weeks
later like 20 days later they came back to Amazon they just buy like a camera or
maybe some speakers you’ll earn a commission based on that on that camera
all those speakers or whatever it is they purchased even though it’s like
three weeks later matter you’ll still earn a commission
which is a course rent task that’s why I love the Amazon Associates Program so
much I think it’s a great one especially for beginners you’re just starting out
that’s probably my number one recommendation just because everybody
knows Amazon Amazon already has a huge customer base you just have to get
people to click your link before they actually go ahead and purchase whatever
it is going to purchase anyway that’s a great way to actually get started after
other guys the next network I’m gonna show you guys is gonna be you pull the
box away it’s gonna be Clickbank some of you might have seen that coming these
are again Clickbank is probably another one of the biggest affiliate networks on
the internet I know so many people that use Clickbank i use fillet myself for a
lot of flavor products and offers because of course they’re great they
have a were like 5,000 different offers and over 20 different niches and the
great thing about that is guys those are just like those aren’t sub niches so
like the main uh kind of like header niches but the probably like a ton of
individual sudden easy was underneath it you know I mean it was 20 shirt like the
big umbrella Nisha’s as in like elephant fitness but then within health and
fitness you have a ton of things you know vegan diving and dieting a
ketogenic diet weight loss muscle and you have a ton of sub niches so realists
see they’re probably over like two or three niches this one Clickbank alone
when you actually break it down into some niches alright so I actually
skipped over my first point I went you to the 5,000 different offers but my
first point was pretty much saying that you’re gonna be affiliating gonna be an
affiliate for info products instead of physical products whereas on Amazon
pretty much everything on Amazon of course it’s gonna be a physical product
you can touch it you’re gonna give me be ship to your customer all that stuff
whereas with Clickbank mostly gonna be informational type things your
informational type courses programs coaching things like that there will be
some physical ones on there that I’ve seen some physical products on Clickbank
well I’d say like ninety percent of them are gonna be informational products
which is gonna be a little bit a little bit different of course and then in four
products are honestly a little bit harder to sell than physical products
because of course has physical products they just have like they have a value
they have it like a direct value I mean you can actually use them to do a task
out solve a problem something like that where informational products you can’t
touch them you can’t feel them they’re just as valued they’re only as valuable
as the information inside them whereas with something like you know
like a microphone the microphones value is in the microphone itself whereas an
info product the value is in the information they’re a little bit harder
to sell for that reason people know when people people love to buy it
products they don’t necessarily love to buy informational products of all time
with that being said guys the next reason I love Clickbank is because the
Commission’s are very nice they’re very high and that is because guys most
Commission’s on a Clickbank will be 50 to 75 percent commissions as in if a
product costs a hundred dollars and you have 50% Commission on it you’ll earn
$50 same thing guys if it’s any high % you’ll earn $75 it’s just like a very
high commission percentage which is great when you’re trying to earn as much
as you can very quickly having those high those high percentage Commission
rates can definitely help out a lot guys and that’s definitely where Clickbank
kind of Trump’s Amazon amazon’s commission rates are percentages are
significantly lower honestly they’re like in the – like 10% they actually
have different up percentages for different categories so depending what
category you sell in that you’ll actually get a different Commission rate
I’m not sure exactly what they are you guys can go over there and look at them
yourself if you’re actually interested but that’s selling something that
Clickbank hasn’t going for it the Commission’s are just so so much higher
which something I definitely love I think I is the last thing is they
actually offer recurring you know or monthly Commission products because a
lot of products on Clickbank again they’ll be informational but a lot of
them will come with like 30 with programs or subscription services where
it’ll be renewed month after month it’s not just like a flat sale price it’s
like a flat sale one-time thing they can actually get built again the next month
and the next month in the next month which is of course fantastic for you to
blows up your monthly passive income hi guys I’ve sold products on Clickbank
well over a year ago that I’m still earning monthly Commission’s on we’re
just fantastic the course guys who’s the one that that’s just pure passive income
which is just another reason out of Clickbank and a clay marketing in
general is the passive income of course guys it’s great
I had four guys after Amazon and Clickbank the last never got me to give
you guys we pulled the last box away is gonna be click booth who guys if you’ve
never heard of click booth this is probably one of the top cpa networks on
the internet right now I wanted to give you guys a Amazon Clickbank and I wanted
to throw and click booth as a CPA network so I wanted to have you know
what kind of one of each I wanted to have one for physical products one for
informational products and then click booth again is gonna be um not I just
informational products but it’s gonna be a cost per action network so if you do
not know what cost per action means it’s pretty much very opposite of click of
Clickbank and Amazon we’re actually selling products instead of actually
being an affiliate for products and selling products
and then earning commission based on that you actually mean commission based
on getting people to take action so pick any people to say action could be
something like getting them to sign up for an email newsletter we’re getting
them to submit their phone number as a lead for your follow-up service may be
getting in to download an application or fill out a survey something like that
getting people to take some sort of action is we’re actually gonna be
earning your commission not based on actually selling products necessarily so
it’s a little bit different that’s again this is a very different style of
marketing which is what I should put the bottom my last point on click booth is
that it’s a very different style in the other two of course guys it’s gonna be
CPA versus CPS and then CPS meeting cost per sale marketing we’re just gonna be
right opposite I mean not gonna be the same but I wanted to give you guys a
little bit of a different a different option if you guys didn’t want to do
cost per se maybe you’re thinking more about doing cost per action we got
something you’d enjoy doing more I want to give you guys option there but again
guys is gonna be very similar to Clickbank it’s in have tons of offers
and a huge riding niches which is perfect and then the last one guys is
the application process is a little bit longer
EPA networks tend to be a lot more selective who they actually let into
their network Amazon also has a bit of an application process but your
application only really gets reviewed after you make your first couple sales
where as you click booth do you ever view just to get into the network that’s
pretty much how it is with a lot of the top CPA networks there are a lot more
selective of who they live in because they want to maintain a very high
quality of affiliates they want all their affiliates to be at a very high
quality level and be able to send a lot of traffic and actually produce results
I can’t blame the guys it’s not a bad business strategy that’s kind of how it
is with that being so other guys those are pretty much my top three affiliate
networks for beginners if you’re starting out an online business and you
want to make some money online these are definitely the networks for you guys to
try out I definitely commend Amazon as my number one just because like I said
before guys and the early and earlier in the video Amazon just has a huge
customer base you guys can leverage and there’s a lot another one that I need
another point I think we were thrown in there is that Amazon does a lot of the
selling for you if you guys use Amazon you know Amazon always like um I’m
upselling you down selling you cross selling you on different products they
have a ton of related products at the bottom or sponsored products Amazon’s
does a very good job of selling new things and selling obviously course guys
are the number one ecommerce platform in the entire world they didn’t get they
can get their racks and you know they know what they’re doing and they do a
lot of the selling for you which is another reason
a beginner it’s really great for you because you normally need to do much you
just need to get people over to onto Amazon and then Amazon does the rest for
you that’s why it’s my definitely my number one go-to for beginners and then
guys of course Clickbank and then click booth a little bit of a different style
Clickbank being cost per sale click booth being cost fraction us can do some
research in both those if you want I have a video talking about it you can go
and check that out but that pretty much wraps up this video
guys if you enjoyed definitely drop a like and guys if you really enjoyed them
make sure to subscribe right now for brand new videos every single day and
with that being said guys my name is Anthony Bella I am out I’ll see you in
the next one peace


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